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Oct 15, 2005
VERY LONG STORY, just to warn you all! ;) I have been a longtime lurker of this board and just wanted to share my fortune with the readers of this board. My intent isn't to brag, but to give some of the men and ladies here hope that your wildest dreams can come true!

First, some background info. I am a 21/F who is a college student. In the past, I have not had the best luck going out with guys who I think are "hot" (bigger guys). I'm one of those girls that gets told "you intimidate most guys" and then it usually ends up only the arrogant assholes have the nerve to ask me out and hit on me. Since I am pretty shy, I don't take the initative to ask out the sweet/nice bigger guys I have met. So, I have gotten stuck going out with guys, who while may be attractive to many girls, they have not really been able to turn me on because they are too skinny!

Last December, I ended up meeting a VERY nice man, Mark, on the internet through hotornot. It wasn't really his picture that attracted my interest, as he looked pretty athletic without much extra meat on him, but his profile showed we had a lot of similar interests and he had the same major as me. So we ended up meeting and I was very extremely happy with his personality. I never have met a man so considerate, thoughtful, etc. no strings attached. However, he was never really able to truly turn me on that much because he was so thin. I saw he had potential to being my ultimate dream guy (nice shoulders, liked to eat a lot, a tiny bit of squish around his tummy, but he was far far from my ideal fetish. He was about 5'9 and 157 lbs.

Him and I have been going out since we met in December, but over time my attraction to him lessened! From the spring to the summer, he was under a LOT of stress with school/work/home life and he had no time to really eat, or work out. As a result, he wasted away to about 140 lbs, and I was very worried about him. It was hard to look at him and touch him and feel how bony he had become and how much his muscles had withered away. I am sure many of you ladies can relate to how disappointing it is when a guy gets smaller instead of bigger! So my poor boyfriend could tell how unattracted I was to him, even though I tried not to let it show since he was stressed out. On top of this all, he had to take a running course over the summer and THAT sure did not help things along any. :(

I had pretty much lost all hope that my boyfriend, while I loved him, was ever going to be my ideal physical type. It was a depressing thought. Finally, the end of summer came and my boyfriend had graduated college, and had hardly any home life stress and decreased work stress. He had time to lift again and plenty of time to eat! He started working out everyday and eating a ton.

One thing to add here, is he works in the back of a local small town restaurant. Him and his co-workers make sure that stuff gets messed up all the time so they can eat it for free (pizzas especially). My boyfriend tells me he "steals" whatever he can from the place (mean owners so he doesn't care) and he's pretty much munching on goodies the whole time he is there (breadsticks, mozz sticks, fries, chips, ice cream etc.). He even snitches some of the rude customer's food sometimes before he gives it to them, it's hilarious. So once he was done with school, he was able to pick up a lot more hours at work (more hours of eating!!!)

I was unable to see him for a couple of weeks around this time, but when I saw him after that time, I immediately noticed a change! In such a short time, he was able to gain almost all his original muscle/body fat back and was almost back to the point he was when we first met! I was very excited about this, and was all over him! I told him how much more attracted I was to him and he was very happy about this. It encouraged him to eat more and work out more. (he tries to gain muscle mass, not be cut). This is great since my ideal type of guys are built like thick football players. I love broad shoulders, nice arm muscles, a stockier build, and a squishy tummy with plenty of grab to it!

It is very hard for me to share my fetish for fat though with anyone! I told my former best guy friend and he never let me here the end of it. So I don't feel comfortable telling the world about it. I don't like to be laughed at. But, somehow, I was able to make enough hints to my boyfriend that I liked the new "squish" that was on his tummy and sides. After months and months of making hints, he finally got it.

He totally understood (he doesn't like thin girls) and he has done his best to gain as much weight as he can. At first, he was self-conscious about it, but he LOVES to get his new fat petted, poked, squeezed, and played with. Right now, he has great shoulders and wonderful biceps/arms, but a nice tummy that sticks out a bit that has aquirred some soft fat on it. He also has developed a nice soft butt (before he didn't have one) and he has filled out a bit all over. He is wonderfully squishy and I can get a handful to grab on his sides, and a nice thick roll is just starting to form around his stomach. He is about 175lbs right now and he has been gaining steadily every week. He is a wonderful combination of muscle/fat and I hope he keeps up the gaining (especially the fat part!!). He is lucky to have a body type that naturally gains weight easy, as long as he is eating.

I have a such a great time expressing my feelings to him now about his new and improved body. I love going out to eat with him or getting dinner and completely stuffing him. He can eat a LOT. Last night, we went to Chili's for dinner, and he ate altogether about 3/4 an order of chips and salsa, a salad, a half rack of ribs, a monterey cheese chicken, shrimp (meat trio combo) loaded mashed potatoes, and some of my boneless buffalo chicken. I had a greaaaaaaaat time petting and rubbing his stuffed belly on the way home in the car. I love driving with him and playing with his squish and nesting on his belly in the car. He loves this type of attention and says it puts him in a wonderful trance almost! If we are at home and I stuff him, after we eat, he lies down and I pet his stomach and he gets so relaxed he falls asleep! It is sooooooo cute!!!!! If I want him to cuddle me, I have to be careful not to pet his belly too much so he stays awake. haha.

I think its adorable how snug his clothes are getting on him now. Its hard for him to squeeze into his old jeans, and he has to undo his pants button after he is stuffed so there is enough room for his belly. His shirts are quite tight now in the shoulders/arms, and cling to his new tummy :) I thought it was pretty hot when he tried on his leather jacket from last year, but it would not fit. He's used to wearing baggy clothes, so he is pretty surprised he can't wear some of his looser clothes! I'm HAPPY about that, especially about the fact he admits he needs to buy some bigger jeans soon.

I'm also sneaky a little bit when it comes to getting more meat on him. I make/buy tasty treats (like cookies) which he can't resist. Cooking at home, I give him large portions, and try to sneak as much food in him as possible. This guy has so much potential, I can't wait to see how he will look/feel a year from now. He is on the way to being my ultimate dream guy. I already have ultimate relationship with him. I am glad I finally have a great guy who can turn me on, and is both wonderful on the inside and the outside!

I never in a million years thought this could happen. He is definitely the guy for me and he and I both know we'll get married within a couple years :D We already refer to each other as practically "my fiance". I am glad I gave him a chance, even though I was not initially that attracted to him. I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. Anything is possible!



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Oct 1, 2005
BlondieBlue said:

he was under a LOT of stress with school/work/home life and he had no time to really eat, or work out. As a result, he wasted away to about 140 lbs, and I was very worried about him. It was hard to look at him and touch him and feel how bony he had become and how much his muscles had withered away. I am sure many of you ladies can relate to how disappointing it is when a guy gets smaller instead of bigger!

Ain't that the truth! I know just how you feel, this has happened to me twice now (with the same guy).

That is the sweetest story. Your boyfriend sounds like a great guy, very level-headed and it's wonderful that you're both having fun with his gain. I am sure you love him, fat or thin, given that you stuck by him in his skinny period, but it's just so lovely when an FFA gets together with a happy eater. (I must admit to being a tiny bit jealous reading your descriptions of his new improved body and how much he eats...)

Best of luck to you both, and may you continue to experience the joys of squish for a long, long time!


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Oct 10, 2005
What a wonderful story! Sounds a lot like my relationship with Annie. I was 135 when we met about 8 years ago. Until January of this year, I gained about 20 pounds, but then, I really started getting excited about getting a belly.

But my excitement was no match for Annie's! I undertook a weight-gain journey, and she has pushed me along faster than I could have ever imagined. I thought I would get to 200 around Christmas, but guess what? I weighed 206 week before last, having gained 51 pounds since January. Much of that gain occurred since April, when she finally admitted that not only did she like my fat belly, but she was really turned on by making it even fatter.

Strangely, while I have gained weight, she has been losing. She has probably lost about 25-30 pounds this year. I guess I've been satisfying her appetite as well as my own. Haha! Sounds like you all are living a sweet and wonderful life. Good luck, and have a great day!! ;)

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