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Be a model for Laura's anime art!

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Mar 14, 2006
Hi all you sexy BHM! :wubu:

I decided to go for it. I have time on my hands, and I really wanna do it. I'm going to make my first FFA artwork. Woot! :D

If you want to see examples of what I normally do, they're at:


I normally work for other people, but I need to learn how to draw for pleasure again! And I want to be the world’s first FFA creating BHM anime art! But I've honestly never drawn fat before. It's so depressing. Life drawing models are all thin to maybe a bit chunky. I don't even know where to start!!

So what I’m thinking is an eating scene. I would like a whole body thing – head to foot - but waist (or bottom of belly ^_^) up is good too! Sitting is better – on a chair, stool, couch, bed, floor, whatever – but standing would be good too! I’m thinking sort of like a “midnight raid” scene, in boxers or something, chowing down on something super nummy and fattening! (Actually what I have in my mind is sitting on the kitchen floor with your back against the wall, legs spread in front of you and belly hanging in your lap, surrounded by food. But that's just my idea!).

Hope that isn’t too much direction… if anyone is up to the challenge, take as many pictures as you can so I have lots of references (and lots to look at ^_^). I’ll be sure to post the finished piece, plus I’ll send a proper print to whoever is my special model. =D And if this works, I have a billion other ideas, straight from my fantasies. LOL. Like the ice cream shop employee - gotta do that one sometime!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity here! I’m a professional artist! My commissions go for over $100! I just signed a $140 a page comic book deal! So come on and work those sexy bellies. I mean, do you know there is, like, NO BHM art? Just BBW? We gotta turn this around!

So all you sexy squishy BHMS, please help! Your community needs you! Or something…. :D

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