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  1. chubboiz

    BOTH Strange Magic

    Strange Magic by @chubboiz (A/N: feedee/gainer reader insert POV. The reader's gender is never mentioned and their roommate is referred to with they/them exclusively. This is probably the WG story I'm proudest of to date.) You find your roommate's secret stash of magic potions under their bed...
  2. ssbbwfatty

    My fatty ssbbw introduction

    Hello all of dimensions, I’m a 21 year old woman who is highly involved in the community of bigger sizes. (Feederism, gaining, blubbery inflations and DF) I’ve been actively exploring my interest for my size and growth online for about 3 years now! I realized my liking for growth and being a...
  3. S

    Looking Ssbbw rp feeder fantasy

    Looking to rp with a massive ssbbw, fantasies include eating out a massive ssbbw while force feeding and being squashed while pleasing.
  4. Thighrolls

    Looking 850lb USSBBW!

    Hiya all! checking in on the site to say hello, it dosent seem to be to active here but I guess I'd give it a shot & see how things go. a little about me, I'm 19 & will be 20 this December. im a Deathfeedest, I'd like to reach a goal of 1300 pounds, and if it's humanly possible I'd like to go...
  5. TranscendedCommonSense

    Local feederism enthusiasts?

    I've tried looking around on other sites, but really couldn't find too many people in my general area. I know that, at the moment, going outside and meeting people is a big no-no, but once that's over I'd love to get out and meet more gainers/feeders/etc. So I'm asking: Does anyone here live...
  6. B

    Looking Ballarat BHM Feedee seeking FFA Feeder

    Hey there! My name's Neil (38) and currently I live in Ballarat, an hour out of Melbourne, Australia. I'm looking to connect with a Woman who is Feeder (Between 28 to 48) and is interested in regularly meeting with a Feedee they can encourage to reach their fat goals. Currently, I'm 90kg and...
  7. Yor

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    So would you date a normal sized guy like me who willingly wants to become big and fat, and help fatten him up? Or do you want your SO to be fat to begin with? And are there more men like me on this board?
  8. John Smith

    Let's play a game!! (for feeders, carers, enablers, encouragers and F.A.s only)

    Here's an alternate version of the original feedee/gainer centered game-topic found on FF. Have you : 1. Been fed? Never ever. 2. Fed someone IRL? I have overordered for one or two girls these past years, whom one at frequent occurences... but never been an active-duty feeder yet. My role...
  9. F

    BBW Occupational Hazards

    Occupational Hazards by Fat-u-up Prologue When a Kate Johnson, a special care nurse, is called into the manager's office unexpectedly, she is unaware of the life-changing assignment she is about to be offered. The Palm Institute is not a hospital or medical centre, but more a refuge for...