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  1. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM The Transformation of Midnight (Historical fantasy, BHM)

    This is the first chapter, and it's meant to be a slow burn, but it will go to some big places... trust me. It's more along the lines of a romance novel than anything I've written before, so please let me know what you think! The Transformation of Midnight by Salacious Caitlin Chapter 1...
  2. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM Sky the Hapless Space Mercenary Gets Fat

    Sky the Hapless Space Mercenary Gets Fat by Salacious Caitlin Sky had dreaded the day they would release him, and now that day was here. He’d tried. He had run in place and tried to do pushups and whatever other exercise he could manage. But the cell on Ganymede Station was tiny...
  3. MistressCupcake180

    The Meet Up - My Very First Erotica - Part 1

    The Meet Up by MistressCupcake180 “Ughhhh!!! I can’t believe this!!! What in the hell happened!!!???” Allison had always been a strong, fit and fierce woman with flowing blonde hair, an hour glass figure, smooth complexion and glowing green eyes. Standing around 5 foot 7 she had always...
  4. J

    Time Consuming

    ~BHM, ~Gluttony, ~XWG, ~Sci-Fi, ~Erotica - New Year, New Him, New Fun...! Time Consuming by JimBob (Perhaps the last story I'll ever write here - got the urge for the first time in an age! You can read the protagonist, like Your Dreams - And Mine, as completely ambiguous in gender and/or...
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