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May 3, 2014

"Well," Shirley started a bit sheepishly, looking over at Lorna to gauge her reaction, "I was thinking about this," pointing in the general direction of an item hanging on the wall. I probably have a confused look on my face, while Lorna starts laughing uncontrollably.

"What is it?," I ask, sort of vaguely knowing already but not wanting to let on that I did. "It's a bulldog harness ... only for men, although women wear them too." Still portraying a confused look, I fumble for the right words, and finally just say "isn't that for gay guys?" and Lorna starts laughing again. "Oh no," Shirley implores me, "you'd be surprised how many straight men wear these and how much their wives and girlfriends like it."

Still unconvinced, Shirley turns to Lorna, and says, "just imagine being able to lead your man around by one of these ... and if I order it today it can be hear in time for the wedding," then she turns back to me and says, "just imagine how kinky you would feel wearing this under your shirt and suit, and daydreaming about what Lorna's going to do with you when you get back to her place ..."

Lorna finally says, "I'm not sure that is for me or Tubby here ... I certainly can't take him to First Baptist Church wearing that, even if no one can see it." But then Lorna gets that look she gets sometimes when she is about to humiliate me for my girth, and says, "but ... it wouldn't hurt to measure him and we can always think about it."

Before I can object, Shirley says, "excellent choice," and grabs my hand to drag me into her fitting room. And Lorna follows close behind, telling Shirley, "I've gotta see this!" Shirley laughs and says, "do me a favor Lorna and grab that one off the wall, it's a 2X so it's WAY too small, but it will give you both an idea how it all works."

Once in the fitting room, I start to object, but Shirley is hearing none of it, ordering me to take off my shirt. Lorna, following close behind, gives me some encouragement, telling me "don't worry, it will be fun!" As I start unbuttoning from the top, Lorna starts tugging the bottom of the shirt out of my slacks and unbuttoning from that end. We finally meet in the middle and she starts tugging the shirt over my shoulders, revealing quite the sight for Shirley.

Since I'm wearing my old 58" waist slacks, both of my bellies are in full view for old Shirley, but given her profession she initially seems fixated on my moobs. "Oh my," she exclaims, all wide-eyed, "you REALLY could use a bra ... those boobs of yours are MASSIVE! Like I tell my well-endowed female clients, 'I don't know how you walk around with those things'!" "They are pretty impressive now, aren't they?," Lorna adds, "you probably won't believe this but when I dated him back in college he was just this skinny thing, maybe 180 pounds, and look at him now, over 500 pounds!"

"Five hundred pounds?," Shirley gasps, then exclaims, "only a hundred fifty pounds to go to beat your record, huh Lorna?" Lorna gets a sly grin on her face and responds, "actually a little less, after all I said 'over' 500 pounds ... but you've given away my secret Shirley ... I told him my ex was only 450 pounds!"

I laugh and say, "don't worry Honey, Haim told me he had actually reached 650 before starting to lose his weight ..."

"Oops, my bad," Lorna replies with the sneakiness of grins.

But by then Shirley's attention has turned to my double belly dangerously protruding over the waistband of my slacks. Touching me with her cold hands, a shiver goes up my spine, causing said belly to quiver wildly. "That is so adorable," Shirley exclaims, then adds, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but all your weight gain has given you such a feminine body for a man ... that's a compliment," she adds, "your breasts are magnificent, so large, and your double belly even more so ... I mean you rarely see a double belly on a man and it's just so beautiful! I think Lorna would have killed for such a belly back when she was ..."

"Morbidly obese," Lorna finished the sentence. "No!," Shirley insisted, "more pleasantly plump." "Let's face it, girlfriend," Lorna smiles, "I was FAT, really, really fat," then adds, "but now I'm not so big but my old college boyfriend has become big enough for the both of us!"

Both of them are seeming to have a lot of fun at my expense, but I must admit it's a real turn-on and I can't wait to get back to Lorna's house and rip her clothes off, after she feeds me of course!

Things eventually settle down, however, and Shirley pulls out her measuring tape, sizing me up for real this time. Then she asks Lorna to hand her the dog harness and she drapes it over my front, tucking the straps under each moob while I looked at myself in the mirror. As she has me turn around to show Lorna, Shirley comments "I think this would look so sexy on you, those big breasts almost totally obscuring the straps and Lorna grabbing what little can be seen through your cleavage and leading you around the house like her pet, wouldn't that be fun?"

I shook my head no but the smile on my face probably gave away my newfound fantasies of Lorna leading me to the dinner table to get stuffed then leading me to the bedroom afterwards for my second heaping helping of dessert. But unfortunately Lorna didn't seem convinced, our shared Bapist upbringings probably getting in the way of a little kinkiness.

A bit disappointedly, Shirley leaves the room harness in hand, but halfway out the door, she turns back and suggests, "why don't you lovebirds stay in here and I can bring some lingerie and toys for you to try out, maybe something that would be a better fit, what do you say?"

I shake my head yes, while Lorna shakes hers no, but then she relents, and says, "maybe just a few things to try out ..." Then, she gets that wicked grin back on her face, and yells out to Shirley, "you know, I've always wanted to try out one of those riding crops ..." Then she turns to me and says, "wanna have some fun before dinner Fat Boy?"


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May 3, 2014
The Custard Shack

"That was fun, wasn't it?"

I thought about Lorna's question for a few seconds and responded, "yeah, it really was ... I was really skeptical at first, but it was fun checking out all those toys of Shirley's."

"I guess I've led a sheltered life," Lorna says, "I didn't know what half those things were!"

"Me too," I admitted. "I've read about those things but never actually seen 'em, so it was a real eye-opener. I"m not sure I'm kinky enough for most of that stuff, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed that you didn't buy that riding crop ... I was kinda looking forward to getting swatted once in a while!"

"That would have been fun to see all your delicious flab dancing up and down when I swatted you! But I suppose we're just too old and too conservative for that type of stuff," Lorna laments. I reach my hand over and gently squeeze her still somewhat substantial thigh and remind her that "it's probably all those hellfire and damnation sermons we heard growing up Southern Baptist ..." "Yep," she laughs, "those preachers really did a number on us, didn't they?"

"And speaking of that," she adds, "I want you to go to church with me tomorrow, did you bring anything that would fit you?" "I brought one pair of dress slacks, some of the last of the 62" waist models that Pam ordered for me, and a sport coat that's tight but serviceable." "Excellent," Lorna exclaims, "I'm looking forward to showing you off to my church friends ... they are going to be so jealous of me when they lay their eyes on you, 523 pounds of handsomeness!"

"I don't mind being your arm candy," I tell her, "as long as we can out for lunch afterwards!" "Of course my sweet," she grins, "there is a buffet I've been wanting to introduce you to ... of course, if they see you waddling to the door they may post the closed sign!" "Ha ha," I answer, "did they ever do that back when you weighed 420 pounds and your hubby weighed 650?" "No," she answers, "but I'm sure they regretted letting us in with the damage we did ... a close to 1,100 pound couple, we definitely are A LOT!"

"Speaking of eating a lot," I ask, "what is that custard place that the ice cream shop lady mentioned?" "Oh, that's The Custard Shack," it's a real institution here in town, been open like seventy years." "Sounds like my kind of place," I say, hoping Lorna will take the hint and ecstatic when she tells me, "it"s on the way home and I bet you're starving, aren't you my poor Fatty?"

"Utterly famished," I answer, playing on her sympathy. And almost on cue, my belly lets out a big rumble. Lorna laughs and says, "time to fill this monster up again!"

Just a couple of minutes later she pulls the car up in front of what appears to be a late 40's food stand, no inside seating, just a window to order from and a few picnic tables arranged outside. And at 4 in the afternoon, there is a line of maybe ten or fifteen people, college students, retirees, and everything in between, most of them looking like they are carrying a few extra pounds. To me that is a pretty good testament to the quality of the product!

Lorna offers to let me wait in the car, but I agree to stand in line with her, a decision I later regret as it took about ten minutes for us to reach the window. But it's worth because I soon have in hand the most delicious custard I've ever tasted!
And true to current form, Lorna just orders a Diet Coke, making me feel just a little guilty to be enjoying my decadent treat alone.

As we sit at one of the picnic tables, I ask about her old eating habits, "I imagine you used to come here a lot, huh?" "Too much," she answers,
"sometimes three or four times a week, mostly after work before going home, then on Saturday afternoons, like this." Then she adds, "Pam really loves this place, at her heaviest I think she came every day."

Then Lorna gets that little devilish grin of hers and recounts, "you know what my fantasy was back then?" "Tell me," I respond, just knowing that it's going to be a good one.

"Well, let's just say you're not the only one around here who has harbored fantasies of becoming huge ... back when I was just a mere 300 pounds, right out of college, I imagined myself coming here after hours and putting my mouth under the custard dispenser and just letting it fill me up ... either until it ran out of custard or my belly touched the linoleum floor, whichever came first!"

"That's a pretty hot fantasy," I tell her, kind of imagining myself doing something similar. And that must be her thought too, as she adds, "but now that is kind of my fantasy for you Big Boy!"

"Belly touching the floor? I don't know about that ... but what might be a better fantasy is if we did it together, so both our bellies touch the floor."

"That is a great fantasy," she laments, "but it doesn't work so well in practice." "How so?," I ask. "It's just not easy when the couple weighs a thousand pounds between them ... you think it will be great, but the logistics of doing anything are ... well ... complicated. Don't get me wrong, it's perfect with you since there is only one big belly between us, but when there are two big bellies constantly bumping into each other and getting in the way it's just a lot of work!"

Then Lorna interrupts her train of thought and says, "you look like you need another before we go home ..." "Sure," I say, still contemplating her words and what it means for our relationship.

Fortunately no one is sitting nearby, so when she returns and I start lapping up my second custard, Lorna is able to continue. "With two big fatties, it's just hard to get everything lined up, so when my ex and I did, it usually involved me getting him off, but by the time I was finished he was too tired to get me off! He was such a selfish fatty ..."

No doubt seeing the look of concern in my eyes, she continues, "it was then and there that I decided that one of us needed to lose the weight, but then he runs off with that skinny little chaser who was after him at work." "But where does that leave me?," I finally ask. "Where that leaves you, my glorious blimp of a boyfriend, is that now that I'm getting skinny, I can do things to you that you've never even dreamed about, and you can just lay back and enjoy being the fat man of your boyhood fantasies! I'll not only keep you well fed, but well sexed as well ..."

At first I know not what to say, but finally it comes out, "back when we were in college, I kinda wondered what it would be like if we both got fatter together, both of us over 300 pounds, since back then I couldn't imagine myself possibly being any fatter than that ..." "Not much of a goal," Lorna giggles and pokes me in the belly with her foot from under the table. "And I hope this isn't selfish, but part of me would love to see you be 400 pounds again ... but if only one of us can be fat, I'll be the one."

"That's so sweet of you to say! Now let me go get you a last custard for the road ..."

Once back at the table with my treat, and still no one sitting within earshot, Lorna let's me in on her new fantasy ... "you know what I dream about now Fatty?" "No," I answer. "I dream about you filling that belly with custard so it's at least hanging to your knees ... no, make that your ankles ... and I take you home to our specially reinforced bed, all 900 pounds of you ... and I'll be 120 pounds by then ... and I'll just lay a top you my body sinking into yours, being consumed by all your vastness really ... and ..."

"Let's get back to your place and finish the story there!," I say excitedly as I finish my custard and clumsily start trying to get to my feet.


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May 3, 2014
Wedding Bells

I can't believe it's finally Pam's wedding day, as the last few weeks with Lorna have just flown by. After spending the last couple of weeks at my place in the big city, we're back in Lorna's house in the college town where Pam will we'd her long-time beau Sam.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of events, starting with Lorna getting me on the scale before I went to pick up my new suit from Haim. I protested having to get on, 'cause I knew I'd packed on a lot of pounds since I had my initial fitting. "Get on," Lorna scolded me, "you know he's going to ask how much you weigh!" "Isn't that a little creepy?," I asked. But Lorna shamed me, "he's a harmless old man and there are so few things anymore that give him pleasure ... are you going to deny him the fantasy that you could become his biggest client ever ... EVER?"

"OK, OK," I protested and stepped on the scale, dreading what it would tell me. I didn't have to weight long, as Lorna shrieked out the result ... "541 pounds ... an eighteen pound gain in less than two weeks! Haim will be so pleased!"

When I made it into his shop he could immediately tell that I'd gained and patted me affectionately on the tummy, telling me, "I can just tell, soon you WILL be my biggest client ever ... I cannot wait!" Then he added, "good thing I did like Lorna asked and built an extra couple of inches into each of your measurements, so the suit should fit you perfectly!"

I just nodded in response, then thought to ask, "got any donuts today?" "Three dozen, just for you, my favorite client!," he answered excitedly. So I stepped into the back to dig in, while he found my suit and brought it to me for the final fitting. He seemed to be fussing over me even more than the first time, so I decided to beat him to the punch ... "Lorna made me get on the scale this morning so I could tell you how much I weigh ..." "And," Haim asked, most solicitously. "541," I answered very matter of factly.

"Lorna's been doing her work, I see," he said with much glee in his voice and I swore he pinched my love handles as he sized up the fit of the slacks. Amazingly, it was a perfect fit after he added the inches to my original measurements, and he had but a couple of small fixes to make to the suit, as I sat on the couch in his back room and polished off the first and second dozen. When he finished off his final corrections, he bagged the suit for me, and reminded me that I could take the remaining dozen donuts with me. So I bid my fat-loving tailor adieu and headed back to Lorna's.

When I arrived, Pam and Sam were there, and it was the first time I'd actually met the boy. And he was a big boy ... of course, not nearly as big as me, maybe just 400 pounds, a comparative lightweight! And Pam looked wonderful. She had become so much nicer to me over the last few weeks, almost like before she revealed the secret to me that her mom was my old college flame.

We really hadn't talked much about it, but I was hoping we'd get a few minutes alone prior to the wedding to make sure everything was truly alright between us ... and so I could tell her that I planned to ask for her mom's hand in marriage ...

But she and her mom were busy rushing around with last minute wedding chores and Sam and I ended up in the family room in two adjoining easy chairs. I had brought the third box of donuts home from Haim's and offered it to him, but to my surprise he placed the box in front of himself and proceeded to eat the entire dozen! Only as he picked up the last one did he think to say, "oh, did you want any?" "Nope," I said, "I'm watching my figure ..." He laughed at the joke at least ...

Small talk finally exhausted and with no chores for us to take on, I glanced at my watch and noticed it was lunch time, and decided to ask Sam if he wanted to go out. We stopped at Wendy's and I quickly decided that Sam would eventually succeed me as Haim's biggest client -- the boy was certainly an eating machine, polishing off even more than me!

Afterwards, with more time left to kill, I asked him if he'd ever been to The Custard Shack. "Are you kidding?," he asked, "Pam takes me there everytime we're in town!" Figures, I thought ...

We parked and got out to order our custards, and being a Friday, the line wasn't as bad as it would be on the weekend. And we sit on either side of the picnic table, the benches groaning under our weight, we each finish up in no time. "Want another", he asked, and I said "sure." Fortunately, he got up so I didn't have to, my 541 pounds making it much more difficult to get tip than his 400 or so.

As he sat back down and handed me mine, he surprised me aplenty by saying, "you know, Pam has this fantasy about me and this place ..." "What's that?," I ask. "Well, it's kind of embarrassing, but ... she dreams about me coming here after hours and parking my mouth under the custard machine and ..." I finish his thought, "and letting it fill you up until your belly begins to brush the floor ..."

"Yeah," he shouts, "how did you know?" I just smiled and told him, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?" It took him a second to catch on, then he grinned, and said, "I understand ... both of 'em like their men big, don't they?"

I laugh and, the ice finally broken, I ask Sam, "so what are Pam's plans for you?" He gets an impish grin on his face and says, "no offense, but I think she'd like me to reach your size, what is that about 550 pounds?" "Not quite," I say, but very close."

Then Sam asks the same of me, and I respond, "I honestly don't know ... I think maybe she wants me to break her ex's record of 650 ... but then she talks about me becoming 800 or even 900 pounds, but I think that's just her fantasy."

"What a great fantasy!," Sam exclaimed, "that would be my dream come true to be that fat, wouldn't it be yours?" "I'm not so sure," I confess, "but if I'm with Lorna it might not be too bad ..."

Sam looked wistful when I said that, then asked, "ready for thirds?" Yes indeed, I thought, this boy is gonna dwarf me in no time!


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May 3, 2014
An Unexpected Surprise

The day before the wedding, Sam and I rolled (literally) back into Lorna's house around 4, bellies full of custard and both of us in need of naps to sleep off our sugar highs. Pam takes one look at us and asks, "what have you guys been doing?" "Custard Shack," Sam mutters, while clutching his sagging belly with both hands. "That's my boy," Pam says proudly and comes over to check out just how full her fiance's belly is.

Lorna sticks her head through the door and asks, "did I hear Custard Shack?" I nod my head yes and she shakes her head in disbelief, adding, "I think I'm going to regret introducing you to that place ..." I laugh at that and retort, "yeah, I might get fat going there!" "Ya think?," she responds with a big grin.

Pam leaves Sam's belly alone for a moment and comes over to check mine out, seeming quite impressed with my progress over the past month. "I gotta say boss," she tells me, "you just keep packing on the pounds ... what is this maybe thirty pounds you've added?" "That's about right," I respond sheepishly. "So that means you're now ..." "541 pounds," Lorna shouts from the next room, "he's an absolute blimp, isn't he?" Pam pats me on the belly and laughs, then shouts back to her mom, "just the way you like 'em, huh Mom?"

I look over at Sam, who seems to be enjoying himself at my expense, and warn him, "see what you have to look forward to my boy?" He smirks back at me, but Pam scolds him, "wipe that smirk off your face Fatty, by the time you're his age, you're gonna weigh twice what you do now! "Is that a promise?," Sam asks, shaking his belly up and down for emphasis. "You bet it is Sweetie," Pam says in a smitten tone of voice, no doubt imaging young Sam at a scale-busting 800 pounds. I kind of think Sam likes that idea too ...

As Pam snuggles back up to Sam, Lorna comes back in the room, and in a motherly tone of voice tells us two fatties "you boys need to take a nap because we've got a big surprise for you tonight." "What's that?," Sam asks, and Pam excitedly blurts out, "you boys are going to a bachelor party tonight ... Mom and I arranged it for you and you need to rest up nice and good because it's gonna be a long night!" "And make sure not to eat anything else before you leave," Lorna commands sternly.

Sam and I eye each other, both with that WTF look in our eyes, wondering just what our fat-loving women have in store for us ...

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