A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

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6'1 black man seeking ssbbw / bbw , Uk
Mar 1, 2008
, United Kingdom
Well back to being single again after a passionate relationship, not true love, but a fantastic deep friendship with lots of lust and desire. I enjoy the single life most of the time and its always good keeping your eyes and attention on finding the right woman. I cant deny that Ive never really had problems attracting women and seem to attract younger skinny or slim types, maybe its because im slim and athletic.
The real paradox is that I have no interest in young skinny women hahaha, To me a mature, ssbbw, heavy and warm with softness and a chest that reaches her waist is all I want to find. I still believe in love and a genuine meeting of minds, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually , but god I can only be honest about my physical desires

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