Abduction - by Irish Bard (Alien Kidnapping)

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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 3: Extraction

"Have you noticed," Emma berated the sleeping Jul'ia, "that people have started to disappear?"

"Yeah, yeah!" Jul'ia flicked her hand in a "Piss off, I'm busy" motion. "It's probably experimentation or something. They run tests to find out if we are increasing in fertility or something. Ignore it, they wouldn't know which hole to stick the tester in."

"Suppose they're not as stupid as you think," Emma snapped.

"They are."

"Suppose they aren't; what's going to happen then, smart-ass?"

"Well, they could do one of three things. They could start from scratch when it comes to testing for fertility, and the Vecarn are very stubborn, so we won't be giving birth to rhinos just yet. They could dump the whole lot of us as a conveniently large amount of mutated meteorite on Earth, leaving us to be obliterated by humanity or obliterate humanity. Finally, they will simply feel that we're not getting fat enough and feed us more."

"How much more do they want to feed us?!" shrieked Emma. "Look at me!"

Emma was bigger than she ever thought possible. She had, at first, begun a vigilant anti-fat campaign of jogging, exercise and avoiding to eat anything more, but gave up; the fat didn't want to move and was clinging to her like an overly affectionate limpit. Her belly now hung down over her underwear, which was a relief to having it push her poor panties down so far. Her hips were now five feet wide, technically making her spherical; while her butt made her "poor panties" ride up like a g-string and were so cushiony that Emma had completely forgotten about where to sit, and as a result had bruises and scratches all over. Her breasts were enormous, globular masses which seemed not to be part of her, but to be connected to her using glue, and they were heavy.

"Milk," Jul'ia had said, "human milk, luckily, most alien milks, Vecarn's for example, are seriously toxic and create lethargy in the drinker or bearer."

Emma's face had lost its cheekbones, making it puffy and dimpled; she also was getting her third chin, which she was secretly proud of. She was no judge of weight, but her rough guess was that she was about 500 pounds at least. She also, and she was secretly scared about this, was finding herself getting wet more frequently. She had told Jul'ia about this.

"Yeah, something like that's happening to me as well; as I'm getting fatter, I'm getting hornier."

Jul'ia had to be the same size as Emma, give or take a few pounds. Something else that Emma had noticed was that the tendrils on her head were looking fuller, and were moving.

"It's a Me'duza trait, they're limbs like an arm or a leg."

"I said, it will be alright!" Jul'ia's voice snapped Emma back to reality from reminiscing about weight and past conversations. "Come on, Vecarn are the only aliens out there. Many races throughout the galaxy have managed to bring down Vecarn space ships, but I can't for the life of me remember. Anyway, Galatpol will be out in force. Vecarn are notorious pirates, and will probably storm this place. If Galatpol don't come, then human military will, and I'm sure your Marine boyfriend, Craig, will come to carry his princess up in his arms back home."

"Yes, Craig will," Emma said dreamily, remembering her super-fit, super-sexy, super-charming, super-rich, super-brave, super-blonde super-boyfriend. He was like a dream come true - brave, gallant, charming, sexy, well-endowed and loaded! She provided the brains of the couple, while he provided everything else. He would come, kill all the Vecarn, and whisk her away back to his house to have sex with her then and there.

"Sorry to burst your bubble," said Jul'ia, "but maybe, just maybe, you should find yourself a different boyfriend."


"Humans can be very odd, sometimes. They sometimes believe a person they love has changed because they have a different look. I have seen men break up with women for gaining a few pounds. You might want to have a reserve boyfriend, to save yourself the emotional baggage."

Emma looked away, furious that Jul'ia could ever say that. But she knew that Jul'ia was right; Craig had always dated the creme-de la-creme of girls, and he probably wouldn't touch a girl like her. She suddenly began to notice all the bad stuff about Craig, his bleached hair, his fake tan, his forgetfulness of important days, his inability to keep up with her in an intelligent conversation, his surgically enhanced penis. Suddenly her super-boyfriend seemed superficial.


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 4: Conversion

"Okay, how about Chris?"

"Too British. I half expect him to whip out a top hat in the middle of sex and yell 'Tally-ho!'"

"He's done that."


"Yeah, only because she asked him to, though."

"Still, after dating an all-American Superman, dating a British exchange student seems a bit... unpatriotic?"

"Okay, how about Tomas?" hazarded Jul'ia. The two were sitting in the glade, choosing to skip second meal and discuss their plans once they got off the Vecarn ship. The two felt they didn't really need it, and once they found out they could limit themselves to only three meals a day, they had been able to put up with the hunger with saint-like prowess. "He's an FA, and he also is fairly rich."

"Yeah, but him being an FA means he would hit the jackpot here." They looked around at the third smallest woman there, over 1000 pounds of undulating flab happily poking her face into bushes to try and find the treat the Ganiments had left them.

"He likes intelligent girls! He said nothing turns him on more than a fat body and a keen mind." Emma looked at herself; she had both, though the first possibly in excess of the other. Her boobs had obscured most of her front view, but if Jul'ia was the same as her, then she was absolutely huge. Her belly, she assumed, had dropped to her knees, while her boobs rested on top and to the side, making a rather disfigured smiley face with her second roll. Her ass was now in the titanic category, and her pants had completely blown off.

"No, because he is ginger."

"What about Kevin!"

"Kevin!" Emma couldn't help but laugh. She rolled on the floor, helpless with hysterics. "Kevin, you can't seriously be suggesting him! Jul'ia, he is a sad, lonely man who only dates the women who are at the same level as him! What would I want to do with him?"

"Come on, he's cute, he's intelligent, he's caring, he..."

"He dated Sarah! The fattest and most unpopular girl in school? If he can sink that low, then I'm not having him."

"Just because she wasn't wanted in the cut-throat world of cheerleaders and their clique, as you were in, doesn't mean she wasn't wanted. Kevin obviously wanted her, and over 30 people from school turned up to her funeral after the crash." Jul'ia looked at Emma sternly, "Secondly, there was a reason why she was fat. Nothing to do with lifestyle or anything like that, but a simple reason, something your group was responsible for."

"Sorry, Jul'ia, you've lost me."

"The purpose of the flag girls is to make the cheerleaders look good, right. Sarah was a flag-girl, and she was meant to be the fat one who had no self esteem. The first point was true, but the second wasn't, as she had a lot of self respect, but was frogmarched into the flag girls by her mum, a flag girl before her, and had to fulfill a role that she hated."

"How do you know all this?"

"I was a flag girl myself. The one with unruly hair."



"I supposed the tendrils do give it an advantage." Emma looked down. "Do you think I would be too big for him? I've heard he likes the girls to go on top, and I'm worried I might crush him."

"Galatpol have created a device that allows you to remotely control your own weight, but not your size. You could be a light as a feather, but still maintain the size of a small mountain." Jul'ia looked at Emma. "Come on, what could he not love about you! I mean, he encouraged Sarah to gain after they got together. You'll be fine, people like kind fat girls more than they like bitchy skinny ones."

"You really think so?"

"I know so. And if you fail on the human front, there are plenty of FA aliens out there in the galaxy."

Emma gave Jul'ia a playful shove.


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Mar 27, 2007
this is one great story so far, great work, i cant weight to see how big she finally ends up and to hear about where she goes. :D please keep it a comin. :D


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 5: Destruction

"Aadskfgkjtjuijasdclajopt asdfjhlhrashdbch atdajndfh ahui ajhtgauhralisa!"
blared the siren all over the ship, reaching the garden later as, "All military personal, please begin repulsion of enemies from our borders, we are being breached!"

"Now's our chance!" whispered Jul'ia.


"Escape! Galatpol or human military are taking the Vecarn's on; we can use this to escape, find a pod, and get back down to Earth or to the nearest Galatic space station. The latter will allow you to get the weight control to use back home!" Jul'ia grinned. "Follow me!"

Forcibly dragging the stunned, and now thousand pound, Emma into a door which had opened for Vecarn troops but had jammed with almost illogical strength and speed, they ran down the corridor, the steel squeaking underneath, the space vermin scampering away.

"This way!" said Emma. "Troops are the other way!"

The two pounded down the corridor, leaving the sound of laser fire behind them. Large dark shadows appeared on the opposite walls. The two flew into a doorway, closing it behind them with a snap.

"Where are we?"

"That moaning's getting freaky." Jul'ia rubbed her fingers together. "This sun bead should shed some light on the situation."

The Brawn breeder had been revealed. They were standing on a gantry, looking down into a chamber with fleshy cords attached from ceiling to floor. There were faces of people who Emma knew on those cords, Becky, Camla, people she had helped do various piece of homework. They how had no arms, no legs, just an squishy opening, enormous milk sacks (Emma couldn't bare to call them breasts) and titanic bellies, with something wriggling inside!

"Oh-my-" Emma couldn't finish the rest, and threw up.

"They've started to breed!" snarled Jul'ia. "With an illegal form of chromosone alteration! This is too much!" she stormed off. "And before you ask, those arseholes have gone too far with it; there is no way we can save your friends!!!"

"Isn't there some way we can?!"

"No!" Jul'ia's form emanated rage, the tendrils waving around, her eyes glowing.

The two thundered down the corridor, Emma having difficulty keeping up with Jul'ia's murderous intent. She could feel her body becoming tired, the entire motion forcing her to side to side, as her enormous boobs, belly and butt cheeks bounced about, almost forcing her into the air.


The trooper was standing there, kitted out in white skintight armor showing off his massive balls, wielding some strange weapon with a strange symbol on it. His helmet was off, his bleached blond hair clashing with his tanned face.

"Craig!" cried Emma.

"Who are you?" said Craig.

"Craig, its me, Emma, your girlfriend!"

"Emma, what happened to you? You're like some ugly fat cow now! And what's this UGLY fat alien doing here?!"

"Craig, this is Jul'ia, she's from our school, but she really is an alien and... well, it's kind of complicated."

"I see it clearly, Emma! You've become a disgusting obese bitch due to some alien experiment!"

"Yeah, that it."

"Well there's a simple way of sorting that out!" Craig raised his gun to the two. "Nothing personal, you fat slag, but I don't want to be seen with a fat ex-girlfriend."

"All Galatpol troops are equipped with a special device in their head to help them keep control of their weapons," said Jul'ia. "All senior officers can control this device, while all commanding officers can use the weapons power against the rogue troop."

She clicked her fingers, Craig dropped down, brain frazzled.

"Thanks," said Emma, "was going to dump him anyway."

"Yesterday, human forces and the extraterrestrial organization called Galatpol managed to subdue alien suppressors called the Vecarn," said the newsreader. "Vecarn are wanted all over the galaxy for numerous crimes against members of Galatpol, even wiping out colonies of Martians on Phobos. Today, we have in our studio a senior officer of Galatpol, Lieutenant Jul'ia Xniarn (I hope I pronounced that right). Jul'ia, I take it-"

Emma switched off the television. Her life had improved after her first date with Kevin. They were round his house, curled up on his sofa, he resting his head on her belly. Due to a special victims' fund, both Jul'ia and Emma managed to get improved weight control devices, enabling them to control their outward appearance as well as their weight separately. She currently felt like 200 pounds and looked like 250.

"So..." Kevin said, rolling his finger around Emma's exposed belly. "Can I see this device in action?"

"Sure," said Emma, holding up her left hand, pointing to the back, the hologram dial popping up; turning her appearance dial to 300, she waited. Immediately, her pants and shirt buttons strained, her belly slowly grew, her breasts slowly bloated, her bum slowly blossomed. She saw Kevin getting visibly turned on. "Now, how about a piece of that chocolate cake you made? You want to get this bigger, don't you?"


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007

this was my first travel into the realm of Sci-fi, away from my usual place of Fantasy and mythology.

Still, its always nice to know that it's been accepted as a good peice of work!

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