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Mar 29, 2020
Scene 20

He looked at her as if she was being dumb, “I don’t think you’re understanding. It’s not a choice. I literally cannot fit in the seat. I can’t even get in there. Like at all.”

“Come on! Just give it a try.”

He rolled his eyes starting to look genuinely annoyed. He walked over to one of the booths and stood beside the opening. His stomach stuck out far past where the space ended, and the table began. He was nearly twice as wide as the gap itself.


She cocked her head to the side, trying to imagine a way for him to shift his fat around to be able to get in there. His body was so soft and pliable, she felt like he could mash himself into the space if he tried.

“What if you just like leaned way back…?” she gestured the motion she was imaging, “So you could like…put your stomach on top of the table and only your hips would actually have to fit into the space. I think it could work, you are tall enough.”

He stared at her, then looked back at the packed restaurant, “You’re lucky I’m impatient.” He stepped up onto the higher level to get into the seat, trying to remain standing while sliding in. His face was starting to get red, she wasn’t sure if from embarrassment or exertion. After struggling for a bit, he managed to wedge his body in. It turned out, he didn’t even need to lean back for his stomach to wind up resting on top of the table. The excess fat on his thighs and ass pushed him so high up, his stomach was nowhere near being on the inner bit of the seat. Which was fortunate, because he never would’ve fit if his widest point had to be behind the table. He leaned his head back, expecting to find the cushioned top of the booth, but it was too far below him so he caught only air. Looking dismayed, he brought his head back to an upright position, as he struggled to catch his breath. She wondered where he would even put his plate, his stomach was covering so much of the table in front of him, it’d be difficult for him to even reach.

He glared at her, “This was a very bad idea.”

“Why? You managed to get in!”

“I feel like I’m being sawed in half… With a slow dull rusty machete.”

Due to being pressed against the table, his belly looked compressed. It was pushing upwards so that his man boobs were directly resting on top of it. The position made him look much rounder than usual, all the usual sag was gone. He looked like a pufferfish.

“Do you wanna get out and we just wait the twenty minutes or however long for a table?”

He glanced outwards, “I don’t know if I can get out. We might have to permanently move here,” he said dryly.

She laughed. Okay nice, he was having a sense of humor about this situation. He must not be that annoyed at her over it.

“I guess you’re gonna have to bring me my food.”


One might think this incredibly unpleasant experience would make him not want to eat. It had no such effect. Or at least the enticing smells in the room were enough to cancel it out. It had been ages since he’d been to this place. Even before he started trying to lose weight he’d stopped coming for a bit. It was too embarrassing, coming here alone. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him every time he’d go back to the buffet for another plate. He looked like some sad sack, a grossly obese loner who’s only friend was food. Sure, it wasn’t true, but he would never come here with anyone he knew. Well till he met Mia that is.

She was the only person he didn’t mind eating in front of. Like really eating, the way in the past he would only do in secret. He didn’t fully understand why he didn’t mind. It could be because she seemed to get off on it a bit. Though he’d have expected that would make him especially NOT want to eat in front of her, somehow it made it feel alright. Or maybe it could be because she didn’t know anyone he knew, not really. So, in some ways she didn’t feel like a real person, or like someone who he could feel shame in front of. In general really, he felt very shameless when he was with her. Even this experience of sitting in a booth he didn’t fit in, was nowhere near as embarrassing as it might’ve been. He was mainly bothered by how painful it was.

And the truth was, the table style chairs weren’t great for him either. Whenever he used them, he was in constant suspense over whether they’d snap any minute. They were pretty damn fragile looking.

He saw her beginning to walk back. The plate she’d gotten him looked pretty scant. Honestly, he’d usually get himself two plates every time he went up there. But he didn’t particularly want to tell her that.

“Alright, let’s see how well you know me. What’d you get?”

She smiled, “Ooh I didn’t realize it was a test. I’m not totally sure what everything is. But I think I got chow mien, general Tso’s chicken, a couple egg rolls, and some sort of pork thing.”

He nodded, beginning to eat, “You can fill the plate more than this you know.”

She started on hers as well, “Or I could just go back loads on times. Don’t worry I’ve got a plan for you.”

While he was still finished his plate, and hers was barely pecked at, she got back up to get him more food. This time she came back with two plates, heaped with rice and noodle dishes and packed to the very edge.

“Perfect timing,” he said finishing the last thing on his first plate.

Nice, she gets it now, he thought. He can start eating a bit faster now. Closing his eyes, he stuffed a massive forkful of noodles into his mouth, letting the sensations wash over him. He truly loved this place.

By the time he’d had five plates of food, he was starting to wonder how much more he could eat. Usually he could go a lot further than this, but he’d never done this before. Had a massive binge like two hours before going there. He couldn’t make this a habit.

As he began to feel uncomfortably full, he realized Mia wasn’t slowing down with bringing plates. And as soon as a plate was in front of him, he felt like he had no choice but to finish it. It was almost like a compulsion. He never wasted food or didn’t finish something in front of him.

In the middle of his seventh plate, he noticed her moving to get up once again.

“Hey wait,” he said weakly, his mouth stuffed with food making his words unclear. She either ignored him or didn’t understand, cause she kept walking back to the buffet table. Finishing the last of the food on his plate, his stomach was beginning to hurt. He wanted to stand back up and let it spread out. That would really help ease the pressure. He belched loudly. He tried to stand up a bit, to give his belly more room, but the tops of his thighs were too pressed up against the underside of the table. He felt a bit trapped. How was he ever going to get out of this seat?

She returned to the table, this time she was carrying three plates, two in her hands and one balanced on the flat of her forearm. One of the plates was stacked with fried rice and sesame chicken. That was his absolute favorite, and she hadn’t gotten him any before. He could feel his interest in eating more returning, despite how painfully stuffed he felt.

“There you go, you finally found my favorite thing.”

“Oh really! Wow I feel bad I had no idea I was missing your favorite this whole time! I’ll go get more!”

Like a shot, she got up again, to bring him another plate.

Oh fuck, if he ate all the plates she’d laid in front of him and more, he was definitely going to be sick.

The flavor of the sesame chicken hit his brain, wow that was good. With speed that even surprised him, he wolfed down the food, letting out loud reliving burps several times in between. Mia returned with another three more plates, each one full of sesame chicken and fried rice.

“Are you trying to kill me?”

She looked surprised, “I thought you wanted more?”

He shook his head tiredly, “Please no more. Just sit.”

“You don’t have to finish all of this you know.”

He looked at the seemingly endless display of food, and mentally counted how much he’d eaten already. If he finished this, he felt like his stomach might literally rupture.

“Yeah…But I’m probably going to.”

Amazed, she watched as he continued to plod along shoveling the food into his mouth. He no longer looked like he was getting any enjoyment out of it whatsoever. He was a sweating panting mess, as if he’d been running a marathon rather than violently over-stuffing his fat face.

She knew he was sick of eating a while before. That’s why she started bringing larger and larger portions back. She heard him ask her to stop, but she was too fascinated. She wanted to push his boundaries; see how far he would go. Turned out, pretty damn far. Every so often he’d stop and just look at the roof struggling to breathe. She didn’t understand why he felt the need to finish everything. She also hadn’t expected it to be possible for someone his size to look noticeably bloated from one meal. She assumed there’d be too much fat in the way for any bloating to be visible. But she was wrong. He looked larger than ever. Part of it, she knew was the position he was in, but wow.

Finally, he swallowed the last bite. He’d eaten a grand total of thirteen plates of food, and she was pretty sure he must’ve been eating before she even got there, based on the stains on his shirt.

“Ugh I want to lay down. I feel I might throw up,” He shifted in his seat, trying to get out. He looked miserable and frustrated. His flesh filled the width of the booth. He fanned himself with his hand, after trying to get up again.

Gasping for air, as he tried even harder, unable to dislodge any part of him from the seat he said, “It’s not gonna work. I don’t know how I’m going to get out.”

fat hiker

Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
This story... wow. It just goes from strength to strength.

Your descriptions, both physically of Mia and Scott and their interactions, and also of what they're thinking, are just so fresh, crisp, and engaging - Mia and Scott seem very, very real, hardly fiction at all.


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Mar 29, 2020
Scene 21
She was driving Scott’s car to drop him back home. He was fast asleep in the passenger’s seat. His belly had grown so distended and bloated, it stretched from the passenger door to the gear shift. His arms were rested on top of his belly, an ample squishy armrest. She wanted to touch it, every time they got caught behind a red light, but she didn’t want to wake him up.

It was quite the task to get him out of that booth. She hadn’t enjoyed the reality of it as much as she imagined. He was too aggravated for her to even fully process the situation in the way she had wanted. They had to take rest breaks in between her pushing him and him hefting himself sideways, till eventually he popped out.

Before they’d gotten into the car he wouldn’t stop complaining.

“You shouldn’t encourage me like that. I don’t need it.”

“How was I encouraging you! I told you not to finish all of it.”

He had sighed like he somewhat agreed with her, but was so frustrated with himself he needed someone to blame, “Yeah well if you put it in front of me, I’m going to finish it. I don’t know why, it’s just how I am.”

“Well maybe that’s something you should work on.”

She didn’t know why she’d gotten so defensive. He surely must know she was doing this stuff because she enjoyed it. He’d explicitly said he knew what she was doing before dinner even. But when he put her on the spot like that, she couldn’t help but play innocent. It was like a reflex.

The first Monday morning of being unemployed Scott’s alarm still went off at 7:00 AM. For the first few moments, he’d forgotten he lost his job. Then it hit him. He had nowhere to go today. Nothing to do. He was purposeless. Useless.

He hated feeling useless. He dragged his pillow back over his face and yelled into it. It would be difficult for him to fall back asleep now, his routine was too ingrained into his system. Getting out of bed, he wandered into the kitchen.

Okay, just because you have nowhere to go doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start back your diet, he thought. He poured a bowl of frosted flakes, not bothering to measure the portion. Since his ridiculous binge on Friday night, he’d hadn’t stopped stuffing himself. Having no vision of the future was one of his major stressors. It was a big part of why he’d gained so much weight this past year. He’d been thinking about that a lot lately, the fact that he’d literally gained a hundred pounds in a year. There was a lot he could learn about himself from that.

One pattern he’d observed was that the amount of food he’d binge on didn’t change that much over the course of his life. When he’d been maintaining a weight in the low 300s for years he’d still sometimes eat just as huge amounts of food as he did now. What varied was how often he’d binge. Back then, it was something he rarely did. Maybe every couple weeks or so. Then in college it was more of a once a week thing. Then this past year he’d binge pretty much every single day.

And then finally this weekend he had been binging almost constantly. Never in his life, had he eaten so much food in such a short amount of time. This job thing had really set him off. He hadn’t even told anyone yet. He was too embarrassed. His life was going nowhere. Well, it was going somewhere, it was spiraling off a cliff.

As he went to put the cereal back in the pantry, a can of condensed milk caught his eye. He drizzled it over his cereal and mixed it in with the normal milk. Then instead of putting back the cereal box, he brought it with him to the table. Once he finished his bowl, he decided to get one of his larger bowls and pour the rest of the family sized bag in. Then he drenched it with a generous helping of condensed milk and sat back down.

Whatever, it’s just cereal, I’m still technically on my diet, he thought, plopping his laptop back onto his stomach and going on YouTube.
The golden sunset poured through his window, burning his eyes and waking him up. He hadn’t left the house all day, except to go downstairs and pick up multiple orders from Uber Eats. He couldn’t even remember everything he’d eaten. He couldn’t help it, he was so bored.

He’d cleaned out quite a bit of the food in his pantry this weekend as well, he was going to have to restock soon if he kept this up. Easing himself up, he walked to the fridge once again. He’d already eaten a lot of his favorite things. Ooh, he noticed there were still pancakes he hadn’t finished from when he’d ordered them a couple hours ago. He’d ordered so much that he imagined it might last him like three meals. But he’d finished most of it in one sitting. The remainder looked pretty small and unsatisfying. There were only four berry pancakes left.

An idea occurred to him. He could put ice cream on it!

After warming the pancakes, he dumped an entire unopened pint of ice cream into his plate. It threatened to slip off, but fortunately the plate had upturned corners.

Before he even began eating the mixture, he had to burp and rub his stomach a bit. His belch tasted like nachos. He was still quite full from what he’d eaten before he’d fallen asleep about an hour ago. But he didn’t care. He had been pushing past his limits all weekend.

It seemed this was going to be his new routine now.

Stuffing himself like crazy till he’d drift in and out of consciousness.

Mia hadn’t seen Scott since that evening at the Chinese buffet and it had been close to a month.

Something was definitely wrong with him.

He would take ages to respond to her messages and when he did it’d be short. And he never responded to her phone calls. His social media had gone completely dry. He’d flaked on her last minute twice, which he never did.

She’d practically gone through the five stages of grief over it.

The first weekend was denial. Thinking things like, ehh he’s not taking that long to answer really. He always texted like this, he’s not a very emotive guy. Maybe he went out with Ben last night and he’s hungover.

Then anger: Oh, he really thinks he can just ghost me three months into hanging out all the time? I should’ve known he was a fuckboy. Bet he thought he could just try out a Latina girl for a bit and now he’s bored and gone back to some blonde Becky trust fund bitch he can actually introduce to his parents.

Bargaining: I’m a horrible person for forcing him to overeat and humiliate himself in that booth, I probably traumatized him and scare him off. That’s why he’s not speaking to me anymore. I swear I’ll give up feederism and trying to get him into hot situations if he comes back. I can enjoy him as he is now. I’ll even help him lose weight! Should I tell him that? No I don’t want to draw attention to it, that’ll just scare him off even more!

Depression: Agggghhhhhhhh I’ll never find a guy as perfect for me as him agaiiiiiiiiin.

And acceptance…She hadn’t gotten there yet. No, she might’ve discovered an entirely new stage.

Taking matters into her own hands.

She knew where he lived after all. Was it crazy to just go there?

Nah, it was a wellness check! He could be dead and forgotten for all she knew. She was doing this for his benefit!

She banged loudly on his door when she arrived. The lights were off inside, she could tell through the windows. Shit, what if something genuinely happened to him? She shook off the thought, no it couldn’t be possible. She would’ve found out through Ben or someone.

Eventually the door slowly opened.

Her eyes widened at the sight of him.

His beard had grown out, wild and bushy. His hair was unkempt, some parts standing straight up, like some kind of mad scientist. He was wearing that red shirt she’d once borrowed from him, but now it was extremely tight and ill-fitted.

Had he gained weight?

“What are you doing here?” His voice sounded neutral, she couldn’t tell if he was pleased or annoyed.

“I was worried about you…And I missed you.”
He scratched his head, “Yeah…. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A.” then he smirked slightly, realizing the phrase spelled her name, “No pun intended. Ahh yeah there’s nothing to worry about. I’m good, just been a bit stressed lately.”

She stared at him, “A bit stressed,” she said flatly.


“You haven’t answered any of my calls in a month. A month!”

He looked slightly annoyed, “Yeah well, I guess life just happened. I didn’t realize I was contractually bound to check in on you every day.”

Was he serious right now? What the fuck. “Scott what the fuck?”

He threw his hand up, as if to say yeah what’s your point, “What?!”

She looked away. She didn’t even know what to say to him.

He broke their silence, “Look. I get why you’d be bothered. I guess. But how do you expect me to react when you just show up to my place unannounced?”

“I couldn’t announce it!” she yelled imitating his voice when she said the word announce, “You weren’t answering me! You can’t spend that much time with someone and then just ghost them out of nowhere! It’s fucked up! We established expectations with each other!”

“Oh I get it,” he said in a smarmy irritating voice, “This is a ‘what are we?’ type thing. Well, just a reminder, I don’t owe you anything. We’re not in a relationship. You can stop answering me for however long and I won’t give you shit about it, because that’s a fine thing to do when you’re not really with someone.”

She could feel completely unwarranted undesired tears springing to her eyes and her face growing hot. She often cried when she got too angry, it was one of the most annoying things about herself. People always misinterpreted it. She couldn't let him see this.

Quickly she reached into the room, grabbed the door handle and slammed it. Then went back downstairs to her car.
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Mar 29, 2020
Scene 22


He made her cry.

He never imagined she’d get that upset over him. He honestly hadn’t thought about it during this entire time he wasn’t answering anyone. Not that he hadn’t thought about her, he had. He thought about her often actually, just never specifically about the impact his silence might be having on her.

People had been hassling him left and right about his silence. His mom, his sister, and Ben mainly. It was annoying as hell. He just didn’t feel like interacting with people. He felt like sleeping. Or perhaps more accurately, he felt like not existing. Not dying per se, more like just turning off his brain and slipping into a coma until he could get out of this mental fog and figure out what to do with his life.

It was a little embarrassing that being unemployed was seemingly having such an impact on him, but he knew it wasn’t just that. It was all the anxieties he’s had brewing over years, getting fired was just the thing that made them finally bubble over and send him into a full-on depression. Occasionally he’d feel like introspecting on it, figuring out what was exactly the source of his problem. But mostly he didn’t like thinking about it. Or thinking about himself too seriously. He preferred avoiding those kinds of thoughts and staying distracted.

He sighed.

Guess he’d better go chase her down.

He stepped outside, the unseasonably humid air hitting his face. His eyes quickly scanned the area, searching for her. Man, she was fast.

Then he saw her. Her billowy floral red skirt and long mass of curls flowing in the wind, as she speed walked across the parking lot.

“Mia!” he yelled as loud as he could. He was probably better off just calling her phone at this point. He tried again pulling more breath into it, “HEY! MIA WAIT!”

This time she turned around and looked at him.

He gestured for her to come back with his hand.

She flipped him off.

He laughed, yeah okay he didn’t expect her to make it that easy.

He went back inside to grab his phone.

“Will you come back here already and let me explain myself?”

A few minutes later, she knocked on his door again. This time, much more quietly. He opened the door.

Her kohl eyeliner was smeared from crying, making her look like a goth gypsy. She must’ve been trying to look good for him again. Her long loose hippie skirt was tucked over a fitted white wife-beater tank top exposing her bra straps. She had dozens of bangles down her wrists.

“Okay first off,” she said sounding mad. He smiled a bit, wasn’t he the one who was supposed to be explaining himself?

She continued, “I cry when I get angry or over-stimulated, so don’t be flattered and think I care that much about whatever bullshit you said about not wanting to be with me.”

He rested his hand on her delicate shoulder, “Okay. But also, I didn’t mean that. You just caught me at a bad time. Come inside.”

As they walked in together, he winced at the state of his apartment. It definitely looked like the home of a shut-in. His sink was full of dirty dishes, empty food packages were all of the floor, there was a thick layer of dust over everything. Normally, he put a lot of effort into being organized and clean, but he hadn’t even considered anything like that for the past month.

But she wasn’t looking at the apartment. She was staring at him, at his body more specifically. As soon as he noticed, she shifted her gaze. He knew he had gained back all the weight he’d lost and more. He actually felt bigger.

The way he moved around his apartment had shifted, he was bumping into things more. That happened every time he gained weight quickly, it was like his sense of proprioception hadn’t caught up with his body. It typically took way longer than this for him to notice any weight gain, but he’d never eaten this badly before either. It must’ve been visually noticeable as well for her to be looking at him that way. It was that same old look he used to find so confusing, that attracted yet also concerned look.

After she’d taken in the state of his body and his apartment, her anger seemed to have faded completely. She looked up at him with this sad sort of squint and said, “What happened to you?”

He didn’t know if he even knew the answer to that. He sat down in the couch, “Well mainly I lost my job. That day we’d gone to the buffet actually, I had gotten fired.”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“Yeah…I didn’t feel like talking about it. I still don’t really. But I think I owe you some explanation.”

She pursed her lips, he assumed because she was thinking about how he said earlier that he owed her nothing.

He sighed, “But yeah… I don’t know why it hit me this way. I just have been… depressed I guess about…Or not depressed so much as just… tired. Like…. I’m disappointed in my own abilities. I don’t really like being the person that I am… I kinda thought I’d be better. At everything. But really, I’m just kind of this shitty mediocre person who doesn’t know how to do anything and is just kind of a drain on people. And I’m tired of it. I want to be reincarnated as some super smart impressive person who gets things done and knows how to live and be stable and have…just like effortless mental clarity all the time. But unfortunately. I don’t believe in reincarnation. So, I guess I’m stuck being this person. And the fact that I’m stuck as myself kinda makes me want to bash my skull against a brick wall till I pass out.”

He didn’t expect to go on a melodramatic verbal rampage like that. It just flowed out of him. Mia truly did make him feel shameless.

Her expression had softened into putty during his ramblings, she almost looked like she wanted to cry again. She leaned into him and attempted to wrap her arms around him. She barely could, she had such short little arms. One was pressed into his back, the other around his chest. Both barely made it halfway across him.

He felt awkward, why did he say all that? Was he trying to make her pity him? Ugh he cringed at the thought of all the stuff he just said.

He patted her on the head, “All right, all right pipe down.”

“I totally understand what you mean, Scott. But you’re not like that at all! You’re only 24, no one’s figured it out at our age yet!”

He didn’t care about what other people had or had not figured out. He knew there were plenty of other fuckups in the world, and he didn’t want to be them either.

“Yeah I know,” he mumbled. He knew his feelings weren’t rational, and that made them very difficult to put into words.

“How do you afford this place still, with no job?”

She was trying to change the subject a bit, thank god. “Oh, it’s paid off already,” he said.

“You own it?” She sounded stunned.

He laughed slightly, “Yeah, well it was just an investment property my mom had. She is really into real estate stuff, she owns a bunch of apartments all over. So, when I graduated college, she transferred this one to my name as a gift. Cause it’s in kind of a trendy area and it was near the job I had she figured it’d be a good one for me. It’ll be worth a lot more over the next ten years.”

She looked flabbergasted, “Wow and in one sentence you just took away all the pity I had for you,” she sounded like she was teasing still.

“Yeah…you’re right. It is lucky I don’t have to be bothered about getting fired from a financial perspective.”

She bit her lip, “Could I ask you another personal question you’re not gonna like and I probably ought not to ask?”

He shrugged, “For the record, I don’t care if you ask me any money type questions like that. That stuff really doesn’t matter to me.”

“This isn’t anything like that.”

“Okay, what’s up?”

She looked at him nervously, “…Did you gain weight?”
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Sep 19, 2014
This is incredible I'm absolutely loving this story and get so excited whenever you post more! Please upload as much as soon as possible I'm so greedy for more of this! Xxxxxx

Clandy Caine

Aug 22, 2016
I really like how well thought out and nuanced the minds of both of your central characters are. Their thoughts are very believable and as an ffa I relate to a lot of Mia’s feelings but I probably relate even more to Scott, especially the feelings he has expressed in the last couple of entries. I look forward to reading more!


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Mar 29, 2020
Scene 23

Scott had gotten so much fatter, she almost couldn’t believe it.

From the moment he’d first opened the door she noticed it, but as they walked inside, and she had more time to look at him it was really glaring. It didn’t even seem possible for someone to get that much bigger in only a month! She couldn’t help but stare at him. His face looked uncomfortably round and puffy. His eyes seemed to have sunken into the added layer of flesh. Even the few places that didn’t have much fat on them before, his forehead and his upper cheeks, were softer and fuller.

The other area it was most noticeable was his legs. There was a roll dividing his ankle and his foot that hadn’t been there before, and it looked painful. The skin there looked slightly reddish and discolored. As if the extra fat was choking off his circulation. His torso looked generally larger, like a two-inch-thick layer of fat had been spread onto both sides of him. His clothes were straining for dear life. The band of his formerly loose black sweatpants was stretched as far as it went. His legs filled the fabric, making it ride up higher than usual ending at his shins.

When he sat on his couch, he seemed to take up even more space that usual. She guessed that couch was meant to fit maybe four people, but right now it felt like there was barely enough room for her to sit beside him.

And his voice, she’d never heard him sound so unsure of himself. It was clear, whatever had tripped him into a depression had also made him gain weight like crazy. She wasn’t even really turned on by his new appearance. Well, not much anyway.

This was her limit, she realized. The point where his weight looked like it was actively hurting him. She wanted to understand why he had done this to himself and if there was any way she could help him get control of it.

After chatting a bit, he’d started opening up to her in a way she’d never heard from him before. He was baring his soul to her. As he spoke, she continued to notice parts of him that had changed physically since the last time she’d seen him. His neck looked shorter, for instance, but maybe that was a result of more fat collecting on his upper shoulders. The little ridge on the very top of his back looked fuller. She had googled that and found it was called a buffalo hump and was either the result of scoliosis or obesity. All the things that had changed made his words a little more depressing to her. It was clear he was punishing himself for whatever inadequacies he felt, via over-eating.

Eventually, she couldn’t help it.

She wanted to ask him about it directly.


“…Did you gain weight?”

He was taken aback that she’d ask that, “Yeah you were right,” he said coldly, “I don’t like that question.”

“I’m sorry! I just thought since you were being so open with me right now that you might answer that.”

“Why do you want to know?”

She hesitated, “Just cause… I want to have a sense of… We’ve never talked openly about…it. And I have a lot of conflicted feelings I want to put out there and just tell you. Things I think that need to be said.”

“Why would you need to talk about my weight openly?”

“…I’m worried about you and I’d like to know how worried I should actually be.”

He looked at her in disbelief, “You’re worried? Aright suuure.”

She looked upset, “I am! Look I know I give mixed signals and I know I usually really enjoy… the way you look. And I do love it still, like I don’t want you to feel bad about it that way, but I think it’s crossed a line! I think it’s basically self-harm now. Like you look like you’re hurting and-”

She was getting really fucking annoying now, he couldn’t hear any more of this, “No. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to lecture me. Not about this.”

That seemed to shut her up. She looked at the floor twiddled her fingers.

He had plenty more to say though, “You’re a real hypocrite, you know that?”

She looked up at him, eyes wide and sad, “I don’t mean to be.”

“I didn’t cross any line. Not recently, anyway. People have been saying to me what you're saying right now, since I was… what like ten years old? And you're saying it like you think it’s brand new information gold. Fuck all the way off. Just cause you only barely just now noticed I have a problem doesn't mean you have anything useful to say about it.”

“I didn’t just notice!”

“Oh well aren’t you fucking observant,” he wanted to get up and pace around the room. He was too fired up to stay seated, but he didn’t want to draw her attention to how difficult it was for him to stand up from that position. So, he remained seated beside her.

They both were avoiding looking at each other.

“I wasn’t trying to say I had anything useful to say. I know I don’t know anything. But that’s why I was bringing it up, because I want to understand…what you’re dealing with.”

He didn’t answer her. He wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t necessarily want her to leave, but he wished he could turn back time to before they started having this conversation so they could just hang out and be normal. He didn’t want to be as pissed off with her as he was right now. In fact, the more she talked about his weight, as if she were some normal concerned person and not totally complicit in encouraging his bad habits, the more it was beginning to shift his view of her in a way he didn’t like.

“You know what I think?” now it was his turn to say something he thought he might regret saying.


“The only reason you’re talking this way now, is because I’ve crossed your line.”

“My line?”

“Yeah. I’ve gained too much weight for you to continue being attracted to me.”

She started getting loud, “That is so not what this is ab-”

“Yep that’s all this ‘concern’ thing is. You were perfectly cool with me being five-hundred pounds before, because that was what you were into. That fit your fucking creepy kink thing. But now I’ve gone too far. It’s gotten too real. That’s the only thing that’s changed here. I am no more uncomfortable or unhealthy than I was the last time you saw me, but now you’re all bothered, because you’re not into this.”

“You are being so unfair right now.”

“Am I? You’re not convincing me.”

“Cause you won’t let me speak!”

“Speak then. The floor is yours.”

“How can you say nothing’s changed between then and now? You disappear for a month, then when I finally go search for you, your place is a fucking disaster and you look like you haven’t been outside in weeks! I’d be concerned even if you hadn’t gained anything!”

She made a decent point. He wanted to be receptive to it. But he couldn’t help but think about all the weird things she’s done since he’s known her. The things she said about wanting him to be immobile back when they took acid together, how she’d encourage him to binge more than he’d even want, how she’d look turned on whenever he had a tough time with things physically. It was unsettling, it never stopped being unsettling to him.

He looked her in the eye, “You wanna know the real reason I never suggested we make this thing a defined relationship?”

“Why,” she said quietly.

“Because I never stopped being very fucking disturbed by how you react to anything to do with my weight. I tried to bury it and not care, but it’s so fucking weird I don’t think I can get over it. You were better off not acknowledging to at all, because hearing you talk about it directly, is making me genuinely dislike you.”

He was glad he put that out there. He didn’t think he went too far, if anything he was proud of himself for using such restrained language to finally say that.

It clearly struck a nerve. She had started to cry, yet again, and he found it insufferable.

“What are you waiting for me to kick you out or something?”

Okay, maybe that was a bit rude and unnecessary, he thought immediately after saying it.

She wiped a tear from her face and looked him in the eye. Wordlessly, she picked up her purse off the floor and walked out the door.
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Scene 24

Mia had thought a lot about trying to explain herself. She had even begun to make a video and considered sending it to Scott, because she didn’t think she could get the words out correctly if he were answering and distracting her.

She understood why he’d gotten mad at her, but she didn’t think it was justified. Even her own guilt around all of this, she had begun to think was unjustified. After all, she couldn’t help being hardwired to be attracted to the things she was. There was nothing unethical about the desire itself, things only got dicey in deciding what you wanted to do with that desire. She thought about suggesting some lines that were not to be crossed. She thought about asking him if he had any kinks that weren’t a hundred percent socially acceptable, both so he could have his own context to better understand her with and so she could factor in the things he wanted more if they ever were with each other sexually again.

She’d recorded the video for the most part. But she couldn’t bring herself to send it.

Mainly because she wasn’t convinced that she was the sole villain in their fight.

He’d said a lot of fucked up things, both during it and just before when she’d first come to his door. He knew she cared about him more than he did her and he kept using that to his advantage. Toying with her head, withholding a relationship status as if that were what she cared about. It must’ve been a holdover from his high school and college days, maybe girls used to pressure him about locking things down back then and now he still had it in his head that he was some prize.

Well she was a prize too.

And she also understood that the real reason he’d gotten so upset wasn’t about her. He was deeply in denial and she was calling him out. He would’ve likely lashed out at anyone that way if they’d said what she said. Her fetishizing his body was almost completely irrelevant.

He wore an 8XL now and had thrown away all his old 6 and 7s. He had gotten a new larger, deeper, heavy duty couch that he could comfortably lay down on. Both those things made a major difference in how he felt. He was so much more comfortable now then he had been when he was in denial and forcing himself to use things that didn’t accommodate his new size.

Now that his couch was useable, he no longer had to restrict himself to staying in bed all day. And that too made a huge difference in his headspace. He didn’t feel like such a grotesque slob as he had this past six weeks since he’d been fired. No, sitting on your couch stuffing your face all day is simply not the same thing as lying in bed stuffing your face all day. You can be a productive member of society on a couch. Being in bed made him feel like a disabled old person.

That shift in combination with the passage of time had enabled him to start treating his time a little differently. He started cleaning his place every so often again. And more importantly, he’d started doing some serious reading. And in doing so, he’d come to a decision. He wanted to apply to law school again.

In fact, today was the day he was going to submit his new applications.

He had an entirely different approach this time around then he had before. Last time he’d picked a handful of schools that had top ten programs. All of which were more impressive than where his father had gotten his law degree. That had been a real thing for him back then, trying to outdo his family. He was an idiot, behaving as if he was some superstar academic despite having a solidly mediocre GPA. He’d partied way too much in college to think he could get into those schools.

This time, the decision had come after a lot of soul searching. And also searching for something to be interested in. When he began his search, one thing he knew for sure was that he didn’t want to ever work in immigration law ever again. It was far too repetitive. He wanted to find something that felt forward moving. It appeared to him that many fields had the same issue he disliked about immigration law. Most types of law were like that really, he thought, personal injury, estate planning, divorce lawyers. You’d start at the same place, collecting their information, slowly move through submitting all the necessary forms, then eventually finally the people are either approved and given their green cards or denied. At which point, the whole thing would start over again with another set of clients. Over and over.

So he identified three other subfields that were genuinely interesting to him. And once he did that, he found schools that specialized in those subfields.

He wrote an entirely new statement of purpose for each school, all of them made him pretty impressed with himself. And now he was ready.

He knew once he hit submit, he’d feel a wash of excitement. So, to take advantage of that inevitable happiness, he thought now was the time to finally address something he’d been avoiding for a while now. Something he’d have to do if he was serious about starting over.

He wanted to find out how much he weighed. That way, when that information slammed him with a tsunami of self-loathing, he’d have something to do immediately after that would hopefully cancel out those feelings.

With the tabs already open to each of the schools he was applying to, he closed his laptop and slowly stood up. His belly hung so much lower now, every time he switched from sitting to standing, he hated feeling it shift and sag.

With his foot, he gently kicked the scale out of its place in the closet. He wasn’t going to even attempt to bend over that low. Dust flew off of it.

He held his breath in anticipation.


He had gained sixty-seven pounds in six weeks.

That couldn’t be possible could it?

He wanted to lay back down. He was nearly six-hundred pounds. Suddenly, submitting those applications felt like a joke. Did he really think he could just casually move on from this straight back into living a normal life?

Six-hundred-pound men don’t go to law school, he thought, they do exactly what he’s been doing the past few weeks. His mistake was not adjusting his mental image of himself when planning his future. He was still thinking of himself as who he was in the past, someone with self-control and a social life and prospects. But look at how he’d been living now. He wasn’t that person anymore at all and hadn’t been for a while now.

Uncomfortably aware of the way that he walked, he lumbered back over to the couch. He could feel how far to the sides his arms were pushed out by all the fat surrounding them, and how much his legs rubbed together despite how far his feet were forced apart. He sat back down.

Checking that now was a horrible idea, he thought. Finally, after all the time, he’d started to feel some momentum, as if he were just on the cusp of coming up for air and feeling normal again. And then he had to go and crush it.

He looked over at his laptop, rubbing his hand over his face.

The applications were already filled out after all, he might as well still just hit submit. He reached over for it and rested it on top of him. It was too high up to reach from this position, he used to be able to do this from this half laying half sitting angle, but his belly was too big now. He sat back up completely.

Once he hit submit, he looked back around his apartment. A familiar restlessness started to burn within him. Something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

He had enough.

There had been a shift in his brain somehow. He was ready to wake up.

And he knew exactly who he wanted to contact about it first.

Mia was lounging in her room, when she heard her phone vibrate.

She couldn’t have been more stunned to see Scott’s name. She answered, she could feel her heart beating in her temples. Before she could even say hello, she heard his voice.

“Do you wanna go on a trip somewhere?”


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This update is tantalizingly close to satisfying my triple desire to see Scott hit 600 pounds, get his mental health on track and grow some serious feelings for Mia! Thanks for writing and sharing.


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Mar 29, 2020
Scene 25
*this chapter exceeded the word count so it is split in two*

The oil sizzled as Mia slid a slice of plantain into the pan. She was making mangu, green plantains mashed flat and fried over, for an early morning breakfast before they departed.

“How much of this pepper do I use?”

“The whole thing! I’d use two actually,” she yelled back over her shoulder. Glancing behind her she looked at Scott slowly and awkwardly maneuvering Chao’s massive Chinese knife to cut the jalapeño.

“You never cook?”

He gave her that ‘really’ look again, “After knowing me this long, you still think I might be the type of person that cooks?”

She laughed, “I thought everyone did! At least some of the time.”

After brief debate about where to go, they’d decided to drive down to Austin. It was close, only about a three-hour drive, and somewhere they’d both been before but never thoroughly explored. The perfect spot for a last-minute trip.

Mia couldn’t have possibly been more caught off guard than she was yesterday, when he called her to suggest they go on an impromptu trip.

“Who? Me? With you? I thought we were in a fight!” she had said.

“Yeah well I’m over it now.”

Was it really that easy, she had thought. Maybe the stereotypes about men getting over things without talking about it really are true.

“How are you over it? I thought you were done with me…like permanently. You called me creepy about ten times.”

He had sighed then, and she could almost perfectly visualize him rubbing his head or pinching the bridge of his nose like he often did when he wasn’t sure what to say next.

“You are creepy.”

“Gee thanks,” she mumbled.

“And I still believe everything I said before.”

Where was he going with this?

“But you’re kind of the best thing I’ve got going on in my life right now.”

She melted, “Oh my god, Scott!”

“Don’t let it go to your head.”

She laughed.

“And I dunno. I’m trying to get my shit together again. Like in terms of everything. Uh I made a few little changes and started trying to go back to doing stuff and being a bit more…like active even just in terms of like…” He was stumbling again.

“It’s okay, you can tell me later. In person.”

“Aright. But yeah, I need to go somewhere for a while. I can’t stand to be in this building a second longer.”

He had suggested they go to Malibu at first. His family had a beach house out there that he used to go to with his friends a lot. But she vetoed it. It was time for something fresh, something unrelated to his family or his past experiences. He needed something new.

They each only packed a backpack worth of clothes. Scott had chosen the Airbnb, he had to find a place that looked like the furniture might be able to accommodate him, which was still a gamble. And early this morning he’d driven over to her apartment to get everything together and head off.

“Did you ever see that movie Death Proof?”

“That Quentin Tarantino movie set in Austin?”

“Yeah, wanna play the soundtrack? I feel like it’ll really get me in the Austin vibe and the road trip vibe at the same time.”

“Fuck yeah!” Scott grinned at her approvingly, blocking the sun from his eyes as he pulled up YouTube on his phone, switching the aux cord from hers to his.

He’d driven the first hour and a half and now it was her turn. They were going to the Airbnb first, and he wasn’t sure what all they were going to do there. They had no plan.

At the beginning of the drive Mia had suggested they go river tubing, where you sit in a tire and float down the Guadalupe. At first, he’d excitedly agreed. Back when he was a kid and a teenager every time, he went to Austin they’d end up river tubing.

He remembered his first trip there on his own with friends, he’d been about sixteen and they’d used his friend’s older brother’s ID to buy beer and they brought it with them in the tubes. The scenery there was so lush and green, with the hanging trees and the bright blue water. There had been slight rapids that time, he remembered having to dodge rocks and shallow bits and how fun the fast parts had been. He remembered the bus ride back, how the bus walls had been covered in marker and he’d drawn a Kraken getting beheaded, with his initials like he thought he was Basquiat or something. He imagined being there now with Mia, it’d be fantastic.

Then he remembered he was five-hundred and eighty pounds.

And that reminded him how even back then, before they’d gone in, he’d been nervous he might be too heavy to use the tubes. He’d nearly been too big to use the life vest; it took a while before they found one that fit. It was very silly of him to be so concerned, he thought now, tons of people were around the size he’d been back then there was nothing abnormal or rare about it. Now on the other hand, it would probably be impossible. So, he had to say, “Actually maybe we should only do stuff we’ve never done before on this trip.” And she’d agreed to that.

But he assumed she must’ve known the real reason.

What was there to do, that he’d be able to do at this size?

Not that much, he was beginning to realize the more he thought about it.

Concerts were the other main thing they usually did in Austin. At small venues with no seating, he wasn’t sure that’d work for him anymore. He hadn’t experienced much life at this weight yet; he’d only ever been in his house since then. He wasn’t sure how much it was going to impact him.

He was starting to think in that six-week slump, he’d destroyed his ability to have a life.
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*Second half of the chapter**

They pulled up to the Airbnb. It was a small house in South Congress with a sun stained metal roof and a garden of tall cacti with bright pink flowers on top.

“We’re heeeeere!”

“Yay,” Scott said in a low voice, with a very fake looking smile.

Mia could tell Scott’s mood had begun to turn. But she’d ignore that for now, usually his moods only got worse when she tried to fix them.

They went inside, Mia marveled at the decorations while Scott dropped his backpack on the floor and went over to the bed.

He looked like he knew what she was thinking, “I’m good, I just need to stretch my spine out.” The bed creaked loudly as he sat on it and moved upwards so he could lie down. It sank dramatically to the side he was on.

“It’s fine, if I break the frame, I’ll just reimburse them,” he mumbled mostly to himself.

She sat on the other side beside him. She didn’t know what to say so she said nothing.

“Ugh I’m so tired and all I’ve done is sit in a car all day.”

“That’s normal,” she said, “I get that way too. And it’s hot, that’s probably draining you.”

He didn’t say anything.

She had a sense of why he was bothered, he’d gotten a lot quieter after he vetoed going river tubing. He must’ve realized he wouldn’t be able to anymore.

“Not all trips have to be super active you know. We can just hang out with each other here sometimes, and drive around, and go out to eat, and see movies.”

“…I’m not a boring person,” he said looking at the ceiling, “I’m really not. I’m one of the least boring people I know actually. I prefer super active trips.”

She thought about the hundreds of pictures of him on social media, “Yeah I know.”

“I think I’m like one of those ironic unavoidable fate stories.”

She snickered, “What do you mean?”

“You know like where the people want to avoid something so hard, they end up trapped in the thing they were avoiding? Well I like constantly experiencing things so much so that I wound up trapping myself in this… body where I can’t experience much of anything.”

“Yeahhh… you’re like in the same boat as all those injured professional athletes. Or like a paraplegic skydiver,” why the fuck did you say that, she thought.

But he laughed at that, “Yeah basically. But so much more embarrassing. And uninteresting.”

“Why do you think you like… experiencing things so much?” She picked her words cautiously.

He laughed again, “What, do you think this is the part where I tell you some dramatic sob story about my childhood, like ‘ohhh I guess I crave stimulation to avoid being alone with my own mind cause then I’ll remember I was molested by my step grandmother twice removed.’”

She kicked him in the leg, “That’s so fucked up, you shouldn’t joke about things like that.”

He shrugged, “Yeah well… you were angling for that weren’t you?”

She looked at the ceiling petulantly, “Only cause I thought you might be serious for a second.”

“When have I not been serious? I say more stuff like that unironically with you then I ever have with anyone.”

“I guess. But you haven’t told me everything.”

“Cause there’s nothing to tell! Honestly. I realize, I’m so much of a fuck-up that one might assume I have some big trauma in there, but I don’t.”

She squinted at him, trying to read him. She thought about telling him he wasn’t really that much of a fuckup, but she could tell he was being a bit sardonic. She realized she might never know if what he was saying was accurate or not, but that was fine for now, “Well there’s other stuff you haven’t told me too.”

“Like what?”

“Like whatever you were about to say on the phone yesterday. About how you felt about me, and how you came to accept my… ‘creepiness’ as you so eloquently put it.”

He looked at her then. He always looked so adorable, when he had to look at her from certain angles that made his face sink into and puff out his double chin, “Cause, I realized it’s only truly an issue if you put it above other things. Like if I got the sense that you were so obsessed with your weird fetish stuff that you wanted me to keep gaining weight even though I didn’t want to, then that’d be an issue. But I don’t get that sense… I get the sense that you’re conflicted about it. And that’s alright. You’ll keep yourself in check.”

He stopped talking for a bit then continued, “And ironically, I think I actually was better able to lose weight when I saw with you cause you were so distracting. And cause I also realized, let’s be real, you can’t force me to do anything. Even if you wanted too, you just couldn’t. So ultimately, there’s no reason not to be with you. From that perspective.”

She smiled, then quickly drew it back in, “There’s no reason not to be with me huh?”

“Yeah,” he looked contented.

“How incredibly romantic,” she said teasing now. She imitated his voice, “’There’s no reason not to be with you’, truly it is a speech for the ages!”

He laughed, “Shut up. Okay. How about this then, Mia,” he pulled himself up into a half-seated position, so he could get more of a look at her.

“Since I’ve met you, you’ve quickly surpassed everyone else I know in becoming the first person I want to tell everything to, the person I’m most excited about hanging out with, the person I want to send music I find to. You’re probably one of the hottest women I’ve ever had sex with, and if not the hottest, at the very least in the top ten.”

She laughed, “Oh my god, you can’t just give a nice speech, you have to go fuck it up with these ‘jokes’, you think you’re so hilarious don’t you,” she punched his arm.

“Yes, I do think I’m hilarious. But also, I think you’re hilarious, cause even the fact that I could feel comfortable making that joke with you shows that, we’re on the same page about most things. And I appreciate that you seem to genuinely care about me, even when it’s very annoying and I give you shit for it.”

She shook her head smiling, “You really do be giving me so much shit for it.”

“And due to all the aforementioned points, I want to ask you, to be my girlfriend, partner, significant other, all these terms.”

She was smiling so hard her face hurt now, “I do.”

“That’s not even the right answer.”

“I know! I was trying to match your tone!”

She climbed over and lay on top of him, looking him in the eye, “I thought of something you’ll still be able to do here.”


She grinned deviously, “Ever heard of Hippie Hollow Park?”

“No, what is it?”

“Nude beach.”

He rolled his eyes and laughed, “Oh fuck no.”

She kissed him, “Come on, for me?”

He laughed, “Aright, we can go there. And see what happens. I am not promising anything. I don’t want to traumatize all those people there.”

She hopped off of him and off of the bed, “It’s cool, they’ll see you there with me and we’ll be proving some kind of point to them. It’ll be fun.”

He smiled, “Yeah we’ll make it fun somehow.”

"Do you mean the nude beach or like the trip in general?"

He made a face, which she could tell whether it was joking or sincere, "Nah I meant life as a whole. I think we'll make it fun."

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This story was so so so good! I loved it from start to finish. You're an amazing writer and this story was that perfect balance between teasing and satisfying the reader. This has become my favourite bhm story. It's rare bhm stories get posted on here nowadays sadly, a lot more people are into bbw so theres more stories out there for that but much less bhm. I just wanted to say this was perfect and it's my birthday tomorrow and this story ending tonight has been perfect timing like a birthday treat so thankyou for your amazing writing and please please do lots more <3 (soz for the emotional rant haha) xxxxxxx


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The great white north, eh?
I remember this story from when it started, and I remember being so disapointed when it didn't continue. I only just discovered that it got continued, and I'm not going to say this very eloquently because I just binge read it and I can barely words right now, but thank you so much for coming back to it, it was incredible!


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I’m kinda obsessed with this story (huge lurker, kinda freaking out to write in) but I just had to tell you this is so beautifully crafted. Will there ever be a sequel? I would love someone artistic to render a picture of these two!A771E675-90E1-42E9-BCC9-5214EB32534F.jpeg
I figured their height difference and body composition (obvious Scott would be much larger in the belly) would look like this mom and dad here.
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I’m kinda obsessed with this story (huge lurker, kinda freaking out to write in) but I just had to tell you this is so beautifully crafted. Will there ever be a sequel? I would love someone artistic to render a picture of these two!
I figured their height difference and body composition (obvious Scott would be much larger in the belly) would look like this mom and dad here.

Aww thanks a lot! There used to be a (unfinished) sequel but I deleted it off of here because I foolishly included quite a bit of information from my own life that I didn't want out there online anymore (and also I wasn't very happy with how it turned out and couldn't stop thinking of things I wished I had done differently with it).

I would love love love if someone artistic would make a picture of them, there was a guy on fantasy feeder who said he'd do it once but he never got around to it. I've made some renders of them using the FaceApp just for fun before too haha.

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