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    Unfitness... do you like it?

    I don't like unfitness - I like a moderately curvaceous woman who enjoys her food (perhaps a little too much), but keeps active and is generally in good health. I find preferences for things that are seriously unhealthy or restrictive of lifestyle (the most extreme of which being immobility) odd...
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Very pretty!
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    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    New curves looking ravishing on you!
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    Thin gain or fat fat gain?

    I quite like the starting fairly small thing.
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    Any Fa's who are Fa's?

    Isn't the question contradictory? Either a person is a fat admirer (i.e., a person who finds fatness attractive), or the person is not. A person cannot be and not be any given thing at once: that is logically impossible. A person might claim to have a preference for fatness, but, in fact, not...
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    Any Fat people here who are fat?

    Do you put Scrumpy Jack in soup!?
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    Why are you gaining weight?

    That is sweet and erotic and sad all at the same time - sweet that you enjoyed it so much, and wrote about it so elegantly; erotic because of your vivid descriptions (and the pictures of you on the other thread showed that you carried the weight really rather well, too), and sad that it didn't...
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    I'm a gainer! :D

    Love the figure!
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    Flaunting your fat.

    What a thoroughly delicious thought ;-)
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    Interesting article in "The Times"

    According to The Times, curves are making a comeback: The Triumph of Curves
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    Myspace is annoying me....

    Get Firefox and AdBlock Plus, and live in an ad-free world ;-)
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    My goodness - page 101!
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    "Feedism" vs. "Feederism"

    Does it really have to be an "ism" at all? Can one not simply talk of people who rather like it when attractive members of the opposite sex rather overdo the food and put on a little weight? Or would that be entirely too straightforward...?
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    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    Nice curves!
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    Post Your Goofiest Pictures

    Adorable cat!
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    Recent pic of you- part VII :D

    Pretty! But we knew that already. What do you mean by "eta" here? Edit: Nice choice of camera - I have one like that!
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    in a pickle

    She's pretty :-)
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    Introduction: I'm gaining

    Welcome - and bon appetit!
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    How much weight do YOU think I should gain?

    My opinion: you're very pretty :-) It cannot be fun if you like the idea of putting on weight but have family who'd be oppressive and unkind about it; but, really, it's your life, not theirs: it's important to be independent :-) I do get what you mean about not exercising regularly: if I don't...
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    How do you feel about skinny advocates of size acceptance?

    Why would it be hypocritical for people of one size to believe that others should not be judged for their size? Would it not be hypocritical instead to believe that only people of one size, but not another, are worthy of criticism of some sort if they have any given belief (in this case, worthy...