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    BBW Consumption and Catharsis (~BBW, ~~WG, Fairy Tale)

    BBW, fairy tale, WG – To find solace from nightmares years past, a young woman returns to the forest. Awaiting her is a very special house made of very special materials. Consumption and Catharsis by Abalyn I. When Gretel returned, ten years later, the house was exactly as she’d left it...
  2. Halrion

    BBW The lady wot lunched a little too much (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma)

    A lighthearted story about a troupe of glossy lipped estate agents with a penchant for pasties and posteriors that are rapidly buying up real estate. (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma.) Comments and feedback very much appreciated! Some illustrations of the characters (also by me) can be...
  3. Big Beautiful Dreamer

    BHM New Khakis

    New Khakis by Big Beautiful Dreamer It was my sister who noticed it first. And honestly, she was the only one in the family who would have said something. The others lacked the necessary schadenfreude. I had always prided myself in staying in shape and in having the same waist...
  4. B

    BBW The Weight of Generations (~BBW, SSBBW, ~XWG, Gluttony, Stuffing)

    ~BBW, SSBBW, ~XWG, Gluttony Stuffing - on the changing meaning of being superfat in America The Weight of Generations by Benny Mon Part 1 of 3 Two minutes passed before Elena managed to roll over and slap a hand on her snooze button. Her body bumped into something sharp along the way and she...