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Oct 4, 2006
Kid's are great, I get on with them because I am still just a big (and I mean BIG) kid at heart, and for some reason, possibly because of my size, strangers kids on trains seem to find me fascinating, I get stared at a lot!

Now if only I could get the same kind of attention from their moms, or women in general i'd be set :p

Rich :p


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Apr 30, 2007
The confidence/comfortable factor is big - this goes for anyone of any size. A guy who is down on himself is a total drag and will never catch my eye no matter how attractive he may be otherwise.

I'm an FFA and I find that very few BHMs notice that I'm taking notice of them.
Ya, I never noticed when I was big. I was 6'3" 325//Now I am 215. What a difference it has made in my confidence. Now here I go on a weird thought I just had..... I LOVE fat girls I mean love em! So when I date one that has confidence issues like I did, I get frustrated because I think she looks just fine the way she is... Yet I couldnt accept myself when I was fat.

I also got large while I was married WITH my then wife, She had NO desire to be with a bigman, So maybe that had something to do with it to..anyhoo, just my $.02
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Jun 27, 2007
I just noticed today that my dad is just starting to turn into a BHM. He was 6'1" and around 180 with a 34" waist. Lately he has been working night term and he eats a huge meal before he leaves and then eats while he is at work, then when he gets home in the morning he eats another huge meal and then goes to bed. And all of the food he has been eating has been turning straight to fat. Today he was wearing a very old pair of 33" Levis and his belly was pooching over a good two/three inches. And he had on a very tight T-Shirt (size Medium.) Now I would say he is a good 195 and with a 36" waist (even though he still thinks his old jeans fit.) And this gain would all be within the past month.

He has always been an active man, he could eat anything and not gain a pound because he was able to work off his big meals during day shift. Plus, his job used to be much more physical, but now he is the boss so he doesn't have to do as much. My mom is loving his new gain. She is always poking it and kissing him more often.

He said yesterday at work the other guys were asking when the baby was due, but he still doesn't think he has gained that much. He is going to me in night shift for another month, so I'm predicting more gains.


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Nothing in particular to add to this thread (other than that I am a biggish Dad), but I did want to say welcome to booklover1991.


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