A Real Life Encourager - by Michelle (SSBBW, FA)

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A half full kinda girl
Mar 2, 2007
, Definetly female!
SSBBW, FA - A SSBBW reminisces about her life to an admirer.

A Real Life Encourager

By Michelle

Melissa took a deep breath as she closed up her files for the day. She was the last one to leave the office, as usual, and she didn’t look forward to her family invading her home that evening.

“They had to cut the elevators off for electrical reasons, Ms. Rawls,” Allen, the building’s head janitor said quietly to Melissa as he poked his head into her office.

“Do you need help down the stairwell?” Allen smiled as he eyed the little trashcan full of food containers and wrappers and then noted the sheer look of horror that had crossed Melissa’s face.

“How could they cut the elevator off Allen?” Melissa asked angrily as she grabbed all of her bags together.
“Didn’t they know I was still here? They have to know that I don’t do steps.”

Melissa was a very voluptuous woman for the tender age of 26. She had teetered between 460 and 470 pounds for the past year and on her 5’8" frame it filled all the right places. She sighed because she knew she purposely made herself this way, but days when she was forced to do steps, or more physical activity than she wanted, she almost reconsidered her desires.

“Don’t worry, Madame, I’ll carry all your bags for you, that way you can hold onto the railing. Those steps are kind of steep and we are on the eighth floor.”

Allen couldn’t help but lick his lips as he watched Melissa push her large frame from her office chair. It was almost a production in itself, he observed, watching her pull her large hips up out of her chair confines and seeing her large belly sway through her dress as she finally stood. He smiled as he mentally noted to try and get her a wider chair. If she was more comfortable throughout the day, maybe she would expand her amazing figure even more.

He was a belly man himself, and in his mind Melissa’s body was perfect. Her belly jutted out way in front of her almost as if she was pregnant but he knew it was nothing but glorious fat that filled her body. Then the way he could tell it swayed and jiggled when she walked, it was enough to make him want to burst with excitement all over the office building.

It didn’t help that Melissa was also very beautiful. She took pride in her appearance and always dressed stylishly. She always had her fat fingers perfectly manicured, and always had her fat feet, and her glorious cankles and legs sweet smelling, smooth and perfectly pedicured. She had such a beautiful face and barely wore any make-up, other than lip-gloss. She had beautiful flowing brown hair and the prettiest hazel eyes.

He was amazed by her looks every day that he saw her, but he dared not say a word. Why would a successful associate of Decker and Wells Advertising want to be with a janitor like him; a dumb janitor who didn’t even have his own car and shared an apartment with his brother.

“There sure are a lot of steps,” Melissa said, a little out of breath as she took a break at the bottom of the third flight. There were only five flights left to go. Allen stood at the bottom with her bags as he tried to resist his stiffness, but to no avail. He felt himself gasping as she slowly made her way down the next flight of steps, watching as she tried to balance herself as her fat thighs rippled and her belly swung back and forth and side to side under her clothing. He smiled, hoping this experience would not turn her off from wearing thongs to work.

He watched as her thick fingers and hands slid down the banister and her fat forearms began to accumulate sweat. When she finally reached the bottom she was exhausted. Eight flights of steps is a lot for a 465-pound-plus beauty who never uses them. He smiled as she brought the handkerchief he handed her to her forehead; her upper arm was as big as her face! She handed it back to him and smiled.

“Thank you, so much, Allen,” Melissa said as she caught her breath. “I don’t know how I would have made it down these steps if I had to carry all of my bags as well.”

Allen smiled as he held the door open for her.

“I guess days like this make me want to go back in time you know. Stop myself from gaining all this weight.”

She smiled as she made her way over to the bench. “You don’t mind if I smoke before I head to my car do you.”

Allen shook his head no. He wanted to know all about how she had become the ravishing beauty that now sat before him; he had all night to make sure the building got clean.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Ms. Rawls, were you always heavy, I mean, even as a child?” Allen asked as he sat down in the small space left next to her on the bench.

“Just call me Melissa, Allen, Ms. Rawls makes me feel old. I am only 26.”

She smiled as she caught a glimpse of his erection. Was this janitor really getting turned on by her? She suspected that he was an FA months ago. She noticed how he smiled everyday when he emptied her trash, and how he would always watch her as she struggled around the not very fat friendly office building. Melissa closed her eyes and smiled; it was true that she had not always been this heavy and the journey to her current size was no easy matter.

Summer 1993

“Melissa, what is this?” Karen Rawls asked angrily as she pulled the empty pizza box full of empty wrappers out from under her daughter’s bed. She had been trying to figure out how her daughter was gaining weight so quickly; she was only 11 years old and it was really concerning her. She had been perfectly thin just four years ago, she knew that the kids at school were teasing her for it but she didn’t know how to help her.

“Who gave you the money to buy this stuff?”

“I don’t know,” Melissa said as she continued to watch cartoons.

She didn’t know why but being fat had been on her mind for a while. All off a sudden food tasted so good to her, and she found herself stuffing her clothes with pillows late at night, or drawing pictures of fat people. She did odd jobs in her neighborhood that summer for money, little did her mother know. She didn’t care what her mother said she wanted to get fat, and besides it’s not like her mother was a size 2. Melissa smiled to herself, try 20, where else would she get the clothes that she would stuff the pillows into.

I guess I didn’t really start getting heavy, heavy until high school,” Melissa said with a smile. “I mean I knew I liked to eat back in fifth grade and I was chubby. I would sneak food all the time and whatever, but I didn’t really um- become aware until I was about 14,” Melissa said as she tried to make herself sound less like a freak.

High school is when she first got hooked up to the internet in her home. And high school is when she discovered that she was not the only person in the world who liked being fat, and wanted to be fatter.

After that she really went for it with her eating, trying every suggestion she found online for weight gain, from cream shakes to eating right before bed. She remembered the joy she felt the exact day she went to pull on her mother’s size 20 pants that she used to stuff with pillows and discovered that they no longer fit her.

Christmas 1998

"Melissa, honey, maybe you should skip dessert this year,” Melissa’s aunt said sweetly to the teen.

Everyone in the family had noticed Melissa’s gains over the years. She had been such a thin and active child, it was as if as soon as she hit adolescence she had decided to stop caring. She hated sports, she hated healthy food, and she hated going outside. By the time she was 16 she was 296 pounds and a size 24.

“There is no way I am skipping grandma’s dessert, Aunt Claire,” Melissa said as she rolled her eyes.

“Karen, haven’t you tried to put her on a diet?”

Melissa’s mother looked at her sister, annoyed. Of course she had tried putting her daughter on a diet. She had tried every diet and even resorted to bribing.

“You know, Weight Watchers worked for you before, Sis, why don’t both of you do it together.”

“Melissa would go crazy in a Weight Watchers meeting, Claire,” Karen said as she sighed.

“She’s the child, you’re the parent. She weighs more than you now, so I think that you shouldn’t give her a choice. When she is thin and healthy she will thank you.”

“So your mother made you join Weight Watchers with her,” Allen said as he slowly inched his hand to Melissa’s knee.

“Yeah, and I hated it. But she made it impossible for me to not lose weight. I guess all the attention got to me because everyone in my school was complimenting me on my weight loss. I just went with it for a while. I had lost about 50 pounds, but, you know, by the time I moved into the dorms freshman year, I realized that this was not who I was or what I wanted to be. I still wanted to be huge. I thought I was very sexy that way. My mother wasn’t around, so…”

Spring 2002

Heisone: I know how you feel I wish there were people around me that I could tell I gain weight on purpose to.

SheNeGoshLissa: I love this. Does it make me a freak, Sean? I mean right now I weigh 345 pounds. I have gained 100 pounds since I started college, like, two years ago. I just … my mother won’t even look at me.

Heisone: You are happy; that is what is important. Who cares what other people think.

SheNeGoshLissa: I guess you are right, I mean, I want to weigh 500 pounds. I guess I better get used to the angry looks.

Heisone: Looks of jealousy, I assure you. I am about to get off of here, but eat an extra slice of pizza for me.

Melissa closed her laptop as she spun around in her chair and picked up another slice of pizza. She had never been so happy, and she never wanted that feeling to go away.

“Are you really not going to share any of the pizza?” Melissa’s roommate Tahira asked as she walked in. Tahira was half Persian and half Filipina, so she was exotic looking and beautiful, and at 5’0 her body carried her 270 pounds well, well, in a beautiful SSBBW way of course.

“You don’t even like pizza like that, and you went to McDonalds.” Melissa laughed. “You’re such a fat kid."

“I know you are, but what am I,” Tahira teased.

“So let me get this straight, your best friend is just as beautiful as you are and she is exotic looking,” Allen said, his mouth dropping.

“Yes, she is about 380 pounds right now. She is a menu developer for this restaurant,” Melissa laughed.

“That is amazing," Allen said happily.

“Allen, how would you like to go out next week?” Melissa said as she pulled herself up from the bench.

“That would only make all of my dreams come true, Melissa,” Allen said as he happily grabbed her bags.

“Mine too, Allen, mine too.” Melissa couldn’t help but smile as she made her way to her car. She had finally found a real life encourager.

(So this is loosely based off of my life. I am nowhere near 465 pounds, but it’s nice to dream! I hope you all enjoyed.)


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Sep 29, 2005
You have a real gift for writing. Love the details, emotions, and plot lines. As a guy its harder for to understand why a woman enjoys her own gaining (obviously i know what I like about it :). Therefore I feel like I'm learning something when I read your words...


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May 29, 2006
I thought this was a great read, very well written, and I love the characterization :D

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