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  1. F

    Ex-husband wanted me to lose 20 pounds because certain sex positions were uncomfortable for him.

    Fair bit of warning: A bit TMI below! I have a story to share about which I'd like some opinions. I was once married to a man I met online after 3-4 years of dating. I have always made it a point to show how big I am on dating sites because I don't believe in deceiving potential partners about...
  2. Panzito

    Is there minimum requirement to be considered a BHM?

    I'm not sure if it really exists
  3. F

    BHM BHM & FFA/Female Feeder Story Reccomendations?

    Hello all. I've been on the hunt for some stories involving BHMs and Female Feeders lately. Does anyone have any reccomendations, be it a story on this site or another? Mainly what I'm looking for I suppose are stories similar to Coyote Wild's excellent "Then and Now" piece, but with more of...
  4. BigElectricKat

    Should I consider gaining?

    Was considering perhaps trying to gain some poundage as I don't think I'm big enough for any FFA to notice. I suppose I really need to commit to putting the Big in BHM (though I would never call myself Handsome) but you get the drift. It seems I don't really fit in any world these days. What...
  5. A

    Girls amused by causing small things to struggle under their weight

    Hello everybody;) I am wondering if we have here the beautiful and big girls who are taking a pleasure and having a fun when they can make surrounding stuff to struggle under their weigh. For me it is sheer delight to see for example a few curvy women just simply jumping on something that they...