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    An idea for a little game. Let's find some topics that are a No, a Yes or a Why not... Give your opinion on the topic and ask the community on a new one. Nutella chocolate spread storing in fridge? - No What about ... Pineapple on pizza???
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    If your bank account could talk...

    A little fun game... If your bank account could talk to you what would it say? Classic reply: Do you ever cook? Mine would add: And what are you doing with all these groceries and food you're buying every week? So what would your bank account say?
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    What says your warning label?

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    I am going on a trip and taking ___ with me...

    Hi everybody, what about another game? What do you carry in your luggage that's maybe unusual or maybe funny to carry on a trip? I start with this one: I am going on a trip and taking always a new toothbrush on its original packaging with me. What about you?