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BHM All You Can Eat [SSBHM, Feeding, Stuffing, ~WG, Burps, Hiccups, Dream Sequence]

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LJ Rock

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2005
A big guy with a big appetite comes across a mysterious little diner located in a dark alley. He's never seen the place before, even though he's lived in this neighborhood all of his life. Inside he meets an even more mysterious woman who indulges all of his most glutinous desires.

All You Can Eat

By LJ Rock

“Mmm, you are a big boy. Aren’t you?” the mysterious looking woman dressed from head to toe in skin-tight black leather cooed seductively as she ran her long crimson fingernails across the top of my swollen belly.

“Yes, ma’am — *hiccup!*” I responded softly, not knowing what else to say. Indeed, I am a very big guy with a very big belly, and I had eaten so much already that evening that I must have been about four or five times fatter than I was when I walked into this mysterious little hole-in-the-wall joint in the middle of nowhere.

The faded neon sign outside just said “all you can eat,” and nothing else. It was a place that looked like a little old rusted-out train caboose, like the old mid-century diner cars from the railways of long ago. On the outside the place didn’t look like it was much larger than a shoebox, but inside it was deceptively large, very dark, and I was apparently the only patron in attendance at the time.

Perhaps the strangest thing about it all was the fact that I had lived in this neighborhood all my life — I’d walked past this dark little alley way a million times, and not once had I ever noticed this place before.

Making my way through the old creaky door, I called out to see if there was anyone there. It was so dark and barren looking inside, for a moment I thought that maybe the place was closed. That’s when this mysterious woman with long black hair and smoky-looking eyes seemed to appear out of nowhere.

She sat me down at a table, in a chair that looked more like a king’s royal throne than something you’d see in a typical diner. When I asked for a menu, she just laughed and told me that she knew what I wanted already. Sure enough, a waitress emerged from the kitchen bringing a massive serving tray full of all my favorite foods.


When I say all my favorite foods, I don’t just mean that they had a few things that I really liked. I mean it was ALL of my favorites! Steaks, fries, cookies, cakes and pies! There were milkshakes and soda-pops, ice cream sandwiches, hoagies and grinders; piles and piles of roast-beef and onion rings, and loads of other goodies that would always be guaranteed to make my tummy happy.

“Dig in,” said the mysterious and sultry hostess. As if being driven by an invisible motor, I began to stuff my face maniacally. I ate and ate and ate until there wasn’t crumb left in sight. I felt fuller and fatter than I had ever felt before, and my belly started popping out of my shirt as it grew right before my eyes.

“Such a big belly,” she said in her low and husky voice, laughing devilishly as she began to bounce her hand up and down on my soft and ample flesh. “I bet we can get you even bigger.”

“Bigger?” I thought to myself. “Is that even possible? I’m already huge and stuffed to the gills. How much fatter can I get before I just explode?”

“Would you like that?” she said in a near whisper as she leaned forward and put her soft and moist lips directly next to my right ear. “Wouldn’t you like to see how much bigger and rounder we can make you, big boy?”

“Yes, ma’am — *hiccup* — I think I would.”

Her tongue came poking out through her front teeth, lapping me ver so lightly on my earlobe. Rising to her feet, she turned toward the kitchen and loudly clapped her hands twice in succession. Just as she did, an army of voluptuous waitresses in skin-high uniforms came marching out, each holding a tower of serving trays in each hand. There must have been enough food there to feed the entire city.

“Is this — *hic* — all for me?” I asked.

“All for you, fatso,” she panted as she gave me a firm slap on my gut, causing it to ripple and wiggle about like a massive gelatinous blob. “Now eat up before it all gets cold.”

I almost didn’t even know where to begin. There was so much! Fortunately I didn’t haver to think about it, because the sexy waitresses started shoving forkfuls of food in my mouth, force-feeding me at an exhaustive tempo.

My whole body started swelling up, bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter until my whole body was almost entirely spherical. Looking down at my belly, it almost seemed to resemble a gigantic flesh-colored basketball, so taut and smooth, my skin shining in the dim light of the diner. Tighter and tighter the pressure grew inside of me, getting so intense that my heart began to race with a mix of nervous anxiety and sheer morbid curiosity, excited to see just how much I could allow myself to be pushed beyond my limits.

“More! More!” the dark and mysterious woman commanded her staff as the relentlessly shoved copious amounts of food in my face. “Faster! I want to see him get bigger! As big and fat as we can possibly make him!”

After a while it was like I couldn’t even taste the food or discern the texture of one thing from the other; it was all just a steady stream of fat and calories getting sucked down into me as though my insides were an unending vortex.

“Mmm, you really are a bottomless pit! Aren’t you, big boy?” The mysterious vixen came cuddling up next to me, tickling my plump double chin with her long nails. I couldn’t answer her this time as my mouth was completely full, the bevy of food-peddling beauties cramming more and more inside of me. “I bet we could keep this up all night and you still wouldn’t be satisfied. Would you, fatso?”

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain building up deep inside of me. I began to panic as fears of rupturing took over my mind. “This is it.” I thought to myself, “this is how I’m going to go!”

My entire body began to blow up like a balloon, filling up with air until I was so big and round I could see little else in front of me other than my gargantuan gut.

“He’s filling up with gas,” said one of the girls, who curiously enough looked a lot like the hostess, just in different clothing.

“I think he’s going to blow!” cried out another of the waitresses.

“Don’t worry, girls,” said the hostess, “he’s going to be just fine. He just needs a nice belly-rub.”

She began stroking and massaging my tummy, providing an instant ease of relief. I still seemed to be growing larger, but the pain wasn’t nearly as intense. In fact, it actually started to feel kind of nice. Even though I was clearly fatter than an entire herd of elephants, inside I began to feel lighter than air, almost as though I were becoming a human-blimp.

It was then that I let out a massive belch that seemed to shake the entire building.


The force from the blast of air seemed to push everyone back, knocking some of the girls to the ground. I looked over and saw the mysterious hostess clinging tightly to my side.

“There, there, honey,” she cooed, patting me on my big balloon-belly, “now doesn’t that feel better?”

“Uhh, yes, ma’am — *hiccup!* — It kind of does.”

“Why don’t you try to let out a few more,” she said softly in my ear, her tongue again lapping softly against my skin.

She started drumming on my abdomen, a deep thumping sound reverberating throughout the room. My tongue came hanging out over my lower lip as a series of long and loud burps erupted from my gut.

“Oh my,” she giggled with a big tooth grin, little bits of spittle spewing out from the tip of her tongue, “you are a big, fat pig, aren’t you?”

“*Hiccup!* — Yes, ma’am.”

“Such a big, fat piggy!” she repeated, bouncing her hand up and down on my large over-inflated stomach. “You’re my chunky little piggy, aren’t you?”

It was at that moment I began to feel a strange sensation taking over my body. My nose suddenly began to turn upward and form the shape of a snout, and from somewhere deep inside of me I began to emit some low guttural grunts, just like an actual pig.

“Oink! Oink!”

“Mmm, such a good piggy!”

“Oink! Oink! Oink!”

“Show me what a good piggy you can be!”

The mysterious woman held a massive sheet cake up in front of my face, and I crammed my entire head directly through the surface of it, spewing bits of crumbs and frosting everywhere. I began gobbling up the cake at an inhuman rate, scarfing it down like it was water, and all the while grunting.

“Oink! Oink!”

“Oh my,” said the woman, “you are so greedy! Such a fat, greedy pig!”

“Oink! Oink!”

“That’s it,” she said, stroking her long fingernails against my ever-expanding abdomen, “keep eating, fatso! It’s all for you!”

When the cake was all gone, I leaned back in the great golden throne that now seemed to be straining under my overwhelming weight, rubbing my giant belly, and I let out another great big belch.


“Have you had enough now?” asked the woman in a cool-sounding tone.

“Yes, ma’am — *hiccup!*”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “The sign outside says ‘All you can eat.’ Have you really eaten all that you can — or do you think you have room for more?”

It was impossible for me to lie; as overstuffed as I was, the honest truth was that I could indeed eat more. I had truly become a genuine glutton, a big fat pig. I was insatiable!

“Yes, ma’am — *hiccup!* — I can eat more.”

“That’s what I thought,” she responded with a wink and devilish grin. “Girls! Bring out the hose!”

The army of scantily-clad waitresses returned once again, now even more scantily-clad, wearing string bikinis, their large breasts undulating and falling out of their tops. With them they brought a massive hose, twice the width of that found on a firetruck. They stuck it in my mouth and turned a large valve in the corner of the room, sending a rush of thick, fat-ladened lard down my throat.

The feeling was intense, as I began to expand at an alarming rate. The warmth of the gooey liquid spread throughout my entire body, my heart pounding in my chest as the mixture of acute abdominal distress and an enraptured excitement washed over me. Bigger and bigger, I kept growing and growing, filling up and feeling like I was going to burst.

Just when I thought I was going to explode, I felt a sudden jolt shake my entire body. It felt as though I had just fallen off the edge of a cliff and landed in my own bed. Opening my eyes, I became aware that I actually was in bed.

I threw the covers off and planted my feet on the ground. Looking down, there was my big fat belly, still nice and plump but not nearly as huge as it was in the wild dream I’d just had.

Making my way downstairs, I was greeted with the most heavenly aroma as I plodded my way into the kitchen. There before me stood a sight for sore eyes: my beautiful wife cooking me a huge breakfast.

“Good morning, sweetheart!” I heard her say. “I hope you’re hungry. I made all of your favorites” waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage links and pork chops, home-fried potatoes and gravy.”

Now in my mind I had every intention and desire to wish my wife a good morning, to kiss her lovingly and tell her all about my crazy dream. In reality however, I found myself instantly sitting down at the table, shoveling food in my face just as fast as I could. I was scarfing everything in sight down my gullet as if I hadn’t eaten in days.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I heard my wife chuckling over the sound of my own chewing and slurping. “You are such a pig — but I do love you.”

This life we live is a strange one indeed; there are some dreams we dream that always seem to be just out of reach, and yet there are some dreams that just keep coming true everyday. I don’t always know exactly what my dreams mean, but all I do know is that I am one seriously lucky man.