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  1. Shalion

    BHM White Elephant (~XWG, SSBHM, ~SEX)

    A story I wrote for Fur Affinity Two years ago. (Contains super sizes, body swapping, hetero- and homo-sexual sex scenes, and descriptions of obesity-related medical problems) White Elephant By Shalion Nathan squirmed in his seat, the folding chair under him squeaking loudly and his large...
  2. G

    BBW Backs against the Wall (~BBW ~SEX)

    Nina, a young East-German girl goes back to her home town of Berlin, 5 years after West-Berlin was invaded by the German Democratic Republic to look for the family she lost in the chaos of the Wiederanschluß. Along the way she finds way more than she ever barginned for. Backs against the Wall...