Accidental Weight Loss and Dismorphia

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Jan 8, 2021
So I got hired at an arcade back in September, and I move a LOT during the course of my day- like, on a typical shift I'm clocking five to eight miles of walking during the course of regular duties. Not all at once, of course, but it adds up. As a result, I've dropped over fifteen pounds. I like how my face is looking, but it's really throwing me for a loop when I look at my body. The mirror has never really reflected how I see myself in my mind, but typically I'm happy with my body- right now, it feels weird and wrong. I can't explain it.

Anyone have advice for getting comfortable with yourself again after a physical change?


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Sep 29, 2005
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I've been going through something similar. After a diabetes diagnosis in the Summer I went really low carb, not as intentional weight loss but for lower blood-glucose, but the side effect is that I've lost at least 20 pounds since then. It has some plus sides in energy and not spilling as much food on my shirts, but yah I get thrown by how I don't look nearly as fat as I did for the past while.

I'm still working on dealing with it, but the one thing that has helped me is to focus on the fat that I do still have, rather than on what I don't have. It is like "Oh, yah, I'm hardly skin and bones, and even if my belly doesn't stick out as far there is still a nice band of softness on the lower part that hadn't gone away, and I can still pinch plenty of softness on plenty of locations." I find that helps center me better.

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