Belly Sex?

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May 16, 2011
New Zealand
For me belly sex is the best. My belly is a major erogenous zone and nothing turns me on more than feeling a big belly pressed against me.

An ex-BF and I were playing around in bed one night. We had a masturbation sleeve that was open both ends. It was possible to fit a penis into each end of it and it fitted neatly under both our bellies. It was a dream - making love face to face and the awesome sensation of two big fat bellies slapping into each other. It's been my preferred modus operandi ever since.

NZ Mountain Man

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Well, you can always ask her if she wants to try it. If she does, go ahead. If not, do something else. That simple.
If a woman is feeling awkward about the fact that her bellybutton is very forward of the hip and rib cage and your reason this is woman stirs up carnal desires in you is her midriff expanse and you will walk past the walking skeletons just to be with her bountiful waist then she should be encouraged to feel that what gives her social discomfort is her draw card.
I am bi and when a partner sit on my lap my arms are around the waist and hands over the navel. The more they fill my arms the better I find. I would convince her that the socially victimised feature is her asset.
Not let her/him carry shame about it.

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