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  1. Monster

    Accidental Weight Loss and Dismorphia

    So I got hired at an arcade back in September, and I move a LOT during the course of my day- like, on a typical shift I'm clocking five to eight miles of walking during the course of regular duties. Not all at once, of course, but it adds up. As a result, I've dropped over fifteen pounds. I like...
  2. W

    Girlfriend wants to lose weight but I don’t want her to. How can I change my attitude?

    My girlfriend and I are in a bit of a rough patch. She knows I’m a feeder and an FA, and initially was alright with it. But then, a few years into our relationship, she decided she wants to lose weight. Now I love my girlfriend and value her over a sexual kink any and every day, but it’s been...
  3. Banjoenelbano

    Seeking advice my Fiancé is losing weight

    So I hope this is an appropriate area to have this thread, it seemed to be the best fit Now I'm an FA and over 5 years ago I met the love of my life, a BBW who weighed in at atleast 300lbs, we got engaged after being together for a year and now we are stuck in a bit of a financial limbo as like...