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Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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Well-Known Member
May 29, 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
So... here's a little confession for you guys:
I've been brooding over this and reading up for months on end and... I suspect very strongly that I may be on the high functioning end of the Autistic Spectrum (formerly Asperger's). As some here know, I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia a few years back. Many of these neurodiversities do overlap in certain areas, and there are often comorbidities between them. Apparently (and I never knew this until recently) Dyspraxia + Asperger's is a pretttty common one.

I made the grave, grave mistake of confessing this suspicion to my mother earlier today. Not in that she didn't believe me. She strongly suspects the same. But I could tell the mere mention of it irritated the hell out of her. (We have a rather strained relationship. Also, she's really not the most patient of people, to put it charitably.)

The point of this thread, really, is just to make contact with any other people (or empathetic parents of people) on here who might be on the spectrum, too. It'll probably be a lonnnng time before I'm able to go for an assessment to have my suspicions confirmed / disproved. But I am and have been really struggling. Even if it turns out I'm wrong, I'm still far from neurotypical and have always felt a kinship with people with ASD/ADHD/Dyslexia, etc. So, here's a thread. Feel free to post any experiences here and/or drop me a PM if you feel like chatting about neurodiverse things.

Oh, and I'll keep you posted on the final verdict.

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