BHM Canned Love (Sequel to Acid Orchid) ~SSBHM Realistic WG Infidelity

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Mar 29, 2020
I must admit ya'll.

I wrote myself into a corner with this sequel and am very dissatisfied with where I went with it. It really made me realize why people will sometimes write a whole story to themselves and not post it til it's finished, and I kinda wish I had done that here.

I got way too caught up in enjoying people's feedback and trying to find a conclusion that would be satisfying to everyone rather than finish it the way I initially intended. Because my initial plan for this story was pretty opposite to what people wanted.

But in the last couple months, I can't get my original ending out of my head. Even though I feel like this story has gone on far too long at this point, a large part of me kind of wants to revise it, write my original ending, cut out all the useless bits that I included when I wasn't sure where I was going with this, and post it somewhere else, most likely on fantasy feeder. Because I also have a new story idea I've been working on that's very different from this story, but I feel like I can't work on it or post it until this rock has been fully turned over.

So I just wanted to update anyone who might be interested that this might happen, because I despise leaving things unfinished, especially things that I had loads of fun making.

But in case I never do that, thanks to everyone who enjoyed this story! It was an awesome, fun, interactive experience for me, and even if it's left unfinished I wanted to say that!

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