Cakes and Innocence - by Caloriequest (~BBWs,Eating,Feederism,S&M,Lesbian sex,~XWG)

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    ~BBW (multiple), Eating, Feederism, S&M, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG - A sheltered young lady grows while her mother travels the world

    By Caloriequest

    [The first part of this classic lay in the Dimensions archives for seversal years. Eventually it was consigned to the Discard Forum for possible adoption. It was there that Mikael spotted it as a story for which he had a complete copy - and we now are happy to present it in fully restored form. We do not, however, have any idea as to the original author. Thanks Mikael! - Observer

    eta: we subsequently identified the author, see posts 10 and 14 below]

    Part One - Laying a foundation

    Six months is a long time to while away, especially when you're on your own.

    This is the situation that Linda found herself facing when Jean, her mother was gadding off around the world with her latest boyfriend. Linda's father had died when she was too young to remember. Her mother had mourned his loss for years, but eventually she started to see other men again. More came and went as did the years, until finally she met Roy. They dated for a few years, and then decided to get engaged.

    She started to see Roy when Linda was about 17, and things had just progressed from there. The surprise trip around the world was a kind of engagement present to themselves. They had been looking forward to this for some time.

    Linda was old enough to live in the house on her own of course at the age of 21, but her mother and her aunt decided that she shouldn't - it was too long a time to be living on her own in a large empty house. They made arrangements for her to spend the six months with her aunt Julie down in Cornwall, where she ran a small business making cakes and fancies for corporate entertainment companies.

    Julie was a kind and loving sort of woman, and she and Linda had always got on okay. Julie was in her middle forties, but had a good complexion and young looks for her age. She was also quite large and soft. She was a definite pear shape and weighed around 280lbs on a 5'9" frame. She didn't seem too worried about her extra weight, and so Linda never thought anything of it either.

    Linda was extremely naive - she always had been. Now at the age of 21 she had no street sense and was always made the butt of jokes by some of her friends. She trusted people implicitly, and never had any reason to doubt anyone. It was a rather blissful state to be in - not stupid, but just unaware of the more unpleasant things in life. Her mother had always been somewhat overprotective of her, and had insisted that she went to an all girl school when she was younger. She had never really spoken to many boys, and certainly had never been out on a date.

    Her mother had always made sure she always had some distraction to keep her mind from wandering, or to stop her from any thoughts about her sexuality. This wasn't out of malice, or jealousy, just an overly active concern about her daughter's well being.

    Linda was a tallish girl, she was 5'8 with long red hair, a clear complexion and beautiful watery green eyes. She was really quite stunning, but always dressed rather dowdy - her mother's influence.

    She was not slim and waif-like, but solid and thick thighed like her mother. She had no worries or hang-ups about her body or appearance. She did like her food, and especially her aunt's!

    It was the beginning of a long hot summer when Linda arrived at her aunt's place in Cornwall. Julie lived in a small cottage near Ponsangath. Nearby was a small cove with a lovely sandy beach. This was always a nice quiet area, and was off the tourist track. It was almost like Julie's own private beach.

    Linda loved to soak up the sun on the beach. She would often grab a book and go down and sit on the beach all day. The sea was a bit chilly, but occasionally she would go for a paddle at the water's edge.

    Linda came down the stairs fresh from her morning wash. She was already in her bikini; book in one hand and a selection of snacks in the other.

    "Off to the beach already my dear?" smiled Julie.

    "Yes, isn't it just a beautiful day again today - I want to make the most of it in case the weather changes and starts to rain." Linda moved over to the kitchen breakfast bar where Julie was preparing some cake mix. "What's that one going to be?"

    Julie was putting some dollops of mix into a cake tin, "This is called 'cut and come' cake"

    "Why is it called that?" Linda asked incredulously.

    "Because you cut it, eat it, and then come again for some more!" chuckled Julie. "Here, do you want to lick out the bowl? My mother used to let me lick the bowl when she was cooking, here have a try"

    She offered a wooden spoon to Linda; it was full of rich brown cake mix, with bits of fruit dotted all over it.

    Linda put it in to her mouth. "Hmm this is gorgeous, can I have some more?"

    Julie pushed the bowl over to Linda - still with about half the mix in it, "Have as much as you want, but don't make yourself ill"

    Linda scooped every last morsel out of the bowl and looked up at Julie, "Wow that was superb. Can I taste the other cake mixes that you do - I mean not now, but when you do them?"

    "I'll give you a call when I do the next one if you like."

    "That would be great - I can't wait."

    "You go to the beach, and I'll give you a call when it's lunchtime - oh, and don't snack too much on those chocolate bars or you will not have room for your lunch!"

    Julie watched as Linda walked down to the beach in her bikini and thought, 'If she keeps this up, she'll be several sizes bigger when her mother returns... I wonder....'

    Three weeks passed in much the same way. Linda would taste the various mixes, and then sunbathe on the beach.

    Julie noticed that the bikini was fitting more snugly than before, and that Linda's thighs were rubbing at the top. There was also a definite soft bulge forming at the waistband.

    Julie began to prepare "special" mixes for Linda. She was becoming more interested in her niece's development, and wondered if she could contribute more to her continued expansion. Over the next few weeks, increased amounts of margarine, lard, and sugar were finding their way into the mixes. These mixes were never baked into actual cakes, but stored exclusively for "fattening" Linda.

    Linda came in to the kitchen, once more in her favorite bikini. As she walked toward the bar, Julie noticed the rippling and wobbling of new fat on Linda's thighs. When she sat at the bar eating the first bowl of mix of the day, her stomach was developing a roll of fat that was about an inch and a half proud of the waistband.

    "Instead of those snack bars, I've made you some cake mix - you might as well take the whole bowl down to the beach, and when you come back for lunch, I'll give you another for the afternoon." Julie offered a covered bowl - twice the normal size to Linda.

    "Oh wow! Thanks. Is this the 'Lardy cake' you made the other day?"

    "That's right; I thought a bigger one would keep you going until lunch"

    Linda watched as Julie walked down the beach path. There was a lot of wobbly movement around her ass. She was getting wider as well. 'That bikini is going to burst at this rate - ooh you little plump darling! Auntie is going to see you get nice and fat' she thought to herself.
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    Part Two - Strange Goings On!

    Linda was having a bad night. She had only slept fitfully so far - it was so hot and humid. She woke up sweltering and bothered, and needed a drink to quench her thirst. She went in to the bathroom and reached in to the cabinet for a glass, but there wasn't one there. She closed the door and began off down the hallway to the stairs. She passed by Julie’s room and noticed that there was a light coming from under the door; thinking nothing of it she continued down to the kitchen.

    When she got to the sink, she saw the remains of several bowls of the cake mix, and a set of car keys that she didn't recognize. She absent-mindedly ran her finger around the bowl nearest to her and licked the sugary mixture off

    'Hmm, Lardy Cake' she confirmed. She filled a glass and had a couple of swigs then tipped the rest away. On her way back to the staircase, she noticed a coat and some ladies shoes that were far too small to be Julie's or her own.

    Just as she mounted the first step, she heard a giggle from within Julie's bedroom, followed by a thump on the floor. She froze for a moment and then all was quiet again. Her curiosity pricked, she continued up the stairs until she was at Julie's door. The door was firmly shut, and there was only the faintest sound of rustling material to be heard. Linda was trying to look through the keyhole, but it was too full of dust and wood splinters to get a good view.

    All that she could see was a bar about three feet long attached to the ceiling, and a metallic looking linkage hanging from it; no two of them she could just about see another. There was also a table by the side of this contraption, and on it were three more of the mix bowls. There was a moan from within the room - this startled Linda and made her scurry quickly in to her room. She got back in to her bed and lay there mulling over what she had seen.

    The next morning Linda woke with a start, there was the sound of a door slamming and voices. She rushed to the widow and twitched the curtain aside. There below in the driveway was a little Peugeot 206, and standing at the front door were Julie and another lady; they were talking, and then briefly embraced. The other lady turned and walked to the waiting car. It beeped twice as she held out the remote to unlock it. As she walked toward the car, she looked up and straight up to where Linda was watching; she seemed to smile at her, then opened the car door and got in.

    Linda's aunt hadn't taken her eyes off this lady and hadn't noticed that she was being watched. The car drove off and Julie returned indoors. Linda looked at the clock, it was only 07:00 - she didn't usually surface for at least another two hours. She was full of questions, but instinctively knew that the things she had seen were not her business.

    Later that day, when Linda returned from the beach; Julie called her over to the kitchen.

    "Linda sweetie, can I just have a word?" She patted the chair next to her at the kitchen table. Linda complied and sat down.

    "Er, Is there something wrong?" Linda stuttered, her guilt welling up from last night's indiscretion.

    "No, no, there's nothing wrong - I just noticed that; well how can I say, you seem to have outgrown that bikini dear, don't you think?"

    Linda looked down at her bikini. It was true to say that her panties were rather tight, and her bra was scarcely able to contain her breasts - she looked surprised as she suddenly realised that her body had changed quite noticeably. Her thighs were thick and wide and seated as she was they were flattened out so they were bulging out from the panties. Her tummy was folding in to two rolls, although small, they were defiantly pushing outward. Her breasts were wider and fuller, and were pushing out of the top of the bra.

    "Oh dear am I getting too fat Aunt Julie?"

    Julie laughed "Good heavens above no. You’re just going to have to let me buy you a new bikini. I don't think you're too fat at all, you are only 21 - it's normal for a girl to fill out a bit at your age, besides, you like your aunt's cakes too much eh... ha, ha!"

    Linda laughed too, and the tension disappeared. She wasn't worried about the thought of getting fat - a fact that her aunt was relying on.

    That night Linda was woken again by the oppressive heat of a typical Cornish summer night. She was just getting out of her bed when she heard the door of a car slam outside. She dashed to the window and sneaked a peep through the curtains. It was the same lady again, she saw Julie welcome her inside.

    It was 23:00. "Who is this woman, and why does she call so late?" Lind wondered. She heard them talking downstairs, then shortly she heard them coming upstairs - she could also hear the sound of china and glass clinking together. She tried to go back to sleep, but kept waking. She was aching to know what they were doing down the hallway.

    After about 30 minutes had passed, she got out of bead and crept down the hall. Julie's door was slightly ajar. She could hear Julie's voice, and occasionally the other lady. She knelt down and looked through the keyhole to check first. The door had changed its position so the keyhole now looked off to the side, and revealed nothing. She was going to have to be brave and put her head round the side of the door to get a proper look.

    She moved the door open further and peered around the edge. There was Julie, and next to her was the lady; she was hanging on the bar - or was it... no, she was handcuffed to the bar facing the wall. Julie was standing next to her with a strange thing like a table tennis bat in her hand; it was elongated, like a paddle. The lady was only dressed in her underwear, and Linda could see that she was quite plump. Her backside was large in comparison to the rest of her body, and it looked red and sore.

    Just then Julie pulled a large spoon from one of her mix bowls and pushed it toward the lady's mouth - at the same time she drew her arm back above her head, and delivered a blow to the reddened derriere; sending ripples across its surface and issuing a loud crack! The lady didn't cry out, but instead scoffed greedily at the spoonful of mix. Then to Linda's further surprise, she asked for some more. Julie scooped another large spoonful and said "Good girl, eat this up my plump little piggy!" The lady ate the next and the next, whilst Julie slapped her large jelly-like bottom again and again.

    Linda was stunned by all this - what was her aunt doing to that poor lady. She peered round the door again for a further look. She was getting hot and was beginning to perspire. She felt strange, feelings that were foreign to her. She felt an itchy feeling around her breasts and a warm tingling sensation between her legs. She watched as another blow was delivered to the large ass in the room, and at the moment of its impact, she felt a tingle go down her spine.

    Linda was beginning to like these feelings. The heat seemed to be getting more intense, she was still kneeling on the floor outside of Julie's door, her knees were aching, but she couldn't tear herself away. She wiped her brow with the back of her hand, but as she returned it to the floor, her thumb brushed across the fabric of her nightgown and struck a large hard lump beneath the top - this sent an electric shudder through her and she almost let out a loud sigh. She crept back from the door and then darted up the hallway to her room; closed the door and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

    Her head spinning, she tried to make sense of what she had seen. What is Aunt Julie doing? That lady seemed to like what was being done to her. In fact Linda liked what she saw being done to the other lady, and as she recalled the vision of the paddle slapping the large fat bottom; she felt the tingling sensation return between her legs and her breasts. She stood up and moved to the wardrobe, which had a large floor-length mirror attached to the door.

    She looked at herself for a moment then noticed there was a wet patch on the front of her panties. She delicately touched the wet patch with her finger - it was moist and slightly slippery, she also felt the tingle go down her spine again, and the muscles in her inner thighs seemed to clench. She saw the two points under her top, and lifted the garment up. Her nipples were dark brown and rock hard; she touched one with her finger and it made her shiver with delight - she did like this!

    She continued to explore these new feelings, pinching nipples and gently rubbing her moist panty fronts, increasing the pleasurable feelings as she did. She pictured in her mind, the lady's bottom wobbling as it was hit. This made her look in the mirror at her own bottom. It had grown larger than it had been when she arrived here. She slapped it with the flattened palm of her hand - it too wobbled and rippled like a bowl of jelly, and made her fingers increase their frantic massage. She slipped them under her panties and in to her warm, wet pussy. She had discovered the joys of self-stimulation, and would frequently revisit this naughty pursuit.

    Linda was so far gone in her world of self-pleasure, she didn't hear the door open behind her. Julie stood in the doorway, with the lady behind - still in her underwear.

    "Is that nice dear?" she said in a low velvet voice.

    "Hmm, smells like she's ready" the lady said from behind.

    Linda whirled round; her face was cherry red, "Oh my . ..!"
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    Part Three - Doctor Avery Visits

    Linda flew towards the open door, and pushed past the large lady, who stumbled backward to avoid the fleeing girl. She ran along the hall towards the bathroom; tears streaming from her eyes and leaving trails over her burning cheeks. Into the bathroom she ran, closing and locking the door behind her. She crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bath and sobbed in to her hands.

    She was totally humiliated - the first time she had ever felt this way. Naive she may have been, but even she felt humiliated at being caught red handed playing with herself like that, and by her aunt. What would her mother say?

    Then a thought suddenly struck her, it was like a slow motion replay of the last few minutes. What did the large lady mean when she had said 'smells like she's ready?' the thought rolling around her mind.

    She looked down at herself as if in disgust. She seemed to stare at nothing to start with, but then her vision focused. Hmm! Her tummy was looking quite large now, and it was resting on the tops of her rather thick soft thighs, the waistband of her panties was buried under this roll of soft fat. She stood up in front of the full-length mirror and examined herself closely. Her tummy was actually drooping slightly over the panties, and there was a new bulge around her sides and some deep creases at her back. The skin seemed to be slightly dimpled on her thighs and where her panties were too small to contain the fleshy cheeks of her bottom. She stood sideways on to the mirror - her bottom was looking quite big compared to the rest of her body, it made her spine curve outwards towards the bottom - making her tummy seem to stick out further.

    There was a knock at the door. It had been a full ten minutes since she had dashed in there; the voice was her aunt's. "Linda dear, come on out now honey, let's talk about this - there's nothing to be worried or ashamed about."

    Linda did not answer, but thought again about the awful moment when she had been discovered – she felt cheap and dirty, “I, don’t want to come out” she replied in a quavering voice.

    “Come on dear, I don’t think what you were doing was wrong, it is quite all right, all girls do it – even I do!” Her aunt’s voice was mellow and warm and she sounded sincere.

    Linda moved to the door and placed her hand on the latch, “You aren’t cross with me?” she asked somewhat surprised.

    “No, no dear. Please come out, I want to talk to you – to set your mind at rest, don’t worry.” Julie reaffirmed.

    There was a click, and Linda gingerly opened the door as if expecting her aunt to grab her and haul her out physically. Insyad Julie paused and let her exit of her own accord.

    “There now Linda, that’s better.” She hugged her to her breast. “Now, let’s go to my room for that chat, and we can clean away those tear stains.”

    They moved down the hall to Julie’s room. Linda was feeling easier now, and looked at her aunt and smiled.

    They got to the door and Julie pushed it open. Sitting in a chair in the corner was the large lady. She was studying Linda closely as she entered. Julie closed the door behind them, and turned to Linda. “I do believe you haven’t been properly introduced to my good friend Sharon Avery – Sharon, this is my niece Linda.” Julie moved over to stand beside Sharon and beckoned Linda over to sit on the bed.

    Sharon was slightly askew in the chair with her legs crossed, revealing her ample thigh for all to see – she wasn’t shy it seemed. She levelled her eyes on Linda’s face and pursed her lips before saying, “I’m glad to meet you – ahem, formally at least Linda. I must say I do hope that we didn’t cause you too much distress earlier; it wasn’t our intention to startle you like that. I think we could see that you were enjoying yourself. It’s quite all right for a beautiful young lady to find pleasure in her own company, but it’s a shame to hide yourself away in your room like that.”

    She paused and looked at Linda’s aunt, then returned her gaze to Linda, flashing her eyes at her and running the tip of her tongue along her upper lip. “Did you enjoy what you saw earlier? When you watched us at the door?”

    Linda flushed and suddenly felt uneasy. Julie leaned over to Linda and put her hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

    “Calm down dear, we really don’t mind, in fact we are quite flattered!”

    She and Sharon exchanged a rye smile. “Seriously though dear, did you find what you saw ‘arousing,’ did you like what I was doing to Sharon?”

    Linda was still feeling uneasy, but deep within her there was a rising feeling of heat, and as she digested what she had just heard she broke into a sweat. She felt like she was about to make a significant decision – like she was about to cross a bridge. The feelings surged up inside her.

    “Yes!” she shouted suddenly.

    Julie’s face relaxed and she moved to Linda’s side and sat beside her on the bed.

    “That’s good to hear dear, we were hoping you would join us.”

    She slipped her finger under the buttoned silky top that Linda was wearing, and began to unbutton it. Linda began to breathe heavily as she wasn’t really sure what was going to happen. When all the buttons were undone, Julie gently pulled the top open and slid it off of Linda’s arms. Linda wasn’t wearing a bra, and both Julie and Sharon stared at the two beautiful breasts that were now bared.

    Sharon got up out of the chair and moved over to Linda. As she moved Linda noticed the delightful way that her thighs and bottom quivered as she walked, she also noticed that Sharon’s belly was large and just as jelly-like. She was wearing an all in one body that was black with red lace trimmings the neck plunged to a deep ‘vee’ revealing her pendulous breasts.

    Sharon sat beside Linda on the bed; her considerable weight making the mattress distort, causing Linda to roll toward her. Julie sat on the opposite side equalising the depression in the mattress. Sharon extended her forefinger and pushed it between her moist lips, then slowly moved it down to stroke Linda’s right nipple; covering it in saliva. She continued describing a line down Linda’s body until she reached the soft roll of fat that she had recently acquired.

    “I see your aunt’s cooking agrees well with you.” She pinched the roll between her thumb and forefinger – shaking it slightly to make it wobble,

    “Hmm! Very nice, I hope you intend to continue eating those luscious cakes – I would hate so see you waste away!”

    Linda laughed a nervous ‘girlie’ laugh.

    Julie watched Sharon’s caresses, then got up and went to a drawer and returned clutching something in her hand.

    Sharon stopped and looked up, “Oh yes, yes, I want to see those on her.”

    Linda was unable to take all of this in, but was enjoying the feelings that she was experiencing.

    Julie opened her hand in front of Linda’s face revealing her old bikini. “I thought you had thrown those away, I’m a bit too big for them these days.” Linda said.

    Julie and Sharon both said, “I would like to see you in them now.”

    Sharon took Linda’s hand and led her over to a screen. “Here, change into these and then come out so we can see how ‘full’ you are.”

    Linda disappeared behind the screen for a few minutes than came back out in her old small bikini. It was so tight that her tummy was flopping over the waist and her fat little bottom was bulging out at the sides – her thighs looked fatter now, and were squashed together at their tops.

    Her breasts were pouring over the top of the bra, and rolls were formed under her arms. There were a couple of rolls that went from her sides round to her back and upward to her shoulders. The tops of her arms were also quite plump.

    “Oh she’s beautiful!” exclaimed Sharon as she went to Julie’s side, “come over here dear and let me take a good look at you.”

    Linda complied and joined them both by the bed. Sharon went to a small black bag near the area where the ceiling bar was.

    She pulled out some things and returned. “Here then Linda, I’m just going to check you over,” she produced a tape measure, “let’s just see how big you are round the tummy… ah, that’s 38 inches – not bad, now your thighs… uh, ooh, 19 inches, now finally around your lovely plump bottom… wow, that’s 44 inches.”

    Aunt Julie smiled a satisfied smile, “Yes Linda, you do love your food don’t you.”

    Linda looked confused, “What’s happening?” she asked.

    Julie replied, “Sharon is a doctor dear, she is just making sure you are healthy, and checking you to see how you will develop.”

    Meanwhile Sharon was squeezing Linda’s bottom and tummy, and noting the results in a book. Finally she put a cuff on her arm and inflated it to check her blood pressure.

    “Well Linda, you perfectly healthy, and I think you are going to develop very nicely – and quite quickly if I’m not mistaken.”

    She moved over to Julie and quietly said, “She’s nicely over now, and she’s going to plump up well. I reckon she’ll get very big on the backside and legs – ah, my dream come true, a perfect pear.”

    Linda was looking at the ceiling bar, and Sharon caught her glance. She walked over to Linda and took her hand. She moved it round behind her and placed it on the soft fatty flesh of her large backside.

    “How does that feel? Do you like that, do you like my fat bottom – it is very fat isn’t it?”

    Linda felt the hot feeling welling up again, then a sudden explosion of delight as Sharon kissed her nipples to make them stand hard. There were a couple of clicks, and something cold rested against her wrists. Sharon and Julie led her over to the bar and raised her hands up to connect the handcuffs to the bar. She was in a state of excited anticipation – still not sure what to expect.

    Just then, Julie pulled the bikini panties aside at the front; Linda’s pussy was wet. She slid a small egg shaped device in to her pussy, and attached a wire to a small box on the nearby table. Sharon was at her bottom, and she was pulling the panties upward to make them disappear up her cleft, exposing the full flesh of Linda’s bottom – she kissed it gently.

    Julie switched the box on the table on. Linda immediately convulsed as the vibrator went to work on her sensitive pussy. Julie scooped a large spoonful of the cake mixture and offered it to Linda’s mouth, at the same time Sharon slapped her bottom with the paddle sending shivers through the fat.

    Julie softly suggested, “Are you going to eat up like a good little girl, you need to eat well if you want to get nice and fat for us.”

    Linda’s mouth opened wide almost unconsciously, as she was swept away on feelings of pleasure so intense that she couldn’t even utter a moan.

    Her bottom was getting red as more and more spoonfuls were taken, and further spankings were given. Sharon moved round to Linda’s front and began to fondle her nipples that were so big and hard.

    Then Sharon unfastened her body and let her large breasts free, she cupped them in her hands and then smothered them in the mixture. Tweaking her own nipples to a state of readiness, she forced them in to Linda’s mouth, which licked the mix off greedily. Linda’s tummy was beginning to swell and tighten from the repeated feeding of the highly fattening mix. Five whole bowls later and the mix had finally run out, but Linda would have continued, the vibrator still whirring inside her she finally exploded into a convulsing orgasm and went limp.

    They unchained her and lay her on the bed. Julie got a bottle of oil from the bag and the both massaged it in to her distended and decidedly round belly. They smoothed it over her and leaned across the swollen dome and kissed each other lovingly. They let Linda lay there – she had a huge smile on her face.

    She slept for the rest of the day and the night. Julie and Sharon had retired to the kitchen where they had gorged themselves and talked the rest of the night. They had decided that it was time the cake shop had a permanent food taster, and they knew just who would fit the bill.

    Three days later, after two more feedings with Julie and Sharon, Linda came downstairs to the kitchen. Her body was looking fuller already, there was more movement in her tummy, which was now really a belly, and her thighs and bottom were shimmering and wobbling as she walked. Her posture had changed too, as the weight was increasing; she was starting to swing her hips more as her legs were rubbing together more now.

    “Hi darling, I’ve cooked you a nice big breakfast, here you are.” She placed a huge plateful of fried eggs bacon and sausages with fried bread and buttered mushrooms piled high.

    “I’m going to get so fat if I keep eating like this Aunt Julie, but you don’t mind do you?”

    Julie came over and grabbed the soft roll both sides of Linda’s growing belly, “Eat up my sweet, you’re not anywhere near fat yet.” She kissed her chubby cheek.

    “I was thinking… I need someone to help taste my cakes and mix as my workload is increasing, would you like to help?”

    Linda looked up from her meal, her lips glistening with the grease of the fry-up; she smiled and nodded her head. Julie added, “You might put on some weight though, you don’t mind do you?”

    Linda grinned.
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    Part Four - Mother-Load

    “Linda!” called Julie from the foot of the staircase. “I need to go in to town – I think you could do with some newer clothes. I was washing some of your things, and I noticed you’ve torn some of the knickers and a couple of pairs of jeans. Why don’t you come along, and we’ll go to Marks & Spencer in Truro.”

    Linda was in the bathroom having a wash. She heard Julie and confirmed with a brief “Okay!”

    Then she continued to wash. She had become aware of her belly whilst she scrubbed her teeth. With the vigorous to-and-fro movement of her hand with the toothbrush, it made her belly begin to sway in unison. She was leaning forward to spit out the mouthful of foam, and found her belly was now touching the cool ceramic of the washbasin.

    ‘Ooh!’ she thought and automatically moved her hand to feel the heavy soft roll that was drooping down in an exaggerated manner. She followed the contour of the fat roll with her hand, and squeezed it several times – each time causing a shiver to run down her spine. She put the brush back in the glass by the basin and moved over to the mirror.

    She lifted her nightgown up and looked at her profile in the reflection. Her belly was larger than ever now, and she could see that there was a newer roll beginning to form above the first, even when she was standing straight, there was a new bulge forming below her breasts, but midway to her navel. A deep crease was forming between.

    The reflection also revealed her more exaggerated ‘S’ shape posture. The extra fat she had been consuming was manifesting itself nicely on the cheeks of her bottom, making them stick out impossibly far. The lower part of the cheek was forming a deep fold where the softer fat of the upper thigh met.

    It appeared that her bottom cheeks were getting heavier and beginning to dimple with a deep thick layer of cellulite. She looked at her hand in the mirror as she slapped the soft plump buttock – it shivered and quivered for a few seconds, and also made the fat on her legs wobble. A shockwave travelled from her bottom, and flowed around to the front of her belly. A familiar feeling of heat between her legs was starting to grow as she regarded her tubby body in the mirror.

    She cleaned up her things and went to her bedroom to dress. There on the dressing table was Aunt Julie’s tape measure. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she un-reeled the measure and lifted her nightgown to reveal her belly. She wrapped the measure around her waist and read off the result… ’42 inches! What about my thighs… 23 inches, my god! Now my bum… 49 inches!’

    She was shocked at the confirmation that she was indeed getting fatter. Her heart was racing with what she could only conclude was excitement at the new measurements. She was looking forward to starting work for her aunt this morning, but now she was going to Truro to look for newer and bigger clothes.

    She got dressed and went down to the kitchen. Aunt Julie had prepared a massive breakfast for her. She sat down at the table and guzzled a beaker of Cornish full cream milk and then tucked in the mountain of fried food on the plate.

    Julie had switched from vegetable oil to solid lard for the fry-ups and always fried the bread at a lower temperature to ensure that bread soaked up as much of the fat as possible – Linda’s lips were always coated with a thick glossy film of the greasy fat when she ate the breakfasts. Her appetite was increasing as well, as now she often asked for extra toast and marmalade before being sated.

    After breakfast, Julie cleaned away the spoils and packed a box of snacks. She packed it with plenty of chocolates and her special lardy cakes for Linda. She didn’t want her chubby niece to get hungry. Ten minutes later they were in Julie’s Volvo estate, bowling along the A390 towards Truro. About 40 minutes later, they arrived in Truro, and parked the car in the multi-storey. They walked down past the Cathedral and into the square. Linda sniffed the air and identified the source of a wonderful smell – Pasties!

    She walked over the square to Blewitts the bakers, and looked through the window at the assortment of pasties. “I could certainly go for one of those!” She announced to Julie.

    “Hmm yes, so could I. Shall we get one – or maybe two or three?” They emerged after five minutes with a large bag of huge Cornish pasties, and some Danish pasties too. They sat on one of the benches in the cathedral square and munched their way through the bagful. Linda ate three large pasties and two Danish pastries. Julie went for two pasties and a Danish pastry. It was still only just after 10:30.

    “I think we’ll skip Marks, and go to a little place I know that specialises in our sort of clothes,” Julie said, raising an eyebrow, “it’s just down through that small twitten.”

    Linda followed Julie, as she had no idea where she was. They went on for about 200 yards and finally came to a small shop in a lesser side street. They went in and began to browse through the racks of clothes.

    “Hello Julie!” A voice behind a large rack of jackets boomed. An extremely fat woman swayed in to view.

    “Gillian! Hi, how are you? You look wonderful.” The pair embraced, but as Linda observed, couldn’t get that close to each other due to Gillian’s huge girth. “You were always the flatterer Julie! And who is this pretty young thing then?” She looked over to Linda and smiled a radiant smile that Linda knew was heartfelt and genuine. She instantly felt an affinity to this woman for some reason.

    Julie placed her arm around Linda’s shoulder and pushed her towards Gillian, “This is my niece Linda. She’s staying here with me, and helping me out whilst her mother is away on a cruise.”

    Gillian beamed at Linda, “it’s a pleasure to meet you Linda. I must say, there is a family resemblance; Jean was in here some weeks back getting some new outfits for herself. You’re about the same build as she was a few years back, and equally as pretty.”

    Linda blushed at that comment.

    Linda browsed around the shop as Julie and Gillian caught up on the latest gossip. Most of the things in the shop were sized to fit the fuller figured lady, although she looked at her tummy bulge and accepted that she was in the right place.

    Gillian asked Julie quietly, “Linda’s got her mother’s figure hasn’t she, and I’ll bet that she’s got a good appetite too – eh!”

    Julie smiled and replied, “Yes, and she eats whatever I put in front of her. I noticed her talent for consuming large amounts of my cake mixes from day one, and she just doesn’t seem to want to stop.”

    She looked over at Linda, who was holding a pair of stretch jeans up to the light. “Sharon Avery and I have ‘introduced’ her to some of our more ‘unorthodox’ eating habits.”

    She winked at Gillian, who smiled a knowing smile. “That’s part of the reason I’ve brought her to Truro; she’s getting too fat for most of her original clothes in only a few months. Can you sort her out with some nice things, and um, make sure they are all plenty big enough – she’ll grow in to them, if you get my meaning.” She nudged Gillian with her elbow. Gillian chuckled.

    Gillian called Linda over to the fitting rooms, and told her to remove her clothes down to her underwear. She pulled a tape measure down from a hook on the wall behind, and knelt down in front of Linda. She looked up at Linda and sighed wistfully, “Let’s get your sizes dear.”

    She wrapped the measure around Linda as best as she could; considering that her own huge belly made it awkward to reach, and recorded the measurements – the same as Linda’s earlier that morning. She recorded her bottom measurement and studied the form of the young girl’s body. She could see that girl would carry extra weight well, and like her mother, would tend to grow big around the rear end.

    She was sweating as she raised her bulk up off the floor, and still panting said, “Phew, ok, let’s get some… phew, clothes together.” Off she went to sit down on a stool behind the counter. Julie and Linda collected some clothes together, and when they each had armfuls, they went over to Gillian, who had recomposed herself.

    They spent the rest of the morning trying things on and making changes until Linda had an almost entirely new wardrobe. All of the garments were well oversized, but as Gillian and Julie had agreed, and Lind realized, they wouldn’t be loose for that long.

    Lunch was the next thought on Linda’s mind; she was feeling very hungry indeed. “I don’t know about you, but I could eat a horse!” she announced.

    Delighted to hear this, Julie knew exactly where to go. There was a small Italian restaurant that she often went with Sharon, it wasn’t far from where they were; they could catch a bus and be there in ten minutes rather than take the car. Sharon’s practice was near to Truro, and she knew all the good eating-places.

    She knew “Pasta Perfecto” very well, as the owner was a good friend of hers. Julie thought they should make a threesome, and called Sharon on her mobile phone. She arranged for them all to meet up at the restaurant. Linda had never been before, but she liked pasta, and her mouth started watering at the though of a creamy carbonara on spaghetti. They waited for about ten minutes for Sharon to arrive, and then together they went inside.

    They were seated and given a large menu to read. A tall slim Italian waiter arrived at the table, and greeted the ladies, “Welcome back ladies, and hello to the fine lady."

    "I believe that I have not had the pleasure of meeting you before,” he continued, nodding head in salutation. Linda thought he was nice, but far too skinny!

    “Your usual ladies?” The waiter enquired. Sharon asked him if Gino the owner was in, and he confirmed that he was.

    “Excuse me ladies, I’m just going to say hello to Gino – won’t be long” Sharon heaved her heavy body up and went with the waiter to the kitchens. Linda asked her aunt what Sharon’s connection with Gino was. “Oh he and she go a way back, when they were at college together, he introduced her to good food in return for some financing on this place. It’s thanks mainly to Gino that she’s developed her shapely body – don’t you think?”

    Linda reddened slightly, and nodded. Julie smiled inwardly, knowing that Linda was infatuated with Sharon, and especially her lovely large soft bottom.

    Sharon returned with a large man dressed in chef’s garb. He was medium height with huge shoulders and thick arms, his belly swayed as he walked and jutted out at least a foot in front of him. His face was buried under three chins, and his cheeks were large and red, in fact they were so large that they gave him a cherub’s mouth. His face was gentle and open, and he sported a great shock of red hair that was hardly covered by his tall chef’s hat. Sharon introduced him to Linda.

    “Ah, so you are as beautiful as Sharon has said, may I offer you your heart’s desire, whatever you wish – I will prepare for you. Ah, my ladies, tonight you eat with me on the house!”

    He kissed his fingers and blew the kiss towards the seated threesome. “Now if you excuse, I will go and prepare your feast.” He bowed his head and retired to the kitchen.

    They helped themselves to starters from the salad bar; Julie loaded a plate for Linda with lots of things generously laced with mayonnaise, oil, and buttery sauces. Linda ate this with little effort and then asked for some more. Three more large platefuls she managed to polish off before the waiter returned.

    He pushed a large trolley with a huge bowl of pasta, and three large plates. He placed the hot plates on the table in front of the ladies with a cloth wrapped around his hand. He opened a large covered dish containing a delicious creamy carbonara sauce, then another with a meaty Bolognese, rich with tomato and basil, and red stained olive oil in pools at the top. The pasta was soaked in butter. The waiter served the pasta, putting a large amount on Linda’s plate. He served her the carbonara and generously covered the mound of pasta.

    Sharon and Julie were likewise served and then the waiter wished them a “bon appetite!” and then quietly left the room. He closed the door making the room totally private. They all began to eat.

    Linda forked the delicious pasta in to her eager mouth, one after the other. More and more she ate, in fact she was enjoying the rich meal so much that she lost herself in a state of nirvana. The other two looked on in amazement.

    “I think she’s found her life’s love!” said Julie. Sharon on the other hand was lost in thoughts of what lovely effect this overindulgence would have on Linda’s big round bottom.

    Linda finished her plateful and let out a huge sigh, “Wow! That was fantastic; I could eat that all over again.” She leaned back in her chair and patted her chubby belly.

    Sharon moved closer to Linda and whispered, “Why don’t you help yourself to some more? You’re a growing girl, you need feeding up – go on.”

    Linda looked at the huge bowl of pasta which looked as full as it had twenty minutes ago. “I’d love to but I think I’m full,” She said in a disappointed tone.

    Sharon leaned over to Linda and paced her hands on Linda’s belly. It felt slightly tight, but there was still room for more.

    “Here now, let me unfasten these for you, and you’ll feel more comfortable.” Sharon popped open the button on Linda’s jean shorts, and then undid the zip. The restraint released, Linda’s soft belly popped out with a jiggle. Sharon squeezed it and kissed the large roll. Julie piled another plateful on to Linda’s plate and pushed it back toward a dreamy looking Linda.

    Sharon picked up a fork and scooped up a large forkful of pasta, still dripping with the creamy fattening sauce, “Open wide my little porky, you want to eat the whole bowl don’t you – you do want to please me don’t you?”

    Linda just nodded, she was getting hot, and feeling very turned on. Sharon piled more and more food in to Linda’s mouth, Julie was mesmerised by this and steadily ate more herself, then started on the Bolognese. Sharon sensed Linda slowing down. She skimmed her hand over Linda’s now tight belly, and rubbed and massaged around the sides. Then she stopped, and a wicked smirk grew across her face.

    She whispered something to Julie that Linda couldn’t hear. They stood Linda up and turned her chair around to face her. They pushed her forwards and on to the chair in a way that made her kneel on the seat and press her tummy up against the back. Suddenly Sharon tore down Linda’s shorts and exposed her puffy fat bottom. Her knickers had disappeared up the cleft of the full cheeks – a sight that got Sharon’s pulse racing.

    Julie picked up a cork tablemat and stood behind Linda. Then Sharon stood to the side and began pushing more and more food in to Linda. Every mouthful taken, Julie smacked her large wobbly bottom with the tablemat. Linda began to get very wet, and as Sharon fed her more pasta, she teased at Linda’s pussy with her long talon-like fingernails.

    About a half hour later, they had finished the bowl of pasta. Sharon and Julie continued to stimulate her with their lips, fingers, and tongues. Sharon said in a low soft whisper, “Ooh my baby, you’re getting so fat. You need to eat more to help your stomach get used to the extra food you’ll be eating as your aunt’s food taster – you want to help to make Julie’s cakes taste the best in the country, and that means you’ll have to eat lots – do you think you could do that? You would make us all very proud.”

    Linda moaned and nodded, and for the first time ever, she kissed Sharon fully and sensually on the lips. “I want to help aunt Julie, I’ll eat all day if I have to – I love aunt Julie’s cakes so much. Is there anything else, I think I still feel hungry?”

    This was music to the two lady’s ears, and indeed to Gino’s, who produced a large gateau for them as a desert. He was slightly startled at the sight of two large dominatrixes, dealing out punishment to the plump young girl on the chair. Still, he had seen the like of this before, and busily placed the large cake on the table for them.

    They thanked him and giggled like young schoolgirls. “Ha, I never know what to expect from you Sharon, and the lovely Julie. I don’t ask too many questions, but I like to see three women who eat every last morsel of my food – and who seem to make it such an enjoyable occasion!”

    He looked at the satisfied grin on Linda’s face and said to Sharon, “I see you like to fatten the young lady! I myself would not be this fat if I had no beautiful ladies to cook for. I can always count on you two to keep producing new customers – and with healthy LARGE appetites, ha, ha!” He boomed with a chuckle. His belly jiggled and wobbled in unison with his laughter.

    After demolishing the superb gateau in about 20 minutes flat, the three of them left Gino’s restaurant. Julie went to get the car, as Linda was so bloated that she could hardly walk. Sharon stayed with her and continually whispered encouraging things in her ear. She told Linda that she found her increasingly more beautiful, and that she admired her gorgeous fat bottom, and urged Linda to continue to get fat. Linda heard, but was so tired from all the exertion, that she couldn’t reply, but inwardly she felt a warm glow from Sharon’s words.

    They stripped Linda’s clothes off of her oversized body, and Julie commented, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in these again!” She held up the shorts that were now torn near the waistband.

    “I think we may have been a bit too conservative when we got the new clothes from Gillian’s, I think our girl here is going to get bigger much faster than we thought.”

    Sharon nodded and replied, “Ooh, I do hope so!” They left her in her bed to sleep the meal off. They both paused at the doorway and looked at her in the bed.

    “She’s so innocent isn’t she?” Julie said. “You do know just how much she fancies you Sharon, don’t you?”

    Sharon looked at the figure in the bed; the outline of her large rear and the bloated belly clearly outlined in the silky sheets. “I may be 15 years her senior, but I think I’m in love with her. Oh Julie, am I a fool? I love you too, but Linda just makes me feel younger and so… alive!”

    Julie placed her arm around Sharon’s shoulder, “I don’t think you’re a fool, and you won’t be the first person to fall in love with two others. Our relationship is based around our eating and fattening fantasies, and although that is how we started with Linda, I could see that she was more than just a sexual toy for you. I love her too, but I love her because she is my sister’s daughter, and she is the sort of person that you just can’t help loving. I don’t mind you having those feelings toward her; in fact I think it reassures me to think that she will have someone like you to look after her. How big do you want to get her by the way?”

    Sharon shrugged, “When I see her beautiful bottom, I just want to help it to get bigger and bigger. I think I would like to see her get to about 400lbs or so – I just get off seeing her eating!”

    Three weeks passed by…

    Linda woke up on a sunny autumn morning in September. She was woken by a shriek coming from downstairs. She got up and slipped on some clothes, all of them were getting tighter. She looked at herself in the mirror, and saw that her belly was developing another deep crease; it made her belly fold into three large rolls when she sat down, but most striking was the beginnings of a large bulge at the top of her bottom cheeks, where they met the love handle rolls at her sides. It was as if there was a small shelf of fat forming.

    She ran her hands down her body from her shoulders, over her breasts; stopping to stroke her nipples to attention, then down and over her growing belly. She rolled her hands under the overhang and cupped the soft fat – lifting it up about three inches; then letting it fall back. It bounced three times before wobbling to a rest. Her thighs were even thicker, meeting fully right down to her knees. Her calves were wider and her ankles thicker. She stood now in a posture that made her back more arched, emphasising the size of her broad backside and giving her belly a heavier look.

    Her larger panties were already digging in to her soft fatty flesh. “Sharon will be so pleased with me – I hope she comes soon!” She said to herself. She left the room and went downstairs.

    Julie was sitting at the table looking at something in her hand – she was crying. “What’s the matter Aunt Julie?” Linda asked with a serious look on her face.

    Her aunt looked up and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand. “We’ve got a letter from Jean – she’s not coming back to England; Roy and her have bought a restaurant in Majorca and they are going to live out there. I’m happy for her of course, but I miss her, and I doubt that I’ll be able to see her very much, that’s why I’m upset.” She wiped away more tears.

    Linda was shocked by the news, but she didn’t feel upset, she wondered if she should, but she felt happy for her mother. Julie picked up two photos from the table and passed them over. Linda looked at them and gasped. There were two pictures of her mother with Roy. Her mother was enormous; she must have gained about 150lbs.

    “She’s getting fat eh!” Julie said as she observed Linda’s expression. “That’s not the word; more like ‘huge’ I would say.”

    She studied the photo, and noticed some striking similarities between her mother and herself. Roy was holding her mother around the waist, but in a way that looked like he was holding it like a trophy, and there was a certain look in his eyes. “Wait a moent - I’m going to look just like my mother!” she blurted.

    Julie looked at her, but couldn’t determine whether Linda was disgusted or pleased by what she saw on the photo.

    “Linda, I’m sorry, I had no idea that she was going to emigrate! It must be hard for you – she is your mother after all. You don’t have to work today if you need some time to think honey. Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help?”

    Linda looked at her aunt and smiled a warm loving smile. “I’m not upset that mum’s gone to live in Spain, in fact I’m really pleased that she’s finally found happiness, but I’ve felt so much more part of your world here in Cornwall than I ever did at home. I mean you look after me so well, and I want for nothing – and your cooking; well, my tummy is a testament to that!” She patted her belly playfully. “I love you like you were my mother aunt Julie, and I…” She faltered, and looked awkward.

    Julie lifted Linda’s chin and looked in to her eyes, “…love Sharon.” completing her sentence for her.

    Linda looked at Julie, and a frown developed on her brow. “Aunt Julie?”

    “Yes dear.” She sensed some awkwardness. “Am I a lesbian?”

    Julie coughed, and then composed herself, “Maybe, but that’s not something to worry about. What is important is how you feel about someone else. If that someone happens to be a woman, then so be it. Don’t let yourself be judged. Be proud of your sexuality, and be proud of your body.”

    Linda looked up at Julie with watery eyes. “Does Sharon love me?”

    Julie squeezed her hand and replied, “Yes, very much.”

    She looked away to hide her own emotions as she too had a warm heart for Sharon, but knew that there was a greater love between Sharon and Linda, and that she would never stand in the way even at the cost of her own feelings; such was the love she had for them both.

    “Will mum ever come back do you think?” Linda asked, changing the subject.

    Grateful of the change, Julie looked back at Linda and sighed, “I hope so; I hope so.”

    Linda pulled back slightly, “Does Sharon like me fat?”

    Julie patted her large thighs and winked, “Let’s just say that you could never eat too much for Sharon’s liking dear.”

    She prodded Linda’s belly roll. “Sharon likes a girl with some extra meat on her bones!”

    Later that afternoon, Linda was in the shower, she didn’t hear the door open, but the next thing she knew was that the shower curtain had been drawn back, and standing there with just some skimpy underwear was Sharon. Linda went weak at the knees, and looked Sharon up and down. She had put on about another 15lbs since the last time she had seen her. Linda herself was at least another 25lbs bigger – mostly on her hips and bottom.

    “Care for a rub down?” Sharon asked seductively, “I see Julie’s been feeding you up nicely, you’re looking nice and fat my angel. I hope you’ve got plenty of room in that tummy of yours; I’m staying for three days, and I’ll want you to eat up for me.”

    She reached in to the shower and grabbed a large roll of fat on Linda's belly, and slapped her big bum with the other hand. “Oh my word Linda, your ass is so full. I just want to see it get fatter!”

    Linda stepped out of the shower and embraced Sharon; gave her a long deep kiss and moved her hands down to her large backside. She squeezed the soft tissue and began to feel hot.

    “I love you Sharon!” she said with passion.

    Sharon replied, “I love you too, I want to show you how much I love you, I want to make you so fat!”

    She kissed her again and then said, “I’ve brought something for you, would you like to see it?”

    Linda was curious, “Yes, what is it?”

    Sharon led her out of the bathroom, and in to her bedroom. There was a parcel on the bed.

    “Go on, open it.” Sharon urged. Linda opened the box and found inside a leather bodice and some studded straps and other paraphernalia.

    “Ooh, this looks… Hmm it’s making me feel horny!” She pulled it up against her naked body.

    “Put it on my sweet, I want to see your plump body inside it.”

    Linda put on the bodice; she strapped everything up and put on the studded dog collar. She had some leather panties and some sheer black stockings with leather suspenders. There were holes in the bodice that allowed her nipples to show through. The clothes were just big enough, and allowed large rolls of fat to bulge out at the sides. There was a large ring attached to the leather near her pussy.

    Sharon moved over to her and kissed her lips, biting the lower lip as they parted. She could smell Linda’s pussy getting hot. She tweaked Linda’s nipples and made them immediately hard, then she produced a small length of chain which she treaded though the ring on the front of the bodice, it was fitted with small sprung clips on each end.

    Sharon pulled the chain tight through the ring and then placed each clip on Linda’s erect nipples. Linda let out a yelp, and started to pant. Sharon paced around Linda then walked her down the hall to Julie’s bedroom where she handcuffed her to the bar. She teased Linda by licking her ears and running her finger up the crack of her big ass.

    Julie came in to the room with a large assortment of food and fattening mixes. She moved over to where Linda was standing. She flicked her fingers and pinged one of Linda’s nipples making her sigh in pleasure.

    “I see that our plump little miss likes a bit of S&M Sharon!”

    She whispered in Linda’s ear, “You may be my niece, but I still get a kick out of seeing you being fattened up!”

    Sharon unfastened her own bodice, and stood in front to Julie with her plump juicy breasts hanging free. Julie scooped a large handful of a mixture from a large container; she then smeared it all over Sharon’s breasts until they were covered with a thick layer. Sharon then moved over to the helpless Linda and forced her to lick off the mixture.

    Sharon began to play with herself as Linda’s tongue went to work. “Let’s see how you like goose fat – that’s it lick it all off, then if you want to get REALLY kinky, you can lick off your aunt’s titties!” Linda licked harder and harder, and felt her pussy as it gave wave after wave of perverted pleasure at the thought of this incest.

    Her aunt stepped forward and offered her large soft breasts to Linda’s lips. Julie tugged on the nipple chains to excite Linda still further. Julie felt so turned on by her niece’s attentions; Sharon massaged her pussy and kept adding more and more of the goose grease to Julie’s tits until it was all gone. The pair finished Linda off with a vibrator and several portions of cake mix until she climaxed in a thrusting gyrating crescendo.

    They took Linda down and lay her on the bed. They lay either side of her and all through the night, they fed her more cakes and biscuits. The following morning they all awoke to the sound of the milkman making his delivery. It was the best sexual encounter that any of them had ever had.

    The weeks that passed turned to months, and Linda’s weight was increasing at a rate of knots. She went from a 42 inch waist to a 49 inch, her thighs went to a whopping 30 inches and her bottom had burgeoned to 62 inches. She was now well and truly fat.

    She was now tipping the scales at 287lbs; she had gained around 100lbs so far, in only 8 months. The long cold winter nights had helped her to pile on the fat. She was eating more of her aunt’s mix and cakes every day for her ‘job’ so she was earning as she ate, and she spent most of the money on treats for them both.

    Sharon would often stay over the winter period, and their deviant sexual exploits got more bizarre, but an inseparable bond had grown between them, forgetting the troubles of the world for their own state of bliss.

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    Part Five - A New Challenge

    Linda had thus far always been the feedee in this relationship, but when Annie, the new delivery girl from the Bulk Dairy Products Company began to make her calls to Julie’s cake kitchens – Linda began to get some ideas.

    One frosty morning when Annie came round to the door with her large delivery of cream and butter, Linda obliquely asked, “Do you get to sample those things you deliver?”

    Annie laughed, “If I don’t watch myself, I’d be as fat as this butter!”

    She winked and turned to walk down the path. When she got to the end, she turned and smiled a cheeky smile at Linda, then disappeared out of sight.
    Linda had a thought, ‘Hmm, I’m going to like this Annie; she’s a bit skinny though.

    The next day Annie finished packing the van for the delivery to Julie’s kitchen. There were a couple of cartons of margarine, and three of lard, as well as ten wholesale packs of spray double cream. These items were their regular order, as was pointed out to Annie by the despatch manager Charlws.

    “They usually have the margarine, white fat, and cream, I reckon they must bake huge loads of their cakes every week, they’re always coming back for more. Mind you young Annie, judging by the size those ladies are down there, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that they were scoffing this stuff neat – ha, ha!” And off he went still chuckling to himself. Little did he know how close he was to the truth!

    Annie continued to load the van and checked everything off against the delivery note, then called to Chas to sign it out. “It’s all there Chas, I’d better be off then – see you later, I’ve got to pop in to my mum’s on the way back, so I might be later than the normal time okay?”

    "OK," Chas acknowledged. “Chas; just a quick question…”

    Chas put his pen behind his ear, “Fire away!” She fiddled with her fingers as she asked, “…do you know the name of the younger girl down at Julie’s place?”

    Chas looked thoughtful and then replied, “I know that the boss lady Julie has a niece, and she has a friend who is a doctor. I think I heard them call the young girl Linda, yes that’s it. She’s been helping her Aunt for some months now – it must agree with her; she’s piled on a lot of weight in the last few months alone. Come to think of it, they all have. You’d better not stay too long down there or you’ll end up getting fat like them!” He signed the delivery note, patted her shoulder and then went back to his office.

    Annie got in to her van and set off for Julie’s. She let Chas’s last comments turn over in her mind as she drove. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling like an excited schoolgirl either. She drove on, and without thinking began to suck her thumb.

    Thumb sucking is a nervous habit, which most people grow out of, and indeed Annie was no different, except when she was excited or sexually aroused. Some time ago, Annie had a boyfriend that she was with for a couple of years. They got on really well, and their love life was wonderful. She would suck her thumb while he made love to her, and on one occasion, he got a baby’s bottle and gave it to her as if she were a young baby. That was best thing he could have done. She sucked at it while he made love, and she found it the biggest turn on she had ever experienced. Sadly her boyfriend left her for university, and she never saw him again. She had a few relationships here and there, even with another girl, but for now she was unattached – although she was in need of some excitement!

    Linda was on her third helping of breakfast when Julie came in to the kitchen with a list in her hand. “We’ve got a delivery today from the dairy company, but I need to go in to Truro for my health check with Sharon, so I need you to be here to receive the order. You don’t mind do you dear?”

    Linda shook her head with a large mouthful of fried bread making her cheeks billow out. Julie stood behind her niece and kissed her cheek whilst with her hands she cupped Linda’s belly and lifted it slightly. “You are coming along nicely dear. Sharon will be coming back with me later, so we’ll have a weigh-in and see how fat you’ve got!”

    She kissed her again and then went to the door. “Oh, by the way, there is a new girl doing the delivery now, make sure she leaves all the right things; last time she missed a load of lard off the order.” Linda nodded and Julie left.

    Linda suddenly clicked; the new girl would be the one she saw last time, the one who winked at her. This was brilliant; she had the house to herself and the skinny young girl was coming to the fattening kitchen – Linda had to prepare. She had some feeding designs on the young dairy girl; perhaps she would like to sample her own wares!

    Linda checked the order that Julie had put in to the dairy, she saw the spray creams, and wondered if the dairy girl would like to try those; to ease her in gradually, so to speak.

    Linda was really looking forward to this; the idea of actually feeding someone herself was quite a turn on. She finished her preparations and then tried to while away the time until the delivery came. She was continually snacking on cakes and biscuits, the effects of which were clearly visible on her waistline.

    She had begun to put on a heavy looking belly roll that just seemed to pull downward towards the floor. Her bottom was merging with the new fat on her thighs, making a tapering line from her bottom cheek to the backs of her knees. The texture was now puffy and dimpled with deep cellulite and solid fat. She was becoming wider as well, and it wouldn’t be too many more months before doorways in the old Cornish building were just too narrow for a growing girl to squeeze through.

    As the weather was beginning to improve, it was now quite warm – verging on hot in the late spring. Linda decided to wear some more revealing outfit. She chose the tightest bikini she could find, and wore a silky long shirt over it. The shirt came down to mid-thigh, and revealed enough tantalising glimpses of her bloated backside, to make it rather daring.

    Linda heard the sound of an engine stop just outside the door. She walked over to the door, ready for the knock. Two long minutes later, there was a light knock at the door. Linda waited for a few second so that she didn’t appear to be waiting at the door, and casually opened it. She was unaware that her nipples were standing out like organ stops!

    “Dairy delivery…” Annie began, “…oh, hi there. I’ve got your order in the van, do you want to come and get it?”

    Linda looked down at her feet (which was becoming a challenge in itself!) and replied, “I’m sorry; I haven’t got anything on my feet; would you mind bringing it in for me – please?”

    Annie looked towards Linda’s bare feet and shrugged, “That’s okay with me, just show me where you want them.”

    She went to the van and got out the first few boxes, and then came back to the door. Linda turned and ushered her inside.

    Annie followed Linda in to the kitchen; she was mesmerised by the movement going on under Linda’s skimpy clothes. Every step Linda made, her plump butt would sway and wobble… twice to the left, and then twice to the right. After about ten minutes, Annie was finished and was perspiring from the effort.

    Linda noticed this, and offered the girl a drink. “You look like you need a cool drink – would you like a milkshake? I’m sorry I don’t know your name.” “It’s Annie, and you are…?”

    Linda extended her hand to Annie who shook it politely. “I’m Linda, it’s good to meet you; now how about that drink?”

    Annie smiled a winning smile and gratefully accepted. Linda went to several cupboards and got all the necessary ingredients and two huge glasses. She poured four pints of whole milk and half a carton of double cream in to the blender. She added some strawberry syrup and then finally two great chunks of ice-cream. The whole mixture was whizzes up to a foamy consistency. She poured two glasses and pushed one toward Annie. There was still a lot left in the blender jug.

    Annie took a long swig from the glass and was overwhelmed by the fantastic taste and creamy texture. “Hmm, this is wonderful, it’s the best milkshake I think I’ve ever had!”

    Linda was chuffed that Annie thought that. “Oh, I’m glad you like it – here, have some more.”

    Annie looked hesitant and said, “It’s really nice, but I’d better not have too much, I’ll be putting on weight next.”

    Linda smiled a sideways smile and replied, “Nonsense, a skinny girl like you could hide a couple of stones without anyone noticing; here you are.”

    She reached the jug and refilled Annie’s glass, then for extra luxury she opened a spray cream can and squirted a large mound of it on to the top of the glass.

    “Oh well, if you insist.” Annie said. She guzzled the contents down in a couple of long mouthfuls. Linda poured the remainder of the shake in to Annie’s empty glass, and squirted some more cream on to the top. “Here you are, finish it up for me.” She pushed it toward Annie.

    “Phew, it’s very filling isn’t it?” Annie reached for the glass and drank it down quickly. She wiped her mouth and sighed. She looked around the kitchen and noticed the pictures of Julie and Sharon with Linda, who looked a lot thinne.

    "They ‘must have taken that a while ago’ she thought. She saw the store cupboards and the cold store and saw just how much fat there was in them.

    “What exactly is it that your aunt makes here?”

    Linda was playing with the spray cream when she inadvertently dispensed a large coil of the cream. She put the nozzle in to her mouth and licked it off. “Sorry Annie, excuse my manners – ooh, I do love this stuff.”

    She put the nozzle in to her mouth and dispensed some more cream in to it. Annie watched – enthralled. She was feeling curiously excited. She put her thumb in her mouth and began to suck.

    Meanwhile, Linda paused, “Hmm, this is great, here you try it – go on, it’s really nice and it tastes better than that thumb.” She offered the can to Annie, who looked at it and then copied Linda’s lead. The cream came out in a rush and caused her to gulp several mouthfuls down before she could stop.

    The nozzle in her mouth made her think of her thumb. She was feeling light-headed, and she was getting more excited. She looked at Linda’s large fat thigh, and put the nozzle in to her mouth again. This time she gulped and gulped at the issuing cream. Linda looked on in amazement as Annie finished the entire can.

    When she finished Annie let out a huge burp, as the gas in the cream had bloated her slightly. “I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came over me there, and it was rude of me.”

    Linda chuckled, “You looked like you were in seventh heaven there. Don’t worry about it; I love to see a girl who likes to eat!”

    Annie looked sheepish. “Come on now; I said don’t worry. You’re more than welcome to come by whenever you are in the area. I would like you to meet my aunt Julie and her friend Sharon.”

    She looked at the clock, “In fact they will be here soon; would you like to meet them?” Annie thought about her afternoon schedule, and her visit to her mother. She decided to stay for an hour more and meet Linda’s aunt and friend. They remained in the kitchen and talked about each other for the next 45 minutes. The nervousness that Annie had felt to start soon melted away, and in another hour’s time, they were like long lost friends.

    “I never answered your question earlier did I?” Linda suddenly recalled. “You asked what we make here; well I will give you a tour – a taste tour!”

    She took her around the kitchen and gave her samples of all the cakes, including the special mixes that were used for their fattening rituals. Annie was stuffed. She had to undo her jeans button to relieve the pressure on her belly.

    Linda noticed this and said, “Oh dear, we’re only half way through – I know; follow me…” she took Annie’s hand and led her to a low wide armchair. She sat her down and asked Annie if her belly was aching. Annie nodded and asked if there was anything she could take for her discomfort. Linda advised her to rub the sides of her belly and massage it from top to bottom. As Annie did this, Linda brought over a can of the spray cream. Annie’s mouth opened without thinking.

    She was getting a lovely feeling all over her body, and was unaware of the amount of food that she was consuming. She was sucking on the nozzle of the can more urgently, as if to get as much out as she could. Linda looked on as Annie fondled her belly, and sucked at the cream like a hungry baby.

    Annie finished the can and let it drop to the floor. Linda went to pick it up and as she knelt down to reach it, her soft fat thigh pressed against Annie’s hand. Annie felt the soft spongy texture of Linda’s fat, and thought how nice the sensation was. Linda was aware that something had just taken place and moved aside slightly.

    Annie was in a state of contented tiredness, and heard Linda whisper in to her ear, “Why don’t you feel my belly?” She took hold of Annie’s hand and placed it on her the soft fat of her belly. Annie took more attention now and moved her hand over Linda’s growing tummy. She asked Linda, “I hardly know you Linda, but this makes me feel so good, I don’t understand what is happening, but I like it.”

    She squeezed her hand, making a large roll appear between her fingers. “Why are people afraid of getting like you? I mean, it feels so soft and…” She shivered.

    Linda smiled and said, “Are you afraid of getting like me then?” Annie stopped feeling Linda’s belly and looked her straight in the eye.

    “No, now I’ve seen you in the flesh, I’m not worried at all.”

    Linda could hardly believe her ears, “Do you want to let yourself get fat then?”

    Annie grabbed another roll of fat in her fingers. “The first time I saw you that day, I have thought about nothing else, this morning, my boss was saying that if I ate too much stuff like this (she gestured to the cans of cream) I would get fat. I then found myself wondering what it was like to have a fat tummy, and now I’ve seen and felt yours, I’m very excited.”

    Linda placed her hand on Annie’s tight belly. “Would you like us to help to feed you up – I mean I would love to see you getting fatter!”

    Annie was breathing faster, and perspiring again. She looked down at her slightly domed belly and then replied, “My, this is like a fairy tale. It’s like I’ve come to the witch’s house, and now I’m going to be fattened up. Yes I want you to help me get fat, I want a tummy like yours and fat legs and a big bum.” She trailed off as there was the sound of the front door opening.

    Julies voice called out, “Linda! Where’s our little plump dumpling?” Then she came in to the lounge and saw Annie and Linda. “Linda… Oh! I’m sorry; I didn’t know we had a visitor.”

    Seconds later, Sharon came in to the room. Linda got up and rushed over to her and flung her arms round her neck, then planted a kiss on her lips.

    “Someone’s glad to see me then.” She pulled Linda back and smiled. “Aren’t you going to introduce your friend dear?” Julie asked.

    Sharon looked over to the recumbent girl and noticed the exposed and overfilled belly. “I see someone has been enjoying themselves then!”

    Annie looked sheepish and tried to hastily cover her belly with her top. Julie and Sharon were introduced to Annie, who was feeling a little embarrassed, but together, the three of them talked and helped to put Annie at her ease.

    “So how big do you want to get then Annie?” Sharon reached up to a shelf and got down some photographs. “Look at these. This is Linda when she came here first; we always knew we would end up fattening her, so we took some discreet pictures at various stages of her growth.” She passed some photos to Annie.

    Looking through the photos, Annie could see the gradual thickening and fattening of Linda’s body – it was making her hot. Sharon came over to Annie’s side and said, “Before we start, let’s see how you look now.”

    They stood her up and pulled down her jeans. Annie had a pert little bum, and her thighs were lean and toned. She hadn’t got any excess fat on her at all. Her little tummy bulge was purely the result of her excess this morning.

    Sharon looked her over and commented, “I reckon you’ll get big here around your waist, and your legs will grow, but your bum will not be as big as Linda’s. I think if we start by letting you feed yourself plenty of those cream cans, I would think you’ll start to put some fat on in about a week.”

    Annie was buzzing, it was like having her fate decided by a judge and jury, and she didn’t mind at all.

    Julie suddenly changed tack. “What are your sexual leanings Annie?” Annie was stunned in to silence. “Sorry dear, I didn’t mean to take you by surprise like that, but I was wondering. Have you ever been with another woman?”

    Annie went red in the face, but remained composed. She told them all her experiences in life and love and then confided in them about her passions and her baby’s bottle fetish.

    Sharon and Julie went over to where Annie was standing. Sharon placed her hands on top of Annie’s shoulders and Julie stood in front. She lifted the tee-shirt up and off, and then unclasped the bra that Annie was wearing, letting her small titties bounce free. She stroked her nipples and then leaned forward and kissed each one softly. Annie felt a shudder of delight go down her back.

    “You do like a woman’s touch!” Julie said. “Let’s start to feed her up.” She called to Sharon and Linda. Linda had noticed a growing wet patch on the front of Annie’s panties, and she rubbed her there, making Annie moan.

    Sharon got some cream and began to fill her with it; Julie was gently caressing Annie’s erect nipples.

    “Eat up my baby, this is the beginning of your journey to become a nice big fat girl – that is what you want isn’t it?”

    Annie was panting, and was just able to speak “Y-Yes! Make me fat!”

    Nearly an hour later, Annie was full to bursting, and feeling slightly queasy. The others helped her to get comfortable, and prevented her from being sick. Annie suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be seeing her mother, but when she looked down at her shiny domed belly, she realised that she couldn’t. She asked for a phone, and called her to say that she wouldn’t be able to make it.

    Linda offered Annie a bed for the night as she was too bloated to be able to drive. But together, with Linda driving, they finished the deliveries. Then she stayed overnight and awoke the next morning as if from a dream.

    “Good morning! How is our chubby girl today?”

    Annie looked over to the door and saw Linda standing there in her nightdress with the early morning sun outlining her every bulge and roll. She was holding a large tray of fried breakfast.

    “Here you are, eat this up, and there will be some more for you when you finish.”

    Annie looked at the huge plateful of greasy fried eggs, bacon, sausages and fried bread. “You really are trying to fatten me up aren’t you?”

    She began to feel the excitement rise as she took the first mouthful.

    After two large breakfasts, Annie went to her van with a carton of the creams. She was feeling a bit big, and wondered if this was what it would be like when she got bigger. She loaded the carton in the back and went back to the door to thank everyone for the night.

    Linda winked at her and patted her bottom, “Make sure you eat plenty of those creamy cans, I want to see a roll developing on that tummy of yours before the week is out!”

    Annie smiled and waved as she drove off in her van.

    The week was nearly over and Annie was loading the van for her next visit to Julie’s kitchen. There was three times as much spray cream as before. Chas signed the order sheet and waved her off. He noticed that her jeans were looking much snugger.
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    Part Six - And mother makes five?

    It was a bright and sunny early summer’s day when Annie called on Julie’s kitchen with a large carton of lard. Two months had passed since she had become acquainted with them. She was feeling uncomfortable in her jeans; they were very tight on her now, and her tummy was already pushing over the waistband. On the hard concrete of the driveway, the impact of each footstep was causing ripples around her waist. She was indeed beginning to get fat.

    The door was open. She went inside and was just about to call when she heard Linda’s voice coming from upstairs. She couldn’t quite make out what was being said, but she did seem to be shouting out. She could also hear a regular slapping noise. She called up the stairs, but there was no response, so she climbed the stairs and pushed the door to Julie’s bedroom open.

    There in front of her were Julie, Sharon, and Linda – who was chained to the ceiling on a long bar. Sharon was slapping Linda’s bottom with a large spanking paddle. Julie was pushing a huge vibrator in and out of Linda’s pussy. Annie was fixed to the spot, her heart beating 19 to the dozen.

    Julie was now scooping huge spoonfuls of something in to Linda’s mouth, and Linda was gobbling it down with gusto. Julie looked up and saw Annie standing there in the doorway still holding the carton of lard and mouth open in amazement.

    “Ladies, we have another volunteer for our feeding attentions!”

    Sharon turned to see the young girl standing there like a rabbit in a car’s headlights.

    “Annie, come in dear. What have you got for us? Some lard eh, well that’s well timed. Come over here and let me look at you – I do think you’re getting fatter dear.”

    She took the carton off of Annie who then pulled up her shirt to reveal her new soft fatty layer.

    She pinched it with her fingers, “I think you’re doing better than I thought, just think how big it might get if we were to feed you this lard!”

    Annie flushed and fiddled with her fingers.

    Linda whispered to Julie, “Did you get the bottle and teat?”

    Julie nodded and went to the black box that they kept for their sexual fantasies. She pulled out a baby’s bottle and then went down to the kitchen to get the special milk that she had prepared for an occasion like this. It was made up of cream, milk, lard, and some sugar. She put two large containers of this milk in to the microwave to warm it through.

    Returning to the bedroom, she could see that Linda and Sharon had changed places so that Sharon was now tethered to the ceiling bar. Linda swung a couple of taster slaps of the paddle on to Sharon’s bum. She noticed that Sharon had gained too; her belly was forming two heavy rolls that drooped downwards. Her ass was fuller still, and it shimmered delightfully as she hit it with the paddle. Annie was sitting on the bed sucking her thumb. J

    ulie gave the bottle and the two containers to Linda, who filled the first bottle and fitted the teat. Linda went to the chair in the corner and dragged it over so that it was in front of Sharon – so that she could see what was going on.

    Linda sat in the chair and Julie guided Annie over to her and sat her down on Linda’s lap. She was still very light, even with the slight podgy tummy that she had grown. Julie swung Annie’s legs around so that they were over the arm – she now lay across Linda. Her head and shoulders were cradled in Linda’s arms.

    “Is my baby ready for her feed?” She pulled Annie’s thumb out of her mouth and pushed the teat of the bottle in. Annie involuntarily began to suck – the milk was delicious.

    Julie turned her attentions back to Sharon. She pushed a huge dildo up into Sharon’s pussy, then slapped her huge ass and spooned a large mouthful in to her writhing friend.

    “You’ve put on some more weight this month; your butt and those legs are certainly much bigger. You’re making me feel skinny!”

    Sharon began to reply, but Julie stuffed another spoonful in to her mouth before she could speak. “Don’t speak now; you need to keep your gains up. We don’t want Linda to overtake you now do we?”

    After another half an hour passed, Linda was on her fourth bottle, and Annie was feeding well. Julie unfastened Sharon from the bar and they both moved over to where Linda and Annie were sitting. Sharon took the longest vibrator and gently pushed it up between the very fat thighs that were Linda’s. She found her target and Linda immediately winced as the tip contacted her clitoris.

    Julie meanwhile was slowly parting Annie’s long legs and moving herself up towards her pussy. She tongued Annie’s clitty, and then fingered her gently. This made Annie suck harder and harder. Linda came several times as Sharon played with her pussy, and after another hour, all of the milk had gone. Annie rubbed her large bloated belly. Sharon said, “That’s it my dear, you need to stretch it so that you can get more food in – then you’ll begin to really pack on the weight.”

    Several more weeks passed and the visits Annie made to Julie’s increased until they were almost daily. Her long toned body was disappearing under a soft layer of fat. Her thighs were thick and rubbed at their tops; her upper arms had thickened to more than double the original size. Her tummy had swollen out more and she had finally got some larger clothes. She chose Lycra* leggings and stretchy tee-shirts. Her bottom had rounded out as well.

    The most immediate difference was her face, it had become round and was now sporting a second chin. Overall her fattening was progressing much quicker than Sharon had originally figured. Annie revelled in her new body; she watched its growth enthusiastically.

    Annie’s mother was bemused by her daughter’s involvement with Julie and co, but only advised her about the health implications of getting too fat. She didn’t want her daughter to get bigger really, but respected her freedom. She was a kind and caring mother, and did only what most parents would do in these sorts of situation. She was pleased that Annie was at least very happy now.

    A month later…

    Julie went to the door and scooped up the morning mail from the doormat. There was a letter from the gas board and one from her bank, but there was also some airmail from Spain. She looked at the postal mark and saw that is was from Mallorca. She threw the other letters on to the table and opened the airmail. The letter read…

    “Dear Jules and Lindy,

    How are things with you? How is my baby, I hope she’s well. Roy and I are living it up here in Spain – life is so good here. I’ve put on over 60lbs this year thanks to Roy’s cooking and oodles of olive oil. I’ve attached a photo of us that was taken two weeks ago. Lindy, I hope you are enjoying life with your aunt. I’m sorry I sprung the emigration thing on you a bit, but it was a once in a lifetime chance, you understand don’t you? I bet your aunt is cooking some nice things for you to eat – you’d better watch it though, otherwise you’ll get as fat as your mum!

    Jules, I hope this letter arrives quickly; I’ve got a proposition to make to you and Lindy. Roy and I have done very well here and we’ve made quite a bit of money with a restaurant on the front in Puerto Pollenca. The place is huge, and the scenery here is wonderful – I mean it virtually never rains! How would you and Lindy like to come and live over here with us? You could sell the cakes shop and go into partnership with us here – how about it?

    Let me know soon,
    Missing you loads!

    Jean. XX”

    She was not really sure that she was really seeing what was on the page. “Linda! Shaz! Come here quickly.”

    The two others came as they sensed the urgency in Julie’s voice.

    “What is it?” Sharon asked in a worried tone. “It’s your mum Linda – Jean, she wants us to sell up and go and live with her in Mallorca. It seems they have done well fro themselves out there.”

    She passed the letter to Linda. Then when she was finished she passed it on to Sharon. “What about Sharon and Annie? Can they come too?”

    Julie shrugged and looked round the room and then at Linda and Sharon in turn. “I don’t know. It would mean the end of all this.” She moved her arm in a wide arc to demonstrate her meaning.

    “I know that the business hasn’t been what it once was – I mean we’ve been eating all the profits quite literally.”

    Sharon looked tearful, and in a shaky voice said, “I wouldn’t be able to come with you, I’ve got too much invested in the practice here and plus the fact that I don’t know anything about the Spanish health system.”

    Linda turned toward her lover, “Oh Sharon, I can’t possibly leave here without you.” She threw her arms around Sharon’s neck and began to sob. Julie’s eyes were moist as she witnessed the emotions of the other two.

    “Of course I can’t go if my best friend and my favourite niece won’t go and what about our latest prize porker Annie? I think we all need to go away and think about this very carefully – I for one am very tempted by the offer, but I will not consider it unless we are all agreed in what we want.”

    She turned and went up to her room. Linda and Sharon looked at each other and cuddled up together on the chair. “Oh dear Linda, what are we to do? I’m a doctor and I’ve built up a certain reputation here, and I actually like it here. You’re such a sweet girl, and I do love you, but you must go with Julie to Spain – I must remain here.”

    Linda burst in to tears, “No, you can’t stay here, I won’t let you. Please don’t stay, come with us… please!”

    Sharon cupped Linda’s tear streaked face in her hands and looked deeply in to her eyes, “Your much younger than me, your life lies with Julie and your mother, I can’t go my sweet, you must understand. Everything I’ve worked so hard for is here in England, I know it will be hard to go our separate ways, but we’ll both get over it. I will still be able to visit though, and anyway, you should ask Annie to go with you – she’s your age, and I think she fancies you a lot.”

    Linda wiped her eyes, “I don’t care, I just want to be with you. Anyway I doubt if Annie would want to come with me.”

    Sharon smiled and reassured her, “Yes she does fancy you; I watched you and her when she was having the bottle the other day, you can’t mistake those looks.”

    She stroked Linda’s hair and wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. “You need to be with someone of your age really, I mean we’ve had some beautiful times together, but I’m too old for you really. Please go with Julie – for me.”

    The three of them spent the next few days collecting their thoughts and deciding what was the best thing to do. Annie called for her usual visit, and was told the news by Julie; she too was sent away to think about her future. Three days passed, and finally they had all come to their decisions.

    Julie called them all together including Annie in the lounge. “So what is it to be? Have you all decided what you want to do?”

    They all answered unison, “Yes!”

    Julie went first to her friend Sharon, “What’s it to be than Shaz?”

    Sharon looked at her friend and embraced her, “I’m staying here babe, I’m sorry, I just can’t leave all my patientsand practice behind.”

    Julie nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. “Okay, I understand,” putting on a brave face.

    She moved to Annie, “Well little sweetie?”

    Annie looked at Linda and said, “I’ll go if Linda does.”

    Linda looked at Annie and then at Sharon. Sharon smiled sweetly and nodded her head gently.

    Linda looked back at Annie and smiled. She turned back to Julie and replied “Yes, I’ll go”

    Julie turned away from them and fought back the tears, then turned back and said, “I’ll write to Jean and tell her we’re going to come then.”

    The days and weeks that followed were mixed with excitement and sadness at the thought of their friend they were leaving behind. The arrangements were made and the business was sold. They waved farewell to the little cottage that had been home, and that housed so many happy memories. Sharon wished them ‘Bon voyage’ at the airport as the left for their flight to Palma. In sombre mood they began their journey, but as the new life drew nearer, their spirits lifted and they began to look forward to their meeting with Roy and Jean.

    After an emotional meeting at the airport with her mother, and Julie with her sister, they left for their new home. The journey was only an hour, but they managed to talk about so many things.

    Jean was amazed at her daughter’s size, and asked Julie how she had come to be so big. Julie dodged the finer details, but knew her sister was into the same sort of bedroom antics. What she didn’t know was that Roy was an FA and a feeder. They were in good company.

    Jean took a shine to Annie and saw that she was special to Linda, but in certain moments she could tell that her daughter’s heart was heavy. In due course they told Jean about Sharon, and Linda’s developing sexuality. Jean wasn’t shocked in the slightest, she and Roy loved each other very much, but she had indulged in a bisexual relationship on more than one occasion. She knew Julie was a lesbian, and accepted that her daughter and new love were free to express their sexual desires. Jean was really quite a liberal.

    Julie had brought all her recipes with her for the cakes and the special mixes. Jean and Roy had set up a wing of their large house in to a self contained cottage style dwelling. There were rooms for Julie, Linda and Annie, although after two weeks there, Annie moved in to share Linda’s bed.

    Julie set her room up in much the same way that she had in England, even the ceiling bar went up, although Roy raised his eyebrows when she asked him to fix it up. Julie was happy, but today as she often did, she was laying in her large king-sized bed thinking about her old friend Sharon. She did miss her, and she found that she actually loved her.

    The feelings that were so strong between Linda and Sharon were really just infatuation. Sharon had been a life long friend and it was hard for Julie to be here without her – she rolled over on her bed and began to cry. Jean knocked on Julie’s door, but when no answer came she let herself in and was distressed at what she saw.

    She went to Julie’s side, “What is it Jules? Is it Sharon…? Oh you poor love, you really miss her don’t you? Do you love her?”

    Julie nodded.

    “You must go to her, leave in the morning if necessary, you must go to her and tell her you love her, and if she loves you, she will do what is right. Now come here and let your sister hug you.”

    Julie hugged Jean and said, “Thank-you.”

    Jean took Julie to the airport; Linda and Annie drew from each other for support. It was true that Linda’s feelings for Sharon had become less intense, and she knew Sharon was right when she said that she was too young for her. Annie was a different love, she was more enduring. Linda was very happy. She hoped that Sharon and Julie could come back together; she knew that Julie loved Sharon very much. Three days passed and Julie arrived back in Mallorca – alone.

    A month passed by quickly, and life went on, they all loved it there, but Julie was still sad, and still didn’t feel like any feedings – she was losing weight. One bright hot autumn morning there was a great commotion coming from downstairs. Julie ignored it; she had become quite reclusive of late. The noise died down and Julie returned to her musings. She didn’t hear her door open.

    “Leave my favourite girl for 5 minutes and she starts to lose weight!”

    Julie got up from her bed and turned to see Sharon in the doorway. Sharon was holding about three suitcases, which she dropped and ran across the room, launching herself at Julie.

    “Oh my god I’ve missed you Julie.” She pulled Julie’s face close to hers and kissed her passionately on the lips.

    Julie was overcome with emotion, and was crying for joy. “I thought I had lost you Sharon, I love you so much it hurts!”

    Sharon comforted her and said, “I know you do, and I want you to know that I love you deeply, and I want to be with you.”

    Julie pulled apart and held Sharon at arms length, “Does this mean you’re going to stay here with us?”

    Sharon nodded, “I sold my share of the practice, and cashed in some shares, and I sold my flat, so I’ve nowhere to live now – will you let me live here?”

    Julie picked up her cases and put them on the bed. “You can live here with me, and I want you to share my bed, just like Linda and Annie.” Sharon smiled and kissed her again.

    Jean, Linda, and Annie all came in to the room with Roy who had a large bottle of champagne and several charged glasses. He announced, “A toast. To our new and now complete family!” They all took and raised their glasses, and then drank the champagne. They all had much to tell Sharon. Sharon was noticing the diminished proportions of not only Julie, but Linda and Annie as well. It appeared that her arrival was just in time to stop a mass thinning. They would have to start feeding time again.

    A few months passed by quickly, and the Mediterranean winter was upon them. It wasn’t as cold as the UK, but it did get duller some days. Generally though, the climate was milder and there were still some pleasant warm days. Thoughts were turning towards Christmas, and the feasting that was going to take place. Roy was in his element, he now had a houseful of beautiful feedees all to himself.

    There was always plenty to eat for everyone, but the two groups of ladies would find their own familiar styles of eating and fattening. Within the next three months, all of the girls were back up to their previous weights, except Annie who was beginning to move beyond just very plump. Roy was impressed with the gains that Linda was achieving on Annie, and even asked for some ideas that he could use with Jean. Having said that, Jean was the fattest of them all by far.

    As time passed, the feedings carried on and even Jean got involved in some of their more deviant activities. It only served to spice up her relationship with Roy, and that in turn led to Jean’s continued fattening. Linda gradually encouraged Annie to grow through dress sizes 12, 14, 16, and now 18, while Linda herself was comfortably in to size 24 and still growing fast. Julie and Sharon were growing too, but now it was Julie that outgrew Sharon.

    This is how they lived in their Spanish home from home for the next six months. The summer was upon them once again, and the tourists and locals were all out and about in their minimal bathing costumes. Julie, Sharon, Linda, and Annie would all go and sit on the beach and watch all of the bronzed bodies – scouting for talent. They often got admiring glances from some of the local girls. What they noticed was that the local young girls developed a pot belly at the slightest provocation, and looking at their mothers, it wasn’t unusual for them to become fat with an emphasis on wide hips and fleshy bottoms. This was a bottom loving feeder’s heaven.

    They talked and reminisced some more about the days they would go down to Cadgwith and watch the gig races, looking at all the muscular men rowing like fury against their competitors and then eyeing up their women. Afterwards, they retired to the pub for a few swift drinks, and then spend the rest of the evening in their own company as only they knew how. How they enjoyed the summers.

    They were on the beach one afternoon, it was too hot for work and most of the locals and the tourists were on the beach, or so it seemed. Linda had an idea. “This restaurant of Roy and Jean’s; I think we could offer a service to the young senors and senoritas around here.”

    Julie and Annie looked up from their towels and asked, “What might this idea be then?” Linda elaborated, “We’ve seen the same people come in to the restaurant several evenings in just one week. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to add some extra bonus to the young ladies meals; say some extra lard or cream?”

    Julie looked at Sharon, who looked at Annie. They all looked at Linda. “Brilliant, and very naughty; we love it!”

    They all left the beach and returned to the house. They told Jean and Roy about their proposal – no problems, they loved it too.

    Certain young females began to get rather plump in the town. They all seemed to love their food, and they all ate at Roy and Jean’s restaurant. This is where we leave Linda, Julie, Sharon, Annie, Roy, and Jean. I’m sure though that someday we may return to see how they are doing, and just how fat the female population have become, and how fat four inseparable friends and lovers have become. Wish them well!
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    This is honestly my favorite WG story ever. I forgot how long it is though. I couldn't even begin to edit it. Too much work right now.

    But enjoy!
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    Editing is my job anyway - thanks for the archeological restoration part. From all remarks this was a lost classic - too bad no one knows who the author was.

    If you happen across any other lost gems, feel free to contribute them.
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    South of the Tweed
    Great story. Top class. :)
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    I've got C&I in my cache too and am forever returning to it.

    On my copy the byeline is:

    Story - Cakes and Innocence Parts 1 to 3
    Posted By: Caloriequest <> (
    Date: January 28 2002, 16:07
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    Caloriequest, eh? Does this writer have any other works on the web?
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    No not a smell of anything anywhere out there. It is odd how things disappear.
    Another I always enjoyed was "A Plane Too Small" by John Doe but that has also dropped out of the library. I had to write my own experiences up as a replacement.
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    Actually I've just re-read "A Plane Too Small" by John Doe and so enjoyed it that I decided to follow Observer's advice and am posting it in "Recent Additions"
    Hope you agree with me.
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    Hi, I'm David Quest (AKA CalorieQuest) I wrote this ages ago and posted it on the weight gain board. It was before the forums here were overhauled. I'm glad you all like it, I thought it was a bit naff at the time, and indeed, at the time it didn't really attract any favourable feedback. I wrote a few under my CalorieQuest and Igor Yakovlev pen names. Gawd knows where they all are?

    I'm thinking of returning to the WG story themes. I have to say that I do tend to explore the lesbian genre mostly.

    Big thanks to Mikael for saving my work from oblivion, and glad you all enjoy it so much. Send me any ideas you might like adapted. My hotmail address is now defunct, but I have a new one at:
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    Hi there, I am back (again!) I wrote this story under my old CalorieQuest (David Quest) days on here. I had a major computer problem in 2008 and then my father died later in the same year. It was a horrible time form me and I left the FA scene for a long time after that, and I just wan't in the mood for writing anymore. I always thought that this was my most favourite work. I also did a story, possibly under another pseudonym called Mama Latte, about a woman with ultra-fattening breast milk, who could fatten anyone who consumed it and also endow them with the same breast enhancing and fattening properties.
    I recall I wrote to someone here on Dimensions for some critique on C&I, and I did receive some useful positive tips, it may well have been Observer?

    I have dipped in and out of the BBW/FA arena many times in recent years, trying Fantasy Feeder, Curvage, Feabie etc. However, it seems that the folk who inhabit those places seem more interested in monetizing their fetish area and trolling and hostility are rife. I have come back to good ole Dimensions now, and I hope to begin my creating writing in the feeder/feedee space. Incidentally, I recovered a copy of C&I in Word format back in 2010, when I had enough money to send my old disk to recover lost data (which was a rip-off), but I did at least get this story and some photos I lost from it.

    I am keen to write some new material, I enjoy Alix Rose's artwork on Deviant Art, and would love to do a story collaboration, but for the time-being, I will concentrate on a new story idea I have, and I will post it up here for its first airing.
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