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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 17

“Whoa dude! What have you been eating?” John’s former teammate said as he walked into the house.

“Oh my God, you having twins?” Another teased.

“Alright alright, leave him be, it looks like he’s gonna rule the drinking games tonight!” said Brett Knowles, probably John’s best friend on the team.

They were a year apart but they had grown close and were even off-season work out partners.

As the commotion died down Brett was able to talk a bit with John and Liz.

“You know the guys, just had to give you a hard time.” He explained.

“Although I got to ask, how’d you find such a hotty?” Brett asked as he motioned to Liz.

She blushed after he said this. Brett was very much a college athlete and any girl he complimented would probably act like this.

“Just lucky I guess, but really we played on a beer league softball team together. That’s how we met.” John said.

“Emphasis on the beer huh?” Brett joked a bit. “Just kidding, you just look a little different is all compared to last year.”

“I know.” John reddened at admitting it. “Put on a few pounds.”

“I’m not complaining though!” Liz said, trying to be helpful. “He looks good to me at any weight.”

“Well good then.” Brett said as they moved on to different topics.

Liz noted that the house was typical of what college life was. There was clothes and dirty dishes and of course beer. John had just cracked one open as he sat down on the couch.

How does he have any room left? She thought.

She had declined her offer of beer for that very reason but her boyfriend seemed to have a bottomless pit for a stomach. Liz found herself very aroused knowing how much he had consumed.

They enjoyed a lazy afternoon at the house. John knew all the guys that lived there and most of the guys that came around. He continued to drink beer and she imagined that this was a setting he was used to for four years. The only difference then compared to now was he was forced to go to conditioning work outs.

Liz felt the roll of flab on her waist. I could still use some conditioning. She thought. Kara’s appearance had soured Liz’s feelings on her body. She used to have a flat stomach like that. She had grown almost as lazy as John and while she at first was just growing curvier, the extra weight was giving her a belly now.

Liz went back and forth on her new body. She knew John didn’t care what size she was and she had grown to enjoy eating but she hated some of the gossip at the office and concern from others. She totally understood when John was worried about what his mom had said. It was also hard to go against what she had been taught her whole life, that fat was bad and a girl should always watch her figure.

But every day she noticed something new. The fullness her arms now had, the roundness of her face. How her butt looked in some pants and how hard it was to button some. She felt hypocritical. Liz loved the fat belly her boyfriend had gained but some days hated her own.

She sighed and looked over at John. He was playing video games with one of the newcomers to the team. They were chatting about a lot of different things but Liz then heard John mention softball.

“Yeah I still play some sports. I played beer league softball this year and had a great time!” He was explaining.

“Where’d they put you at?” The young freshmen asked. “Like third base or something?”

“What? no way, I was outfield like when I played here, I was one of the faster guys on the team.” John said happily.

The freshmen smirked as John took a swig of his beer. Liz could tell what he was thinking. There’s no way he could play outfield on the college baseball team now, not with hefty look he now had.

She found herself wondering about some of the other players on the team now. Her and John clearly weren’t in any shape to play the outfield positions they had previously manned. They could both still hit, slow pitch softball wasn’t exactly something hard to play but she doubted John had the stamina for a double header, he had been slowing down towards the end of the year and they had done practically nothing since that championship game.

Chapter 18

John and Liz were changing for the party. They had not even been on campus for 9 hours but had pigged out at two cafeteria meals and Liz had counted John having at least 8 beers throughout the course of the day. She had had around three or four, which coupled with the food was more than enough.

She was looking forward to attending a college party because it was an aspect of school life that she barely had time for anymore. They were always fun, crazy and full of memories that could be easily forgotten depending on the amount of alcohol drunk. It was a welcome return to simpler times and Liz thought it would be good for her after a few years in the real world. One of her favorite things about dating John was she felt younger.

This was not to say he was immature, he could be at times like any other guy but she enjoyed his curiousity and his energy, it was something she had felt changing in her own life.

They were in Brett’s room now and she was almost giggling to herself as she watched John attempt to button his jeans for the fifth time. He had gotten out of the shower and had not yet put on a shirt and his large round belly, full of food and beer was on full display.

“Come on...come on” she heard him mutter to himself.

The jeans were probably a size too small but he had insisted on bringing them. Liz had her own trouble button up her jeans but once they were on she had to admit she looked pretty good. Her ass and hips filled out the jeans nicely and her only complaint was the tummy pooch and muffin top that showed. Once upon a time she would have showed off a flat stomach with a belly shirt but her weight had increased a little too much for that to look flattering. Still she was pleased with her current outfit and look.

John, on the other hand, was having trouble. His face was getting red from trying to pull the two ends of the jeans together.

“Babe, try this trick.” Liz said as she walked over to him. She gave his developing beer gut a pat and was excited to see it jiggle. She walked him over to the bed and had him sit down. He looked at her confused. Liz noted how fat his belly bulged out when he sat down, it was all she could do to stop from having him right there.

“This is something that works when I have fat days, so it should work for you.” She said as she pushed him onto his back.

“Now suck in and try it.” She said.

John frowned as he tried this. Has it really gotten to this point? He thought as he noticed that laying down on the bed gave him just a few more centimeters to work with to allow him to clasp the button. Before he sat up, his girlfriend laid down next to him and gave him a kiss.

“I think you look really hot.” She said with a grin. “Now before you get up too quickly, roll over onto your belly and get off the bed that way.”

John did as he was told and stood up, relieving some of the pressure that was on his waistband.

“I think I shrank these in the wash.” He said lamely.

Liz gave his round belly another poke. “Maybe...but I’m sure the two slices of cheesecake and five cookies you had at dinner didn’t help!” She teased.

John finished getting dressed with a striped button down shirt that he left untucked to hide the tightness of his waistband.

Liz looked very cute with a t-shirt that outlined her figure and a pair of jeans that fit her lower body very well. John thought she was a knock out as they made their rounds at the party. He saw that her belly pooched out wonderfully and could make out the deeper belly button complete with a piercing she had got when she was in high school

He enjoyed her fuller look and they ruled the beer pong table early on. Liz did not mind ingesting so much light beer, but she knew she had to watch her food intake lest her own waistband start to give her trouble. It was a typical college party complete with pizza and chips and a lot of beer.

The pong table was their’s for six straight games and it was almost a relief when they lost the seventh game. She knew from experience that drinking too much too early was a recipe for a long night and an even longer morning.

Despite the effort it had taken for John to get his pants on for the party, he had hit the food table with reckless abandon after the beer pong. Liz knew that some alcohol stoked his appetite but she was surprised at how voracious it was with all the food he had eaten at dinner.

She saw a lot of faces that she had met that day but she was on the look out for one in particular, Kara. Ever since the meeting that took place that morning, Liz had let some of the comments made get under her skin and if there was a way to show up the beauty queen she would take it.

Liz sipped her beer as she looked around. The party had the usual elements, a variety of girls had descended on the baseball house and mingled with the guys, most of whom were on the team. Their outfits ranged from slutty to casual, too much makeup to not enough and overall a stereotypical kind of look for most. Liz was having fun picking out the sorority girls. She had never belonged to one herself but had some friends that were involved with them.

She looked down and saw with derision that her t-shirt had grown tighter around her belly that was now full of beer. The soft chub rolled over her waist and while she still thought she had an athletic look to her, it was most definitely softer. It was this fretting that led her to miss the entrance of Kara to the party, looking hot in a mini-skirt and cowboy boots.

“The party’s here!” She shouted as she walked in with an entourage of other pretty friends.

Liz looked frantically for John before she saw him making his way towards her. She definitely did not want her boyfriend caught alone with his ex after the display that Kara had put on this morning. John could get mopey when it came to his increased weight, she had discovered and anything to stop that from happening would be good on her part.

“The ***** is here.” He said quietly as plopped down next to her on the couch.

“I noticed, she came in with her entourage, haha!” Liz said as they both laughed.

She reached her hand around his thick waist and let it rest there. This was one of her favorite couple’s positions, it was comfortable and clearly showed that they liked being together. John shovelled in slice after slice of pizza as they sat there and enjoyed each other. After his fourth slice, Liz gently undid his button and felt his sigh of relief at the newfound comfort.

They had a couple more brews when Liz got up to use the restroom. As gravity took hold of her new position, she felt the weight of her stomach as it pushed out.

Ugh so much for not overdoing it. She thought as she rubbed the round belly. After doing her business she almost walked head on into Kara, who was in the hallway.

“Oh I’m sorry...Kara right?” Liz said.

“Uh yeah Kara, watch where you are going, you almost knocked me over.” She said, clearly tipsy from a few drinks.

Kara then seemed to remember who Liz was. In the moment of clarity she showed her true colors.

“You might want to switch to light beer, that belly you got is lethal.” The ***** said, giggling at her drunken cleverness.

Liz saw red but held her physical anger in check. She knew she could break Kara like a twig but it wouldn’t do much to save the situation. To embarrass the beauty queen she would need tact and a plan. Luckily, she had formed one on the couch earlier, only to use in an instance where the bitchiness had come out. This certainly qualified.

“At least I can enjoy myself, it must suck coming to party’s like this and calorie counting the whole time. John and I had a great time owning the beer pong table earlier.” Liz slyly said as she hoped Kara would take the bait.

“What?! I don’t calorie count, I just work out and take care of myself and am blessed with a great metabolism. I’ve had three beers tonight!” Kara exclaimed.

“Just three? I’ve had way more than that and I’m out of practice, college was a few years ago for me, nice to see I haven’t lost my beer pong touch, I doubt we’d lose a game to another co-ed pairing.” Liz said as she shouldered past Kara, again hoping she would take the bait and give chase.

As she was walking back to John she heard a shout from the hallway. The whole party seemed to get quiet.

“You and John versus me and Brad!” Kara said looking upset as she motioned to a frat brother in the corner who she had been toying with all night. “Beer pong! As soon as I get out!”

Brett looked over at John and Liz.

“Looks like you guys have a challenge!” He shouted with enthusiasm as the rest of the party cheered.

While Kara did her business, they got the table ready. John talked with her as they were setting up the cups.

“Why are you filling them with water? We have plenty of beer.” He asked.

“We are going to play In it to Win it style, ever heard of it?” Liz said.

When John shook his head she explained it further.

“You have a full game beer, the cups are set up with water, if they make a cup you have a chance to chug, if you finish the can, you can put the cup they just made back. It allows you to stay in the game as long as you are willing to chug. If you puke then its game over, automatic forfeit. I hope you have some more room for beer.” Liz teased as she patted his stomach. She could tell it wasn’t empty but if Halloween was any indication she knew he had more than enough room to out drink a 115lb girl and what looked to be a 180lb guy.

Kara came out and was less than enthused at the rules of the game but with the entire party watching she could not say much. In fact a lot of party-goers seemed to want to test out this new game after the big match.

Kara flashed a fake smile when it was clear that there was no going back. It started with the opening shots where John and Liz won the chance to shoot first. The game played out tougher than Liz had thought it would.

Despite Kara’s slight figure, she was truly a party girl and rose to the challenge. Both teams had chugged two beers to keep all the cups on the table when John and Liz hit two shots in a row. With the automatic chance to shoot twice again, John hit another one as Liz missed. Brad had chugged a beer to put one cup back, Kara couldn’t finish hers and Brad was in no shape to try for another big chug again. John and Liz had a two cup lead.

The game continued on as both sides shot well and were pretty much trading cups. Liz had explained to John that there was strategy in pacing yourself, you did not have to chug a whole beer every time, you could chug half of it and save the rest for when you really needed to put a cup back.

Even with this type of play however, by the time John and Liz had come down to one cup, both team’s were hurting. Liz had chugged three times, giving her a total beer intake of 11 on the night. She had not drank that much in a long time and it was definitely impairing her ability to shoot the ball accurately. John had also chugged three but had ingested a lot more both during the day and at the party.

Liz was almost mesmerized completely by the stretched out belly he had. She knew he was a winner and would not lose this game but the cost would be massively overfilling his stomach.

She almost delighted just as much with the bloated stomach of Kara. She had chugged four beers and attempted two more but could not complete it. Her tank top was stretched tightly over a belly that showed no semblance of the flat stomach she had had that morning while jogging.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was two months pregnant.” She said softly to John as Kara shot.

If Liz was having trouble with accuracy at 143lbs, Kara couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn at 115lbs. John then hit the last cup. Liz missed her’s, which gave Kara and Brad both a chance to put the cup back and then shoot once more to make one of John and Liz’s to stay in the game. Liz had forgotten what a war of attrition In it To Win It beer pong was but she knew they were sitting pretty.

Kara looked at Brad to chug one more beer.

“I’m not gonna do it, you have to or we’ll lose.” She said like the ***** she was.

Brad put the can to his lips and began to drink. Halfway through, it started to spill down his shirt and he put the can down.

“Ugh seriously!” Kara yelled. In response, Brad looked at her and John knew what was going to come next. He threw up all over the beauty queen.

The laughter and cheers that came after was great. The former teammates raced out to jokingly lift John and Liz as if they had won the World Series but they quickly shook their heads to that idea. All the beer and food they had eaten that day would not do well being jumbled about in the air.

After all the high fives and back slaps, they had settled back into their position on the couch, just trying to settle down and digest. Kara had ran off somewhere, probably to clean up. Brad was taken back to his frat house by some friends. John and Liz were really the king and queen of the party.

John excused himself from the couch. With all the excitement over, his body was warning him of a bladder failure if he didn’t relieve it soon.

He tried the bathroom on the first floor but looked dismayed at the line. Luckily, having lived there for two years, he knew that there was another bathroom upstairs. He opted for that.

He clumsily made his way up the stairs, clutching the railing. He was in front of the door when he stopped to get his bearings a bit and then opened it without knocking.

John stood in doorway shocked as he saw Kara there in her bra, attempting to wash her tank top. She almost screamed when she saw that it was John, but held it in to keep up appearances.

“Happy with what your ***** did?” She asked with loathing.

John was still in some shock and couldn’t muster a response.

“Oh come on big boy, you have to know she planned that out. I’d almost admire it if I wasn’t the butt of the joke.” Kara continued.

John closed the door, realizing that this would look bad if someone were to venture up here. Closing the door wasn’t much better but he didn’t want Kara to be anymore embarrassed then she already was.

Her tan belly poked out with a roundness he had never seen on her before. Liz was right, if he didn’t know her he’d think she was pregnant.

The slim arms and pretty face still remained and her legs were toned. She had ditched her heels earlier in the night so she was barefoot.

She moved to ring out her wet tank top in the bathtub and stumbled to the ground. She really had too much to drink for her size. John moved to help her up but she shrugged him off.

“No! don’t, I’m humiliated enough.” She said with tears coming to her eyes.

John finally decided he needed to say something, it wasn’t as if her humiliated wasn’t warranted.

“You know you’ve acted like a ***** to us since this morning, I don’t care about it for me but you don’t really know Liz, she was just putting you in your place for that.” John said.

“How could I not say anything John? You’ve gotten so fat, what happened to the hot guy I dumped last year? I can’t believe how much you ate tonight.” She said as she got up.

“Sounds like your problem then, Liz doesn’t care what I look like.” John said defensively.

“Ha do you care what she looks like? She’s not exactly small.” Kara said.

“No I don’t, she’s beautiful to me and she’s a million times better than you.” John said matter of factly.

“You don’t miss this?” Kara said heatedly, motioning to her body.

John moved in closer. “You know, a few pounds might do you some good, when’s the baby due?” He asked jokingly as he poked her bloated beer baby.

She tried to slap him but he ducked and she fell again. John helped her up this time, showing her the true guy that she had left broken hearted.

“Yeah I’m really not missing that. Anyway I’m gonna get going, you’re hogging too much of my time and the bathroom.” John said as he turned to leave.

“You better watch it John, you’re gonna be 300lbs if you don’t be careful. I don’t want there to be pictures of us online and have people see what you look like now.” She said as she stumbled over to him.

John turned back around.

“Because I have a feeling this thing isn’t going away.” Kara said as she laughed and pinched some of John’s belly fat.

“I almost feel bad that that’s all you see.” John said briefly before walking out of the room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kara looking dumbstruck, in her bra with her bloated stomach. It was an image he laughed at as he made his way back to his loving girlfriend.


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Nov 14, 2012
Thanks Samster! I've been a big fan of your stories, it makes me happy to see that you have enjoyed one of mine!


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 19

Sunday morning came too quickly as it always did after a night of drinking. John and Liz had gone to sleep at 3:30am and woke up at 10:30, feeling entirely too groggy to function at a normal level.

They had slept on a futon in the living room of the house and Liz was remembering why she had resolved to never have a futon in any house or apartment of her own. She rubbed her back as she sat up. John was snoring lazily and she didn’t blame him, he had had quite a night.

After he came back from the bathroom, he told her about his run in with Kara. Liz was delighted at two things, that her boyfriend had stood up for her and himself in the face of his ex and that the little beauty queen was not looking her beauty queen self at the moment.

Liz had promptly made her way upstairs to snap a picture on her phone and watched Kara beg her to never let it see the light of day. Blackmail was a terrible thing, in Liz’s opinion, unless it served to put a ***** in her place. She did not expect anymore problems from Kara needless to say.

They had enjoyed the rest of the party in true college fashion and passed out with each other after engaging in some alcohol infused passion. Liz could barely contain herself when she saw the globe of a belly that John had from the beer and food. She reached for the blanket and looked under to see happily that his round stomach was still looking full, meaning that much of it was not a bloat but truly fat.

As she leaned over to kiss John on the cheek she felt her own waist. She stood up and tried to survey the damage. She was wearing pink pajama shorts and a white tank top. She looked down and saw her larger chest, something she enjoyed having nowadays and something John definitely enjoyed her having.

But Liz knew that her larger breasts were not the whole story. As she leaned forward more she noticed that not far behind her growing breasts was a growing belly. It showed through her tank top mockingly and jiggled with every step she took to the bathroom.

Once she had carefully locked the door, she took off her shirt to see what she looked like.

Whoa, girl you are getting fat. Liz thought surprised. Her swollen mammaries sagged slightly with no bra. Her figure flared outwards as she looked at her doughy belly and round love handles. Her hips did not miss out on the fun either and she saw that they had lost their strong look.

She moved to see her profile and noted with derision that her belly was catching up to her chest. Her fuller cheeks did not look so bad but the softness under her chin was something she had not previously noticed.

Liz heard a grunt from the other room and knew that John must be waking up. She peeked through the door and saw him sitting up, rubbing his eyes. His own fat stomach was exaggerated by the sitting and she saw how his man boobs now rested on his gut slightly as he sat.

I guess this is collateral damage for the greater good. Liz thought to herself as she gave her own tummy a bit of slap. She watched it jiggle and bent down to retrieve her tank top. She walked out, feeling the vibrations of her body with every step.

“Mornin Babe!” John said tiredly as he saw her come towards the futon. “Crazy party last night.”

“Yeah but I preferred the after party.” Liz said as she sat on his lap and kissed him.

John felt her weight and did not mind it, he was too consumed with the affection. He playfully grabbed her flab and pinched and tickled until she was squirming. Despite his increased heft, he still had strong enough arms to hold a 145lb girl.

As they giggled and kissed they felt one of the bars under the mattress give way and the futon collapsed a bit. John looked around in confusion.

“Someone’s been eating too much I think.” Liz said softly. “This thing has gotten pretty big since I first met you.” She said as she gave his stomach a playful pat.

“Calling me fat Kara?” John teased back.

“Ew don’t call me that, I didn’t say I was complaining either.” Liz said with a wink. “Besides, I’m giving yours some company, look how fat my stomach’s gotten, its almost caught up to my boobs.” She fretted.

John lifted her up and struggled to get out of the semi-broken futon.

“Let’s check this out in the bathroom.” He said as they walked back to the mirror.

Liz locked the door again and once more took off her tank top. John moved her sideways and saw what she was talking about. He had noticed her gaining weight but never really thought much about it.

“Not so bad, nothing compared to the eclipse.” John said.

“What’s the eclipse?” Liz asked as John maneuvered himself to the side of her.

“This is the eclipse...” He said as Liz looked at the mirror once again. She couldn’t even see her small belly because John’s large one was blocking it.

She laughed and immediately began rubbing it.

“I think buddha needs a shower, we don’t want to drive back smelling like alcohol. If we hurry up no one will notice that we showered together.” Liz said.

John didn’t need telling twice and turned on the water as Liz grabbed two sets of clothes for both of them. The rest of the morning was highly enjoyable as they sexed it up in the shower.

After their morning fun, John stepped out in the steamy bathroom as Liz finished cleaning up.

He wiped down the mirror and flexed as he, like practically every other guy, checked himself out. His arms were not excluded from his weight gain but he liked that they were still strong and somewhat toned, even if a month ago they had been even more toned.

He grabbed his belly with both hands then, remembering when he had first began to pinch the hints of flab a few months ago. He was no longer surprised by his girth in the mirror but he was surprised at how much fat had accumulated in five months.

He had a meatier look to him, almost husky he would say. He slapped his belly on the side felt a twinge of pleasure.

“What’s the matter big boy?” John heard Liz ask as she pulled the shower curtain away.

“Nothing, just admiring the food baby I got. It’s gonna get worse before its gets better.” John said with a wink.

“Oh?” Liz inquired.

“Yeah, Thanksgiving is in a couple weeks, then the rest of the holidays, for New Year’s you might have fat boyfriend.” John explained.

Liz thought for a moment. Something’s changed since yesterday, he’s not as ashamed of gaining weight.

It made sense. John had seen a lot of former teammates who barely batted an eye at the new size of him and when he faced someone who gave him a hard time, he stood up for his new lifestyle.

Maybe he can fully enjoy this now. Liz thought as she rubbed his stomach. They were both still naked and kissing in front of the mirror.

Unfortunately for Liz, something was about to happen in her life that would make her wonder about both of their figures.

Chapter 20

It was Monday morning and Liz was flying high as she was getting off the elevator at work. She had a wonderful weekend and had topped it off with a great night last night. Her and John had stayed in and watched a movie after ordering a couple pizzas.

They had topped it off with pie for dessert and fell asleep in each others arms. Liz felt great about her life right now which is probably why she was dealt a curve ball today at work.

“Ready for this year’s Winter Challenge?” Liz’s co-worker Amanda had asked.

The Winter Challenge was something their publishing company put on as a competition between the various media outlet’s that were under its umbrella. Liz had always been a competitive person and liked the fun and comaraderie it provided the staff. The prize was simple enough, an extra few days vacation for the group that won.

Liz’s office had won it the last few years and she had been chosen to be on each team. That might be a problem this year though. While she always liked the fun aspect, her editor was in it to win it and took the competition way too seriously.

One of the ways he did this was putting any of the employees who were interested in joining the team through a physical assessment test to figure out what their best roles would be. Liz was normally tabbed for the competitions that required speed and agility and the last two years she was the anchor in the obstacle course run. Somehow she thought, this year might be a little different.

“Oh my God is that coming up already?” Liz asked.

“PT test schedule is on your e-mail, worried about something?” Amanda asked, knowing full well what the issue was.

Liz had been gaining weight this year and while she still had an athletic build, she could hardly imagine that she could run as fast with the chubby waist she had now.

She checked her e-mail quickly. Next Wednesday was her test. ****. She thought.

“You look like you could use a pastry or something.” Amanda said unhelpfully.

Liz glanced down at her softer middle. The months of neglect showed through her clothes. The roundness seemed to mock her.

“Amanda, am I fat?” Liz asked with a scary calm.

“What!” Her colleague answered.

“I mean, I know I’m not huge but with the challenge coming up, I think I might be too fat.” Anne lamented.

“Aw honey, I mean well how can I put this? You may have gained a few recently. Nothing major.” Amanda said, twisting the knife.

She poked Liz’s softer middle. “When you first started here, you didn’t have this, it was all flat.”

“Don’t you still play softball? What happened Liz?” She asked, feigning concern. She knew perfectly well what had happened.

There were a few things at work. Liz was getting older, her athlete metabolism was slowing down. But she had also met John and judging by her facebook snooping, he was not missing out on the weight gain either.

“I need to cut down on the pastries here and start working out again. Softball ended a few months ago and being with John, I don’t think I’ve made it back to the gym yet. We both eat too much.” Liz said as her emotions began to rise.

Liz liked John getting fat, she admitted that. But she didn’t think she would also get so big. A few pounds were fine, but this was too much. She couldn’t be embarrassed at the Challenge this year. Liz needed a major diet.

“That’s John here right?” Amanda asked innocently.

“Yes.” Liz answered, her mind racing to other things.

“He’s getting a little beefy too.” Amanda remarked.

“You don’t think some of his habits are rubbing off do you?” She continued.

“What! no...I mean maybe, I don’t know.” Liz said exasperated.

“Just hear me out Liz. I’ve noticed since you met John, well you have not only gained a few pounds but you eat more too. You never had donuts with your coffee before, lunch was always something healthy not fast food and I think you were more active.” Amanda said.

“This-” Amanda explained. “is love chub.” She pinched Liz’s love handle to emphasize her point.

“I hate to point it out but I’ve always thought of you as a protege, in more than just work. You remind me a lot of myself. But lately, your figure has started to go and I think this is a good opportunity to fix it. God knows I’ve gained a few when I start to date someone but I’m always bikini ready when I need to be. We can take care of this before you go past the point of no return, besides I’d say John’s almost downright fat. He could use a little bit more health in his life don’t you think?” Amanda finished her sermon.

Liz didn’t know what to say. Is it really that obvious that I’m turning into a blob? She thought.

“Um yeah.” She finally answered.

Amanda looked more at some of the pictures on Liz’s desk. It was a virtual timeline of weight gain for the couple. First, there was a picture of them on the bench at a softball game. John was not just thin but looked toned with a flat stomach. Liz had her athletic look as well.

The next one was them at a bar, both with wing sauce on their faces. There small tummies were swollen from what looked to be a food challenge that they had both tried.

Another picture was from a pool party. John definitely had a belly on him in this image that did not exist previously and Liz, while looking cute in her bikini, had a thicker middle and her torso lacked any definition.

The final picture was just of their faces looking into a camera together, but the full cheeks showed Amanda all she needed.

“You’ll thank me when you are back to your fighting weight. Let’s plan a gym date tomorrow and we’ll start walking at lunch. I need all the exercise I can get going into winter.” Amanda said.

Liz sat there, dumbstruck. She wasn’t sure what to do. Her stomach urged her to get a danish but mentally she knew she couldn’t.

She made up her mind as she pinched the flab on her stomach. She was going to lose weight.

John could use some more health in his life. Liz thought, echoing the sentiments of Amanda. He had such a hot look but maybe she had let it get too far. The weekend back on campus had showed her a lot but one of the most glaring differences was John’s size compared to his ex teammates. She didn’t care what weight he was but she did want him healthy. His diet of donuts and ho hos wasn’t exactly an apple a day.

Besides, I’ll feel better about my struggles if I know he’s having some too. With that, Liz emptied her candy dish in the trash and began googling the best things to do at your desk for exercise.

John was slurping up the rest of his pasta with Kate as he was finishing lunch. He had inhaled three platefuls of the alfredo and chicken concoction and guzzled down four cokes.

“How do you eat all of that?” Kate asked.

John looked up from his empty plate. Kate was still picking at the dregs of her salad bowl and finishing a bottle of water. She had lost some weight but looked miserable doing it. John would put her at around 155lbs, still curvy but her cheeks had sunk in a little and her waist had lost its fullness.

John wasn’t sure if 15lbs was worth the bitchiness but he liked Kate.

“I don’t know, just hungry I guess. There’s enough room anyway, how was the salad?” John asked.

“There’s enough room because you’ve made enough room. What happened to dieting with me?” Kate teased.

“Ugh don’t mention diet. I’m hearing it enough from my mom anyway.” John said.

He leaned back in his chair and stretched. Kate’s eyes widened at the expanse of belly that was on display.

“She might have a point there John, when was the last time you exercised?” Kate asked.

“Oh I don’t know, does sex count?” John laughed as he asked.

“No.” Kate said unamused.

“Probably not since that last softball game then. Why?” John said, noticing Kate’s lack of humor.

“Jesus John, that was like three months ago!” Kate said. “No wonder you’ve blown up like a balloon!” She patted his full stomach hard.

“Ouch!” John protested.

“Well it wouldn’t hurt so much if you didn’t eat so much. John what happened? Seriously? You were the office hotty when you were hired. What does Liz think of the beer gut you gained?” Kate asked concerned.

“How much did you weigh when we met?” She asked before he could reply.

“About 170 I guess.” John answered.

“And now?” Kate pushed on.

“Last I checked...” John could not lie. When they had returned home from the weekend Liz had insisted on seeing what the damage was.

“226lbs.” John finished.

“Oh my God! John. That’s almost 60lbs in six months!” Kate half shouted.

“Well I don’t know, I guess. It’s been a fun six months though with softball and meeting Liz and you and others. Not like I’m the only heavier guy on the team anyway either.” John tried to defend himself.

“I mean no you aren’t but God John, that’s a lot of weight. And it shows now, you can’t hide that belly.” Kate said.

She reached over and pinched it again.

“You really need to go on my diet. Seriously John, this is really getting to be concerning, I don’t blame your Mom for being worried.” She finished.

John looked over at the counter where the worker was ringing up someone else for their lunch. The chocolate cookies looked really good.

“Liz actually said she doesn’t mind bigger guys.” John finally said, dismissing the cookies from his thoughts.

“Wow really? Well if that’s true that explains a lot. She really did a number on you then. Fit and toned athlete to pot belly in less than a year. Aren’t you worried about health and stuff? No of course not, you are only 22 years old. You were probably surprised how quickly its been piling on though?” Kate said.

John stopped and thought a moment at that. He did think it was surprising that once the initial layer of fat came on that it seemed to build up pretty quickly after that.

“Nevermind, its your life and looks. Just know that once that metabolism is gone, its gone and honey it looks like its gone on you. If you and Liz ever break up you will be asking me for advice on what salads are best ha ha. Oh and John? Try to keep it under 300lbs before next season, we can’t afford a heffer in the outfield.” With that, Kate left in a huff.

What the hell was that all about? John thought as he watched her still round ass sway back and forth in her skirt when she walked away.

It took most of the afternoon before John decided it was alright to confront Kate about lunch. This was in part indecision and in part letting his lunch digest, he could barely make it up the stairs with his full stomach.

“Hey Kate-” He began but she cut him off.

“I’m sorry, I know I was out of line down there but it is just so frustrating.”

John was taken aback by this.

“Frustrating?” He asked.

“Yes, you’ve eaten like a pig for months in front of me and my stomach has grumbled more then once watching you eat another donut, knowing I can’t have that stuff. I just hate that you threw your body away so readily and its unfair that I can’t get mine back.” Kate said dejectedly.

John didn’t know what to say to that.

He finally said. “I didn’t throw my body away.”

“John, look in the mirror, you’ve gotten fat. I mean do you think that doesn’t come with some consequences?” Kate said. It wasn’t in a mean tone anymore but more in a worried one.

“Look I’m sorry, but I just hope you know what you are doing before its too late to change.” She finished.

“Change?” John asked.

“Yeah change, losing weight sucks, especially after you’ve taken your body for granted after years of sports. If there was ever a need for you to get back into great shape, I think you’d have a hard time doing it. This has taken control.” She motioned to his large and full stomach the billowed over his waistband.

“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

John didn’t know why but the thought of that bothered him the rest of the day. He knew he shouldn’t care. First of all, Kate was just concerned, like his mom was. Second, Liz didn’t care and if anything encouraged his new lifestyle. Still, did he really look that out of shape?

Before he left work he had tried a simple test. He took the elevator down to the parking lot level and dropped off his things to his car. Then he walked back and trudged up the four flights of stairs to the office floor. He had expected some effort in exertion but not by the second floor. His pace had slowed down considerably after that and when he reached the fourth floor he had to stop to catch his breath. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and he gratefully lapped up water at the drinking fountain.

Kate might have a bit of a point. He conceded.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 21

John drove over to Liz’s apartment as he normally did after work. He had picked up dinner at a fast food place, which had become a habit in the few months they had dated. McDonalds was a great option for two young people because it didn’t require a ton of money to get a lot of food.

He walked in with two big bags of McDonalds and saw Liz hopping up and down in front of her tv. She was working out and John was already hard. Every ounce of her new curves was bouncing up and down as she sweated and huffed and puffed.

Liz was wearing some tight black yoga pants that her tummy was spilling over. Her tank top was riding up her inflated upper body as it tried to cover her larger breasts, belly and love handles. His girlfriends hips and thighs jiggled uncontrollably as she continued to push herself through the work out. She had headphones in and realized that her boyfriend was standing there gaping at her.

She quickly turned off the video and hit a button on her phone.

“Hey babe.” John said as he walked over and dropped his business bag down while also putting the McDonalds on the table.

Liz eyed the food longingly before being swept up in a hug and a kiss. She felt John’s stomach press into hers as he held her tight.

“How was your day?” John asked as they stopped kissing.

Liz looked up into the chubbier face of her boyfriend, knowing that she had to say something.

“John, I don’t know how to say this.” She said.

John frowned at that.

“Everything ok Liz? What’s with the working out?” He asked calmly.

“I think I might have spoken too soon a couple weeks ago, about me not caring about my size.” She said, tears starting to come to her eyes.

John breathed a sigh of relief. At least its not a break up speech. “Liz, you know I love you no matter what your size. If you want to lose a few pounds I’d support it. Although I think you look super sexy in your work out clothes right now!”

“You always know just what to say but seriously, I need to work off some chub. People at work notice it and I have that fitness challenge coming up. I don’t want to let anyone down. They always choose me and I’m gonna be embarrassed if I’m this out of shape by December.” Liz said.

“How long have you been working out?” John asked as he wiped some beads of sweat from her brow.

“Ten minutes, babe its been a long time since softball. I’m out of shape.” She said as she looked down at her chubbier form.

“Well I can help you out, we both were athletes in school, I know a thing or two about getting into shape. I can be your trainer! Kate said something to me today too about my gut.” He said enthusiastically. The real thought process was seeing her work out in those skimpy clothes.

“Ha no offense babe but I don’t think we can confuse you with a trainer.” She said as she reached over and touched his belly. “We really have gained a bunch of weight. I don’t mind you but I do mind me. If you want to help, eat all that McDonalds before I can get to it, I want to lose 10lbs.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice, I’m starving!” John said. He ate the McDonalds as she completed her half hour of working out. By now he had changed into more comfortable clothes and was watching something on the computer when she walked in out of breath.

John’s stomach was pooched out under his t-shirt as he leaned back, clearly digesting what had turned out to be a massive fast food meal. He was guzzling down the last of a beer as she walked in.

“Hun, you really ate all that?” She teased as she poked his stomach.

“Oof babe, don’t touch that.” He said with a look of pain.

“Sorry just had to see if I felt a kick!” She said with a glint of merriment in her eye.

As she sat down across from him she felt her belly roll over her waist. She lifted up her tank top to survey the belly chub.

“It was fun gaining it but I gotta get this under control.” Liz said as she slapped it softly.

She then saw John gaping at her, his mind clearly on other things.

“You know, you’re cute when you’re turned on.” She said as she took off her tank top completely.

It took only moments before they were in bed together naked and rustling under the sheets. It was the kind of work out they could both get behind, although Liz noticed John sweated a lot more now.

“You know babe, you could do with a bit of exercise yourself.” She said mischieviously.

“Me? I thought I was gonna train you.” He said.

“Well you could but...this gets in the way every time you talk to me.” Liz said as she grabbed his belly playfully.

“Hey!” John said as he rolled over on top of her, kissing her as he did so.

“Just saying babe, we’ve had our fun for a few months. And why should I be the only one having to go through dieting?” Liz said.

She poked his stomach. “A lot of McD’s in there hun, maybe a bit of a diet would do you some good? I mean don’t get me wrong John I love this.” She felt his fat belly in her hands again.

“But maybe we’ve taken it too far. Amanda at work says she notices it on me and calls it ‘love chub.’ Of course she’s right and besides, I don’t want to be too fat when softball starts up again, if this keeps up we’re both going to have a lot of explaining to do.” She finished.

John looked up at that. “You know Kate mentioned to me that she thought I was getting too fat but I thought it was fine because you like it.”

“I do! Oh babe I do I just want us to be healthy too. And I’m not gonna embarrass myself in under armor down in New Orleans for this work thing.” She said.

John looked confused still. “Babe I’m not saying you need to diet, just work out with me a bit and don’t let me eat all the crap that we’ve been eating.”

“Ok, I can do that, I don’t think we’ve gotten that out of shape though…” He said.

Chapter 22

“Oh my god, when did this get so hard?” John said through heaving his breaths.

He and his girlfriend were hopping up and down doing some cardio and both were already covered in sweat.

“Babe, it got hard when you gained this!” Liz said as she reached over and patted his jiggling belly.

“Hey no fair!” John protested. Talking was getting harder so he took a break to recover his breath before he spoke again.

“I think my under armor shrank.” He said as he tugged it down over his stomach for what seemed to be the 50th time.

“Shrank? Babe there is too much belly for your clothes! We should shop after this.” Liz said as her own breath was starting to become labored.

John saw the redness in her face and finally conceded that she had been right about getting back in shape. They both looked great according to each other but healthwise they were getting too fat.

A little exercise will go a long way, I don’t have to lose weight, just build up some fitness again. He thought as he took another break and a swig of water.

He found his eyes lingering on Liz’s ass in her black yoga pants as she continued to move. Her curves were appreciated and truth be told, she enjoyed them as well as long as her tummy stayed within the confines of her waist.

As John made his way back to her side he saw her slight belly bouncing up and down with each movement she did.

“Hey that’s enough of a break big guy! I’m sweating my ass off!” She said as she looked over towards him.

John yanked down his under armor once more and began to work out.

After another 15 minutes they both slumped onto Liz’s couch, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

“That was good for a first time I think.” Liz said as she patted John’s gut again. It gurgled in protest.

“When was the last time you ate hun?” she asked.

“I don’t know, two hours ago, I could use a snack I guess.” John said, knowing that if he said he could use a meal she would immediately turn it down.

Liz got up and brought out a nutrigrain bar. “Get used to these, I want us looking slimmer for New Orleans, eating is the biggest part of it.”

John frowned as he took the fruit bar. He took a bite out of it and while it didn’t taste horrible, it certainly wasn’t a donut he had been craving.

He had used to eat protein bars quite a bit when he played sports but now he only wanted sweets, probably one of the biggest reasons for his rapid weight gain.

This schedule continued for the next month and John noticed his very flabby muscles beginning to harden once more, especially his arms and legs. However, the one thing that did not decrease was his appetite. Sure he would eat the health bars when his girlfriend was around but he supplemented the lack of eating around her with more snacks at work, larger lunches and breakfasts.

“I don’t get it babe.” Liz was saying as she measured his waist. John was standing there, shirtless in her living room.

“You are stronger, in more shape, clearly have more muscles but this gut refuses to go anywhere.” She said as she grabbed his belly. “It’s actually really turning me on.”

John looked wide in his boxers and lack of clothing. He had just stepped on the scale at 234lbs, he belly was hanging over the waist of his underwear and his soft love handles spilled over the sides. His chest was stronger from the exercise but the two mounds of flesh were a far cry from the pecs he had once had.

He flexed for his girlfriend, showing off biceps that had been hidden before the exercise. Liz whipped off her own tank top and began to kiss him furiously.

John knew the scale said Liz had lost 5lbs but she still was carrying around enough chub to jiggle as they moved through her apartment towards her bedroom.

John thought it was great they were both into each other, he thought that was the hallmark of something really good in a relationship. They had two weeks until Thanksgiving, then another week until NOLA before they both had to get ready for Christmas.

If I gained weight while I was exercising now, I’m definitely going to pack it on for the holidays. John thought as he cradled his belly and watched it bounce with a shake.


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Nov 14, 2012
A couple short chapters, I'm trying to get back into writing some of these stories but I've been busy so apologies!
Apr 23, 2007
and sexy mhmm how i like all the teasing and weight gain between some efforts to get back in shape hehe especially that the girls seems to be succeeding more while he is still gaining is soooo hot ...:_)

i would love that in real life hehe

i can´t wait for more of your story ^^


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Dec 1, 2007
and sexy mhmm how i like all the teasing and weight gain between some efforts to get back in shape hehe especially that the girls seems to be succeeding more while he is still gaining is soooo hot ...:_)

i would love that in real life hehe

i can´t wait for more of your story ^^
It is one of my favorite stories to, please keep writing.
Apr 23, 2007
"As she sat down across from him she felt her belly roll over her waist. She lifted up her tank top to survey the belly chub.

“It was fun gaining it but I gotta get this under control.” Liz said as she slapped it softly.

She then saw John gaping at her, his mind clearly on other things.

“You know, you’re cute when you’re turned on.” She said as she took off her tank top completely.

It took only moments before they were in bed together naked and rustling under the sheets. It was the kind of work out they could both get behind, although Liz noticed John sweated a lot more now.

“You know babe, you could do with a bit of exercise yourself.” She said mischieviously.

“Me? I thought I was gonna train you.” He said.

“Well you could but...this gets in the way every time you talk to me.” Liz said as she grabbed his belly playfully."

allone that part would make me do everything for a girl lol

It´s such a really perfect story as it is even in that interesting range of weight i imagine sometimes on me ^^

thanks :_) it´s really a lovely great story please write more more more :)


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 23
“Mom could you pass the mashed potatoes again? And the butter! Thanks!” John said as he piled more food onto his plate for his fourth helping of Thanksgiving food.

“Sure hun, umm you are getting another beer?” Linda asked as she saw him reaching over to the case of Octoberfest beer that was just brought in from outside. She noticed the tightness of his jeans, the fullness of the belly he now had. Her son was not the same as he had been when he had first moved back home, a fact her mother had picked up on when she first saw him.

“Johnny! What have you been eating?” she had asked as only elderly people can. “You’ve got a big belly!”

John had taken it in stride and promptly looked like he had forgotten about the whole comment by the time the food was ready. Linda watched as he guzzled another swig of beer. He had certainly gained enough weight, he looked nothing like the toned athlete she was used to seeing. The handsome man that could have modeled had become a well-fed, almost portly desk worker. His shirt rode up ever so slightly as she thought this, showing a red stretch mark on the side of his full stomach. Definitely portly. Linda thought.

But she had also seen her son become very happy. Liz was sitting next to him and seemed to enjoy the eating display John had been giving. She was not without a few extra pounds herself, Linda noticed. The lithe body had filled out, her face showing off fuller cheeks. Linda had also seen Liz sporting a thicker waist and love handles.

Her son’s girlfriend was looking radiant in a longsleeved white top but it also showed off the added chub she had gained. Linda did not remember the fuller arms Liz now had when she saw her and John play softball. Nor did she remember the wider hips and ass Liz was showing off in her jeans.

John and Liz seemed to enjoy each other though and Linda thought their relationship was blossoming. John hadn’t dated a girl like her before and Linda was more than happy to have some intelligent conversation with a girlfriend of his. She also didn’t have the nagging feeling that Liz was only dating John for status in their social circles or because she just wanted to have sex with a hot body. They seemed genuinely in love.

“Linda, when are you going to get Johnny to quit eating the whole turkey?” Her mother asked in her blunt fashion.

“He just started going back to the gym a few weeks ago, it takes time and he’s had a lot happen in the last few months, don’t him and Liz look cute?” Linda deflected.

“She does but she’ll have a ham for a boyfriend if he keeps eating like that. And she’s not missing out on it either, her jeans look tight.” Her mother said.

“Oh Mom just stop, they are enjoying themselves, its a holiday. Besides remember when I got home from college? I wasn’t very athletic looking either for a long time.” Linda retorted.

“I do and you should start watching it again, it seems like everyone in this house is getting rounder.” Her mom said as she poked Linda’s softer stomach.

Linda looked down. The flat waist she was used to seeing had definitely added space. Her mom had pinpointed something that she had been denying for a couple months, she had gained weight as well.

Linda looked up as she saw her son stand.

“We were going to head over to Liz’s parents for dessert, we might come back later.” He said to everyone there.

“You sure you have enough room?” His grandmother immediately said before Linda could stop her.

John patted his stuffed belly, “I think I still have room for some pumpkin cream pie.” He said.

John honestly didn’t care if he had room or not. Liz had been sensually rubbing his thigh as he had torn into more food and he could eat anything at that moment because he knew she loved it. They had been working out for a month almost and this is the first time he had been able to eat everything he wanted in her presence.

“Have a good time you guys, John don’t drive if you can’t, I understand.” Linda said as they walked out of the room. Pumpkin cream pie did sound good. She thought jealously.

She knew she had been indulging today and that was fine, but what was her excuse for the previous three months? Perhaps her son was rubbing off on her. She certainly hadn’t been working out like she was used to either, a promotion at work meant a lot more sitting. And she was older, she knew that was a factor as well.

In three months as she had watched her son’s weight climb up to 237lbs, her’s had shot up to 155lbs. Gone was the 135lb cute soccer mom, that body had been replaced with a chubbier middle aged woman. She was still pretty for her age but she found herself wearing more and more yoga pants and loose fitting track jackets than her usual wardrobe. Her soft but flat stomach now had an unmistakable spare tire and she knew from her pants that her hips had grown out. Still, she was thinner than many women her age and it almost made her feel better to let loose a bit.

“I’m gonna have some more pie mom.” Linda said as she got up from the table.

Chapter 24
Thanksgiving had been a great day for John and Liz. She had watched him eat helping after helping of good and rich food and she had done more than her fair share of encouraging.

She had watched white meat, dark meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, three different types of pie and a plate of cookies all disappear in front of her eyes. She poked his flabby middle as he dozed in her lazy boy chair.

“I see where Thanksgiving ended up.” She teased. Her eyes widened mockingly. “Is that a kick I felt?”

“Ha ha very funny.” John said, too full and tired to get up. “You were working out your jaw muscles too Miss Love handles.”

He pinched one of her rolls and patted the the tummy spill she had over her waist.

“Hey! I’ve been working out other things too.” She slapped her solid ass, showing off some of the muscle that had been built there.

Much to her chagrin, the rest of her body had not followed suit and truth be told, her hips had not gone down much in size, just solidified with a mix of fat and muscle. Still she felt more confident about how she’d be looking in the tight work out clothes when her company did the challenge.

“I can’t say I see much difference in your body Mr. John.” She said as she gave his flabby middle a pinch.

“Oof I’m too full for that.” He protested.

It was true, John had been working out with his girlfriend but the one thing he had not changed much was his eating. If anything, he found that he ate more after he worked out. He did not eat as much junk with Liz as they used to but he more than supplemented that with little trips to Dunkin Donuts and other places on his way to and from work, around running errands or making a special trip because he was hungry. If anything, he was a little heavier.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry. Maybe this will help.” She began to massage his swollen gut, amazed at how full it was. She instantly felt his tension begin to ease as they started to kiss.

After an hour of getting to feel the effects of the large Thanksgiving meal, they laid in bed completely satisfied with the whole day.

“You know hun, you’ve been working out with me but I think you feel bigger.” Liz said with a wink.

“Maybe I’m gaining muscle?” John said as he flexed his arm with her head on his chest.

“Hmm maybe there.” She said feeling his harder arm. “But here not so much.” She said as she massaged his round belly in a circle motion.

“I’ve been doing the work outs with you, it shouldn’t be any bigger. And its the holidays now, there’s a lot more food around everywhere.” John explained, knowing full well he was snacking more.

“I guess you’re right. But come softball time, we better be somewhat back to normal or we’ll let the team down. I think this work thing is good for me because I was letting it get out of hand.” Liz replied.

“Hey, you know I love you like this or like you looked before.” John said, looking her in the eyes.

“Oh babe, do you ever stop being perfect?!” Liz said as they made out for what seemed like the millionth time.

Later on the next day, John had woken up to find Liz was gone. Probably on her morning run, she knew I ate too much yesterday to feel like going. He thought.

He walked into the bathroom to take care of some business and caught how he looked in the mirror. Boy he really had changed. Arching out before him was a flabby pale belly. He had stopped worrying about shaving his chest and torso so it had grown hairy in the few months him and Liz had been dating.

He shifted to face forward and noted that he would now probably be considered fat at the beach or pool. No wonder my friends have been referring to me as “big guy” now. He thought. His waist was not the only change, just the most drastic.

His shoulders, he noted, were still broad and strong, definitely an athletic carry over but his pectorals were anything but. He hopped up and down and saw how his whole body jiggled. This was no longer a baseball player gone slightly to seed, John had grown fat complete with a beer gut, man breasts and was that a double chin on his face?

As he turned to the side, he saw slight stretch marks on his rounded sides. Spare tire was definitely a term that could be used to describe his waist but it was overinflated. He flexed as all guys do and noted with satisfaction that his arms still did indeed look strong. He patted his belly and saw the ripples go through his body.

“John boy, you’ve definitely gotten fat.” He said to himself in the mirror. He grasped his gut in both hands and felt its heft as he lifted it up. Unabashed at this obvious revelation, he began to make breakfast, throwing on scrambled eggs with bacon he had hidden in the fridge so that Liz wouldn’t see.

He was just finishing his toast when Liz came back, sweaty and in yoga pants with a light blue jacket.

“How was the run?” John asked innocently.

Liz stared at his breakfast and just smirked.

“It was good, you should have came but I didn’t want to wake you, looks like you’ve been hard at work working on something else though.” She said as she poked his shirtless belly.

“Where’d you get the bacon from?” She asked, knowing full well he had hidden it in her fridge.

“Oh umm, you must have had some left over in the back of your fridge.” He lied.

He’s so cute! Liz thought.

“Well maybe I’ll have some after I shower.” She said, hoping they’d be all gone by the time she was done. She was smelling the bacon and really wanted some but it would definitely undo the 3 mile run she just ran.

She hoped her plan would work, John was looking ripe today with his big apple belly and she just wanted a few more weeks of that before she’d help him slim down. NOLA and Christmas and New Year’s and then I’ll work him out good. She thought.

She walked out of the bedroom with a towel in her hair and her swimsuit on after the shower. All that thinking in the shower had given her needs and she wanted her overfed boyfriend. She wanted another sort of work out and damned if he’d eaten too much.

“Oof babe! be careful.” John said as she lay on top of him.

“What’s wrong? is the tummy a little sensitive?” Liz teased.

John didn’t want to admit he had eaten a little too much while she had them both on a diet, but somehow he thought she must have known. The look in her eye was something he only saw when they were about to have sex and she was at her kinkiest when she talked about his round belly.

“I’m still a bit tired.” John tried to explain, feeling the pressure of her body weight on his full stomach.

Liz whispered in his ear. “Tired? How’s my big man tired when he just made breakfast.”

“What did you make anyway?” She asked. She began to rub his belly. “It feels pretty full.”

“Oh this and that. Eggs and such.” John said, not telling the complete truth.

“Feels like eggs and maybe pancakes?” She leaned into kiss him. After locking lips and pulling away a bit she said. “And bacon babe?”

John grinned sheepishly.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“A, I can smell it, B, I knew you hid it in my freezer and C, bacon comes from pigs and you babe look like a pig, haha.” She patted his belly as she said this.

“A pig?” He said confused.

Oh my god, did I just say that?! Liz thought. She was horny and she was letting her libido take over.

This was new territory for the couple and she needed to salvage it fast.

“Yes a pig, because pigs have bellies.” She kissed his belly. “And they eat everything.” She kissed his face. “And I happen to like pigs.” She said looking into his eyes.

This is the type of exercise I need even more of. John thought.


Jun 2, 2010
Wow, what a wonderful little surprise to see this delightful story continued.
Apr 23, 2007
i so loved the character and , too that they will try to get bac in shape for summer season thehe i wonder if this will work -)

i really would love to be in such a lovely relationship ^^

thanks for entertaining me so nicely ;-) and sharing your deliscious work mhmm...,-)


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 25

The New Orleans trip approached faster than either of them anticipated and before they knew it they were on the plane.

John was always excited when he traveled and had taken vacation time for the trip. He’d never been there and had read up on some of the things to do and see.

“Cafe du Monde seems like a place worth trying, they are like little donuts I guess?” He told Liz as he adjusted his seatbelt for the fourth time in an hour.

“Yeah babe, after the competition, I have to look ok in that tight outfit.” She replied.

Liz had been less than thrilled with the branch uniform they were all required to wear. It was performance attire, like American Gladiators. Liz felt like it showed off her every bulge, despite her best efforts to tone up. Her office friend Amanda had said it best when she asked if she thought it made her look fat.

“Well you’ve been enjoying yourself...maybe a few less treats and you’ll be fine for the competition.” She had told her in the bathroom as they both had changed for a picture.

*Poke* She laughed as she poked Liz’s rounder tummy.

“Hey!” Liz exclaimed.

“Sorry I had to! I had to make sure it was real, I’m so used to that flat stomach of yours.” Amanda slid her hand down her own flat stomach to accentuate her point.

It was getting harder to maintain that body in her late 20s, she had really cut back on her happy hour intake and weekend alcohol. The price you paid for beauty.

“What’s your weight anyway now?” Amanda asked innocently.

Liz rubbed her rounder stomach as it protruded the fabric out.

“This morning I was 145 and I’ve lost five pounds.” She said meekly.

“Well that’s good! So you are taking care of it, our walking at lunch is working although I still see you sneak a pastry with your coffee every now and then. You are still super pretty Liz, you are just fuller than you used to be, the choice is yours. Have the hot bartender body or go back to the Sports Illustrated body like me.” Amanda finished.

“Bartender body?” Liz asked.

“Yeah like the girl guys hit on behind the bar, curvy, fills out her jeans and looks great but if she were at the beach she’d have little beer belly and jiggle more than they did before they started working around fried food and beer.” They both giggled at the description.

“Honestly girl, you can’t go wrong but if the weight bothers you then you can lose it. At least you’ll always look small next to your boyfriend!” Amanda had teased.

Liz smiled as she saw her boyfriends belly bounce a little with the turbulence. He re-adjusted his seatbelt yet again.

“Did they tighten these things? Some new FAA regulation?” He asked.

“Oh I don’t know babe, I don’t think you are supposed to have a couple beers and gorge on pizza in the airport before you get on the plane.” She laughed as she playfully rubbed his belly.

“Can’t help it if I was a bit nervous.” He said.

They were going to be there for a week, all on the company dime. Liz had a lot of meetings to go to during the day but they would have enough free time to spend doing whatever they wanted. The Winter Challenge was an ongoing thing throughout the week, it was corporate’s way of having a friendly competition between the branches.

In a way it was like the Olympics, they had different events and each event was worth some points for the first, second and third places. Some were team events and others were individual, each person on the team had to do at least 4 individual events and the team’s had at least 4 events. More if your team advanced to the championship rounds.

Liz had been a big part of her branch’s success at these games, most of the women at other branches were like Amanda. They worked out, they ran and looked cute in their outfits but they were not athletes with an athlete mentality. Liz was an athletic girl who wasn’t afraid to play with the boys. That was an x factor in co-ed competitions.

Even with the extra chub, she was confident that her experience would still be good enough. She wasn’t in her best shape but her skill was still sharp. She had just hoped that Ironwoman would not be there.

Ironwoman was the nickname she gave Leann Driscoll, a former women’s hockey player that worked for her office’s Boston branch. Leann was the stereotype, lesbian athlete. Liz didn’t have a problem with that except that Leann had gotten handsy around her a few times when they would all go out drinking. Nothing big but she made sure the line was drawn. To be fair, the sober Leann the next morning apologized profusely but made Liz know that the door was always open for another sporty gal.

They had become friends on facebook and that was how Liz discovered Leann was fighting a calf injury sustained during the running portion of an Ironman competition. While Liz was enjoying the summer with her new man, Leann seemed to do any intense, competitive event she could find. Spartan Race, Ironman, Warrior Dash, Leann kept her edge doing those things. Liz also discovered she had gotten into Crossfit.

They were pretty dead even as athletes last year, Liz a little more agile, Leann stronger, but this year would be a different story if Leann were there.

Despite her efforts, Liz was going to be slower, she was carrying more weight and Leann at least equaled her skill. They probably weighed the same but Leann was all muscle whereas Liz was sporting a pretty flabby tummy now.

No doubt about it, if it came down to an individual competition between the two, Liz was going to lose.

“Please return to your seats, we are beginning our final approach” crackled the loudspeakers on the plane.

“Thank God, I’m starting to get a little hungry again.” John said.

“Again?!” Amanda whispered in her ear right next to her. She had been asleep since the 5 hour flight had began.

“I thought he had snacks.” Amanda winked at Liz.

John had inhaled a whole bag of potato chips and had eaten cheeseballs. Quite frankly Liz was a little surprised that he said he was hungry again too.

They retrieved their bags at the baggage claim and hailed a cab to take them from the airport to their hotel. The company had everyone staying at a downtown Hilton.

John dropped their bags down in the room and took a look out the window.

“Whoo wee!” He whistled. “Check out that view.”

Liz came up behind him and put her arms around his waist. “I can’t wait to spend the week just the two of us.” She felt his button his pants and noted it was undone.

“Babe, eat a little too much on the flight?” She whispered in his ear.

He turned as his face reddened a bit. “I guess I haven’t been following the diet as much as you have, these are my largest and I had to undo them cuz they were hurting me, I feel like a hippo.” He responded.

She patted his belly, feeling its full jiggle. “Hmm not hippo, it feels like a burger, fries, cheeseballs and potato chips though.” She teased.

“It’s alright babe, I was the one who really needed the diet, you don’t have to wear skimpy clothes, let’s go out and explore.” Liz said.

John’s stomach rumbled a response. “And eat apparently!” She laughed.

Chapter 26

They had explored that day. The French Quarter was only a few blocks from the hotel and that first day John discovered what was soon to become his favorite dessert. Beignets.

“I’m gonna order more of those things, there’s crack in that powdered sugar!” John said.

“No more for me hun, I’ve got a competition to try to win.” Liz said as she rubbed her belly.

All in all John would have 15 beignets that night, along with 8 or 9 beers and a Po Boy with french fries. Liz would buy him new pants the next day, wondering if he’d ever wear his 38s again.

“He really needs new pants this quickly?!” Amanda asked exasperated. “I shouldn’t be too surprised, he ate enough for a small village last night, not that we didn’t encourage him.” She smiled sheepishly. There had been something oddly sexual about Amanda telling John to indulge, something she had filed away for further exploration later.

It was the tightness of his shirt, the belly that clearly was new and the lack of self control that she found herself turned on by.

“Does it ever bother you?” Amanda asked Liz.

“What? How much he eats?” Liz asked.

“No that belly he’s gained from eating too much. I could have sworn I saw you staring at it last night.” Amanda answered.

Now that had definitely happened, she had seen Liz make little movements, resting her hand on his stomach or giving it a quick rub. Amanda might have been drunk but she had been jealous too.

“Oh that, well umm, I kind of like it. Like its hard to explain, I’ve always appreciated larger guys.” Liz said.

“Ohh really?”

“Yeah…” Liz said a little embarrassed. “I was known to date the linemen on the football team.”

If John’s gonna get to lineman size he’s gonna be all chub and no muscle. Amanda thought.

Their conversation was cut short by a shout from down the hall.

“Hey Ladies!” a gruffer voice called.

Oh ****. Liz thought as she turned to see Leann Driscoll walking towards them.

“I can’t wait to get you guys back for...whoa Liz!” she exclaimed.

“Is that a bun in the oven?” Leann asked as she reached out to poke Liz’s stomach.

“Hey Leann, umm no I guess I’ve gained a little weight.” Liz said sheepishly.

“Good! I was afraid I’d be the only one!” Leann laughed as she patted her own larger stomach.

Liz looked down and realized Leann was right. There was an undeniable stomach there, although her leg muscles still showed off a physique that was used to working out, the time off due to injury had led to some weight gain.

Maybe all former athletes gain weight. She mused.

“I hurt my knee and I guess ended up at the bar a few too many times instead of doing some pool work outs. What about you?” Leann asked as she prodded Liz’s softer stomach.

“What?! Oh, I guess the years caught up with me, been trying to watch it and diet the last couple months.” Liz said surprised.

“And she found a man!” Amanda interjected.

“Ohh a man? Well that definitely explains it, I’ve seen more than enough girls fatten up after meeting the man of their dreams.” Leann laughed. “Guess this is some love chub then?”

She pinched Liz’s protruding love handle. Liz hopped back a bit.

“Jesus Leann! Boundaries!” Liz exclaimed.

“Sorry Lizzie, it’s just so cute poking out of there.” Leann laughed. “What’s the new guy think about it? That’s a big change for you Lizzie.” She said still eyeing the rounder form.

“Oh I don’t think he minds.” Amanda interjected.

Leann looked up at her quizzically. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean that they are an absolutely nauseating couple sometimes just in how they look at each other. Sorry hun, hurts us single folks sometime.” Amanda said with a wink to her friend.

“So what’s this guy look like? tall dark and handsome?” Leann continued the questioning.

“Yes, well he’s tall, a bit pale skinned but with really cute blue eyes and I think he’s handsome no matter what.” Liz said honestly.

“Geez big vote of confidence there at the end.” Leann teased.

“John’s grown a little heavier over the course we’ve known each other too.” Liz explained.

“Or a lot!” Amanda exclaimed before she could stop herself. “Sorry that was the hangover talking. He really is cute, just a little well-fed these days.”

“Well-fed? Lizzie, I didn’t know you could cook! Stay away from me this week, I’ve gained enough girth.”

“Oh don’t worry, she’s all about keeping him fed...sorry last time I swear I’ll shut up!” Amanda said as she zipped her mouth closed with a gesture.

Leann’s eyes widened at that. “You got a thing for the chunksters? I mean I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand it. I’ve always been hard-bodied but most of my gfs tend to leave bigger. I knew there was a reason I was always drawn to you! I just figured it was attraction because that’s what it normally is!” Leann said proudly. “Well now that explains a lot more about that new tummy you got.”

Liz’s face reddened even more.

“What’s he like to eat?” She asked.

“You can ask him yourself, that’s him walking towards us.” Amanda said with a cheshire grin.

They all looked over as John made his way through the crowd to them.

“Hey everyone! What’s wrong?” John asked a bit puzzled as he noticed all three girls turn to him at once. He brushed off powdered sugar from a few more beignets he’d snuck in hastily.

“Nothing babe, nothing, find us ok?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, just stopped by to look at a few shops” and get some more beignets He thought guiltily.

“I’m Leann, nice to meet you!” The stockier woman held out her hand.

As John shook it he said “Oh I’ve heard a lot about you! You seem to be Liz’s big competition in some of these events.” He did not notice Liz’s look of disdain for him bringing up some of those conversations.

Leann didn’t miss a beat on it though. “Oh has she been worried? Tough break I hurt my calf so I shouldn’t be much competition this year. You look like you could use a beer there John?”

“Oh sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to seeing her work for something, not like softball.” He laughed.

“I don’t know about a beer, its a bit early in the day isn’t it? We were out late last night.” John said.

“Oh come on its New Orleans! It’s never too early, besides that powdered sugar says you’ve already had some breakfast.” Leann said as she pointed to some sugar he had missed on his stomach.

She poked his stomach softly. “Feels like it’s got some room for more.” She teased.

“Whoa there! I don’t want Liz to get jealous.” He said as he attempted to suck in his gut. He looked over at her who was looking slightly annoyed at the whole exchange.

He had stopped to get only three beignets but he had ended up eating more than he had planned on eating along with a full breakfast.

“Actually Leann, I think we’d better get going. We have some things we wanted to look at.” Liz said as she took John’s arm.

“You and Amanda should go though! She could use a hearty breakfast after all she drank last night.” Liz looked over with her own cheshire grin. Amanda was none too pleased but really she had earned that after her antics this morning.

Chapter 27

“I cannot believe you forced her on me!” Amanda exclaimed later in the day. “I spent a month trying to look perfect in this dress and I feel like I’m 800lbs in it right now, I’m practically bulging out of it!”

“Oh stop, save it for someone who already doesn’t have a battle of the bulge problem.” Liz said as she attempted to do up her pants.

It was 4pm and after a light afternoon they were getting ready to go to their first corporate meetings. Liz and John had spent a wonderful day together where on her return to the hotel she said she had wanted to shower and found him fast asleep on the bed. Seems he did have his mortal moments and his kryptonite was a belly full of food and a slight hangover after a day in the sun.

She had texted Amanda if she could go up to her room to get ready for the meetings so they could gossip more and quiz each other on what they needed to know for the meeting.

“I swear these pants fit before thanksgiving.” Liz said as she attempted one more time to get the clasp on over the extra adipose on her stomach.

She had found Amanda laying on the bed clutching her stomach, claiming Leann was the worst temptress of fattening food there ever was.

“They probably did but I’m not sure thanksgiving agrees with them now.” Amanda said, happy to focus her attention on her friend’s more substantial stomach.

“Here lay down on the bed, I haven’t used this trick since my fat days in college.” Amanda suggested.

Liz did as she was told and sucked in while Amanda pulled the clasp on and did the pants up.

“Voila!” she said. “Now roll over and get up so you don’t pop it off.”

“I never had fat days in college, sports kept me in shape.” Liz teased her older friend.

“Yeah well for normal people, partying added somewhere between 15 and 30lbs over 4 years, thankfully I managed to lose it, some of my sorority girls haven’t been so lucky.” Amanda said as she smoothed her dress out.

“I suppose it will look alright but I’m not eating another bite until I’m absolutely starving and I’m hitting the hotel gym up tomorrow morning. You in?” She asked.

“Yeah, if I’m to survive New Orleans with these pants still on I think the gym will be just what the doctor ordered. Plus I need to stay warmed up for these contests, I don’t want to be sluggish because of John’s appetite.” Liz said.

“I’m not sure John should be totally to blame for those pants hun but he’s clearly winning out on the appetite wars.” Amanda replied.

“Sorry about Leann, I really wasn’t thinking about what I was saying. But man did it open up a can of worms! She couldn’t stop talking about John and you and his size. You’re lucky she’s gay because she’d have the hots for your growing boy” Amanda finished brushing her hair.

“Ready?” She asked.

“As I’ll ever be.” Liz answered. And they walked out the door.

John slept from 3:45 until 8 and woke up famished.

First thing he did after splashing some water in his face was text Liz.

“Sorry babe” came the reply. “Late meeting today, they provided dinner so you’ll have to go out, should be back by 11 for some fun ;)”

That was alright by John as he had wanted to make it out alone for a few things, nothing like exploring a bit of the city and talking with some locals.

He walked about three blocks from the hotel before he found exactly what he was looking for...a sports bar.

Traveling with a girlfriend is fun but you also miss out on all the sports action you normally keep up with.

During his walk he had decided on a double cheeseburger with bacon and fries as well as an appetizer, probably something Louisianan. He found it in charbroiled oysters in a spicy sauce. Bingo! He thought.

He was on his 3rd beer and was chatting with some bar patrons about Drew Brees when he felt a little poke into the side of his love handle.

“Hey big guy, fancy seeing you here!” Leann said.

“Oh hey! nice to see you too.” John said surprised. “Aren’t you supposed to be at a meeting till 11?”

“Umm yeah but I said I needed to go get some medication for my knee and that it required some elevation to ease the swelling. I can bullshit my way out of any corporate thing. I see you’re on a diet huh?” she said as she motioned to his empty plate of oysters and the big plate of burger and fries.

“What oh, just wanted a taste of New Orleans.” He replied sheepishly.

“I’m just kidding ya, girls like a man that eats I think...or so I’ve been told by my straight friends.” Leann said.

“Hey now, don’t let this body fool you, a year ago I was playing collegiate baseball.” John said in mock arrogance.

“Mandy had said you played sports but forgot which one.” Leann said feigning surprise, she had known all along he had been a jock.

“Let me guess, third base or first base or dh?” Leann quizzed.

“None of the above, I was actually a centerfielder.” John said a bit embarrassed. He was hoping the ambient light would hide his red face.

Leann’s eyebrows raised at that. “That’s cool, I played women’s ice hockey back in the day, obviously without this gut.” She said as she patted her rounded middle.

“Injury and beer has added some weight in the last year but I’m enjoying it, when the knee is better I’ll go back to crossfit.” She said as she flexed.

“Crossfit is intense! This gut is just from beer and too much good food I guess you’d say.” John said somewhat hesitantly as he gave it a pat.

“It doesn’t look bad, I can’t tell you how many of my teammates look worse now. You’ve just enjoyed some good food, like what you’ve got there.” Leann said as she pressed her initiative.

The bartender came out with shots and another beer.

“I didn’t order this.” John said surprised.

“Nope I did!” Leann said as she clinked his glass and threw back a shot.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 28
Liz looked around as she walked into the bar.

Where are they? She thought as she saw two people at a corner table, one slumped back heavily in his chair and a woman clutching her very round stomach but ordering another beer.

“BABE!” John slurred as he noticed and struggled to tuck his shirt back in over a gorged belly. He leaned forward and held a grimace as his full stomach sloshed. His pants and gotten undone and the table was full of empty bottles, cheap plastic shot glasses and a mountain of empty plates. There was two fries left on a third basket nearest Leann.

John attempted to get up but seemed to struggle to catch his balance, clearly he had been sitting for a long time. The second attempt he righted himself and almost tripped over the chair as he worked his way around, belly protruding a bit from his shirt.

“Oh wow, that’s a sight.” Amanda said as only she could.

“Hey ladies!” Leann shouted, equally as drunk. “How was the rest of the meeting? Kinda late for a work meeting isn’t it?”

Liz could barely disguise her look of dismay at the state of her boyfriend. He lumbered over and planted a kiss on her cheek and hugged her tightly as she felt how hard his belly was from what seemed to be another thanksgiving sized meal.

She smelled beer and lots of other things on his breath. They walked over, John with a drunken arm around his girlfriend.

“Leann, what did you guys do!?” Liz exclaimed as they went over to the table.

“What?! We were just having a good time, that meeting sucked.” She said a bit surprised at the tone of the question.

“A good time? He’s stuffed like a pinata full of candy and can barely walk, I don’t know from how full he is or how much he’s had to drink.” Liz was exasperated.

John looked away, realizing that she was not happy.

“But babe we were having fun-” He attempted to reason.

“Fun?! Fun while I’m slugging away at work. John pay your bill, we’re going back to the hotel.” She said icily.

“I’ll get the bill John-boy, your princess seems to be having a bad night.” Leann said with a bit of a bite to her tone now.

“Watch it Leann.” Liz said quickly. “I’ll see you at the first competition.”

“Wouldn’t miss it baby.” Leann said as she blew a kiss. “Mandy, remember this experience from this morning?” She said motioning to the table.

Amanda’s stomach gave a lurch as she realized she had only had a salad for dinner and the thought of gorging herself again made her more excited then she wanted to admit.

But she was a friend first and walked out with John and Liz, besides she wasn’t sure Liz could help John up if he took a tumble.

Buddy, you’ve got a lot coming your way if I know Liz. She thought as they staggered through the streets. Liz was not saying much and that was normally worse then her blowing up. Will be another fun morning conversation tomorrow.

Chapter 29

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Liz said the following morning.

“Ugh come on Lizzie, not so loud.” John said with a pillow over his head.

“Sorry, a bit hungover? You definitely had enough to drink with your new friend.” She said as she was getting her gym clothes on.

“Lizzie, its 7am, can we talk about it later. I feel like I got hit with a freight train.” John moaned.

She pulled the covers off quickly, his stomach still very much a hard mound from the previous night’s indulgence. He curled into a ball, shivering a bit.

“Not a freight train, too much beer and enough food for 10 people. And with a woman that clearly knew what she was doing. God, the sight of you last night was embarrassing and all I could think about was how greedily you probably had eaten it all up.” Liz said while tying her shoes at the foot of the bed.

John couldn’t help but notice the love handles poking out from under her workout shirt and a rounder butt in her yoga pants.

She got up and caught him staring.

She sighed. She had been very hard on him on little sleep and truth be told it wasn’t that she was mad at John solely. It had been a frustrating meeting, one that brought with it some serious news and she really had just looked forward to a drink and his company. What she found was a drunken mess and she just did not want to deal with it. Also if she was honest, she was a little jealous, ok a lot jealous. She had discovered Leann’s preferences in other women and knowing John’s lack of self-control with his appetite she knew what had happened. She stuffed him like a thanksgiving turkey. John couldn’t say no to food with a little encouragement from a woman. She sighed again. There was a cuteness about him in this very vulnerable state. The hairier body, the large ball stomach, the extra fat that had grown on his sides and arms, his chest had even filled out.

“I ought to make you come to the gym with Amanda and me.” She said.

John looked fearful. “God no please Lizzie, I’ll throw up everything.”

She sat down next to him. “John I’m sorry I’m mad, I was just really upset last night for a lot of reasons.”

She patted his stomach and leaned over to kiss him. “Be back in an hour, sleep in, don’t worry about breakfast, we’ll get together at lunch.”

With that she turned off the lights and walked out of the room.

John rolled back over and grabbed the covers. I’m too hungover was his last thought before he snored himself back to sleep.

Liz went down the hall to Amanda’s room and knocked. It was only a few doors down and she waited quietly. A number of seconds passed and she had not heard anything. Oh come on Amanda, I need this workout, I need to run off some anger. Liz thought growing impatient.

She knocked again, a little louder. Finally she heard some movement. The door opened slowly.

“Liz! Oh my God what time is it? I’m so sorry.”

Amanda looked tired. Her make from the night before was still on and a bit smudgy, her hair not done at all.

“Amanda! What happened?” Liz said surprised.

“Is there a guy in there?” She whispered.

“What? No! Oh God know, just kind of had a late night with a bottle of Jack and some room service. I’m sorry, give me a few minutes, I’ll go with you.” Amanda said guiltily.

“Ok sure...mind if I come in and wait? The shirt is a little tight and I’d rather not have someone walk by.” Liz said embarrassed.

“Umm...sure...give me a second though.” Amanda said.

The door closed and Liz heard some light clinking of trays and dishes.

What the hell did she do last night? We got home after 11. Liz thought.

The door opened again and Amanda ushered her in.

“Just let me get dressed quick and splash some water in my face.” Amanda said quickly as she walked around the room.

“Don’t take too long...whoa.” Liz said as she looked at all the empty dishes on the room service cart.

“Was everything alright last night?” Liz said quizically.

“Oh yeah, just a little too much to drink and you know when you drink a lot you get a bit hungry and I hadn’t eaten a lot at dinner.” Amanda said trying to hide her indulgence.

“Can you grab my sports bra?” She asked from the bathroom.

Liz took the bra hanging from the desk chair, the room looked like a disaster, the furniture was everywhere and the covers on the furthest bed were all over the side. Liz couldn’t even walk over there if she wanted to.

She handed the bra through the door and a few moments later Amanda walked out.

“Whoa!” Liz said as she saw her in just her bra shorts. “Sorry its early.”

Amanda’s face reddened.

Standing there in practically nothing, Amanda could not hide an undeniable food baby.

“Does it look that bad? I knew I’d eaten too much, I don’t know what got into me last night.” Amanda said with tears beginning to form.

“Oh honey, come here, you’re fine. I’m not one to judge. You’re beautiful, just bloated today.” Liz said as she recovered.

“I’m gonna wear a shirt, let me find one and then we can go.” Amanda replied, sniffling a bit.

Liz went and waited outside, they spent an hour at the gym that morning. Hiding under the covers on the side of the bed, laying on the floor was Leann, going back to sleep with a satisfied smile.

Chapter 30
“Liz I’m sorry.” John said for the 100th time.

“Oh my goodness Jay, stop! I said its fine! It was a mix of a lot of things.” Liz said although she was satisfied with how bad he felt. They had never really fought a lot but she knew little things like what had happened the previous night would happen every now and then.

“How was the gym?” John asked innocently as he grabbed some ketchup to go with his french fries. It was lunch time and he had slept in until 11am. He was starving but tried to hide it, he felt like a pig that morning.

“Oh it was good for all sorts of reasons.” Liz said and she munched away at her salad and vegetables. She hid the fact that Amanda had seemed to do the same thing John did last night, albeit by herself.

“I actually outran Amanda, that felt good, haven’t been able to do that since before the summer.” Liz said proudly.

“Wow! That’s good, hard work pays off! Think you are ready for this afternoon?” John asked.

“Oh yeah, its a team competition, I only have to worry about my part.” Liz replied. Just hope Amanda can do her’s, she had it rough at the gym.

Liz had not just outran Amanda on the treadmill, Amanda barely even jogged. She tried, she did her best but after a few strides had slowed down to a very slow walk and kept that pace for 20 minutes.

On the other hand, Liz had jumped on the treadmill with abandon and ran off all the bad and negative thoughts she had in the previous 24 hours. John had taken the brunt of her anger and with some good reason but the majority of it was directed at her company’s corporate office. The team leaders were told previously that the company had been losing money and downsized was inevitable. They had three months to figure out what the branches were going to do to make the shortfall go away. That meant Liz held people’s futures in her hand and even if done well, it didn’t guarantee she’d survive it either.

So she ran and ran and went over and did the elliptical and stretched and tried to do her former sports routine as much as she could. She had gotten better with it in the previous two months but nowhere near as much as she could do a year before. It would have to be though because she had run out of time for the competition that she clearly wanted an even less part of now.

Her arms were sore in a good way from doing some weight machines. She was happy that they were beginning to get back their leanness from before, the beginning bingo wings were something she could not stand with her new weight.

She could handle the slight belly, the fuller hips, the jiggling butt but flabby arms were annoying in a sleeveless top.

John’s three empty plates sat there is a monument to his new habits. She knew that he was hungover and the best cure was greasy food but she had feeling that this lunch would have happened sober too. He polished off the last of his 6 beignets he had ordered and she had politely declined. His two day total has got to be near 30 or 40 now She found herself thinking.

Her phone buzzed. She had to go.

“Hun I gotta get going, I need to change and be ready for this thing. I’ll see you at the competition?” Liz asked.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” John replied.

“Alright Jay, love you.” She gave him a kiss as she leaved, noting the taste of powdered sugar still on his lips.

John stayed for another half hour after the waitress had talked him into another dessert. The South really seemed to agree with him.

An hour later John was walking into the sportsplex. December in New Orleans was warmer then his hometown but still a bit chilly at 50 degrees and he was wearing a jacket. Unfortunately lunch had him so full that zipping it up all the way felt a bit confining and he attempted to pull down the shirt that was riding up over his gut.

It wasn’t hard to find out where the business competition was, they pretty much had the facility to themselves. It had several basketball courts, a track and an indoor soccer/whatever else you wanted to do field all under one roof. Also a couple pools and classrooms for aerobics and a weight training area. This is like the rec center back at college John thought as he then thought about how long it had been since he had entered a gym. His musings quickly went away as an attendant at the front desk spoke to him.

“You need a membership paper sugar? Or are you here for the competition?” The nice girl in her late 20s asked.

She was a typical worker you’d find at any gym, wearing some sort of form fitting clothes, fit and sporty looking.

“Competition, thanks.” John replied.

“Oh alright, through these doors you’ll find everyone. You’re not playing are you?” She then asked with a questioning look.

“What? Oh no, my girlfriend is. I’m here for her.” John said as he began to walk where she pointed.

“Aw how sweet, well there you go, take one of these forms too in case you are ever back, looks like you’ve had a few too many beignets sugar.” She said as she walked around and handed him a brochure. She then brushed some powdered sugar off of his shirt that he had not noticed.

Great, I knew I shouldn’t have had that extra dessert John thought. But he also felt something else and knew that if he wasn’t dating Liz he totally would have flirted with that girl. Either way, it was time for new clothes clearly.

John walked through the double doors to the fieldhouse portion of the facility and saw lots of groups, all in different colors but the same outfits. Many were stretching. On the other side of the track there was a group of people that were a mix of spectators and higher ups that just were there like John was, supporting significant others or having to be there because they worked there.

“Wake up there alright John-boy?” He heard a voice ask.

Leann was striding toward him in a green outfit that looked like something a rower would wear. He noticed a outlined paunch that probably wasn’t there in previous years. It jiggled solidly as she strode over. Leann was an athlete, she had the muscles in her arms still and while her legs had some fat on them, he could tell there was plenty of muscle underneath.

“Yeah a bit like after a kegger but I feel better now I have some food in me.” John said as he tugged his shirt down for the third time.

“Looks like you enjoyed a lot.” She replied, eyes zeroing in on his stomach roll.

“Hey you got me into trouble last night, I better not be seen fraternizing with the enemy again.” John joked.

Leann held her hands up innocently.

“Hey now I just put something in front of you, you were the one that was throwin’em back like it was your job. Or shoveling it in.” She said with a wink.

“Yeah I know, it was fun until Liz came up, something happened last night and that was part of it but I still shouldn’t have gotten so drunk.” John said a bit embarrassed.

“Whatever, we had a good time.” Leann said. And her getting mad was just what I wanted to have happen Leann thought deviously.

Leann had put into a motion a plan that she hoped would work this week. Gaining 30lbs herself in the past year had not been ideal, a niggling calf injury had led to some knee trouble and then forcing herself back into working out too early brought on more problems. She was only just now able to do some basic moves at crossfit and of course skate but the extra weight was still there.

She almost cried with relief when Liz and Amanda rolled up and Liz was sporting some extra chunk too. Cried with relief and almost moaned with pleasure. Leann thought. She had spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how to even the playing field with her larger and slower body so that her Boston team could win. Fiercely competitive, the 29 year old had owned this competition for years until Liz had showed up. Call it jealousy but more people seemed to want Liz to win due to the fact that she was A) a conventional beauty and B) seemingly available for the straight guys. Nobody flirted with Leann, which was fine with her but she did feel that Liz needed to be taken down a peg. And yesterday seeing Lizzie’s newly formed stomach and some revelations that they had more in common about what they found attractive then meets the eye, Leann cooked up a crazy idea.

She had to get inside Liz’s head, that was step one. The best way to do that was to throw her off somehow. John and more specifically John’s appetite provided the means for that end. She had recused herself from last night’s long meeting for feeling pain and needing to take meds, true enough but she also knew that Liz had mentioned John looking for a sports bar that night and that they were going to find him later. She just found him sooner.

Leann did not have much experience with men but she had plenty with people in their 20s gaining weight and once the shackles were off the appetite, especially an athletic appetite, it just needed a little coaxing for them to overdo it. She figured if she as a lesbian could be jealous of a straight girl then Liz could get jealous of her. So she played nice and sweetly encouraged John to eat and eat and yes eat some more, while throwing back beer and shots and all sorts of other things that lowered inhibitions. The only part that backfired was Leann filling up her stomach just as much.

She rubbed it now as she thought about it. But the plan worked perfectly, drunk and stuffed John had embarrassed Liz and part of that was Liz being mad that her man was getting fed by a rival. Mission accomplished.

Part two of dismantling Liz’s team was a little bit trickier. Before she had had the hots for Liz, Amanda had been on Leann’s radar. As most would probably guess, Leann could be domineering in relationships and while she relished teammates and other athletes for weakening their resolves and softening up their bodies, there was also something to be said for the princess girls. Moreover in previous business conventions Amanda had proved to be a typical sorority girl, having a penchant to overdrink and think they had a tolerance when they didn’t really as well as wanting to have attention from anyone that was willing...guy preferably but girl if necessary.

Amanda and Leann were almost the same age and there had been more then one time where Amanda’s sexual desires and coincided with Leann’s, she wasn’t a lesbian of course but she had some tendencies and was experienced with both sexes, probably from college. Amanda had been a normal sized girl when Leann and her first messed around, an extra 20-30lbs of college flab on her body but she had worked hard to return to a lithe form.

What Leann was worried about was if that more adult lifestyle had changed her need for being in the spotlight while going out. She was pleased that last night showed that was not the case.

It had started off innocently enough, a quick text message that she had a bottle of Jameson and a two liter bottle of coke with no one to drink with...and she was in Amanda’s room pouring her liberal amounts of whiskey with a little coke while she only drank the soda. A tipsy Amanda was a hungry Amanda and a drunk Amanda was a ravenous Amanda. Room service had been ordered and by the end of the night, they were both sexually pleased and Amanda had a food baby, about 3 months along.

Leann almost trembled thinking about it. I gotta get my head in this game or I’m going to psych myself out She thought.

The competition was ready to get started and it was time to compete.

Chapter 31

Things started off well for Liz’s branch. Two of her colleagues, Rich and Mike, were former football players and high school wrestlers and still put in time at the gym. They easily navigated their portion of the race, going through tubes, climbing rope and rolling over a wall. Amanda’s turn did not go over very well though.

She ran sluggishly, as if she had a 20lb weight on her back and that let two other groups catch up, the lead was gone.

All coming down to me huh? Liz thought as she grinned a bit. She relished her competitive spirit, she had been born to compete and win.

“That jacket looks a little tight on your boyfriend Lizzie.” A voice said from her side.

“What?” She said as she saw Leann point to John.

“Maybe he did eat a little bit too much last night, he certainly seemed to enjoy it.” Leann winked at her.

Liz turned, angry.

“I don’t know what you’re up to Leann but--”

“Liz! *Heavy breath* start jogging” Amanda shouted breathlessly as she practically staggered towards Liz with a baton.

Liz turned and saw her hand outstretched and she was lumbering towards her. Leann had already jogged and was taking her baton from her teammate now. Liz had lost focus and she was behind.


Leann’s more ample butt was picking up speed as her still solid leg muscles took her towards the monkey bars quickly.

Liz tore after her, sprinting more than she had since softball had ended. The first ten steps she felt fast and the next ten it was like she was struggling to maintain speed.

Every ounce of her newfound stomach was jiggling, she felt her love handles peek out and then break free of her tight top as it rode up. Her thighs, once sleek, shook with the added weight they had taken on, she could even feel her cheeks jiggle with each footfall.

She was slightly catching up but Leann had already made it to the monkey bars. Liz’s part in the relay included a 50 yard sprint and about ten feet of monkey bars where if they fell they were assessed a penalty and then bear crawling 15 yards to the finish line. In a normal year, this anchor leg would have been an epic test of strength and speed but with both former athletes dealing with extra pounds, it turned into a competition of pride and will.

Leann had gotten a quarter of the way through the monkey bars where she was stuck. 25lbs was not much but it would throw you off balance. Liz watched as she approached the monkey bars, Leann hanging there, her tattooed back exposed. She noted that she had prominent love handles as well now. Her shoulders looked taut but her arm muscles, the biceps and triceps were shaking a bit as she attempted to get her momentum to go forward once more. They were not used to moving a 170lb woman through this type of trial.

Liz got to the monkey bars and climbed the three rungs to into the air. She had lost five pounds going into this week and just prayed that her muscles wouldn’t fail her and her more ample form too. The first three bars were easy, her momentum carried her forward and she quickly swung to halfway through the obstacle. That is when the tires screeched to a halt. Liz’s arms had grown tired and her extra 20lbs or so reared their ugly head. Swinging like a pendulum was the easy part, she could always kick her legs back and forth although she noted that her lower abdomen bunched up rather much as she did that. It was using her arms to stop the momentum so she wouldn’t slide off that was the problem. She now had a new appreciation for the struggle Leann was going through.

Sweat poured down her face as she agonizingly made her way through the last half of the monkey bars. Leann had seemed to see her inching past her and caught a second wind of energy and began to move forward again. Like the end of Rocky 2, both opponents used all their energy to work their way across. Liz reached the other end and fell to her knees and hands. Sweat beads fell off as she shook her head, trying to talk herself back into getting her ass in the and finishing the race.

Why the hell do we have to do a bear crawl?! She thought angrily as she pulled down her top to cover her chub.

Leann had reached the end of the bars and tried to go right into her bear crawl. She had made it three steps before she fell over, round beer gut heaving in the air. After a few breaths she attempted again before falling forward this time. Both former athlete’s muscles were burning and aching so bad.

Alright Liz, now or never.

She perked her butt up, gaining her balance for a moment and then began to crawl forward.

Slow and steady, that’s it, keep it going, no need to overdo it here.

She made her way past Leann, her shoulders were burning, arms shaking with each painful step. Leann seemed to catch her breath and lurch forward only to fall a third time.

Liz could see the finish line, heard the cheers of her teammates waiting there and saw out of the corner of her eye John jumping up and down, his shirt riding up over his distended gut.

“YES!” They shouted as they all ran over to her. Liz was panting, seated on her butt and not caring that her soft belly was rolled over her waist. She was too tired and too relieved. John helped her up as she hugged him, covering his jacket with some light perspiration.

“Seems you still got it champ, although I was a bit worried that final five yards or so.” He said grinning.

“I’d like to…*breath* see you try that big boy.” She gasped as she grabbed a water and greedily glugged it down.

“Leann seems to be feeling last night worse then me.” John said as he watched her stagger to her feet and bring her uniform down over the round belly that surely had not been there during her hockey days.

“I’m just happy I won, I think if I hadn’t been working out the last few weeks I would have lost, I felt every pound I gained babe.” She said, wiping her forehead.

She glanced down and rubbed her stomach, feeling the flabby torso.

“I need to get back in shape, this was harder than it should have been.” She sighed.

“Then whose belly is gonna keep mine company?” John asked jokingly.

Liz gave him a playful punch.

“No one’s if you keep sneaking beignets buddy, don’t think I didn’t see some of that powdered sugar!” She laughed.

They walked across the field hand in hand. The rest of the competition went on as Liz’s team won and lost some but she didn’t care. She had her pudgy boyfriend supporting her the whole way and that was just fine by her.

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