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Oct 8, 2007
Poll: what do you like and dislike about your belly?

In my case:
Fairly big, hard and protruding belly with some hang.
- The feel and looks of a big belly
- The fact that I have to keep most of my shirts unbuttoned because they have become too tight
- The way a cropped shirt looks on my belly
- I have always liked to be shirtless and the belly is an extra reason to go shirtless (I feel more comfortable this way)
- The weird feeling of being full and hungry at the same time
- When I sit down my belly presses against my crotch and I experience pleasure from it
- Not big enough (45" waist now, I would like at least 10" or 15" more)
- I can't bend over or squat, putting socks on and tieing shoe laces is all but impossible without help
- I have to spread my legs when I sit down, this is a problem in confined spaces
- People make comments when I am outside shirtless
- I can only sleep on my side because of the weight of my belly

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