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Dec 27, 2007
SSBBW (multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG - A fresh take on an old classic.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 8:
Freddy’s Back From the Dead

by chevg

[Author's Note: This story will be a dark weight gain story, but there won't be any killing, just a very massive amount of weight gain. This is my first story, so if everyone could leave a comment letting me know if it's good or if I need to improve a little more - please don’t be cruel. As I said before, this is my first story so please cut me some slack.]

It was the first day back to college for Erin, Cidney, Brooke, Paige and Tammy, who had been best friends since kindergarten. They had every class together. They did everything together - they would eat the same food, buy clothes from the same store; you name it, they did it together. They were the most popular girls in school, every guy wanted them and girls wanted to be them. They knew this, so they would sometimes put on a show for everyone. After they saw everyone’s reactions they would all laugh about it afterwards.

Erin was a beautiful girl; she was 5’8 tall and 110 pounds with dirty blonde hair, tanned skin, a pretty face, small perky B cup breasts, and a nice thin body not an ounce of fat on her. Her measurements were 20-18-22. Brooke was your typical blonde bombshell. She was 6’0 tall, weighing 130 pounds. She had large DD cup breasts, lightly tanned skin, and a body that would make men go hard every time she looked at them. Brooke’s measurements were 34-22-25.

Cidney was another blonde bombshell, though different compared to Brooke. She was 6’2 and weighed 140 pounds, with blonde hair and tanned skin. She had a pretty face and a smile that would make you go weak at the knees every time you saw her. She had round CC cup breasts, with fairly big hips and slight bubble butt. Her measurements were 28-20-35. Paige was 5’8, 125 pounds. She had brown hair with blonde streaks in it, with BB cup breasts and a bit more of a belly than the other girls. She had a light tan, and she had a pretty face too. Her measurements were 22-34-28.

Tammy was the tallest one of the group at 6’4, 135 pounds. She had a magnificent body with CC cup breasts, and legs that were plump but sexy. She had dark brown hair, dark tanned skin. Her measurements were 25-20-32. They were all a perfect 10 in every guy’s standards. But the girls all had one big fear. That was getting fat.


In the dark corners of hell stood a man with horrific features. His skin was burned, his teeth were rotting. His eyes were black as death. He wore his favourite attire of red- and green-striped shirt, black pants and brown hat. He also wore gloves but these weren’t ordinary gloves; these gloves were handcrafted by him. They were beige with razor-sharp blades as the fingers.

His name would send shivers down anyone’s spine - he goes by the name of Freddy Krueger. He only had one thing on this mind and that was REVENGE! He wanted revenge on the families that lived on Elm Street, who for the sake of their children burned him alive.

He decided he wanted to up to Earth for his next victims. While looking through a portal, he spotted five beautiful girls eating their lunch, talking about how ugly they would look if they got fat. Freddy made an evil smile.

“Your fate has been decided, girls.”

School was over so Erin, Cidney, Brooke, Paige and Tammy started walking home past this creepy, old, rundown house. Cidney was the first to say something.

“I heard that a guy named Freddy Krueger lived here and he would kill people in their dreams.”

“No way,” said Erin.

“I’m serious, and he also had a glove with sharp blades as fingers.”

“Wow, Cidney, you sure know how to exaggerate things,” said Tammy.

Everyone laughed but Cidney, who was starting to get mad because no one believed her. She started walking towards Freddy’s house. Everyone else stopped and wondered where she was going.

Brooke spoke. “What the hell are you doing, Cidney?”

“You're not going to go in there, are you?” said Paige.

Tammy said, “Screw this, there’s no such thing as Freddy Krueger. He’s just a figment of your imagination, Cidney. I’ll even prove it, I’ll come in with you.”

Brooke and Erin both looked at each other, then Brooke said “Let's go and get this over with.”

The five girls walked into the spooky, gloomy house. Tammy was the first to speak. “See, what did I tell you, Cidney? Nothing happened, this is all just a bunch of baloney!”

Cidney snapped back, “You’re wrong, he is real and he is vicious when it comes to his victims.”

“If he’s real, Cidney, where is he?” said Erin.

“You have to say the chant, and once you say that it’ll bring Freddy back,” replied Cidney.

“What chant are you talking about?” said Brooke angrily.

“This chant, but I’m only saying the first part because if I say the whole thing he will come back for us. If we finish the chant, the ones who said it will suffer,” said Cidney. She started singing, "One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Okay, that’s all I’m doing. I’m not saying the rest because I don’t want him to come back.”

Paige then said, “Oh for heaven's sake, Cidney, just say the rest of it, nothing bad will happen.”

Cidney said “Nope, I’m not going to say it. I’ll write down the rest and show you guys, but I’m not saying it and no one else should.” So Cidney got a pen and paper from her school bag, wrote the chant on the paper then showed everyone.

Tammy snatched it from her hands then started to read it out loud. ”One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.”

Cidney screamed “NO!!! You have no idea what you have done, Tammy, you stupid moron!”

Tammy said, “Excuse me? Uh, hello, Cidney, look around you, nothing is happening.”

Paige, Erin and Brooke all said “Yeah, Cidney, nothing is going to happen.”

After they all stopped talking, the whole house started to shake and rumble and pieces of the house started crashing down onto the floor, but before they ran out of the house there was a sinister laugh that echoed through the whole house. They all screamed and ran out of the house and back to Cidney’s house.

All of a sudden Freddy felt something and all he could do was laugh because he knew what had happened: he was set free. “I can finally get out of this awful place they call Hell and now I can raise hell on everyone!” Within a flash he was gone from Hell and wound up in his house. He looked around, grinned, then said in a sinister fashion, “Who wants to have some fun?”

He opened his front door and watched the girls who set him free run off into the distance. “I’ll deal with them later."

Back at Cidney’s house, she had the whole house to herself; her parents were on vacation for a month, having left the day before. Cidney, Tammy, Paige, Erin and Brooke all went up to Cidney's room.

Cidney said, “Tammy, I told you not to read that, but, oh no, you just had to read it out loud.”

Tammy replied, “Well, I’m sorry, Cidney I thought you were joking around.”

Cidney snapped back, “Are you kidding me? You're going to try and pull that on me, oh please. You knew I wasn’t joking around.”

Brooke came up with an idea. “Cidney, how about all of us stay over here for the night, then we’ll be safe from Freddy.”

Cidney thought it over, then agreed with Brooke. She told everyone “Go home, grab your sleepover gear then come back here at 8.”

Everyone agreed and left. At eight o’clock, everyone showed up and unpacked. They set up their sleeping bags in Cidney’s living room. All five of them were in their sleeping bags talking when about 2:00am things started to change.

Freddy watched the five girls as they were sleeping. He thought to himself “Which one should I start with? Paige.”

Paige dreamed that she was at a huge party. She was the only girl at the party and she was drinking and talking to everybody there. Then someone brought in a keg. Everybody started chanting “Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige!” So Paige went to the keg and was given the nozzle; as she put the nozzle in her mouth she glanced at the guy near the pump. In horror, she realized who it was at the pump - Freddy! She tried to pull the nozzle out but somehow it was stuck in her mouth. She looked at the keg and it was 10 times bigger than before.

Freddy said to her, “Drink up, bitch!” He started pumping the keg; beer started flowing through the nozzle and into Paige’s mouth. She looked down and noticed that her belly was starting to bloat up and it was getting bigger. Twenty minutes went by and she was still jugging away, her belly looked like she was 9 months pregnant. She started to worry, because if she kept drinking she would eventually pop. She hadn’t even made a dent in the keg either.

Three hours go by and Paige lost the ability to stand. Her belly was so big and so full that she couldn’t stand anymore. Freddy walked over to her and said, “My, you sure can drink your share of beer.”

Paige started to cry as she finally finished up the keg and the nozzle fell out of her mouth; she let out a small belch. Freddy appeared out of nowhere with a funnel and looked at Paige, who shook her head no and said, “I can’t, I can’t hold anymore beer.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, Paige, because you don’t have a choice!” said Freddy.

He walked up to her and shoved the funnel into her mouth and left again, returning with two 24-packs. He started pouring beer after beer down the funnel until both 24-packs were gone. He looked up at her and grinned at his work.

Paige was speechless when she realized the size she was; absolutely huge with her belly as big and round as a tank. She was fully immobile; she knew this and started crying. She woke up from her dream and realized that she wasn't at Cidney’s house, she was back in her own bed. She attempted to get up, but was stuck. She looked down and noticed that her belly was completely huge, exactly the same size as her dream. She screamed in terror and then Freddy’s voice was heard, “One down, four more to go.”

“Brooke’s turn,” said Freddy. Brooke was dreaming that she was performing at the Super Bowl at the half time show. Brooke was getting ready for her performance; she did her makeup, got her costume on and was set to go. The Half Time show began; Brooke went out there and gave the crowd the best performance of her life. After she finished, a dark figure approached the stage. The light shone on the figure and Brooke tried to scream but nothing came out; she realized who it was. Freddy!

Freddy said, “Come on, folks, give Brooke a big round of applause!”

At that point, Freddy grabbed Brooke and placed her in a huge couch-like chair big enough to sit 10 people and strapped her in so she couldn't leave.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked Brooke.

Freddy looked at her and smiled, then said, “Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, come on down here and congratulate our friend Brooke on a fantastic performance. Everyone bring whatever you’re eating and give it to Brooke. After that outstanding performance, Brooke, you’re probably starving.”

Brooke watched in horror as everyone in the stadium came onto the field with handfuls and handfuls of food in their arms.

“That’s right folks, step up and shove food down her throat!” said Freddy.

Brooke shook her head as the first person walked up to her with a hamburger, shoved it into her mouth; she spit it out.

Freddy walked up to her and said, “Now, he’s trying to help you out and this is how you treat him?”

Freddy grabbed her nose, and the same guy shoved another hamburger into her mouth. She had no choice but to chew it because her air supply was through the mouth now that Freddy had plugged her nose. The next person walked up to her and shoved a hot dog in her mouth.

Three hours later, constant eating was starting to take its toll on Brooke’s body. Her stomach was about the size of a beach ball, her butt about 2-feet wide and thighs the size of tree trunks. Her breasts were the largest; they were so big that they almost touched the floor. Her face was puffier, showing signs of a triple chin.

Another three hours later, Brooke was quite the sight after the last person shoved food into her mouth. Her body had changed drastically; she had completely filled the huge chair, in fact some of her fat was rolling off the sides of it.

Freddy walked up to her and said, “You pig, you ate every scrap of food in this stadium, and the stadium is completely empty now.”

Brooke was totally immobile and now she started to cry. She awoke from her dream and realized that’s she was not where she was before; she was at a football stadium. All of a sudden, lights come on and everyone in the stadium laughed at her.

Freddy’s voice was heard. “Two down, three to go. Erin’s turn.”

Erin was dreaming that she was having Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with her family, only she was seated in a high chair. This was starting to confuse her; she asked herself the same question over and over again, “I’m 19 years old, why am I in a high chair? I don’t need to be in a high chair.”

She turned to her left and saw her dad's back to her, and waited until he turned back to her. However, who she thought was her dad really was Freddy, who looked up at her, put a bib on her, grabbed her nose, then grabbed a spoon and started shovelling food into her mouth. She had no choice but to eat it.

Between mouthfuls Erin tried to speak. “Wait, gulp, I’m not, burp, done with my other mouthful.”

Freddy laughed at her and said, “Shut up and eat!” After which he started shoveling in more and more food. One hour later she began to bulge all over, her face looked fuller, arms were thick, and double chin began to show. Her small, perky B cup breasts started to fill out to a CC cup. Her belly looked like she had swallowed a basketball, and her butt and thighs filled out a bit too. Freddy stopped feeding her for a bit, left and returned with a funnel. Erin’s eyes went wide and she protested, saying that she was full and that she learned her lesson.

Freddy said to her, “Lesson? What lesson? I’m doing this for fun.” As he finished talking to her, he shoved the funnel into her mouth and started pouring milk down her throat. After she finished a four-gallon jug of milk, he grabbed two 2-liter bottles of pop, opened them both and poured them down the funnel into Erin’s waiting mouth. She could feel herself getting fatter and fatter with each drink. After she finished both bottles, Freddy grabbed the funnel, set it aside and grabbed a fork and started shovelling a lot more food into her mouth. After each swallow Erin sobbed. Freddy quickly shut her up with more food.

Two hours later, Freddy had finished feeding his little girl. Erin had broken the high chair and was sitting on the floor, but with the new fat around her ass she was still above the table. She was very fat, her face was full of fat, her arms were too heavy to lift, and her belly looked like she had swallowed a small car. Her butt and thighs were massive; her butt measured about 6 m wide, and her thighs were the size of redwood trees. She was immobile.

Erin woke up and realized she was exactly where she was in her dream. She tried to get up, but couldn't, and couldn’t figure out why until she saw the reflection from a picture. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“And then there were two,” said Freddy. “Now it's Tammy’s turn.”

Tammy dreamed that she was at the grocery store looking at the yogurt section. She looked over to her right and spotted a cute guy, who noticed she was looking at him, walked over and started talking to her. He said to her, “I recommend this yogurt, it only has 50 calories.”

“No way, 50 calories? Really?” said Tammy. She grabbed the yogurt and the guy handed her a spoon. She opened it up and took a tiny bit.

"I'm in heaven," she said to the guy. “This is really 50 calories, it tastes so much sweeter. I’m going to take them all.”

The guy looked at her, smiled and said, “I told you they were good.”

Tammy then asked him, “Do you want to come back to my place for dinner tonight?”

The guy said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

At home, she unpacked her groceries (most of it was the entire yogurt supply at the grocery store, but she had also grabbed two steaks for her and her date). She went to her fridge and threw out all the food she had in there so that she could fill it back up with yogurt. After that was finished she decided to get ready for her date. She wore her favorite pair of light blue jeans that showed off her incredible legs and ass. Her favorite top was a white tank top that always brought her good luck; she hoped that this would help with her date.

As she started cooking the steaks, the doorbell rang and she opened the door to meet her date. She invited him in, showed him around, and just as she went into the kitchen she noticed that she had forgotten about the steaks and had burned them badly.

“Oh no, that was the only food that I had for our dinner tonight, all I have left is the delicious yogurt you showed me."

Her date said to her, “That’s fine.”

She gave him a carton of yogurt, handed him a spoon and grabbed one for herself. They sat in the kitchen and started eating the yogurt. Tammy was lost in sensation with the taste of this scrumptious yogurt. When she opened her eyes, she saw this burned face staring right back at her. “No, it can’t be true,” said Tammy.

“Oh, I’m the real deal, Tammy. Now, let's finish our little date shall we? You look a little hungry, here, have some yogurt,” said Freddy.

She looked around and notices that there was metal around her nose constricting her and forcing her to breathe through her mouth. Her hands were tied to the arms of her chair.

Freddy said, “Bon Appetite.” While saying that he started shoveling spoonful after spoonful of yogurt into her mouth. Two hours later after constantly eating yogurt, she showed signs of growth, especially to her lower half. Her hips and thighs were digging into the chair; her butt was squished behind her making her very uncomfortable.

Freddy untied her wrists, and she smacked him upside the head and ran. She ran out of the kitchen to the door that lead into the living room where it to the door and couldn’t go any further. She looked down and was shocked by what she saw; her hips had swollen up so big that the doorway was too small for her; her thighs were crushed together.

Freddy came into the living room and said, “You look like you're stuck, need help?”

“Please help me, I’m stuck!” replied Tammy.

Freddy pulled her out of the door frame and placed her on the couch. As he put her down, he quickly her tied up and put the nose bar in place. He asked “How many people can you fit on this couch, it's huge!”

“I don’t know, twelve was the most I had sitting here. Please I don’t want anymore yogurt, our dinner is finished now.”

“Oh, but my dear Tammy, that was the appetizer. Here’s the main course and dessert,” said Freddy.

Tammy went bug eyed when she realized how much yogurt there was; it completely filled her living room. Out of nowhere Freddy grabbed a spoon and started shoveling more yogurt into her. All Tammy could do was to watch, eat and swallow. Four hours later, Freddy shoved the last spoonful of yogurt into Tammy’s mouth. She saw little empty containers of yogurt spread all over the living room.

Freddy untied her. “Okay, you’re free to go.”

Tammy tried to make a run for it, but noticed she was stuck. Freddy brought in a large mirror and Tammy was shocked at what she saw. She saw this girl who completely filled her couch. Her hips touched both sides of the couch, her thighs were about four feet around and her ass was five feet wide. She got halfway up when Freddy helped her. She mades her way to the double doorway and got stuck again, crying.

Freddy said, “You really need to lay off the yogurt, if you keep eating it you won’t be able to walk.” He left her stuck in the doorway and moved onto his last and final victim.

Tammy woke up and noticed that she was in her own bed. She got up with some difficulty and walked toward her bathroom. She turns the light on and in the mirror reflection she saw she was wider. She screamed in terror.

“And then there was one,” said Freddy. “Cidney’s turn.”

Cidney dreamed that she had won a free trip the to Aunt Jemima pancake factory. As Cidney was getting prepared, there was a knock on the door; she walked to the door and answered it. There stood tall guy wearing a black suit. He spoke, “Are you Cidney? The girl who won a trip to the Aunt Jemima pancake factory?”

“Yes, why do you ask?” said Cidney.

The man replied, “I’m to escort you to your limo and drive you there.”

“Really, that’s awesome! Well, let’s get going then,” replied Cidney. It was a short drive to the factory. The man stopped, got out and opened the door for Cidney, then drove off. She walked up to factory door and in. It was dark, so she looked around for a switch and flipped it on. It turned on the lights, but it also turned on all the machines.

She walked around the factory yelling, “Hello, anybody here? I’m supposed to get a tour around the factory.”

A figure approached her from behind and gently tapped her shoulder, startling Cidney. She turned around and noticed that the person who tapped her on the shoulder was the same person who drove her to the factory. “Are you going to give me the tour now?” said Cidney angrily.

The tall figure smiled and said, “Let’s begin the tour, shall we?” The man showed her all the machines and explained how they work. He then stopped and said, “Now, I’m not supposed to show, this but who I’m the only one working here today.”

He walked into a large room with two big machines and a chair in the middle of the room. "Go ahead have a look around.”

Cidney took the opportunity to get up onto a large bowl and look inside; it held some liquid. She dipped her finger into it and realized what it was. PANCAKE BATTER!

“You like our new and improved pancake batter, I take it?” replied the man.

“Oh yes, it’s absolutely amazing. I could eat every last drop of it,” said Cidney.

“Really? Well, let's put it to the test, then,” said the man. He pulled a lever and mechanical arms grabbed Cidney and plopped her in the chair and strapped her wrists. The man drew closer revealed his true identity.

“Freddy! No, it can’t be!” said the frightened Cidney.

“Oh, yes, it’s me and I’m here to give you your ultimate serving of pancake batter.” After he said that, he grabbed a tube attached to the biggest funnel Cidney had ever seen and shoved the tube into her mouth. He then grabbed a mirror and put it in front of Cidney. He flipped a switch and both huge containers of pancake batter begin to pour into the funnel. She had no choice but to suck down all of the batter. She could see herself getting fatter in the mirror, gaining weight by the second, all of it going to her hips, thighs, legs and ass. Two hours later she finished off the two containers and she couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror - she didn’t even recognize herself. Her lower half had ballooned to massive proportions.

Freddy walked up to her and said, “You still have two more containers to drink.”

As Freddy took out the tube for Cidney to speak she said, “Please, no more batter, it is delicious. I’m just too full.”

“Nonsense, down the hatch,” said Freddy, and with that he shoved the tube back into her mouth and flipped the switch.

Three hours later, Freddy walked over to Cidney, pulled out the tube and said, “My, you sure do love your pancake batter.”

Cidney was fully immobile from the waist down. She tried to move but couldn’t. She looked into the mirror and screamed at what she saw, an incredibly obese girl sitting right in front of her.

Before Freddy left he showed Cidney his work that he did tonight. There were four big blobs in front of Cidney. A light shone on Paige and showed her true state. Paige had an enormous belly, and she was also immobile. Freddy said, “Paige can really hold her beer.”

A second light shone on Brooke, immobile as well but didn’t have a belly. She had the fattest pair of boobs in the world. Freddy said to Cidney, “Brooke looks like she might need to be milked.”

A third light shone on Erin, who was completely immobile. Freddy said, “Erin sure loves the holiday feast.”

A fourth light shone on Tammy, who was immobile but not as much as everyone else. Freddy said, “She just couldn’t say no to yogurt.” After Freddy said those kind words to his victims, he walked out of the factory plotting his next revenge.

The End?…..of course not!!!!


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
I've not been much of a fan of Freddy Krueger, but this I like alot.


Dec 27, 2007
thanks guys really appreciate the compliments, thinking of doing another story with weight gain or lil bit of inflation....any ideaS?

Snorri Sturluson

Keeper of Hugin and Munin
Nov 28, 2006
Good story, especially for your first attempt. I'd say a little too quick, but that is also heavily influenced by personal preference.

As for doing another story, the logical progression from here would, of course, be one about Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame. Though, Pinhead from Hellraiser would also seem to be ripe for a genre crossover.

If you aren't looking for horror movie themes, then I'd recommend browsing through the Discard Room; I always found that to be a good source of inspiration.


Dec 27, 2007
i think ill prolly continue with writing horror stories just because i enjoy reading about a girl gettin fattened up by a horror star. im gonna be honest i havent seen 1 hellraiser movie yet, ive seen all halloween, friday the 13ths and freddy (the best) which is i wrote this story


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
i think ill prolly continue with writing horror stories just because i enjoy reading about a girl gettin fattened up by a horror star. im gonna be honest i havent seen 1 hellraiser movie yet, ive seen all halloween, friday the 13ths and freddy (the best) which is i wrote this story
Try this for a spin.

the Girl actually wants to be fattened up. The idea of a huge horror star whose name is spoken in whispers just deflating because his moment to horrify her has been ruined because she has a fat fetish.


Sep 30, 2005
Should this have been called episode "5a"? Part 5 had a short WG sequence which was of no real use to man or beast.

Of course, the series should be renumbered with the first film being Part 2... the first Nightmare on Elm Street took place on November 22, 1963.