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5 minutes of Oprah

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Well-Known Member
Dec 1, 2005
Ok unfortunately I had to work all this weekend and while I was in the break room I watched 5 dreadful minutes of Oprah while heating up a snack in our microwave.

Normally I'd have changed the channel quite quickly but Marie Osmond was scheduled to come out and there was discussion of how early in her career the producers of the Donnie and Marie show approached her and said something to the effect of - 'Honey you have to lose some weight.' At the time she was only 110 pounds but they still demanded she lose weight!? So she went down to 93 pounds! Since that time, now many years later, she became a mother and it was announced that after her pregnancy her weight went up to 165 pounds. The pictures of her they showed was of a healthy looking and womanly Marie Osmond.
Now at this point I thought I was going to hear some talk about how outrageous and insane her producers were for demanding a 110 pound woman lose weight... BUT NO. Oprah introduced her onto the stage and it went something like this, 'having hit rock bottom at 165 pounds she has since lost 45 pounds! Here she is, Marie Osmond.' I couldn't believe it...
Then Marie came out, looking very skinny, and began to talk about the immense pressure on women and girls, that the pressure is horrible and how she tried everything to lose weight; diet pills, exercise, and in her words she 'tried' bulimia. I thought ok now the conversation will now lead to how this insanity has to stop... HELL NO just the opposite- all this talk was just leading up to how since her pregnancy she "finally" lost weight by using Nutri-system!! Oprah was so happy and wanted to know more. I left at that point.

The schizophrenia was amazing to watch. Hey I was a twiggy 110 pounds but they still demanded I lose weight, it's horrible, and hey here's how I lost weight, it's torture, and so wonderful, thank you thank you. There is a lunacy in our culture, and for women it's in direct opposition to their biology. It really needs to end.

So many actresses are told by producers to lose weight and it's never enough. In fact it's pretty much a rule, if a woman becomes famous she MUST lose any semblance of womanhood, the more skeletal or even masculine the better. Just who are these freaks? Who are these producers?