Best Dating Apps for Plus-Size People? Any Tips/Recommendations?

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Mar 4, 2018
, Male
I've tried most of the plus-size dating apps currently available on iOS. I was wondering which apps out there people in this community have had the most success with. I've tried WooPlus. It's ok. But, I don't like its user interface. It's kind of wonky in my opinion. I also have tried traditional dating apps like Tinder and Hinge with little to no success. I also feel as if presenting myself on an app/site is more difficult.

I'd also love to hear people's advice on using apps for dating. If anyone on here has successfully met their significant other through an app, I'd love to hear how it happened. How did you break the ice? What did you do for success?


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Jul 7, 2021
I'll admit that I've had limited success in the dating world (I only started after college), but having found all of my dates- and one girlfriend- through apps, hopefully I can offer some help.
I haven't used any plus-size dating apps- I've always figured they would have a substantially smaller userbase than the broad ones (I may be wrong in this assumption). If you haven't tried it yet, OkCupid may be worth a shot- it allows users to post much more information than most dating apps, making finding someone you're compatible with much easier. One of the major benefits is that it lets users fill in their body type, so finding overweight people is more straightforward (although I think you have to pay for premium if you want to filter by this).

Ice-breakers vary, but I'll strongly advise looking at their profile and coming up with something personalized. If there's a common interest, maybe you can ask them about how they got into it. If they say, 'Tell me your favorite X', send a message by telling them what your favorite X is. Starting with a simple 'Hi' hardly ever works- it doesn't lead into any conversation, and doesn't set you apart from all the other people who have messaged them. Even if their profile gives you nothing to work with, I'd say at least try to put a spin on it (e.g. 'I've been trying to think of a clever starter, but I'm at a blank. You still seem awesome.')

There's a heavy X factor for success, unfortunately, since you're dealing with a unique person- someone with their own interests, desires, and behaviors. My own success has been to start up a friendly conversation and letting it flow for a bit bit before you make any moves (even for a hookup). As it goes on, try to get a read for how open the person is, maybe drop a few complements/hints, and then ask them out once it seems like you're ready. I'd also be careful about mentioning their fatness unless they bring it up themselves, since the vast majority of plus-size people don't have this fetish (I've made that mistake a few times).

I'm sorry if this seems too vague, but that's the thing about dating- there's no mathematical formula for making it work. Good luck!


Dec 17, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
I tried a few, including WooPlus, but most of them suck. I liked woo the most, but there was a lack of locals having what I was looking for.

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