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Sep 24, 2014
The West!
Was being spooned by lovely partner, who said:

"I love the way your stomach just goes OUT starting right under your chest."

She demonstrated this by running her hand over my chest and then over all the fat on my belly - and her hand kept going out and out and out - and down under it where the "hang" is, where she gave a gentle squeeze.

When a woman compliments your fat, wow!


"You're so soft, I can't believe it."

It's true, I've always been soft even when I was skinny, always had skin rather like a female, no bumps or lumps.

Nice when a woman likes you soft instead of wanting a hard-body.

Another teasing, not mean, comment that made me turn red but also tingle inside:

"You look like you have sack of potatos under your t-shirt!" said with a giggle.

Omg I could have kissed her right then and there. :)

Anyone else get a nice compliment from a female FA? :)
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