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  1. F

    BOTH I was curious if anyone has written a story involving Thor?

    Especially since Endgame has been out for a while, I'm surprised that I haven't seen really any weight gain stories involving him. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Has anyone found or written some weight gain or feederism related stories about the character?
  2. onumthirtyone

    Sci-fi Impending!

    Hello, I am new here and very unskilled at using computers for my generation. I am, however a very passionate artist and I am going to be posting some things on the Library board. I am not a terribly great writer (I'm okay, mostly the problem is dialogue and I know it, so I'll try to avoid it...
  3. BigElectricKat

    Need some help

    Good morning, all you talented and tasty Dimmers. I'm finishing a tv pilot script and need some help with writing an additional episode. I would like to incorporate something about FA's or plus-sized women or both in the story if I could. To that effect, I would like to pose a question if I may...
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