Anything ever hold you back from just letting go?

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Marshmallow Minotaur

Short fat bear
Apr 5, 2017
New Jersey USA
I mean holding back from gaining, slowing down, not reaching or going for your fat potential.

For me it’s clothes. I’m just about 5’6”, currently 223 lbs., 47-48” belly, 40-42 waist pants. Up til last year I was 245 lbs, 53” belly 44 waist pants. I was going for 250 - 260, maybe even 270. As I gained, like anyone else I had to buy new clothes. The problem is I love clothes, and even being out of work the past year due to, well, y’know 🙄 and deciding to retire, I still love clothes and even still get dressed most days in my business casuals... dress slacks, chinos, button down shirts, polo shirts. I even wore one of my jackets to go shopping.

I would still like to get to that goal of 260 - 270, size 46-48 pants, get my belly up to a blubbery 55 - 57”. I have some room to grow into my current clothes but I think I’m subconsciously holding myself back because I may get to the point of replacing my clothes (again), which I just don’t have money for. Of course, I may only get as far as filling out my current clothes, or I’ll have to bite the bullet and put my clothes away and just get a few things that fit. After all, I don’t have to get dressed anymore. And this may all just be neurotic worrying ... I tend to do that.

But the question remains, has anyone ever held themselves back? I think of the Weird Al spoof of the Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ video. Weird Al pulls a rip cord on his clothes and he instantly blows up. I’d like to be able to pull my rip cord and let go.😆😆😆


Dimensions' loiterer
Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Although my earliest erotic fantasies were about mutual gaining, all through high school and university and for some years after, I managed to convince myself that I was attracted to bigger women but had to be as thin as I could manage because obviously there were no women who liked fatter guys (which was still in the 'overweight' category, but it was as thin as I could manage). Yah, I was young and stupid.

By the time the penny dropped, I was married to my lovely wife, who I love very much, who I love to please and to turn on, and who I would never want to make feel she got the bait-and-switch ... and she is not particularly an FA. She has fairly minimal fat-phobia and isn't into super thin or toned guys, but fat really isn't her prefered look. I know she'd be happier if I was 20-40 pounds lighter than I've reached currently, but I can't currently deal with trying to get back to those sorts of weights.

So that is what holds me back. Were she to suddenly become an FA, I'm pretty sure I would be at least a couple more clothing sizes bigger, possibly more depending on how my body handled it.

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