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  1. W

    How did you deal with the image change after gaining?

    TLDR; I want to start gaining but I am terrified of what people will think of me. Do you have any advice to help me get over that fear? For context, I am currently living with my parents who are supporting me as a university student right now, so I will be living with them for at least another...
  2. John Smith

    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy

    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy - Or How a Fat, Apple-Shaped Black Woman's Contrarian "Clout-Trolling" Ever Challenges New Depths of Misogyny, Sexualization, Misogynoir & the Indignant Bigot in this Social Media Era *** How spreading your cheeks at a sexualization-friendly cultural event full of...
  3. B

    Feedees/Gainers of Dims: how do reconcile feedist feelings with internalized Diet Culture?

    Diet culture is everywhere. Not one of us escapes it to some extent, at least in Europe and North America and certainly well beyond. One conclusion I take from this is that even the most passionate, committed feedees and gainers grew up under diet culture and still walk around with at least some...