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Definitely NOT Jolly
Sep 29, 2005
somewhere south of the North Pole
You’ve just happened on a time machine that allows you to travel back in time within your own lifespan and give your younger self some quick advice. What do you tell you?

I’d go back to the eve of my eighteenth birthday and tell me: take the risk, don’t always choose the safe option. And for goodness sakes, when that cute drummer boy asks you to come see him and his band play, call in sick to work that night and go see that band.
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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
So many choices! (as in, I was confused or wrong-headed or ignorant about so many things). I think I'd choose to go to my ~11 year old self and tell them something like: their preference for fatter people would always be part of them, and that they didn't have to follow it but that they'd regret ever treating anyone as being any less because they were heavier, and to look for people who had fatter friends and treated them well as that was one of the ways to do better at surrounding yourself with more fat accepting people.

But "take your newspaper delivery money and buy Microsoft shares" might be a close second :p

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