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Amanda's Diary by Anonymous (~BHM. Romance, ~SWG)

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Green Eyed Fairy

Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
~BHM, Romance, ~SWG - Young girl schemes her way into the heart of a gorgeous BHM

Amanda's Diary
Six Months in the Life of a Young FFA

By Anonymous

Posted from the Anonymous Alcove of the Dimensions Weight Room as part of the Dimensions WR Library Story Migration Project

Part One

Thursday, April 5

Dear Diary,

I can't believe my Mother is making me go to the "Bon Ami" French immersion camp my so-called best friend told her about. Kayla can never keep her mouth shut. Then again, she also wants me to go so I'm stuck.

My Mom spent a year studying in Paris in college (back in the stone age, ha ha) and ever since she's been what she calls a "Francophile." She loves all that is French.

Our house is decorated with French furniture, art prints and dishware. Now I'm going to miss out on a gymnastics day camp that I wanted to go to, but Mom says I need to develop my mind, too.

I cannot stand my French teacher. A month of the summer lost, stuck in a French nightmare, scares the hell out of me. The more I think about it, the more I want to kick Kayla's butt. I'm too angry to write more now.

Monday, May 14

Dear Diary,

I've now resigned myself to the camp I have to go in July. Mom paid for it so it‘s a done deal. Stick a fork in me. Kayla never shuts up about it.

She's driving me nuts with her "Bonjour Amanda“, “Merci Amanda“, and “Au Revoir, Amanda."

The camp is about an hour away and is set up beside a lake. At least we will be spending some time doing fun things like boating and swimming. Maybe I'll be able to practice gymnastics at some point.

I know I go on and on about gymnastics but Coach Linda says I'm the best on the team. I want to stay that way since I'm starting high school next year and I want to be varsity member

At least we won't have to spend eight hours a day learning French! The camp being co-ed is also kind of exciting. However, I don't like any of the boys in my French class right now so I'm not sure I will find any there either. None of them will compare to Jonathan.

Saturday, June 9

Dear Diary,

I found out something about camp that has my wheels turning. These are the times I take comfort in knowing that I have a super strong lock to secure your pages. I must spill!

Kayla told me that there are a couple of other summer camps located on the same lake as ours. One of those camps is a weight loss camp for boys.

It’s like one of those camps that I have seen advertised in the back of Seventeen magazine. Kayla was laughing when she told me but I've been thinking about it ever since… a camp full of fat guys. Some of them might be really cute.

I have always had an eye for chubby guys and their soft squishy tummies. Why am I suddenly looking forward to this?

Friday, July 6

Dear Diary,

I leave tomorrow for camp so I'm packed up and ready to go. I've been thinking about that fat camp a lot….when I'm not thinking about Jonathan, of course.

I know that I sometimes go on and on about my crush on Jonathan. He's just so cute with his adorable blue eyes. He was looking pretty chunky the last part of the year, so squeezable.

Since next year is our first year of high school, maybe he'll be in one of my classes or extra-curricular activities. He and his friends are all in band and drama and stuff. Mine friends are all in sports.

There are some mutual friends between Jonathan and I but I never get the chance to talk to him. I miss seeing him now that school's out! I hope I can forget about him for at least the next four weeks…

Sunday, July 8

Dear Diary,

I got to camp yesterday and it was lame. The camp counselors were acting like it’s the greatest thing in the world and we should all be so thankful to be there. They all spoke in French so I didn't understand half of what they were saying. I still haven't seen boys from "other" camps yet though I hope to soon!

Tuesday, July 10

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was murder. We were stuck in French language, culture and art classes there were boring, boring, boring. Then today, we finally went swimming!

It turns out that we share the same swim area and boating equipment with the fat camp! They were leaving as we were going in and I spotted all kinds of chubby boys in all shapes and sizes.

I like thicker guys but some of these boys were really big, It took all of my self control not to stare. Though it feels sneaky, I'm already plotting how I can get see more of them.

Friday, July 13

Dear Diary,

After a few days drought, I saw them again. I figured Friday the 13th was as good a day as any to risk getting into trouble for spying on them.

This morning, I told our cabin counselor I didn't feel good and eating breakfast with everyone would have me throwing up for sure. I knew that they were going straight to some art lesson afterwards so I had at least a couple of hours to do my thing.

When everyone left for the cafeteria, I snuck into the woods toward the fat camp area. It took me a little while to find it and I was afraid I'd get lost.

I heard some people yelling so I went toward the noise. From behind a tree, I saw them all. There were around 30 to 40 fat guys doing jumping jacks and sit-ups. It was so cool.
There was one in particular that I really zoned in on. He was about average height and an in-between size. Not the biggest of all those fat boys but still a good size.

He was so cute! Oh my gosh, I just have to know who he is! He’s hard to miss since he has light blond hair and a perfectly tan face. He could be a model or in a boy band, just fatter.

I watched his belly jiggle from the exercises and loved it. I'm so embarrassed to write this but I really like that his belly is even bigger than Jonathan's stomach. After seeing this guy, I have to ask Jonathan who?

Saturday, July 14

Dear Diary,

Today was completely taken up by Bastille Day and we spent the day learning about the French Revolution. It was actually kind of interesting but my mind was elsewhere. I've been thinking constantly about how wonderful it would be to hug that blonde boy. Today I plan on making headway in my quest to find him again.

Sunday, July 15

Dear Diary,

Good news! Since Sunday afternoons are free time for us, I enlisted Kayla to spend our free time hiking in the woods. We took a side trail that I knew would take us in the direction I wanted to go.

Kayla was worried about getting lost but I told her not to worry since I knew where we were heading. We came upon a small group of big boys in a clearing near some archery targets. None of them had that light, blond hair and they didn't notice us at first.

Kayla whispered to me, "Amanda, those are guys from the fat camp."

I told her that I had already seen some a couple of days ago. She kept worrying that they would see us and we would get into trouble. However, I didn't see any of their counselors around so I felt bold and stepped out from behind the bushes.

Kayla tried to stop me but I was determined. The boys seemed shocked to see me but I didn't care. It was really strange because I'm usually not so bold.

Casually, I asked them if they were also in the French immersion camp. They laughed and told me that they were from Camp Bear-Wolf.

Kayla joined us then but just stood there without saying anything. I think she was nervous but I knew I had to be more so. I was trying to be cool on the outside but was now getting worried about being caught.

I was thinking fast when I asked, "Hey, do you guys know a really blond guy at your camp? He's not super tall but is real tan and you can't miss his hair."

One of them answered me saying, "You must mean T.J. Miller. Do you know him?"

I told them that I didn't know him directly but had seen him around. I was thrilled to have found out his name.

The lights out call just came so I will have to write more tomorrow.

Monday, July 16

Dear Diary,

On the way back from our walk to the fat camp, Kayla quizzed me about this blond guy T.J. so I spilled it. She was shocked. Partly from the realization that I had already been sneaking around but also from the fact that I had a crush on a fat boy.

She's a good friend, though, and didn‘t try to dissuade me from it. She's been busy trying to hook up with a guy in our camp herself.

I've been thinking I could write a note to T.J. and figure out a way to get it to their mailroom. Maybe our mail person can help? This may require some more planning. I never realized that I could be such a sneaky girl….

Tuesday, July 17

Dear Diary,

After a long talk with Kayla, I think I have the courage to write the note. Kayla thinks that he might find me attractive, as well. She says that if Jason Larson likes me (the soccer-guy from my school that I went to last year's mid-winter dance with) then T.J probably will, too. I think T.J.'s way cuter, though, and my nerves are dancing.

I’m thinking about saying "Hi, I'm Amanda from the French immersion camp. I don't know about you but I'm already bored with this camp. Can you meet me this Friday night at 6 o’clock near the archery area?"

I hope he doesn’t think I am being too forward.

Wednesday, July 18

Dear Diary,

I found the courage and sent him that letter. The mail room lady told me that I could just put it into the inter-camp mail and he should get it today. I'm so freaking out! I did ask him that if he cannot meet me, to send a note back through inter-camp mail. I’m incredibly nervous….but still kind of excited.

Thursday, July 19

Dear Diary,

I didn't hear anything back from him and I'm just a basket case. I'm too afraid to attempt one of my trips through the woods. What if he just ignores me? What if he didn't get it right away and there was no time for him to get back to me? Well, I'm just going to go tomorrow night. My mind is set on meeting him.

Friday, July 20

Dear Diary,

Well, I'm about to leave to meet T.J. (hopefully). I'll write more when I get back (if I do without getting into trouble).

Dear Diary,

I'm BAAAACK! He was there!!!! He came with a fellow camper that I recognized from that meeting with Bear-Wolf campers. I felt so stupid since I was alone. He is so gorgeous.

I just went right up to them and said, "You're T.J., right?"

He smiled and said, "Yeah, how do you know me?“

I confessed that I had just seen him around and wanted to meet him.

So then he asked, "Why did you want to meet me then, anyway?"

I was a total idiot and just froze, not knowing what to say, especially with his friend there. I could feel myself blushing. I saw him elbow his friend and his friend said something about having to leave.

Then it was just him and I, standing there. I suggested we walk around the hike path so we wouldn't get caught. As we walked, I got a better look at him.

He was wearing a t-shirt that had some weird surfer logos, board shorts and cool new basketball shoes. His hair glistened in the afternoon sun and his eyes looked as blue as the sky.

His face is kind of round and he has the most perfect skin. His belly is pretty big, too. I could occasionally tell how big when the breeze would blow against his shirt.

I started wondering how much he weighs. I'm about 95 lbs so I have to wonder if could he be twice my size? That would be so cool. I'm in love, I swear. Oh crap, lights out, so I'm going to write more tomorrow. It's getting real juicy now!

Saturday, July 21

Dear Diary,

I'm so glad that I have a little time this morning to write more! I had a hard time going to sleep last night. T.J. and I had walked and talked for awhile.

He asked me all about my camp and I went on and on about all the boring stuff we do. I wasn't sure how to ask him about the fat camp because I didn't know if he was sensitive about it.

However, he brought it up himself and said that his dad wanted him to lose weight for baseball since he's supposed to be really good at it.

I simply said, "Oh, I didn't think you needed to be skinny for baseball."

He said it's better to be in shape for it. Plus, he doesn’t want to listen to his parents all summer.

He then told me that he's starting at Glenview High School next year. That school is about 20 miles away from my own, so he's not that far away. That made me grin like an idiot so I embarrassed myself again.

I became worried about making it back for bed check so I didn't get to talk to him much more but we agreed to meet again tonight after dinner. I'm so excited and cannot wait to tell Kayla!

Dear Diary,

We met again and I'm freaking out. He's just so damn cute. We kissed tonight! I’m jumping ahead so I will go back to the beginning.

We met again at the same place except this time he came alone. I brought him a Kit Kat bar since I figured he was probably desperate for something really good to eat. I imagine that camp feeds him food that tastes like cardboard.

He blushed and thanked me. He looks so cute when he blushes! His chubby cheeks got all red and he looked away. He is kind of shy, I think.

It was oddly cold out tonight so he wore a sweatshirt and khakis. I wasn't smart enough to wear something warm so he had offered me his sweatshirt. When he took it off, I caught a glimpse of his bare belly underneath his t-shirt.

He is pretty fat and I was digging it! The fat bulges that stick out from his sides were really obvious since his t-shirt was kind of tight. His sweatshirt dwarfed me but at least my shivers went away.

He didn't seem cold at all though, the tough guy. We sat down to talk more in this little area that the trees and bushes kind of enclose. We whispered about all kinds of things and I kept inching closer so I could hear him and he could hear me.

We thought we heard someone walking through the woods so we stayed quiet for a few minutes. We kept looking around and then looking at each other with silent laughs.

The noise went away so I went over to whisper in his ear, "Do you think they're gone?"

He nodded back and we were face to face. I leaned into kiss him. I just did it! He seemed happy to kiss me back. I'm worried now, though, since I reached out to rest my hand on his big waist and he jumped up when I did.

Then he suddenly said that he had to leave. He did say he would like to meet me again though tomorrow night! But for now I'm going to sleep with his huge sweatshirt on.

Sunday, July 22

Dear Diary,

We met again and it was wonderful. He told me that he was sorry he left so suddenly last night. I told him that I was glad he came to meet me again.

We had a little more time together since we both have "get out of jail free" cards on Sundays. That was his joke! He's so funny on top of being a total hot boy.

He told me his real name is Thomas James Miller, III. (The third!) That's why he goes by T.J., so he doesn't get confused with his dad.

We kissed some more and I discovered that he’s a great kisser, too. I have only French kissed one other boy before but he sure seems like the best.

I am in French immersion camp so I should be Frenching, right? Ha Ha. I was too afraid to try to get my arms around him because I didn't want him to run off again!

I had brought him another snack. This time it was a snickers bar. He told me I was bad! Am I bad? I am sad that I don't get to see him for a few days since I can't get away tomorrow and he has some field trips this week.

Wednesday, July 25

Dear Diary,

I am going though T.J. withdrawal. I miss him and his cute belly, too. When will this week ever end?

Friday, July 27

Dear Diary,

We met again and did a lot more kissing. He started asking me again about why I sent him a note to meet him. I came clean and told him how I had spotted him and instantly wanted to meet him.

He didn't believe me. Then he told me that the guys at his camp were all talking about the hot chick from the French camp that knew him.

I was like, "They thought I was hot?" and he was like, "Well, yeah, you are totally."

I'm so in love with T.J.! What a sweetheart he is! I'm so going to miss him when camp is over. I wonder if he'll want to stay in touch with me. I hope so!

Sunday, July 29

Dear Diary,

I didn't get to see him yesterday but we had our long Sunday afternoon rendezvous today…and he gave me some more Frenching lessons.

It surprised me when asked me to his homecoming dance this fall. I told him he'd have to go to mine, too, and he asked, "You won't be embarrassed to be seen with me?"

I was surprised, again, by that question but told him, "No way, you're a total hottie."

He blushed again. I love seeing his gorgeous face when it gets all red! He then said something about losing more weight before the dance. I told him he is gorgeous just the way he is right now.

He seems a little down on himself about his weight. He said he's lost about 15 pounds this summer.

I told him, "Well that's cool if you're happy about it but I think you're body is really nice."

I think I freaked him out a little, but I was being honest. Isn't honesty the best policy?

Wednesday, August 1

Dear Diary,

We got busted and I have never felt so stupid before today! I was with T.J. and after a nice walk and some hand holding, we started making out like crazy.

He had his hand up the back of my shirt when one of his camp counselors walked up and said, "What the heck is this?!"

That made both of us jump about three feet off the ground! The counselor looked to be about college age and on the chunky side himself.
He then looked at me and said, "I can see you're not one of our Bear-Wolf campers so you better get back to your own camp young lady!"

I gave T.J. a quick kiss on the cheek and took off.

As I was walking away, I heard the counselor say to T.J., "Between you and me, nice one, but it IS against the rules, you know."

So I'm sending him a note by inter-camp mail to meet again in a new spot. Friday night is our last chance to see each other before going home since I leave on Saturday. I never would have thought I would miss this place. T.J. has been my knight in shining armor this summer.

Friday, August 3

Dear Diary,

I'm so sad now and was crying on my walk home from my last meeting with T.J. I'm going to miss him so much. He's still got two weeks left at camp. I know I shouldn't think this way but I hope he doesn't lose any more weight there.

He told me that, after he goes home, he wants to have me over to his house to water ski since they live beside a lake. That would be so cool. I'd get to see him in his swim trunks and I could show off in my bikini.

Yes, I'm a naughty girl, I know. We kissed madly and exchanged contact information. I got his email, address and phone number before I left. I am one unhappy camper, pun intended. I'm sending him an email and a letter as soon as I get home.

Saturday, August 4

Dear Diary,

My mom picked me up and she was all excited to speak to me in French.

I was like, “Mom, I've had enough, give me a rest on that for a few days. I just want to hear English for a while”.

She asked me whether I made new friends and I told her that, in fact, one new friend invited me over to his house to go water skiing. She wanted to know what the deal was with my new friend being a "he."

I told her he's still at camp for a couple of weeks so it came out that he wasn't a French immersion kid. That prompted her to ask what camp he from.

I told her it was called Camp Bear-Wolf. S

She asked what kind of camp it was and I told her, "Well, Mom, it's a weight loss camp."

She really looked shocked and asked, "Did your camps socialize?"

I told her that we kind of just ran into each other by accident. She doesn’t need to know what a total schemer I am.

Monday, August 20

Dear Diary,

It was so awesome! My mom drove me over to his house and it's huge place. His dad is a lawyer and must be like a millionaire or something cause T.J. lives like a king.

We went to the door and his mom answered. She seems really cool and is pretty and petite. It's hard to believe a big guy like T.J. came from that tiny woman! However, he still resembles her in the face.

T.J. came down and he looked so cute. He does look like he's lost a little more weight but he still has plenty of chub left to make me happy. Our mothers sat and chatted for a little bit while T.J. showed me around his house.

We managed to sneak in some kisses while we were upstairs. After my mom left, his mom made us lunch. She's a really good cook and seemed to let T.J. eat as much as he wanted.

I was glad to see that because it would have annoyed me if she had told him not to eat so much or made comments about him gaining his weight back. It became obvious that his Dad is the one who sent him to the camp in the first place.

We changed into our bathing suits and went out on the lake. His mom drove the boat while we skied. He took his shirt off before jumping in and he looked so good.

His tummy is really tan and soft and I tried not to stare. I also noticed he's got really nice, thick thighs that still look muscular and a soft butt. I was liking what I saw very much.

Then it was my turn and I stripped down to my bikini. He was totally checking me out and his mom caught him eyeing me. It was so funny! I hung in there pretty well.

T.J. was very impressed with my skiing! We were out there for hours. It was THE BEST day of my life.

Last night I met his dad, who had just gotten back from a business trip. He seemed pretty nice and asked me all about school and my other interests.

After telling him about the French camp, gymnastics and my new school, T.J.'s sister came home after dinner with her boyfriend. She's going to be a senior in high school and is really pretty with blonde hair and big boobs.

I was surprised because I had seen a picture of her, when she was younger, on the wall. She had been plain and pretty chunky with glasses.

She gave me attitude when she asked, "So what, you're T.J.'s girlfriend?" in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Her boyfriend kept looking at me, too. It was kind of weird. After dinner, we went to T.J.'s room and played video games and talked for a while.

Then we watched a movie and I received more Frenching lessons from T.J. I rested my hand on his tummy and this time he let me leave it there

He told me I am beautiful and that he's never liked anyone as much as me. I'm so in love.

This morning my mom came and picked me up since I start gymnastics practice this afternoon. She quizzed me again but I think she realizes that he's my boyfriend now. I think she is now okay with it all.

Monday, August 27

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day of school and it was surprisingly easy. My older brother's friends were nice to me and I met a bunch of new people. I also saw my old crush Jonathan. He's skinny now and all I could think was how much I didn‘t like it.

He’s nowhere near as attractive as he used to be. I know that's mean but I can't help it that I prefer him fatter. The most ironic thing is that he's hanging out with some of my friends now.

They told him I had a crush on him so he's flirting with me. So WHY didn't that happen last year? Now I'm totally into T.J. and Jonathan's old news.

Saturday, September 1

Dear Diary,

Jonathan asked me to the football game tonight. I told him that I'm on the dance team so I'll be too busy to go. He told me he hoped to see me after the game.

It wound up that I did see him. He asked me if it was true that I liked him. I was honest and told that I had last year but that I now have a boyfriend from a different school. He seemed kind of pissed.

Friday, September 7

Dear Diary,

I'm throwing a quick entry in before school. Tonight is going to be great! T.J. is coming to our football game to see me! I'm going to perform with my dance team and then sit with him to watch the game. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!


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