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  1. Panzito

    Is there minimum requirement to be considered a BHM?

    I'm not sure if it really exists
  2. Proxl

    Dream shake speculation/critique thread

    So I'm here to get some corroborating opinions on this from within this site and maybe start a conversation, feel free to add your own dream shake ideas and critiques in the thread, and with that said here's my idea of a dream shake 32oz of boost vhc (2120cal overall) this is my replacement for...
  3. ThatNoraChick

    Society's standard of acceptable plus size

    I just want to say I have noticed a trend on instagram and social media where people are only acceptable of Plus size women with no bellies. Just want to say that we are out there and we exist and I know I am not the only plus size woman who feels like society tries to censor us because we don't...
  4. T

    A Matter of Time (WG)

    A Matter of Time by The FlamingHades14 Part 1: ------------ I remember the first time that I met my sister’s college roommate Alex. My parents, in their usual absent mindedness had failed to mention that we were going to have a guest staying with us for a few days and my sister, was... well...
  5. T

    Accepting of Fate (WG)

    Accepting of Fate by TheFlamingHades14 Kate knew that she was doomed from the moment that she started dating Mark. It was not the kind of demise that most women worry about when they are meeting a new young man who seems too good to be true. He wasn’t that kind of tall and handsome fellow who...
  6. coyote wild

    BBW "The Munchies Return!" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS, ~STUCKAGE)

    The Munchies Return! By Coyote Wild Olivia can still hear the laughter. At night, when it's quiet, as she's drifting off to sleep. It used to precede an impromptu snack or an entire surprise banquet, but that was over a decade ago. And yet, she can still hear the laughter. In fact, it rose...
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