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Jan 16, 2008
SSBBW, Magic, Pregnancy, ~XWG - A vast transformation follows a snack of bagel and cream cheese.

[Author's Note: Hi there everyone XD

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I just decided to post up one of my own stories from DA here to see what you guys all thought of my writing style. This story was in fact created as a 3 part story for a friend which included a few other types of body transformations down the track. I hope you all will all enjoy reading as much as I did writing it.

Thanks very much for your time!]

-All Natural: WG Chapter-
by Dr-Black-Jack

Based on the original character ‘Chelsee’
Chelsee © by Blyzzarde​

Phase 1: Collect plus-sized underpants

“This was all just one big mistake…”

The sound of heavy footfalls pattered upon the marbled floor like torrential rain as the weekend rush arrived. The local shopping mall, the Mecca of urban living, bustled to life between the hours of 9AM and 10PM each working day as customers swarmed through the doors. Not long after those roller shutters slid their way up did the profits would come streaming in, fodder for the daily competition between merchants.

Budding entrepreneurs fought with promises of savings and discounts, vying for the right to drain their customer’s fat wallets which had recently plumped with a healthy Friday-afternoon paycheque. Record profits would be had by all as business men and women from all stores road high upon the economic seas; all stores that is, with the exception of one.

“And just whose stupid idea was this in the first place?”

Weekend or not, it was just another typical day for Chelsee, the lonely shop keeper of the mall’s single new age goods store. Business was slow that day, as it had been almost every other day since the shop opened, leaving her with quite a lot of unwanted spare time. She would often while away the long business hours with one arm resting on the countertop and the other propped up lazily to support the side of her cheek as she watched the money laden crowds go by.

“Yep, that’s me alright. I’m little-miss gullible. It’s a great spot they said! Everyone loves those natural food stores they said! You’ll be rolling in dough in now time they said! Who the hell opens up a new age goods store in the middle of a food court anyway?”

Chelsee’s store was situated between two of the largest fast-food stalls, each bustling with customers eager to sample their delicious wares. Day in and day out, she would sit alone by her empty register, tormented by the succulent scents from a cornucopia of dishes permeating throughout the establishment. No matter how much foul smelling incense she burnt, or how much she tried to block it out of her mind, the delectable aroma continued to linger. The very thought of sinking her teeth into something thick and juicy caused both her mouth to water and her stomach to grumble.

Having not eaten breakfast that morning, and not possessing the luxury of a bank balance grand enough to even order a decent meal from one of the many food stalls in front of her, she decided to treat both herself and her boredom with a meagre mid-day snack. Chelsee pulled out a bag of wholemeal bagels off of the shelf together with a carton of organic cream cheese.

Placing the bagel atop the white ceramic shop counter, the svelte, young blond listlessly spread the creamy substance whilst staring blankly ahead towards her shop’s entrance door. The bell above the establishment had never rung once in the two months she had been there, so there was no point in wondering what would happen if someone were to come in at that very moment. There she was, about to sample her own merchandise for the very first time, a number one taboo amongst merchant circles. She never fully understood why that was, but as long as no customers saw her doing it, then she really had nothing to lose.

The feel of a butter knife loosely gliding over the top of her hand snapped her back to reality with a sudden jolt. She cursed to no one in particular as she watched the bread somersault with all the grace of an Olympic gymnast through the air before landing, cheese side down, onto her faded green, army-style tank top. Her face contorted with disgust as she immediately stood up, watching as the creamy concoction smeared its slug-like trail right down to stain her blue, cut-off jeans.

"Darn it! No customers, no money and now my last clean uniform has ruined," Chelsee sighed, her voice thick with exasperation. "Oh well, at least no one will be here to watch me change..."

With only the store's cardboard cut-outs of various holistic TV gurus promoting their assortment of bogus wares to watch her, Chelsee slowly began to strip. She pulled the top over her slender body, the rough fabric sliding over her humble B cups without even a hint of resistance. So too did her jeans almost immediately fall from her trim midsection, gliding down her trim calves and thighs under the pull of gravity alone as soon as she unclasped her buckle. Months and months of just barely scraping by without much of a profit had wasted away her once healthy figure, leaving her as gaunt as a withering tree which had been deprived of much needed nourishment.

“Oh, I can see my ribs...this really isn’t good," Chelsee lamented as she touched a finger to her empty stomach belly. "I remember when this used to be much softer. Back before I invested in this stupid venture."

Now standing in little more than her underwear and shoes, the young woman looked back to her cheese-stained clothes. There was no point in wasting the merchandise like that, even if it had already touched the floor. Pulling out the bagel, now covered with a light dusting of lint from her clothes, the slender shop keeper took her first big bite.

"Tastes much like I thought it would."

Bits of cream, bread and cotton slipped between her teeth as she chewed. She could feel the hairy fibres of her tank top tickle the back of her throat, almost inciting her to gag. It was horrible but she couldn't afford to be picky. The soft filling eventually slid down her throat as she forced herself to swallow.

"Ugh...not much of a meal..." Chelsee lamented as she furrowed her brow at the hairy, half-eaten bagel. "But it's still better than what I’ve been eating for the last few months. Oh well, down the hatch I suppose..."

It was vile, it was hairy, it was an obscenely graphic depiction of what should not be eaten, but still she forced herself to choke it down. Much to her surprise, however, Chelsee found that each bite was at least more tolerable than the last. Chewing and chewing, she somehow managed to gobble it down, licking her fingers with a loud smack as she polished it off to the last crumb.

That’s when it happened.

There was a low grumble emanating from the depths of her stomach, one which developed into a high pitched fizzing noise which both rose up into her breasts and descended into her thighs. Startled, Chelsee immediately looked around for the source. She checked under the counter, upon the ceiling and even in her empty cash register drawer. A deep swelling sound soon pierced her ears, alerting her to the fact that her guesses had all been mistaken. She slowly, looked down as she felt her body begin to expand.

The blonde’s trim tummy began to widen, pumping and plumping as it rapidly started to swell, its mass spread out and over to cover the rest of her body. Her dainty fingertips immediately latched onto her fattening forefront as she felt her belly begin to surge forth, wrapping themselves around the widening curve of her girth as her body took on what could only be described as more maternal proportion. Chelsee could feel the skin of her pregnant-looking stomach as it stretched out like an inflating balloon to push out and over the elastic of her cotton panties.

“W-what’s happening to me?”

Her new found weight would prove quite infectious as her arms started to widen and jiggle with excess fat. The gain of her stomach moved through her fingers like milk through a straw, swelling her digits into plump sausages as they tried to hold onto the heavy-with child proportions of her increasingly weighty stomach. The ripples of motion which ascended her meatier arms would eventually synchronise the swelling of her hips and thighs as they too began to feel the effects of the gain.

Chelsee chewed the edge of her upper lip as she felt her underwear begin to roll into the crack of her widening rump, each pale, jiggling cheek saturated with pound after pound of juicy, hot fat. The blonde girl’s hands migrated from the weight of her stomach to the bulk of her behind as she attempted to gauge a better idea of the gain going on behind her.

She could easily envision her ass’ sloping shelf as her fingers sunk into the accumulated softness from the deep pockets of fat that had gradually been gathering along the underside of her plumping inner thighs. Faster and faster she kneaded her growing buttocks, eventually moving one hand to her stomach’s swollen surface to divide her attention between the two great masses of her growing body. A slight moan escaped her soft, pink lips as she felt the overworked cotton of her diminishing panties part the lips of her sex and roll into the centre of her womanhood.


The stretching skin of her body had made it all the more sensitive as she felt her too small undergarments being pulled by the rapid gain alternating between her belly and ass. A few more centimetres of added padding to the bulk of her rear would gingerly slide the cotton backwards, only to be displaced in the opposite direction moments later as her already heavy-set paunch underwent yet another massive swell. The helpless shopkeeper’s panties were literally being flossed against her inner passions, leaving her paralysed in throes of self-gratification as her body’s tug of war quickly took its toll on her pleasure centre.


Much to her relief, matched only by an equal sense of sudden disappointment, her undergarments would not last long enough to push her over the brink. The flimsy fabric gave up the ghost far too soon as it quickly disappeared from view, swallowed up by the accumulating weight of her expanding waistline.

Pleasure would soon turn to pain however as Chelsee gritted her teeth. She gripped the edge of the countertop with both hands as the much thicker elastic was stretched to the max around the once definable point of her slender waist. It was only when she had finally crested beyond 300 pounds that she was finally able to breathe easy as the constricting elastic broke with a tight snap. Her soft, yielding flesh bounced heavily around her massive midsection as it oozed and flowed to where it wanted to be.

At 330 pounds, she was more than twice the woman she used to be and was still continuing to grow. Her face became rounder, each cheek becoming dimpled and cute as more weight was added to her body. With her belly and butt reaching near critical points, much of the gain she underwent from this point on was now aimed directly at her breasts which literally exploded through the sizing charts. Rounder and fuller, fatter and heavier, her body seemed determined to accumulate as much as it possibly could. She needed to undo her bra before her chest underwent the same unpleasant crushing treatment as her panties.

“Stupid hooks…I swear if I ever get out of this, I’ll never wear a bra again.”

The little black bra was proving to be far tougher to unclasp than expected as her chest began to plumpen with far more gusto than anticipated. It was as though her body was making up for neglecting her once humble breasts in favour of bulking up her lower half. Try as she might to keep her weighty arms behind her to fumble at the clasp, the thin straps were already starting to bite into her ribs and shoulders as her meaty mammaries poured over her now puny B-cups. With far more resolve and strength than she even thought herself capable of, the weighty Chelsee dug her portly fingers into the ebony material and tore it off with a single, smooth jerk. Her monstrous breasts, now at least the size of a regular cantaloupe, wobbled heavily atop the shelf of her still growing stomach.

“My boobs…They’re HUGE!”

Each great orb of bulging breast lay in a neat and shapely pile of female fatness as they bloated against her belly and butt for dominance of her growing frame. Her wide, pink nipples gave her chest a slight edge over the competition, their erect tips just jutting out a few millimetres against the territory her stomach’s jutting upper most belly roll. Though the war for the biggest body part was clearly being won by her breasts from the front, her growing gut continued to encroach upon the vast expanses of her thickening thighs, determined to reach her knees eventually. Her blubbery buttocks would not go down without a fight either as it ripened like a pair of melons, squashed together against the back of the shop counter as her weight neared 355.

“Just how big am I going to get?!”

With her belly now pouring out over the surface of the counter top, spreading along the polished wood and pushing her register to the side with the help of her mighty chest, and the weight of her rounding rump locking her in place from behind, Chelsee was firmly wedged in place. She was just about to take stock of her newly formed double chin when she felt a sudden sharp pain along the surface of her right foot. It reminded her that there was at least on article of clothing still on her growing person which she had yet to take off; her shoes.

Unable to shift her massive weight around, not that she would be able to see over her gargantuan belly anyway, Chelsee set about removing her shoes with her toes. Steadying herself with one hand on the register by reflex, she shifted her immense weight onto one foot as best she could as she attempted to undo the little sandal strap. Her fattened feet were making it all the more difficult to slide her big toe around the leather strap in order to pull back the Velcro seal. Quickly remembering that her belly on the counter was aiding her in keeping her balance, she let go of the register and unstrapped herself with greater ease. The remaining sandal came off without a hitch, leaving her pudgy toes to wiggle freely across the store’s shag carpet.

"I-I think the growth is starting to slow down" Chelsee soliloquised to herself as she estimated her weight to have reached over 400 pounds. This was partially true as the gain to her lower half had slowed to a trickle, with only her huge breasts continuing to swell with more fat as though joined to a low pressure hose at the nipple. Upon reaching just a little over 500 pounds, and going up a more than a handful of cup-sizes, that too would crawl to a halt as the sounds of swelling began to fade.

The changes to her body had finally ceased. She just had to see what had happened. Looking up into the body-length mirror ahead of her, Chelsee could hardly recognize the woman gazing back. Where once would have been standing a skinny, fairly attractive young blond, now stood a VERY FAT, voluptuous woman, quite easily the fattest she had ever seen. Her newly enhanced build was wide and fleshy, her titanic bulk easily exceeding the view of the mirror’s narrow frame.

“Look at me! I-I’m just so big and plump! M-my body’s so enormously chubby; scratch that, I’m freakin’ obese!”

Chelsee rubbed her eyes as she looked herself up and down again. Her once taut stomach was now a mass of silky rolls, piling one on top of the other like a staircase of wobbling blubber. Her extremely fat love-handles overflowed her broad, birthing hips which were pressed together at the knee. Large legs, large belly, large breasts and behind; the super-sized shop-keeper’s hands twitched impulsively as she gave into a sudden urge to explore her new-found shape.

She began to trace her fingers along the underside of her girth, feeling up the edge of her stomach. Chelsee heaved the hidden mass of her underbelly from underneath the counter, allowing it to crash with a meaty slap atop the timber countertop. It was only when she realized that she could no longer reach the depth of her deepened naval that she acknowledged just how huge she had become. The human blimp violently separated her arms from the surface of her morbidly obese belly, sending ripples jiggling in all directions.

“I-Is that r-really…me?” Chelsee stammered as she touched her hands to her pudgy face. It looked real enough and felt soft enough, her flabby form achieving a special sort of padded squishiness that never in her wildest imagination conceived to be possible. It was a warm kind of feeling, to have her entire form surrounded with firmly thick, but yielding blubber. The sensation of fullness resonating within her belly put her mind at ease as her heavy breathing began to slow.

Though her own inhibitions towards her new body had been cast in a more positive light, the weight of her globular stomach atop the wooden countertop begged to differ. It abruptly splintered into a hundred pieces as the relaxed tension of her ballooning stomach collapsed it from both above and behind.


Cold, naked and absolutely enormous, the naked shop-girl’s vast buttocks lay heavily upon the shattered pile. The shock of her fall reverberated along the great mass of her flesh, quivering through all four corners of her sweeping curves. Several seconds would pass before her new body would cease its rippling, the sudden surge of motion much harder to stop than it was to begin. The perpetual motion machine of her belly shielded her from the wooden splinters as her fat legs and chubby feet were pushed to either side. With the weight of her chest knocking about like a Newton’s cradle, and her belly pouring into the gap of her crotch, Chelsee rested her head upon her over-inflated beach ball breasts as she contemplated in silence as to whatever she would do next.

So lost in thought was she that she hadn’t heard the melodic ring of the little bell above the door to of shop’s entrance.

"Excuse me miss, but are you open?" asked a thin, brown haired man, smiling with amusement as she stepped forward from an entirely male crowd which had gathered at the scene. Each had their wallets waiting, with equally big grins on their face as they took in an eyeful of the blimped up beauty laying naked on the floor. “We were just admiring some of the large and lovely ladies at the food court when we had this sudden urge to purchase some new age goods.”

The young blonde was just speechless; that day was just one set of strange events after the other. There she was sitting in the middle of the floor, butt naked, with only bits of her shredded panties clinging wistfully to the various folds of her soft bulk as a group of male patrons ogled her breathtaking fatness. Every move she made, every ripple which resulted, those eyes were simply transfixed upon the bulky blonde, dropping whatever they had been doing at the time to drink in her earth quaking form. Her obesity had become the ultimate sales pitch, an advertisement opportunity which the titanic tradeswoman knew she could use to her advantage.

"Of course," smiled Chelsee as she heaved the fallen register onto the surface shelf of her voluminous belly. "Both Visa and Amax are accepted, so please shop to your heart’s content. Just to let you know, we're having a sale today on bagels and cream cheese…”

(Continued in post 6 of this thread)


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Nov 22, 2007
This is a nice fun stor

i hope to see more of your work in the future.


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Jan 16, 2008
Thanks very much Irish XD I've actually written a lot of other stuff, balanced between original works and fanfiction (all WG of course XD) Perhaps I might upload more of them later on when I have some time.

Thanks again for reading!


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Jan 16, 2008
Phase 2: ??? ~(o_0)~

“Um…excuse me miss, could you help me please?”

“I’ll be right with you sir! I just need to finish up with this customer here.”

Business was booming at the new age store that afternoon for the first time since…well, since ever! With the great influx of customers, so too arrived the inevitable workload which required her to constantly stay on her feet as she navigated her way through the crowded shopping isles.

Such a seemingly simple task would have been made much easier 300 pounds ago had her enormously fat belly not been impinging on her movements. No matter how careful she was, her blubber-laden girth continued to occasionally knock items from shelves as it swayed to the rhythm of her waddling gait. The feeling of her flabby legs as they ground between her puffy, bare thighs felt so free and natural to the young blonde saleswoman, almost as though she had been huge for all her life. No one would have ever guessed that the now 500 pound Chelsee once weighed a mere 120 only a few short hours ago.

“Uh miss?”

“*huff* O-one moment sir! I-I be there soon *huff*”

Having long since outgrown her store uniform, a pair of loose-cut jeans and a stained army-style tank top, the young blonde proprietor had taken to wearing little more than her store apron as she went about her duty. The malleable, green plastic was sucked into the numerous folds and rolls of her fattened forefront, catching on the lip of her underbelly to stretch the too-tight protective garment like a garden tarpaulin as she waddled about. Her deepened navel crowned the centre of her head-turning massiveness, drawing in stares from all directions wherever she went.

Ass flesh jiggled immensely as her rump, now the width of a regular oil drum, was sent into a symphony of motion. The shelf of her buttocks was large enough to eat a meal off and stuck out forever as Chelsee was concerned to form a cushion for the base of her spine. The short apron accentuated her big, tree-trunk thigh legs; her thighs gliding against one another as they became slicked with perspiration. Her rounded calves had all but swallowed her chunky ankles, which rested atop her equally flabby feet. Slight ripples ascended the thick columns of her padded cankles as she walked her way towards the next person in need.

*whew* I’m here sir! How exactly can I help you today?”

“Well, you see…” began the customer, a tall man with shaggy black hair. “Me and the missus have been trying to conceive a child for a while now but haven’t really had much luck. One of our friends suggested we try some holistic methods to try and help us out…so…”

“Ah! Say no more!” Chelsee replied, snapping her fat fingers in a knowing sort of way. “I think I’ve got just the stuff to help you.”

Reaching across onto the nearby shelf, the butterball blonde poked about through the various racks of crystals, incense and tea. The black-haired customer could not help but be mesmerized by Chelsee's swollen ass as it ascended higher and higher into the air to counterbalance her mammoth tits whilst she sifted through the shop’s exotic wares. Back and forth, to and fro, her hanging belly swung precariously against the makeshift hammock of her apron. The gentle, pink lips of her inner sex petals peeked out between the cavernous trench of her plumped up rump as she dug even deeper.

After what seemed like an eternity of her butt and belly seductively swinging to the beat of an invisible metronome, the young girl rose to full height and relaxed the multiplying creases of her meaty love handles. She had finally found what she had been looking for.

“Here we go sir! This stuff just arrived this morning. It’s practically guaranteed to help your wife conceive.”

Chelsee beamed her biggest salesgirl smile as she handed the man a small brown jar. It was old and relatively unimpressive, with neither label nor tag to denote where it was manufactured or even what it was called. Inside was a strange smelling paste, pale-cream in colour with the consistency of freshly mixed cement. The man shot her a sceptical glance.

“Practically? So you mean you don’t even really know if it can do the job?”

“Uh, well…it’s not so much that, but more that since it’s so new I haven’t really even been able to try it yet. But I hear it’s received some really top notch recommendations so I’m sure that you’d be satisfied with your purchase. If you don’t like it, we can always refund your—.”

“Not a chance,” came the man’s abrupt reply as he popped the lid back on the jar. “If you can’t guarantee that it’s safe then I don’t think I can risk using it on my own wife. Sorry, but I just love her far too much to jeopardize her safety with something as dodgy as this.”

Chelsee could sense that she was losing the sale. All it took was one bad review by word of mouth to sink most businesses and she would not risk such a thing on the first day she had ever received so many customers at once. If a sign of proof was what a potential purchaser wanted, then it was a sign of proof that she would have to give.

“W-wait! How about if I give you a demonstration! I’ll show you that everything in my shop is perfectly safe!”

Unscrewing the cap without even the slightest moment’s hesitation, Chelsee immediately pulled up her shop apron began to slop on a generous handful of the sticky paste across the bulging surface of her pliable stomach. It was cool to the touch, causing her to shiver a little as she continued to massage the greasy mixture into her naked belly’s rippling mounds.

“What am I even doing? I mean, this stuff is designed to get a girl pregnant right? What if--, no wait, calm down Chelsee, it’s just probably some ground up seaweed paste together with good marketing. I mean, I’ve never had any unprotected action anyway so there’s just no way anything like that could happen…”

A single hand was not getting the job done fast enough. Picking the small jar up again with her clean hand, she emptied out the rest of the contents onto the surface of her busy palm before bringing her two hands together to rub the concoction onto her stomach’s jelly-like constancy. Over and under, around and across, her two hands scouted her stomach’s sizable valleys to spread the gooey substance like butter over an enormous muffin top. Only once she was sure that all of it was evenly distributed across her wideness did Chelsee finally stop.

“See! Perfectly fine! I would never sell a product that I wouldn’t use on myself! Try a sample pack on your wife and see, though I’m sure she’ll be happy with the resul—”

A sharp gurgle interrupted Chelsee in mid sentence. This was followed by the sound of another, and another, as a slow rumble started to build up within her stomach. The steady sounds of a distant grumble within grew progressively louder, echoing within her bountiful belly as though the young blonde had just swallowed a thunderstorm. She could feel her face growing slightly red as one by one, customers dropped whatever they were doing and look towards the source of the commotion.


“Aha-ha,” Chelsee grinned sheepishly after a few seconds as a nearby customer gave her an eye of concern. “S-Sorry about that everyone, guess I’m just a little hungry. But anyway, as I was saying—”

And that’s just about as she would get to say before IT started to happen once again.

Unlike the last time, an unusual hotness was building up along the surface of her stomach as though invisible flames were racing along the cream-covered regions which hands had just traced. The soft flesh of her belly felt like it would catch alight at any moment as the heat began to intensify. Chelsee reflexively grabbed onto her poundage in a panic to determine if anything was wrong.

Squeezing and fondling every square inch that she could, the supersized shopkeeper was slightly relieved to only feel the reassuringly cool sensation of her regular belly apron fat. The more she rubbed it, the better she felt, forcing her to continue to fondle her enormity in an awkward display of self-preservation despite the attention she was drawing from the crowd. It wasn’t long before the burning sensation dissipated just as quickly as it had first arrived as a feeling like no other began to take hold of her body from within.


A soft moan escaped Chelsee’s lips as she felt her chest begin to grow. Bit by bit, her breasts began to mount with pressure, forcibly stretching the plastic of a rolled up shopkeeper apron which she had been holding back underneath her double chin. She tore off the flimsy garment, and with it her last strand of dignity, just in time for an explosion of sorts to rattle the four corners of her world-shattering body.

“Oh my …”

Her already well-endowed mounds began to stretch tight as though being filled like twin plastic bags beneath a steadily flowing faucet. Her fat nipples began to both thicken and darken to match her widening areolae as her prosperous cups reached the H-range. Creaking under the mounting pressure, the young blonde’s eyes went as big as saucers as the skin of her breasts became heavier, pulling her forward as a result of the sudden weight. The sizable spheres vibrated precariously as they reached critical mass; it would not be long now before the inevitable finally occurred.

“H-here it comes everyone. M-My chest…It’s going to…to…uwaaahhh!!!”

Chelsee’s tits exploded. Like a hydrant struck by a car, her chest erupted in a torrent of creamy white milk. The bubbly substance flowed freely from her shot-glass sized nipples, emptying out over and over like beer from a bottomless keg as it continued to spray all over. With breasts now large enough to put most high grossing porn-stars to shame, excess milk continuing to splutter between her pudgy fingers as she desperately tried to clamp her nipples shut. Such futile efforts would prove in vain however, as that all she managed to succeed in doing was tweak the flow into concentrated spray. Those lactating fountains sent a generous squirt across the shop floor, leaving the immediate area in a warm, sticky mess as it continued to dribble down her the underside of her chest and over the slope of her belly.

Her belly, she had completely forgotten about it. With her monstrous breasts growing exceedingly harder to see over, she had to find a mirror and fast. Waddling past customers in a hurry, she left an unbroken trail of milky residue spilling all over the carpeted floor as her spluttering lactation intensified into a free flowing stream. As luck would have it, she wouldn’t have to travel far to find what she was looking for, arriving back at the shattered pile where her register once stood before being crushed by her first round of gaining. She was just in time to feel the skin of her belly begin to grow tight.

“M-my belly! Don’t tell me it’s growing again!”

The gratuitous mass of rolls and soft flesh began to stiffen as her belly rose up from underneath. A primordial squeal of passion left Chelsee’s plump lips as she felt a surge of activity rolling beneath the multiple layers of her feminine pudge. The mass of her great stomach began to shift as her Buddha belly became hard and swollen, gradually gaining a more spherical shape.

“Don’t tell me that I’m actually getting p-p-pregnant?!?!”

The changes to Chelsee’s body were astounding. Already looking as though she was about to enter her second trimester, her taut stomach continued to balloon. Plump softness gave way to a firm and unyielding gut which formed hints of a gradually tightening crease just above and below her stretched navel. A hollow ‘thump’ was heard as her innie became a well defined outie, her sides distending to form a perfect sphere. All she could do was support the gradual growth with both hands as her hanging apron was elevated straight ahead.

Bigger, rounder, fuller and fatter, her belly’s dome continued to rise out before her like the nose of a blimp. Chelsee could actually feel the flesh beneath her palms stretching the plentiful padding she had accumulated, displacing her centre gravity multiple times as she reeled backwards in order to counterbalance the shift in weight. Her growing gut was like that of a newly formed island, a solid mass rising from beneath an ocean of fatness to dominate her preposterously portly, pregnant, pinup pose.

“It’s getting heavy…”

Now well into the start of her last trimester, the already colossal shopgirl was now truly beyond huge. Her milky breasts lay lazily atop the dome of her stomach, their dribbling nipple pointing to either side. She could feel the enormity of her massive belly begin to weigh down her open palms, the smooth skin of her undersides audibly stretching as she continued to grow disproportionately large. Taking a few steps to the side to take a better view of her enormous profile, Chelsee could see the very apex of her distended bellybutton topping the very tip of her stomach globe like a second pregnancy. One could only guess exactly how many children had formed within her expanded womb as her accelerated gestational period rocketed through what normally took months of development in order to reach its final stages.

“Whoa! Too big! Too big! I’m getting way too pregnant!”

Thin red stretchmarks began to form at her belly’s side, informing her that her body was nearing its limit. Looking more than 10 months pregnant with what had to be at least twins or triplets, all Chelsee could do was put one hand behind the back of her spine to support the mounting strain on her overworked back. Huge boobs and belly would soon be balanced out however as her meaty thighs began to thicken as well, causing her broad hips to widen in preparation for however many children it was that she would be sure to birth in time.

A few minutes after it had started, the second round of growth she had experienced that day finally reached its end. Another 150 or so pounds had been added to the formerly 500 pound body, bringing her to a grand total of 650 and a whole new realm of female obesity. Chelsee had become absolutely tremendous, almost beyond what words could describe.

Huge, dribbling tits hung low either side of the immensity containing her overflowing womb like army sandbags; a small spider web of light purple veins mapping along her mammaries’ pale skin. Her fat belly was now even fatter as it hung out in the open by several inches. Not even the largest of flimsy shop aprons would ever be able to fit her now as her swollen, spherical gut now bore the circumference of a full to bursting beanbag and then some. Her blubbery ass had flared out to either side in support of her latest gain, with her inner thighs now firmly pressed together to form a thin line right up to the knee.

Oddly enough, the heavily pregnant young mother no longer seemed to be even the slightest bit distressed about her current predicament, as her system was flooded with a surge of calming female hormones. A wide smile crossed Chelsee’s face as she acknowledged her stirring young, deciding right then and there to dedicate herself to caring for these beloved babies. She wanted to feed them, she wanted to nurse, she wanted to experience the process over and over again if she could later down the track. She finally felt there was a little more purpose in her lonely life as a silent longing was finally fulfilled.

Such thoughts would have to wait for later however as she still had customers to tend to and a pretty damn good explanation to ensure that they had not been too spooked. The naked, fat, fertility goddess knew exactly what to say.

“*ah-hah*…A-and there you have it!” Chelsee panted, rubbing both hands against the surface of her dangerously pregnant, 12 month-looking belly. “If you’re not completely satisfied, bring it back in seven days for a refund or exchange. *Ohhh-oh-oh…* T-This concludes the demonstration!”

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)


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Nov 22, 2007
Getting strange, but still retaining interest.

surreally humourous, should be good!


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Jan 16, 2008
Phase 3: Profit

“One thousand…Two thousand…Three thousand…oh my, those pregnancy cream jars really sold like hotcakes! I’ll just have to put in a double stock order next time, but I sure hope I won’t be asked to make any more off the cuff demonstrations…”

Chelsee the merchant had made an absolute killing. After gaining more than 400 pounds from a tainted cheese bagel that morning, she had drawn in swarms of customers into her normally empty new age shop and had finally received the lucky break she had finally been waiting for. An absentminded display of an experimental pregnancy cream on herself later on would also cause her to gain a further 150 pounds more, bringing the grand total of changes to her once slender body to include a set of enormous milky-H cup, a full to bursting belly which was abuzz with wonderful new life, and a scale shattering 650 pounds of blubber to support her new size. Though the miracle of life in itself was a truly sweet thing to behold for the new mother, doing the accounts at the end of the day to calculate just how much she made was what truly made her commercial heart sing.

“…carry the two…less tax…WOW! Over nine thousand dollars profit in a single day! I made a lot more money than I thought I would! You hear that kids? Mommy’s going to be taking us out to eat somewhere good tonight!”

She drummed her fingers happily across the sphere of her ripe and pregnant belly, its sizable girth stretched to capacity by her crowded womb. It was hard as a rock despite her thick layers of soft, outer padding, but somehow it all seemed so right. Obesity and pregnancy went hand in hand as far as Chelsee was concerned as she paused for a moment to admire her enormity as well as her new clothes.

A couple of kind-hearted customers from the nearby plus-sized store were kind enough to help the young mother out, providing the naked beauty with some extra large maternity wear so as not to have her walk the streets nude after dark. The options were a little limited for a girl of her great size however as the store’s absolute largest ensemble was still 50 pounds shy of being able to cover her body completely. Chelsee tugged at her incredibly tight, colourful, tie-dye T-shirt in a feeble attempt to drag the end riding up and over the top of her severely swollen belly as it poured out over her unbuttoned cargo-slacks. Eventually she decided to give up, coming to the conclusion that the minor discomfort of a biting waistband was a small price to pay as she contemplated the day’s events and her sudden bouts good fortune.

There she was in her early twenties, about to start her own family of three or more, standing in the middle of her now almost empty store with a fat wad of cash as a testament to her expert sales technique. In a single day she had gone from a skinny, lonely shopkeeper who was just barely making ends meet, to an obese and affluent maternal goddess with a belly nearly the same size and shape of an aerobics medicine ball. Never in her life had she felt as content as she did that moment, wriggling her chubby toes through the long fibres of her store’s shag carpet. She was obese, she was pregnant, and she was oh, so very sexy.

“And now to lay out some good luck incense before closing up for the evening,” Chelsee thought out loud as she carefully waddled over to the incense rack, both hands vigilantly protecting her young from pointy corner shelves. “Hmm….I think I’ll try something diff—”

She hesitated. Trying something different was exactly what had gotten her into this situation in the first place. Though her bodily transformations had all worked out for the better in retrospect, she decided that being both fat and pregnant was simply enough of a transformation for any girl to undergo in a single one day. Her stomach was packed and her body was bloated, any more weight and she would surely cross the threshold into the borders of immobility and maybe beyond. Chelsee resisted the tempting thought of becoming the world’s fattest baby factory; a true fertility deity whose sole purpose would be to gain weight and give birth in a perpetuating cycle for the rest of what would hopefully a long and luxuriant life.

A sharp kick within her stretchy womb would bring her thoughts back down to earth as her children subconsciously urged her to speed up with the task at hand. Reminded that she had only consumed one measly cream cheese bagel during the entire day’s shift, she had a pretty good idea about what they all wanted.

“Alright, alright, I get it. You little guys must be pretty hungry huh? Well, whenever you decide to get out of there, you’ve got to promise me that you’ll all play nice and take turns suckling from mommy’s breasts. I’ve only got two nipples after all.”

Maybe it was from hunger, or maybe as a result of the rapid changes which she had undergone, but it was those very words sparked Chelsee’s mind with a rather outlandish little thought. What if she had more breasts, something which she could use to easily feed the numerous little lives pulsating within her womb? Or better still, what would it be like if she had an udder, the very same kind which a dairy cow would?

It would be full and thick, each elongated, pink nipple easily enough for a child’s hands to latch on to as they suckled her milky reserves. She would certainly have no trouble keeping them all fed as she’d be milked daily, squeezing pail after pail long after her babies had had their fill. Maybe she could even make enough to sell them, entice another market with any excess she didn’t need. This could work out to be both a way to handle her children’s nursing and make another tidy profit on the side. The expecting entrepreneur shuddered a little as she awoke from her brief fantasy, realising too little, too late what her busy hands had subconsciously been doing all the while.

“Hey…what is that?” Chelsee soliloquised as she sniffed the shop’s musty air. A distinct hint of apple and cinnamon permeated from the stick of incense she held in her hand, wafting along in a delicate gray smoke which coiled like low cloud over the slope of her mountainous midsection. “This isn’t what I usually burn…Did I accidentally switch packets by mistake?”

Looking down at the cardboard incense box, she confirmed that she was indeed holding something other than her usual calming peppermint and lavender sticks. Instead, what she had unintentionally set alight was a small red and white sample pack from a new range of ‘miracle wishing incense,’ a trial product which had just been released on the market. The developers claimed to let whoever smelled it to have their deepest desires manifest into reality for the low, low price of only twelve 20-dollar installments per month after the first use.

Though normally not one to fall for such ploys, Chelsee had quickly learned not to doubt the promises made by the products she put on display. A familiar sensation, this time like an electrical surge, sent a buzz throughout her portly, pregnant system filling her with a twinge of anxiety and excitement to coil together within the pit of her stomach. IT would make another appearance for the third time that day.

“Oh no…not again…”

Already anticipating another stage of growth, Chelsee immediately moved to strip out of her clothes. The colourful tie-dye T-shirt came off easily enough, despite having to pull the short sleeves over her chunky upper arms, making doubly sure that her wobbling breasts did not get yanked too far as she slipped her triple-chinned face out of the neck hole. Having her pants already unbuttoned, she believed that it was only a matter of yanking them over her broad, bubble butt and around the chubby ankles of her legs. This was what made her so astounded to learn that what little slack she once had around the elastic waist of her pants was already drawn tight like a second skin.

“My ass isn’t that big already…is it?”

The sound of ripping filled the empty shop as her hips bloated out to the side. Momentarily pained by the tightening fabric, Chelsee grimaced a little as she felt her slacks beginning to tear right against her burgeoning behind. Small pockets of chunkiness filled the array of forming holes as her growth started to speed up, oozing out through the cracks like too much water trapped behind a damaged dam. Groaning with all of her might, she decided to speed the aching aspirations of her plumping pear shape by squeezing her melon-sized cheeks in order to forcefully bust free.

“Urrrrrgghh…GAH!...*ah-hah-hah*…t-there…that’s MUCH better…”

Panting heavily, but now at least liberated from her panty-less shackles, the robustly rotund retailer’s flesh was allowed to flow where it wanted. Broad saddlebags formed along her outer hips, each plumping more and more to expand along the contour of her juicy thighs. Though her ass was growing wide and fleshy, each butt cheek currently sized like a pair of soft, fleshy basketballs, Chelsee could actually feel that her legs were being pushed apart from above her upper hip. It was as though they were making way for something, something which was bound to be big.

“H-hey, that wasn’t there before…”

There was something odd happening near her pubic mound. Reaching under the great sphere of her belly, the pear-shaped proprietor touched around to investigate. The pale white skin underneath was unusually sensitive, even a little itchy which urged Chelsee to scratch. Waves of relief surged over her bountiful body almost immediately as she reached around with her other hand in an attempt to further her pseudo-sexual satisfaction.

“Oooh yeah…that’s the stuff…mmmmmmm”

Chelsee began to slowly pace about the empty store as her fingers continued to soothed her itching loins. Little did she realise that all the while, her hips still continued to grow bigger, gyrating ever so slightly as she walked. Once her thighs had reached the circumference of what would have had to have been double her original 150 pound waist, did she stop attending to her itch and realise exactly what was happening. Her mound was swelling up, pushing out from beneath the shadow of her pregnant overhang.

“W-what the hell…w-what’s happening to me now?!”

Trying her hardest not to scratch the itch was the hardest thing for Chelsee to possibly do as she made the connection between her fingers stimulating the region and it growing to the size of about half a grapefruit. The feel of her gyrating inner thighs rubbing up against it was just not the same and only seemed to make the tormenting tingle worse. She chewed her bottom lip and wobbled her multiple chins as she battled with her resolve; her resistance lasted no more than thirty seconds.

“I-I can’t stop myself! I need to scratch it or I’ll go crazy!”

Chelsee had chosen to give in. Placing her hands atop the upper portion of her mound she scratched herself like mad woman, closing her eyes as she was sent into a near euphoric state. The feeling of her nails as they ran along the sensitive surface was a far better pleasure than any she had ever known. Such unnatural pleasure would never be without appropriate consequence however as her body’s quaking flesh continued to rapidly expand.

“Yes…Yes! YES!!!”

Her mound was now the size of a rock melon, protruding far in front of her door-frame crushing hips. The itchy spots she was so concerned with had now seemed to be concentrated at specific regions, forming a quadrant of pleasure centres with which she could derive the most pleasure from every time her fingers brushed over them. It would be at least another minute and a half before she built up enough self-control to try holding back again as her itching had started to rub her skin a little raw. What she would see from the intensity of her handy work would shock her more than any of the other changes she had already undergone that day.

“No…No! NO!!!” Chelsee screamed as she immediately caught sight of her reflection in the shop mirror. “Oh my, is that…is that an UDDER?!”

Situated between the crevice between the massive spheres of her belly and ass, was what had to be the largest, most unusual female organ the obese young mother to be had ever seen. Though she had a faint idea of how big a cow’ udder was in real life, she had not even the slightest notion of just how big one would be when it appeared on a human body. Already her pale, skin at the region had turned a shade of light pink, both from being rubbed raw by her fingernails and to accommodate the bovine breast.

Creases were forming slightly above the dairy attachment as it began to shape, the four itchy spots becoming raised and slightly redder than the rest of the surrounding region. Chelsee carefully reached down to lightly graze her fingertips atop the swollen mounds to identify what she recognized as the same kind of skin she felt around her nipples.

“T-this is it! I’m really going to become a pregnant, fat cow! I know that I thought about it in passing, but I really didn’t think it would ever come true!”

Chelsee’s legs were now constantly spread a minimum of six inches, her body changing drastically to make room for the comfort of her growing udder. Aside from rounding out and growing bigger, however, her transformed pubic mound was also gradually becoming heavier as it migrated further down between her legs. The sheer thickness of her hips and thighs were also making it increasingly more difficult to grab on to as she made one last curious grab to feel her changes before they finally moved beyond her reach.

“It feels…kind of rubbery…Like a washing glove filled with water…”

Rubbing her fingers along the edge of what would soon become her teat, Chelsee attempted to hold on as the udder’s weight gradually gave in to gravity a little more each second. This surprised her a little bit when she watched her newly formed nipples begin to stretch, elongating and thickening as she absentmindedly pulled by holding on at the teat. By now she had realised that her complete transformation was essentially inevitable as her growing nipples lengthened more and more with every tug.

By now her udder had fully formed, continuing to grow until it resembled that of a real bovine. Her skin was soft and pink, and about the size of a soccer ball and then some. Her rubbery nipples had also lengthened a great deal by this point to a grand total of nearly five inches, with a circumference of two inches around. She marveled at the sight of her bloated thighs, her glorious butt reaching a grand size of an overinflated beach ball, each cheek still jiggling slightly as she waddled from side to side. There was something so mesmerizing about it all as she turned to watch at her glorious fat ass exceed the mirror’s width by at least a couple of feet.

“Hey…this isn’t so bad…it makes me feel kind of…sexy…”

There was still one more thing she had to test out of pure curiosity before she could truly call her transformation complete. Reaching down to her newly formed udder, Chelsee grabbed onto the closest dangling teat and began to rhythmically pull and release. Almost immediately she began to feel the udder feel hotter and heavier than it had so far, a tingling sensation which intensified as it bounced between her legs. Reaching around with her other hand to inspect its surface, feeling her skin she felt her skin begin to swell and grow firm. She smiled knowingly to herself as she instantly knew what was sure to happen if she continued.

“Milk me..Milk me! Oh, I feel as though I need to be milked so badly!”

Taking the other nipple in her free hand she delivered a series of firm, yet gentle tugs to her two closest teats. A large, purplish vein bulged along the underside of her udder’s surface as a result of stretching her increasingly rubbery skin. The weight and pressure she felt inside of it was almost at bursting point by now as her thighs were pushed apart even further by the swelling massiveness, forcing her to lean back so as not to fall on her babies from the extra weight. Chelsee needed to relieve her urgent condition, she needed to relieve it in any way she possibly could.


Letting out a guttural moan, sounding much like the farm animal she had half become, Chelsee let forth a passionate scream just as a hot jet of milk shot forth with all the pressure of a garden hose. She pulled more and more frantically, eventually developing a rhythm she was comfortable with to match the rising pressure within. No matter how quickly she pulled, she could only feel the flow intensifying, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. This was only the start as the grand finale was about to arrive.


An explosive white torrent detonated within the simple shop as the obese young blonde’s hands were forced away by the sheer pressure of her altered pubic mound. The udder, now easily the size of her breasts and belly combined, dragged along the ground a few feet in front of her after being swollen with so much creamy goodness. Chelsee’s personal dairy disaster now covered every square inch of the store’s insides, coating her hair, face, breasts, belly, butt and thighs with a shower of freshly squeezed milk. The oversized, pregnant cow of a woman blinked once, and then twice, as she absentmindedly licked a few droplets of cream from her flowing locks, admiring the taste as she swallowed it down.

“Uh-oh…not good, not good, I didn’t mean to do that! Oh! Oh!! OH!!!”

No sooner did the sweet nectar of her own production touch the depths of her enormous belly did she feel her udders begin to tingle all over again. Not only that, the same fizzing noise of her weight gain buzzed within her ears together with a familiar spreading hotness within her child-filled womb. She could feel her breasts and ass begin to inflate, her protruding stomach begin to round out, and the udder between her legs swell against her chubby calves as she desperately tried to take what little control of her teats she still had left. It was right then and there that she had an epiphany, one she finally realized as the weighty udder teats slipped from her desperate grasp.

“I’m never going to stop growing…am I?”

Such was the result of her transformation. Chelsee had finally achieved that self-perpetuating cycle of milking, weight gain and pregnancy she had absentmindedly wished for, one which she could never possibly hope to escape. A flood of female hormones calmed her mind as she felt more little lives forming within her belly now cradled atop her pillow udder, thinking happily to herself as her heavy teats began to spray. She was lost to the world, a truly obese, cow of a mother, one which could only moo and be fed by her own endless supply of warm, creamy milk.

“Ah~♥♥♥ I really should clean this up before I leave but I suppose that can wait until the morning if I ever do finally stop. After all, there are plenty of products still to be tested before they go on the shelf for another sale day~♥.”


Well, that's the last section! Hope you guys liked it!


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Absolutely brilliant!!!

I think that this is so cool!!!!!


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Could you please teach me to write WG stories like this please? You're like a master of the WG storytelling:bow::bow::bow:


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This story is a long-time favorite of mine. Excellent writing and descriptions!

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