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  1. Yukikaze

    Looking San Francisco Vacation

    Hi I am a single, straight overworked I.T. professional that will be vacationing for almost 2 weeks (Sept 27th on) in and around the San Francisco area. I'm interested in making friends to hangout with (drinks, dinner, parks etc) while there. I am considering relocating to Cali in the next 2...
  2. Yukikaze

    Looking Chicago Vacation

    I am single, university educated professional that works too much. I am taking a vacation to visit Chicago for the first time March 17th through the 23rd. I am primarily going to see architecture. I am also interested in unique pubs, bars and love seafood. I am interested in making friends to...
  3. Yukikaze

    "What ever happened to..."

    Zazie Jeanette - beautiful SSBBW Adult film performer- anyone know what happened to her?
  4. Yukikaze

    Walk While Fat and Female

    Do any of you females realize what males go through ? Women put their hands on me quite frequently, rub my chest in the elevator in the high rise I live, strange females will grab me in public and start rubbing my arms - what makes you think I want you touching me? A female co-worker I was...
  5. Yukikaze

    ugh... Men... Get a clue

    women do exactly the same I am so tired of the constant male bashing as if we are the only ones that are flawed
  6. Yukikaze

    Gym Bullies: Don't make fun of me!

    when is staring considered bullying? People stare at exceptionally fit people at gyms too -ignore them and workout.
  7. Yukikaze

    Are BHMs and BBWs usually FAs themselves?

    I definitely concur. At the BBW parties I used to attend they would literally fight over some normal size/exceptionally fit guys that would attend BBW events.
  8. Yukikaze

    Creeped out by dead people's pictures?

    One whom I am thinking about specifically sought out national TV and last I checked her clips4sale store is still up despite her passing years ago. Some others have done porn to physical media (VHS,DVD) available through major porn companies and have been on national TV. Neither is a small...
  9. Yukikaze

    Creeped out by dead people's pictures?

    I think those women wanted to bee seen, especially seen being happy doing what they wanted to.That is why they sought the "limelight". I have had people take issue with me for buying videos of a deceased SSBBW from her clips4sale store. Is it any different than people that buy and put up...
  10. Yukikaze

    This guy will not date an overweight girl

    I don't see much difference between him and many BBW/SSBBWs: Won't date Black people. Won't date overweight men.
  11. Yukikaze

    Hyundai Sonata - big surprise

    Be VERY careful doing so - some cars supplied to rental companies do not come with the otherwise standard safety features a dealer retailed car does. I know GM has been skimping on putting Side Impact Curtains in cars sold as "fleet" cars to rental companies. I am not sure about Hyundai/Kia but...
  12. Yukikaze

    96 stone man airlifted out of house: Saudi Arabian king orders to get treatment

    Unless you have spoken to the young man how do you know he isn't happy with what is going on ? IIRC I believe it was him that made a public outcry for assistance.
  13. Yukikaze

    mens pants

    Kings Size Direct clothes are of low quality -I buy from DXL, - their clothes cost more in general but they offer great customer service and the clothes tend to last longer.
  14. Yukikaze

    SSBBW clothes shops in Las Vegas ?

    I am going to spend several days in Vegas with a SSBBW friend - are there any good shops you can recommend to buy sexy, revealing dresses/skirts/blouses etc for a SSBBW ?
  15. Yukikaze

    Mexico Knocks Out United States As World’s Fattest Nation

    that's because the in-shape Mexicans moved to the U.S. and are often working labor jobs :)
  16. Yukikaze

    Fatty Summer Camp??

    Since Gainer House already has a camp on the West Coast I suggest having it on the East Coast - FL ? Maybe schedule a Charter Bus to pick people up further north. I'll offer myself for "Reverse" Body Sushi (for ladies only)...I guess I would need a fully body wax first :)
  17. Yukikaze

    why ssbbw and bbw don't like me

    -says someone who must not spend much time reading BBW dating profiles.
  18. Yukikaze

    leaving Dims!

    This would have been better if no one responded
  19. Yukikaze

    Fat Person Only Gym?

    Are you able to read people's minds? Even if they DO judge you - why care? How do you know they have judged you ? I have an ex-GF that is a SSBBW and always believed people were staring at her and judging her. This limited our life too much I couldn't deal with it and broke up with her - I...