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  1. Wild Zero

    Fat haters all over

    The other major issue with this thread, and Monique's even admitted it up thread, is that it's not posted to start a discussion. Look at the OP, a hyperlink, nothing more. And Monique's first reply to the responses to the thread isn't a discussion, it's one of her form letter "I KNEW THE HATERS...
  2. Wild Zero

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    Getting naked and begging dudes for attention was pretty much the word salad vomiting troll's primary function from what I recall of the MySpace days of yore. It does make this discussion a little funny. Personally I find nothing wrong with what anyone chooses to do with their bodies whether...
  3. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    I've been to dozens of Heavenly Bodies bashes/dances and Heather and her staff do an excellent job removing problematic people (male and female, creeps and people who've hit their limit with booze) from the events discreetly and with respect to other patrons. Looking forward to seeing...
  4. Wild Zero

    Sci FI, Pro Wrestling, NASCAR...and liking BBWs?

    A friend of mine had a fun way of deflecting "Rasslin's fake" comments, he'd earnestly ask the person if the people on Lost were really stuck on that island or if Anthony Edwards had a medical degree.
  5. Wild Zero

    whats wrong with me

    Talk to your partner, show them this thread and have a dialogue with them about how you're feeling.
  6. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    Human trafficking? Oh wait...
  7. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    Ana-Shitheel, I've put you on ignore because if you're going to reply to someone engaging you on your bullshit fat hatred with pithy banter you're obviously not here for anything but trolling. If you've got a hurt in your feels over being called a self-loathing, moronic piece of shit troll hit...
  8. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    From your affiliation with a pro-ana forum I always knew you were inclined to self-hatred.
  9. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    So the only way a partner can empathize with their significant other is by having the exact same body as them? You realize how foolish and insulting that sounds to couples feedist or not who are in mixed size relationships not to mention people who do weigh 500lbs that you're holding up as a...
  10. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    I'm just glad that luminary posters like Supero and Monique have made dims a safe place to tell clueless fatties that they're going to drop dead. There aren't enough safe spaces on the internet for shaming the deathfats and I'm glad we've got this fun little community here.
  11. Wild Zero

    Catfish 1

    My favorite part in all the trolling of clueless creepy guys with limited English skills was when Monique showed her fat hate.
  12. Wild Zero

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    It was shitty of me to insult the BHMs. And as much as I'd like to be like "lololol no rest until every subboard is fighting in this thread" it was a dick move to throw you guys under the bus to shit all over SurlySomething, who sucks.
  13. Wild Zero

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    Hey, I'm not the one who started comparing supersize people to dogs. Blame it on the board culture.
  14. Wild Zero

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    Hu-man-ize? But it's so much easier to gawk from across the parking lot then run home to start a thread on dims about the deathfats.
  15. Wild Zero

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    Ashley, don't you understand? You're fatter than the acceptance threshold AND do modeling, therefore you're invisible to the likes of Supero, Big Mac, Saorise and Vardon Grip. You run up against the same shit from that same cast in nearly every boneheaded fatshaming discussion started by that...
  16. Wild Zero

    Fat feminists response to stolen pic

    Like hell it isn't
  17. Wild Zero

    The Real Situation - A Fat Survey

    Awwwww you poor martyrs. I believe that box is labeled "Smeagol", as in "Leave now and never come back"
  18. Wild Zero

    A Sad Situation

    Can the mods just ban the 2013 version of William and be done with it?
  19. Wild Zero

    A Sad Situation

  20. Wild Zero

    Banned from prom as too busty

    So this young woman was singled out because other people can't see flesh without sexually harassing women. Still wrong, still gross.