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  1. Shalion

    BHM White Elephant (~XWG, SSBHM, ~SEX)

    A story I wrote for Fur Affinity Two years ago. (Contains super sizes, body swapping, hetero- and homo-sexual sex scenes, and descriptions of obesity-related medical problems) White Elephant By Shalion Nathan squirmed in his seat, the folding chair under him squeaking loudly and his large...
  2. Fat-u-up

    BBW My old story recovered

    I have recovered my old CalorieQuest story Cakes and Innocence, the original document has been uploaded here: https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/threads/cakes-and-innocence-by-caloriequest-bbws-eating-feederism-s-m-lesbian-sex-xwg.15093/
  3. alk27alk27

    four pictures 1 month apart.

    https://imgur.com/a/xA2I80E Was just curious if the good folks of Dimensions though I gained a little over the past month. All that Halloween candy an all that.
  4. Fat-u-up

    The Inexplicable Force

    From early childhood, I can recall events that somehow, had a lasting effect on me and the way I view my own body, and those of others. This was long before puberty and the awakening of any sexual drives. For me, it was the enchantment of a story. A classic. A fairy tale in fact. We all know the...
  5. Proxl

    surprisingly caloric foods (and ways to make them even more caloric if you can think of it)

    I'm surprised there haven't really been any talks on bubble milk tea, as by itself, because it can get very caloric very quick. Basically, bubble tea is (as I can surmise) 2 parts tapioca pearls soaked in sweetener (syrup, honey, simple syrup (sugar, water), 1 part creamer (milk, heavy cream...
  6. braindeadhead

    BBW The Story of Geoff Franks, Senior Accountant and Sin of Gluttony

    The Story of Geoff Franks - Senior Accountant and Sin of Gluttony by braindeadhead In a rundown part of town, in an unassuming church, in a nearly unused basement, six people gather. They unstack chairs from the rows along the back wall and arrange them in disorganized circle. They perform...
  7. Halrion

    BBW The lady wot lunched a little too much (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma)

    A lighthearted story about a troupe of glossy lipped estate agents with a penchant for pasties and posteriors that are rapidly buying up real estate. (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma.) Comments and feedback very much appreciated! Some illustrations of the characters (also by me) can be...
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