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  1. LJ Rock

    BOTH "Let's Get Fat Together" by LJ Rock [~BBW, ~BHM, MutualWG, Sexuality]

    Another short fantasy about a woman who shares her deepest and darkest desires with her man about being fat and getting fatter. Let's Get Fat Together by LJ Rock Her words echoed in my ears like the lyrics to a song I’d heard a million times in my mind, yet they never sounded so sweet as...
  2. G

    BBW Sam's stay with Granny

    Sam's stay with Granny by gaedkeg1122 Sam was a recent high school graduate. She decided that she would spend the summer with her grandmother before she started college. She was 19 years old, had long brown hair and was relatively thin with the only exception being her breasts. Her...
  3. P

    BBW The Pen (XWG, SSBBW, Female feeder, gas, force feeding, immobility)

    An eager fatty may bite off more than she can chew when she seeks out a dominant feeder.