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mutual gaining

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  1. LJ Rock

    Surprises Bring Life [BHM, BBW, Mutual Weight Gain, Feeding, Stuffing, Romance]

    This is a short and sweet story about a chubby guy from America who falls for a pretty young lady from a foreign land and fattens her up good. This is a censored version of the story, an uncensored version appears exclusively on my Patreon page. Surprises Bring Life by L.J. Rock I’ll...
  2. LJ Rock

    BOTH "Let's Get Fat Together" by LJ Rock [~BBW, ~BHM, MutualWG, Sexuality]

    Another short fantasy about a woman who shares her deepest and darkest desires with her man about being fat and getting fatter. Let's Get Fat Together by LJ Rock Her words echoed in my ears like the lyrics to a song I’d heard a million times in my mind, yet they never sounded so sweet as...
  3. lovelymars908

    BOTH Pomona & Danu (~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM)

    ~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM. Science Fantasy. A young, arrogant warrior becomes the reluctant protege of a strict master, and both go through unexpected changes during the apprenticeship. A/N: This novella will be my official debut in the library and writing community. The narrative is almost out of my...