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May 12, 2007
Author's note: Unlike my recent storie, this one is short and sweet. I don’t plan to continue it so you’ll just have to use your imagination to take it beyond my ending.

Let’s get the cast of out of the way immediately:

The Emms
Matt – main character
Mary - Matt’s mum
Martina - Matt’s younger sister. She has 2 kids, a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

The Gees
Gaby – main character
Georgina – Gaby’s mum
Greta – Gaby’s younger sister. She also has 2 kids, a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.


The guy behind the food counter at the pool hit the buzzer and called out “Hot dog with onions & ketchup, burger & fries!”

Two people got up to collect them, each unaware of the other. One male, one female, there were nonetheless similarities between them. Both appeared to be in their early thirties and had a pampered, well-fed look. Their pale flabby bellies hanging out of their swimwear for example. In the first week of September most people were still beach-aware with their figures, but these looked as though they had been gorging for the last months. Appearances did not deceive.

Matt walked over to the counter, looking forward to digging in to his lunch. Gaby was doing exactly the same thing, but approaching from the other direction. So focused were they both on their food that they did not notice the other until they both put their hands out to take the food, ready on two plates on the counter. They looked at each other, puzzlement etched on both faces.

“I believe these are mine” smiled Gaby, her cheeks dimpling prettily.
“But it’s my order… are you sure you had both a burger and hot dog?” asked Matt.
“Quite sure” mumbled Gaby, a deep blush filling her face, her hand instinctively fluttered down to her belly, a vain subconscious attempt to hide her flab.

Caught off guard by her beauty and unhappy that he had caused her embarrassment Matt stuttered “Oh, it’s OK… umm.. yeah.. don’t worry eh”

While Gaby busied herself adding salt and mayonnaise to the fries, Matt snuck a glance at her. He’d guess she was around 5’2” with thick blonde hair falling past her shoulders, framing a very pretty, slightly rounded face. Her body showed the beautiful signs of self-indulgence coupled with laziness, resulting in a recent weight gain. Her legs were still rather slim, as though the extra weight had not yet made its way down. Her butt however already showed that it was used a lot for sitting on, with two delightfully plump orbs seeking to escape the confines of her bikini bottoms, all too clearly bought at a point when she was slimmer. Moving up, her midriff poured over the tight waistband in a cute bulge of lovehandles round her side, that rolled out in front to a well-fed belly, sticking out further ahead than her breasts.

Matt’s identical order came up and he added salt and ketchup to the fries. Gaby sneaked a peek at the guy who had the same order and beheld a good looking man, maybe 5’8. He sported a soft belly that pooched out over his shorts, no evidence of muscle or gym time any time recently. He noticed that while the pretty woman had turned to go, she was standing there with an odd look on her face, a mixture of anger and concern. “Are you OK?” he had to ask.
“Actually someone’s just taken my table and there are none left!” she complained.
“Oh that’s so rude. Would you like to sit with me?” he offered.
“Thank you, I hate to impose but …”
“No problem at all” Matt cut her off quickly. “Eating’s always more fun in company.”

Over their shared lunch they exchanged names and stories. Both were at the pool ostensibly to help a younger sister with her children. Looking across the pool they both pointed to the same group. Two young women stood chatting with a whirlpool of four young children racing around them. “Oh it looks like our sisters know each other!” exclaimed Gaby.
“Small world” laughed Matt.

Matt explained that he was a financier and had been working up the corporate ladder at a huge New York bank for the last eight years, together with Leva, his partner of five years whom he had met there. In March both of them and a number of other associates were hoping to make junior partner. “The problem was” he confided, “since I turned thirty, two years ago it became harder to keep my weight down, while Leva was a health nut. At client lunches and work dinners I’d dig in to the full spread. I guess I couldn’t resist making the most of a free meal, while Leva would always pick salads and hit the gym almost every day. I guess my metabolism slowed or something because until then I could eat what I liked and never gained. When my body changed I couldn’t alter my eating habits. I had gained probably 30 or 35 pounds by then.”

Gaby nodded, clearly familiar with the situation.

Matt proceeded: “We argued a lot about it and I tried to be careful but then suddenly in January she booked us on a cruise for March. I told her I was sure to gain weight on a cruise but she said she didn’t mind. She’d realised she had been a bitch about my weight and ruined my Christmas and wanted to make it up. So I cut loose and made up for it; with her encouragement I pigged out at every meal throughout February and culminated in the cruise. There I’m afraid to admit I ate non-stop for the whole ten days while Leva of course was far more moderate and used the gym daily. When we returned on a Sunday I had to be rolled off the ship, as fat as a pig and we went home. The next morning I woke and didn’t find Leva, but she’d left a note saying she had hit the gym early and would see me at work.

“I showered and wore a suit which was obviously really tight by then, I couldn’t button the pants and the shirt showed exactly how fat I had grown. It was stretched tight across my gut, the buttons cutting into my fat and causing rolls of flab to form.

Gaby smiled sympathetically.

“I was late to work as I tried every suit and shirt I owned and when I got to my desk I found a note that I was late for the partner selection meeting. I had thought it was a week later. So I stumble in late and found Leva giving a presentation, looking corporate perfect in her pencil skirt suit. I had nothing prepared but tried anyway to give something off the bat – after all I’ve worked the area for long enough. Imagine the scene, there I was with the ‘back to work’ mental fog, bursting out of my suit which I couldn’t do up, at least twenty pounds fatter than when I left. I was told in no uncertain terms that I didn’t cut it, and then the bomb fell. Due to ‘rightsizing’ those of us associates who didn’t make junior partner were fired on the spot.

Gaby gasped in horror. Matt smiled wryly.

“So I gather my shit from my desk and head home. There I find that Leva had had the locks changed and I was literally sitting on the kerb, too fat for my suit with my stuff in a box and nowhere to go. I spent a couple of months on a friend’s sofa and worked all my contacts but being fired tainted me so I found nothing. I was too worried and pissed off at Leva to eat so I dropped a few pounds but then realised there was really nothing for me in New York.

“So at 32 years old, like the world’s biggest loser I had to move back to my mum’s while I figure out my next step. And instead of constructively seeking solutions, I’m just sitting about at home, letting my mum and sister feed me up like a turkey. I’m up 20 pounds since arriving just 6 weeks ago!” he concluded, slapping his fat pale belly for emphasis. It wobbled, all flab and no muscle.

“Oh my God, what a bitch! She completely set you up, right from the start, the cruise, the changed meeting date…” Gaby petered off, realising she wasn’t helping.
“Yup. Meet the world’s biggest dope! I thought we were fixing to get married but she obviously wasn’t” said Matt ruefully. Then he grunted. “Anyway, that’s me, what brings a pretty girl like you here?”

Gaby’s story was different but no more cheerful. “A degree in journalism and media led me to move from one job to another. I tried my hand at publishing, journalism, marketing and social media management but was never happy. Four years ago I spent some time at home with my parents while I was ‘between jobs’. I found myself baking a lot and I suddenly felt that I had found my slot.

“With financial support from my parents and a bank loan I opened a café serving my own cakes and freshly baked treats. I picked the area really carefully, bang in a financial centre with literally thousands of people passing by. After a slow first year, business picked up in the second and third years, I even managed to repay my parents and part of the bank loan.” A pause. She blushed then swallowed and continued:

“I also packed on over fifty pounds in sampling my own delicacies. Work hazard I guess. But then I had a terrible fourth year which drained all my savings and I ended up with the bank forcing me into bankruptcy to recover its dues.” She wiped a tear from one eye. “My boyfriend of three years decided he didn’t want to be with a failure so he chose that moment to dump me, kindly adding that I was lucky the business had failed or I’d continue to get fatter. The worry and stress during that year also wiped off most of my added weight.

“So” she concluded “meet another loser who had to go running to mom, and is also being stuffed by her parents and sister all day long. I’m up fifteen pounds since mid-July!” and she rubbed her soft round belly.

So engrossed in their conversation were they that they did not notice their sisters approaching.
“Here look after them while we order” instructed the younger sisters in the abrupt manner of mothers of young children, less time or energy than necessary in each day. The four kids dragged chairs over and excitedly recounted their exploits in the pool.

Greta and Martina returned with trays laden high. After dishing out the kids’ food, Greta handed Gaby a hot dog and fries saying “I know you’ve eaten already but you won’t say no!” Martina did the same for Matt with a teasing smile. Matt and Gaby exchanged glances; both knew it was greedy to eat even more; but then again they had just related to one another that they were willing subjects of their younger sisters’ feeding and encouragement.

“We were chatting” said Martina. “I was telling Greta what a pig you are Matt.”
“And I said the same of you Gaby” added Greta “and we were saying you’d better not meet or you’ll both end up the size of a house.”
“Yeah” continued Martina, “then we looked here and saw you had already found each other!”
“And you were already eating together!” added Greta.

Gaby and Matt pretended to ignore them and tucked in to their food busily.

“I told Martina about the lasagna” said Greta happily. Gaby blushed a deep red, her face suffusing from the neck up to her forehead till her pretty plump cheeks glowed bright red.

Greta related that a week earlier...

Georgina and Greta walked into the house, the kids in tow. They found Gaby lounged on the sofa, fast asleep, a rug over her. This was an increasingly common pose for Gaby thought both women, she was just sitting on her arse at home, eating and sleeping too much, getting fat again. Georgina knew she was guilty of spoiling her daughter by offering her too much food and letting her do nothing all day but she felt bad for her eldest daughter and wished to cheer her up again. Greta on the other hand was quite consciously encouraging her sister to gain weight. She took great pride in being the slim younger sister, even after bearing two children, and she wished to see Gaby balloon again like she had done while being a baker. Besides Gaby was so greedy that you only had to place food before her to see Gaby start to drool and turn into a guzzling machine.

Walking into the kitchen, Greta exclaimed "I can't wait for dinner mum, I'm starving!" her kids echoing her excitedly. To their surprise, they found the lasagne dish on the kitchen table, scraped clean and the loaf of bread also disappeared. Georgina scratched her head in puzzlement, "what...?" she started then stopped. The dish was huge, it filled the oven side to side and front to back, 18 inches across either direction, and it usually served 6 large portions. Yet here it lay empty.

Acting on a suspicion, Greta ran out to the den and pulled the rug off her slumbering sister. Sure enough there was proof that Gaby the greedy pig had stuffed herself not only on the lasagna, but on the entire loaf of bread too. Her spandex shorts, by now the only pants that fit her, were pulled down under her belly. At the same time her top was tucked up under her breasts. In between the two, clutched in her hands her belly ballooned out literally like a beach ball, perfectly round and fat. Gaby poked her sister’s belly disbelievingly, then slapped it lightly. The movement caused the bloated belly to slosh about and Gaby awoke with a burp.

“Wha..” she looked around sleepily.
“Eaten well, piggy?” asked Greta sternly, poking her older sister firmly.
“Oof shurrup” Gaby burped and feebly pushed Greta’s probing fingers away.
“And what does Goldilocks think we can eat then huh, now that you’ve gorged on the entire dish? What an unbelievable glutton.” She called her kids over and poked Gaby’s distended gut again. “Look, this is why I tell you not to eat too much, and not to eat sweets. You will end up a fat ball like your aunty. See this fat tummy?” Little hands poked, slapped and pinched at Gaby’s belly in amusement.

Gaby stood up with effort, tried to pull her shorts up over her belly but it was just too big and fat. She attempted to tug her top down but again her stuffed belly didn’t permit it. She waddled off unsteadily, upstairs and to bed.

“And that’s where this fat belly came from” ended Greta, patting her big sister’s big belly. The kids were besides themselves with laughter. Gaby was burning with shame but Matt eased her embarrassment. “Good for you!” he complimented her. “Wish I could have done that with you.”

“Trust you doughboy! Well there was Emily’s cake wasn’t there?” needled Martina.
“Oh I’m sure Gaby doesn’t want to hear that..” protested Matt feebly.

“Oh I’m sure she does!” Martina recounted the story…

One afternoon two weeks earlier, Martina’s kids were invited to the birthday party of Emily, a friend of her daughter, but as Martina was ill it looked like they could not go. Matt offered to take them and they agreed that he’d use Mary’s car and pass for the children at 3pm. After yet another huge lunch, Matt zonked out on the sofa, his jeans button opened to ease the discomfort in his fat belly. At 2 pm Mary woke him with a coffee.

“Time you start getting ready to take the kids to the party dear” she said. “would you like cookies with the coffee?”
“Thanks mum, that’d be great” he replied sleepily.

Knowing her son’s appetite of late, Mary left him the entire bag of cookies, rather than just a couple as she would for anyone else. Sure enough, Matt dunked one cookie after another into the coffee and scoffed them, until his fingers scrabbled at the bottom of the empty bag.

He got up, the movement causing him to burp, and headed to his room to get ready. He stripped to his boxers and walked to the bathroom, which is how Mary saw him as she walked up the stairs. She knew her son had gained weight at the office, and he had been greedily stuffing his face for over a month now with no exercise at all. Moreover she thought guiltily, not only did she make no effort to slow down his intake, she enjoyed seeing him enjoy his food and actively encouraged him to eat more. She gave him larger servings than necessary, making more food than was needed and continually tempted him. Like she had just done with the cookies; setting him up to eat an entire packet when a couple would have done just fine.

Also Mary couldn’t be sure but she believed her daughter Martina was enjoying seeing her older brother pack on the pounds and was also encouraging his gain. Certainly, she was unusually kind, offering him another slice of cake or another scoop of ice cream whenever she came round. Still, Mary was slightly shocked to see how fat her son had become in just six weeks at home, his pale bloated belly sticking out round and fat, bulging over his boxers like dough.

Matt struggled into chinos and a T-shirt. Both were tight and did nothing to hide his fat gut so he wore a sweater over despite the August heat and went for the kids. At the party at Emily’s parents’ house, the kids enjoyed running around the large garden. Matt was quite a hit as a big New York banker amongst the housewives. However it soon got uncomfortably hot and Matt had to pull off the sweater. He un-tucked his T shirt, hoping it might make him look slimmer but that didn’t fool the women, who had spotted his fat arse stretching his chinos the minute he entered. They cooed around, offering him sausage rolls, sandwiches and mini burgers, washed down with soft drinks. He was pleased at the female attention after a month with his mum and dug in plentifully, feeling his gut push against the waistband.

At one point he went into the kitchen to top up his drink and found it empty apart from one woman. Unlike the others who all clearly preened themselves and took efforts to keep slim, her tight dress showed a curvy figure with a prominent belly. She sidled up next to him and popped a sausage roll into his mouth. He ate it and looked at her. She slipped behind him and grabbed his full belly in her hands. “Ooh you like to keep yourself well fed New York man, don’t you.”
Embarrassed at this stranger clutching his fat and making fun of his weight gain, he recoiled and spluttered “Uh, I… umm… I’m Matt. I guess, yeah I may have put on a few.”
“May have Matt? Do you not see how tight your clothes are? These pants are about to burst over your fat butt.” She slapped it playfully. “See, it wobbles. I think you love eating and feeling your gut fill and bloat up. Like I do” she added, patting her own soft belly. Matt remained speechless.

“Come, let me show you this.” She took his arm and made him sit at the kitchen table. She opened a door and went in, only to re-appear a moment later with a huge sheet cake iced in chocolate which she placed before him. “I bet you want this don’t you?” she asked. “I know I do.”
It was enormous, at least 24 inches by 12 and looked divine. “But that’s Emily’s birthday cake” protested Matt, a shred of reason and will power pushing against his greed.
“Oh no, we had a mix up and ended up with 2 cakes. This is the extra one I got – I’m Emily’s aunt you know, her mum’s sister.”

“Oh” said Matt.
“Surprised? No we don’t look the same do we? She’s skinny and svelte while I got the fat genes.”
“Not fat” replied Matt instinctively, but not convincingly.
“Yes Matt, fat. Just like you. Now open up” she cut a corner off the cake and fed it to him. Matt opened his mouth obediently and gobbled it quickly. She cut another piece and fed it to him, then took some herself. Before Matt knew what was happening the woman was sitting on his lap, straddling him, her big breasts in his face. Her dress was up around her waist, her plump thighs rubbing on his lap. She tore a chunk of cake off and placed it between their mouths so they ate their way through it and ended at each other’s lips. The hot plumper reached down and guided Matt’s cock into her slit, both gasping in pleasure.

They tore through the cake like a couple possessed; though she made sure he got the majority of the soft, spongy, chocolaty goodness. She had to massage his belly to get the last few pieces down, and as he finished he inadvertently let off a huge belch. Right at that point Emily’s mum walked backwards into the kitchen saying “I’ll just grab the cake then.” She turned and stared at the scene, her hand jumped to her mouth in horror but too late to suppress a scream. The other guests poured into the kitchen and the scene was imprinted like tableau on their minds.

Matt sat at the table, his face covered in chocolate. His T shirt had been removed at some point in the proceedings and his flabby chest was also coated in chocolate. His paunch ballooned out in his lap like a sack of dough that the baker forgot to put in the oven and so it just kept rising. At his side stood his partner in crime, tugging her dress back down over her belly, also swollen, her chocolate-plastered face proof enough of her share in the gluttony.

Emily’s mum walked over and slapped her sister right across the face. “When will you remember you’re married you fat slut?”
She stared at the empty cake tray in disbelief and mumbled “but Emily’s cake…?”
Matt stuttered in excruciating shame: “it’s the extra one!” then added “married?” and looked at his feeder, who looked away at the ceiling.

“What extra cake, you fat hog?” yelled Emily’s mum, her shock suddenly turning to rage. She poked Matt’s belly then slapped it hard. He pulled himself to his feet, having to use the table as a support, his belly feeling incredibly full, pulling him forwards. His chinos fell down to his ankles, leaving him fat and almost naked save for his very tight white boxers in a room full of skinny housewives.

One of them, thinking quickly, passed him a tablecloth which he pulled around him and went down to the car. He waited there till they gathered Martina’s kids up and brought them down to the car.

As Martina’s tale wound to an end Gaby looked at Matt with a new light in her eye. His nephew added: “and he was so fat like Santa Clause, and his belly shook all the way home!”
“Yeah really fat. It looked like a pillow but felt hard. I touched it” said his niece proudly.
“He sent me in to the store to buy a cake myself. I told him I’m not allowed into shops alone but he said I had to go and choose a cake myself!” finished his nephew, still excited at the adventure. “Then I had to take it up to Emily’s, she was really crying.”

“OK enough of that. Not my proudest moment.” said Matt, using his last fry to wipe up the last drops of ketchup. He stood up and pushed his belly out. Gave his hand to help Gaby stand up and smiled at her. “Ice cream?” he offered.

The plump couple walked over to the freezer, their sisters watching them walk away.
“See how fat he’s grown” said Martina of her brother. “He’s got a big fat muffintop with the fat rolls right round his back.”
“And his pants are about to burst apart over his fat butt!” laughed Greta then continued: “And Gaby is no slimmer! Look her ass is so fat her bikini bottom is almost swallowed up.”
“True” agreed Martina, “and her whole back shakes with flab, if you think Matt has muffintop then what does she have?”
“The entire tray of muffins!” shouted Greta and the two skinny women fell about laughing.
Wiping a tear from one eye Martina concluded: “and this is the skinniest they will ever be again!”


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Mar 11, 2007
Nice work and great to see you are still writing at a real pace!

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