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  1. Zagnut

    FFA Dating Guide

    This post is a companion to my BHM Dating guide posts, and shares the same disclaimers: The...
  2. Zagnut

    Dominant or Submissive?

    One last thread before I again drift off into lurker-ville ... This isn't necessarily a BDSM related inquiry, but what do you personally see as more the norm in BHM/FFA relationships in regards to dominant and submissive partners? I was thinking about this earlier while reading other...
  3. Zagnut

    In defense of FFAs -- waif to SSBBW

    There has been a lot of discussion in a couple threads -- not to mention in the past -- on FFAs, particularly in regards to thin (or skinny) FFAs. I was thinking about this and I realized that I do need to make one statement of fact in how I think and feel in regards to attraction: The type of...
  4. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 3 of 3)

    One last time I would like to reiterate my disclaimers as I stated in the prior parts: The intentions of these posts are to assist people and any generalizations...
  5. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 2 of 3)

    I again would like to reiterate my disclaimers as I stated in the first part: The intentions of these posts are to assist people and any generalizations and assumptions about BHMs, women in general and such are made with the...
  6. Zagnut

    BHM Dating Guide (Part 1 of 3)

    (Moderator edit: this will be stickied for 2 weeks, then added to a special sticky of important forum threads) This is, as requested, a simple little dating guide for BHMs out there who may feel otherwise inhibited, or otherwise troubled, in regards to dating and finding suitable women to...
  7. Zagnut

    Wookin' Pa Nub in all da wong paces: Advice to BHMs on finding love, from a BHM

    Recently, I've read a couple threads that echoed the intense frustration that many BHMs have about finding loving relationships with women. Some BHMs made statements that could be construed as passive-aggressive at best and self-martyring at worst. There we're angry opinions and expressions on...
  8. Zagnut

    "Do you have a flag?"

    I've always been envious of how the gay bear community has a flag to help identify itself to others. Well, it's time we BHMs have our flag (as well as FFAs you love us) to show pride loud and proud! Yes, I know, I am quite possibly crazy! Zagnut
  9. Zagnut

    Sex, what works for you?

    As a BHM, formerly a SSBHM, I've often found sex to be rather challenging. I had a lot of earlier negative experiences that caused a lot of fear and apprehension when those rare times I had partners came along. I often had erectile disfunction with women due to these fears, though never alone...
  10. Zagnut

    Question for FFAs about problems dating BHMs

    I'm curious but what is the biggest problem you as a FFA run into while dating / loving a BHM?
  11. Zagnut

    BHMs, don't give up ...

    I've been large all my life, and my love life has suffered as a result. I was always a good guy, but I seeemed to attract the worst women. I was perpetually a big brother and a friend, but never anyone my throngs of female friends would consider dating. I lost my virginity to a prostitute...