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May 12, 2007
Author’s note: This is based on Jules Verne’s 1873 classic “Around the world in 80 days”. If you need to read the next synopsis you have been mis-educated. You need to go find this book and read it, along with the other classics from before our time.

As a result of the opening of a new section of railroad in India, a newspaper claims that it is now possible to circumnavigate the world in 80 days. A wealthy man of leisure in London, Mr Phileas Fogg lays a wager of £20,000 (would be around $2million today) with fellow club members that this can be done and sets off together with his valet, a Frenchman named Passepartout. A police inspector Fix believes that Fogg is a master criminal behind a recent bank robbery and sets off in pursuit. Not knowing his true agenda, Fogg charitably invites Fix along part of the journey.

In India they come across a ritual that will sacrifice an unwilling beautiful but skinny young girl, Aouda. Fogg rescues her and she travels with the group all the way back to London.

My story picks up at the point where she is rescued with an alternate view of what could have been.

Having rescued the young victim, the group made haste to catch the train at the next railway station, taking Aouda with them to Calcutta. On the train Aouda slept deeply, still under the effect of the soporific drugs necessary to make her compliant with being a human sacrifice.
Finally reaching Calcutta, they boarded a steamer (steam-powered ship) to Hong Kong. This trip of some two weeks allowed Fogg the chance to gather his thoughts and consider his next moves. It turned out that Aouda had distant relatives in Hong Kong, so the Englishman could safely discharge her to their care. With this detail taken care of, and the increasing distance from her captors, they all relaxed. It was immediately clear that Aouda was painfully thin, causing Fogg to comment to other men “truly I have never seen such distressingly accurate use of the term skin and bones!” Although she was 18 years of age, her bony figure made her appear even younger.

During their voyage he made sure she was served hearty meals, however she was unaccustomed to food of such richness and in portions so plentiful so that she could barely stomach it. As the days passed, however, he was pleased and relieved to observe that her appetite was improving and she began to leave less and less uneaten on her plate.

Upon reaching Hong Kong they swiftly discovered that Aouda's distant relative had left, probably to Holland. At this juncture, rather than save her from the pan only to throw her into the fire, Fogg offered Aouda to accompany them to Europe where further attempts could be made to reach her relatives. The Indian girl embarrassed Fogg by hugging him tight, thanking him profusely. The Englishman pretended to be uncomfortable at her embrace, but did not push her away; indeed he returned her embrace in an avuncular manner. He felt sure that her upper arms had taken some flesh, hardly soft but certainly less bony than she had been when he rescued her.

The next order of business was to secure passage to Yokohama, Japan on a steamer for another 6 day voyage. Now knowing that the young lady would be under his protection for a while, Fogg sent his valet Passepartout to help her purchase sufficient clothes and female accoutrements for a long trip.

Aouda was not accustomed to the attention lavished on her at the seamstress. Until now she had only ever had dresses that were worn thin, handed down from fellow villagers who had outgrown them. Here she had swathes of rich material thrown about her, the seamstress cutting out yards upon yards of material so that the young Indian girl thought she was making a curtain! As she was made to pose before the mirror, the women taking her measurements, Aouda saw herself in the mirror properly for the first time. She had filled out, there was no doubt of that, her formerly skinny body now padded out lightly by a soft layer of adipose. Her little breasts, formerly barely filling an A cup now had a bit more flesh to them, a warm handful. Aouda thought her body much improved from her previous starved look.

On the steamer to Japan, Fogg continued to encourage her to eat with gusto, tipping the cook generously to ensure particularly tasty treats for his charge. There were few distractions aboard and the two took pleasure in the company of one another, passing the time by relating tales of life in their respective countries, nibbling and snacking on delicacies provided by the cook. Fogg was slightly shocked by her stories of abject poverty in rural India, yet charmed by the exotic culture. Meanwhile Aouda listened wide-eyed to his vivid descriptions of the modern wonders London held. She noted with interest that women considered pretty were a good deal plumper than herself.

Arriving in Yokohama, the group found a steamer to take them across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco. This was an exceedingly long journey of some three weeks. Fogg again crossed the cook’s palm with silver to ensure that his young Indian companion was amply nourished and there were finally visible results to his efforts. Her appetite was now sufficiently aroused as to allow her to gourmandise abundantly during meals, and she never refused a snack of chocolate or cakes between times. Fogg observed with pleasure and pride her form filling out under her flowing gowns. Her belly swelled out softly, as did too her buttocks and hips. Her cheeks filled out and her previously hungry look gave way to one of a normal, healthy, well fed young woman. What he failed to notice was that in spending so much time in her company, he too was eating more than was his wont. This resulted in a paunch settling over his waist and filling out his shirts.

Passepartout as a good valet did what he could to disguise his master’s expansion but by the time they reached San Francisco, a gain of some twenty five pounds was hard to cover up. Fogg felt his clothes uncomfortably tighter and berated his hapless valet for shrinking his clothes. The evening before they reached American ground, he accompanied Aouda for a stroll around the deck after yet another abundant dinner that left them both stuffed to the gills. The bright moon shimmered on the calm sea, the surface barely rippled at all. As the young woman leaned into him, Fogg enjoyed the feel of her body. No longer skin and bones, she was almost embonpoint, having packed on easily thirty pounds on this voyage alone. Eating almost non-stop with no activity has that effect. Fogg complimented her on her growing beauty.

“I am pleased to note that you have responded excellently to the diet I prescribed for you” he began in his solemn tone.

“Oh?” she asked, somewhat embarrassed at the conversation turning to her weight gain.

“You were starved almost to death when we found you” he said, “now look at you! A real beauty to behold, woman enough to excite even the dullest man” he exclaimed proudly. “Your legs, hips and bottom have curved out most delectably, you now carry a full rounded belly ahead of you while your bosom is in very real danger of bursting your dress asunder!” he continued excitedly.

“Yes, well, you certainly have not kept me in hunger, though I must admit the results are becoming rather obvious in my form.” She blushed and looked around to make sure no one was looking. She lifted her outer dress and pointed to her petticoat underneath. “Behold what your diet has done to me” she said. Looking as requested, Fogg noticed that while her loose outer dresses did much to disguise her gain, her petticoat was strained tight over her blossoming figure. In fact at the spot she pointed to halfway up her thigh, a seam had burst apart and an inch or two of soft flab bulged out decadently. “It’s fortunate that we reach San Francisco soon, else I fear I might have been restricted to my cabin as I burst out of the clothes you so kindly provided me with.”

Fogg felt an unexplainable rush of sexual heat at her words. She could have suggested that she’d have to reduce her eating, but no, the only option she foresaw was eating more, getting fatter till she blew out of her clothes. Imagining her getting even plumper, his heart raced. He could visualise her thighs expanding, ripping that seam open further until the material was engulfed in her beautiful flab, epic proof of the ripening and rounding out of a girl coming of age.

Too late, he noticed his manhood standing to attention, making his emotions clear. Ashamed of himself for letting his lust appear so obviously, like a crass sailor, the gentlemen turned to face the sea, trying to hide his erection against the railings. Aouda stood behind him and lifted her hands to his shoulders. She rubbed them in a firm massage. He barely dared to breathe, the touch of her fingers, the scent of her bodily perfume driving him to a lust he could scarce control, his cock throbbing urgently for relief. Her hands slipped down his back and around his chest. She felt, and he felt her feeling his pectorals, softer than they used to be. Still her hands slid down till they rubbed his full belly, rounded out to fat from their indulgent weeks at sea. Her smooth fingers found the gap between buttons and she slipped her hand onto his skin. He inhaled sharply, remaining motionless. “It seems that you too have a greater presence than you did in India” she said softly, her hands rubbing his paunch, pinching his fat, probing his navel. “Your indulgence at the dinner table has clearly left you in need of a larger size of shirts …”
He cut her off sharply by pulling away from her. “My useless valet has shrunk my shirts!” he exclaimed rudely.

“I… oh…” she spluttered nonplussed. Surely he couldn’t be blind to his weight gain when he was so clearly enjoying hers? “I do apologise, I meant no offence” she called after him as he stormed off angrily. She did not wish to upset her benefactor. Aouda looked all over the deck for him but back at the table, Fix informed her that he had grabbed Passepartout and hauled him off to his cabin. Mystified the girl walked to Fogg's cabin but slowed as she heard shouting from inside.

“Do you call this fat eh?” Fogg bellowed.

“No Sir, of course not!” she could hear the desperation in the valet’s lie.

Looking around to make sure no one was near, Aouda stooped to peer through the keyhole and beheld a sight of wonder. Fogg had stripped to his underwear and marched around the room angrily. His underpants were clearly too tight and struggled to pack in his behind, fattened up from their weeks of sedentary stuffing sessions. His belly swelled out from his pants in a majestic bulge, a bloated ball of fat that wobbled as he walked. He paused in front of a mirror, striking different poses, each one with his paunch on prominent display. “Surely this is not too fat for a gentleman of leisure eh?” he demanded of his cowering valet. “An appetite of a king and a purse to match it are not trifling matters eh?”

“I tell you what it is!” he shouted. “That young woman is ashamed at how quickly she has gained weight – not that she has anything to fear mind you, her beauty increases with her girth. Yes, she is embarrassed and has deflected her feelings of gluttony onto me. But how to help her eh, how is a man to help her?” He slumped into a chair, his belly sitting fat on his lap. “Get out” he bellowed suddenly at Passepartout, “be gone!”

Aouda had to move quickly not be caught peeping through the keyhole like a common thief. As she tried to run silently down the corridor she felt her body slower, moving in a new way, unaccustomed to the adipose that had covered her body.

In San Francisco they would board a train to New York, a trip that would last around a week. Before doing so Fogg handed Passepartout a purse and instructed him to accompany Aouda to purchase new clothes, as well as to buy new shirts for himself. The Indian girl chose her new clothes happily, now more used to the attention. She twirled before the mirrors, taking delight in seeing the plump girl reflected back at her. A generous layer of flab covered her from head to toe; her cheeks were now round, rosy and plump. Her neck had thickened slightly, a double chin framed her chubby face. Her body danced ina movement of its own, her breasts full and ripe lay atop a soft and prominent belly. Her buttocks, her hips and thighs all wobbled to theor own rhythm.

With the benefit of experience she instructed the seamstress to make them all a few inches larger than needed. She now knew from both Fogg's physical response and his words to his valet that her benefactor was clearly pleased with her expansion, seeing her more beautiful as she grew. She had never lived such a good life and planned to fully enjoy it until she reached her dreary aunt in Holland. Through her gaiety she noticed that Passepartout seemed worried and questioned him until he gave in and explained his dilemma. She had to make pretence that she was not already aware.
“You see Miss, my patron has instructed me to purchase him shirts that fit in his size, yet as you may have noticed he has been led by your appetite of late and has also, well…“ he drifted off, unsure how to proceed without causing offence to either the young lady or to his master.

Aouda helped him out. “We have both got quite fat, haven’t we?”

“Um, well... ” stammered the valet.

“But whereas I embrace my growth, it’s clear that our kind master rejects
his. Well it’s obvious what you have to do then, isn’t it? Get shirts a size larger and cut off the labels.”

“Oh you’re a genius!” exclaimed Passepartout happily.

Entering a store, Aouda explained their problem to the storekeeper. He chuckled and agreed to their strange request then added: “do you need shirts in the identical pattern another size up? Is your friend likely to keep getting fatter?” Passepartout and Aouda looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Most certainly!” they agreed.

During their train ride to New York they encountered several obstacles, some more dangerous than others. In order to keep his protégée unconcerned, Fogg once again arranged for her to be distracted with food, and again found himself unable to keep away from her company or from eating to excess.

Now aware that her weight gain turned him on, Aouda would subtly let show signs of her getting fatter. She enjoyed exclaiming at the end of a meal “Oh I am so replete I cannot move! But that dessert looks too tempting, I must have a portion. Or two in fact as it looks positively divine! Please say you’ll join me, Mr. Fogg don’t let me look like a glutton.” Fogg was overcome by her charms yet was too much of a gentleman to put action to his feelings. This was a young girl in his charge, he could not exploit her natural adoration of him to his selfish advantage. Much to his own disgust he found himself channeling his lust into his appetite, enjoying slipping morsels between his lips in her company, then angry with himself when in the privacy of his cabin he witnessed his form bloating ever larger. He could no longer pretend to blame Passepartout for his getting ever fatter, his belly bulging out rounder and softer each day that passed.

On one occasion Aouda noticed that her dress had ripped slightly over her belly. Pretending that she had not realised, she stuffed herself at dinner and wiggled around so that the material tore even further as it gave in to the pressure of her burgeoning tummy. Unable to tear his eyes away, Fogg watched in delight as her belly swelled up and opened the tear one stitch at a time, a generous roll of flab becoming visible. Finally pretending to notice only then, she tried to close the rip with her hands, ensuring that her clumsy motions tore the material even further. Then seeing the futility she gave up and pinched her fat. “See what you are doing to me Mr. Fogg!” she complained falsely. “Your insistence that I eat well has led me to billow out like a sail in a full wind!”

In order to prevent his lust taking over possession of his senses, Fogg didn’t dare open his mouth to speak and instead busied himself by gorging on the sweetmeats available. Inspector Fix stared at Fogg, amazed at how fat the man had grown. He saw Fogg’s largesse with money as further proof of his guilt in the bank robbery: surely no one would spend his own money so wastefully. Moreover this sudden gluttony was clearly, in Fix’s eyes a result of a man unaccustomed to money suddenly finding himself awash with it. Upon leaving London Fogg had the average build for a forty year old gentleman of leisure; by no means fat yet with middle age spread starting to gather over his waist. Now he had ballooned to a swollen pig of a man, his belly stretching his waistcoat to its utter limits, a roll of flab escaping underneath like dough flowing over a baking pan.

Aouda risked Fogg's wrath again by trying to guage his feelings for his own weight gain. After yet another dinner of epic proportions Fix and Passepartout went for a stroll about deck, leaving the two gluttons alone. Aouda got up and went round near him. She patted his belly, bloated beyond belief and said “that was indeed another lovely repast, my good Sir. I thank you for your kindness.” Fogg was too stuffed to be roused to anger, but he was clearly uncomfortable. He couldn't understand these feelings he had. To be aroused at the sight of such a beautifu plump maiden was of course entirely normal. What was not normal, however, was the surge of lust that coursed through his body whenever he ate to much, feeling his belly baloon out ever further, ever fatter. And now when she touched his overblown paunch he was ready to orgasmon the spot. In fact he had tugged the tablecoth so that it draped over his crotch and hid his erection. Seeing he did not push her hand away, Aouda rubbed his gut gently. “We are really eating to excess far too frequently, are we not?”

At this he pushed her hand away, and protested “not you my dear. You do well to nourish yourself so amply: all women of society in Europe tend to embonpoint. I however, have let myself run to fat most shockingly; this is certainly not the look I wished to return to London with.”

“But I..” she started. He cut her off brusquely and went off to his cabin.

Reaching New York, they found that they had missed the sailing of their ship by a mere 45 minutes. Fogg searched other opportunities to cross the Atlantic Ocean and he found a small steamboat destined for Bordeaux, in France. However, the captain of the boat refused to deviate to Liverpool, whereupon Fogg consented to be taken to Bordeaux at an extortionate rate. He then spent even more to hire a chef to allow Aouda to continue blossoming so delightfully. And himself too, he thought angrily, unable to understand his sheer lack of willpower which had heretofore been his forte.

During the nine day voyage across the Atlantic, Fogg bought the entire ship and had the crew tear off wooden parts to fuel the steam engine to maintain full speed. He also diverted the course so that the companions arrived at Queenstown, Ireland, in time to reach London via Dublin and then Liverpool before making London by the deadline. The heightened level of stress was tangible amongst all on board, and Aouda busied herself with eating, encouraging Fogg to relax and accompany her, which he did gladly. However, as soon as they stepped, or in the case of Fogg and Aouda waddled onto British soil Fix produced a warrant and arrested Fogg, leaving Aouda disconsolate and Passepartout raging in futility.

The misunderstanding was swiftly cleared up as the actual robber had been apprehended some days earlier in Scotland. Nonetheless, Fogg missed the train and returned to London five minutes late, certain that he had lost the wager. Passepartout and Aouda left him in silence, unable to comprehend how a man must feel when he lost all he possesses. To have his foolhardy mission fail at the last hurdle, and for a reason so trite was unfathomable.
Back at his house in London the next day, Phileas Fogg asked Aouda to join him in his study. She entered the dark room and stood silently, awaiting the axe to fall. Surely she would now be sent off to her boring old aunt in Holland, ending the life of pampering she had very quickly become accustomed to.

He left her stand for a moment while he drank in her appearance. The skinny girl in Calcutta had eaten her way to become a plump maiden, ripe for the plucking by some lucky gentleman. She must have gained around 80 pounds he thought, then sniggered mentally at the coincidence. Around the world in eighty days, or gain eighty pounds around the world. “Sit down please” he invited her.

She sat down gingerly in a large wooden chair, ornately decorated with carvings. She lowered herself slowly because she knew that she had outgrown her clothes yet again. Her corset underneath complained audibly with the pressure of holding in her fat body. Despite the corset, her belly was clearly visible as even her outer dress stretched tightly across it, most definitely not the look the seamstress had intended.

She looked at Fogg who was similarly packed uncomfortably into a suit that he was too fat for. “I must thank you for your pleasant company, you provided many hours of welcome conversation in an otherwise bland journey. However I can only apologise for bringing you with me to London dear Aouda. I was very arrogant to think I would win the wager but fate wished otherwise. I have now to live in poverty and regret that I cannot sustain you financially. I will beg my friends to provide you passage to Holland to rejoin your aunt whom I hope finds herself in better straits than I” he concluded formally.

“Oh you silly man” cried Aouda unexpectedly. She lifted herself out of her seat and ran up to him. She sat on his lap and threw her arms around him and opened up her heart. “I have never been treated so respectfully by anyone ever before! You risked your life to save me when you had every reason not to, then took me under your protection. These last weeks with you have been the best of my life; I have relished every moment in your company and have never been fed so well. Look at me now Phileas! Do you not like what you see?” As she rocked about on his lap her corset at last gave up the fight and burst asunder. It tore open at the bottom first, around her belly then quickly ripped apart all the way up to her breasts. The light material of her outer dress was no match for her curves and simply tore open from top to bottom, allowing her flab to surge out. She stood up and shook off the last threads, leaving her body bare except for her very tight panties.

She leaned over him, his erection blatantly obvious. She poked his belly. “You have grown fat too.” He stiffened and squirmed in his chair. “Stop it you silly man and listen to me” she insisted. “For the last eight weeks you have been eating with me, keeping me stuffed with succulent meats and plying me with chocolates. And look at the results” She twirled, her soft body aquiver, a mesmerising display of moving flesh. “You have matched me mouthful for mouthful, eating at least as much as me. Did you not think such indulgence would bear results? Look at yourself, you have become a man of substance now, my stout protector, do you think I will lose you?” So saying she hauled him to his feet. “Bend over” she instructed.

“I beg your pardon?” he queried.

“You heard me, bend over, touch your toes.”

He complied and as she had guessed, the stress of containing his paunch was too much for the waistcoat and it blew apart. His shirt quickly followed suit sending buttons shooting across the room. She laughed with joy and he joined in, seeing his fat gut wobble and shake. “Why, I dare say you may be right.” He jested. “I may perchance have put on a pound or two.”

She pushed him agains the desk and sraddled him. “Oh it's much more than one or two pounds, you glutton and you know it.”

“Yes!” he breathed.

“You have been gorging yourself like a pig, never able to stop eating until all the food is gone!”

“Yes!” he shouted.

“You just sat there, seeing me eating and getting fatter and gave in to your gluttonous desires and ate till you have become a fat balloon!”

“Yes!” he screamed, his cock throbbing against her wet crotch.

She pushed him back into his seat and sat on him again, then looked him straight into the eyes. “Marry me.” She said. “I know you won’t ask me yourself as you’re too proud now that you are penniless and so uncommonly fat, but there is nothing that would make me happier. I promise to be a good wife to you.”

“Oh Aouda” he murmured, sinking his head into her soft neck. “You are truly a unique lady and I gladly accept your offer.”

Forgetting their near naked state, Fogg called Passepartout into the room. He entered at a run then stopped short at the sight of the two plumpers making out on the chair, almost bare naked, fat abounding.

“Go find a minister man! Quick! We are to be married without delay, I cannot keep myself from taking this plump young beauty for much longer!” “Nor can I” added Aouda sexily. The two continued to tease one another, rubbing the other’s flab, digging fingers deep into fat rolls.

“I believe you gained this inch in San Francisco!” laughed Aouda.

“And you grew this delectable roll across the Atlantic” parried Fogg.

Passepartout burst into the room again some time later in a state of great excitement. “Quick master,” he shouted, “there is no time to lose!”
“I know!” agreed Fogg, “another minute and this lady here will lose her innocence at my own hand!”

“Keep your cock in your pants!” cried the Frenchman, forgetting himself. “We must make haste to the club Sir, for there are but minutes left.”

“To the club?” asked an astounded Fogg. “But you know I cannot show my face there! I am in disgrace.”

“It is Friday, December 20th Sir!” shouted Passepartout, overcome by excitement.

“It cannot be!” exclaimed Fogg. “Surely it is Saturday, December 21st!”

“No sir, the minister explained it to me. Because we travelled eastward around the world we gained a day by crossing the International Date Line. Now make haste sir, we must find clothes that fit your bloated body, you will not be allowed into the club in this condition!”

And so Phileas Fogg won his wager, married Aouda and hired a chef. They lived a life filled with mutual love and indulgence, replete with food of the best qualities, rounding out in time to become the fattest in the land, each glorious pound of flab adding to their lust and enjoyment one of the other.

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