BOTH Charleston Chubs (final chapters)

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May 3, 2014
Afternoon Activities

Around 1 my stomach rumbled something fierce and Bambi cut short her exploration of my vast belly acreage so we could dress and find lunch somewhere.

I suggested a place I had been years earlier with my ex. It was called Jestine's Kitchen and it served down South country cooking. My ex had hated it because everything was fried and I had loved it, even when she looked disapprovingly at me while I ate fried shrimp after fried shrimp, then finished off hers too.

Bambi thought it sounded like a great place and I warned her that I planned to pig out since the triple-scoop ice cream cone's effects had worn off at least an hour before. Bambi grabbed a hold of my rolls and shook them good, saying "if you didn't make a pig of yourself, I'd make you! Now let's get moving Piggy Boy."

Jestine's is located on a corner and there was always a line out the door and around the corner, sometimes halfway down the block on the side street. There was a line for us but we were lucky, only about 10 or 12 people. When we got in, we ordered four cornbread appetizers which came swathed in honey and butter (of which I ate three), plus I ordered two Cokes (they serve them in the small old school Coke bottles, and I downed one immediately and had the second in reserve to wash down the corn bread). I could tell that Bambi was already impressed with my potential for complete and total gluttony!

For the main course, I ordered the fried shrimp basket, but Bambi overruled me with the waitress, telling her to bring me the fried shrimp plate (it came with more shrimp, plus more fries) and to make it two of those for me. Then she ordered some fried fish for herself and told the waitress to bring two more Cokes for me, while she ordered the sweet tea.

I polished off the first shrimp plate in short order but soon slowed down, so Bambi was popping shrimp and french fries in my mouth for 20 minutes until I had crushed the second plate too. I could barely move after that, so Bambi ordered me desert, Coca Cola pie, pretending that we would split it, but instead all but about two bites went down my gullet.

When we finally got up to leave, I wasn't sure I could make the four block walk back to her hotel, so I suggested we go to my hotel only a block and a half away. By the time we hit the front door, I had to sit for a few minutes to catch my breath and let all those shrimp settle in my belly. Meanwhile she stuck her head in the lobby and came back five minutes later with a bag of treats from the lobby shop (Famous Amos chocolate chips, Snickers bars, Fritos, you name it). I could tell I was in for an even more fattening afternoon!

When we finally got to the room, her massive boobs came out immediately, and I stood there eating a little more desert until I just had to lay down. But first, I needed to hit the bathroom to relieve myself of the six Cokes I drank at lunch.

When I emerged, Bambi was waiting with the bathrobe from my closet, and insisted that I put it on. "It's not big enough for me." "Silly fat man, that's WHY I want you to try it on!"

I did as commanded and the XL robe missed closing around my belly by at least 18 inches and I could barely even get my ham hock arms into the sleeves. Then Bambi gathered the ends of the belt and even they wouldn't reach around my circumference! She was quite amused by my dilemma, then saw my iPad sitting on a table and made a picture so I could remember the event.

To change the subject, I laid hands on her magnificent breasts and suggested that SHE needed to try on the robe to see if it would contain her girly beasts. Just as I suspected, the robe didn't come anywhere close to closing at top and I cinched the belt up tight under her breasts and made a very memorable picture for my archives.

My belly was still aching by the time we made it to bed, but Bambi put some of her Jedi-lady fat man sex moves on me and I soon forgot about the pain. This lady was simply amazing at manipulating the vast expanses of my belly to get into just the right position to drive us both wild with desire. When she finished with me, all I could dream about was dinner and what she'd do to me after that!

Dinner From Hell

As we lay in bed afterwards and in between stuffing me with the snacks she bought in the hotel lobby, Bambi suggested that we ought to invite our kids out to dinner to spare them from the college food service. I was a little hesitant, but Bambi was insistent.

Even worse, she really wanted her son and my daughter to get together! In my view, matchmaking was the worst thing a parent could do for a child and could accomplish no possible good. But Bambi kept pushing and I agreed to call her.

I caught her between afternoon classes and before I could ask, she told me "I'm glad you called, I was going to call you because you won't believe who blew into town." "Who?" "You're not gonna believe it Dad, but Mom cut her Hawaiian vacation short and flew into Charleston this morning." "Is Mr. Perfect with her?" "Unfortunately ..."

"Well I hope I don't run into them."

"Funny you should say that Dad because they got a room at your hotel."


"And they want to take me out to dinner and when I told them you were still in town, they wanted me to invite you too."


"Will you go? For me?"

"OK, I'll go, but I'm inviting someone for reinforcement."

"A woman?"

"Yeah, I met her the day after orientation and she's got a son who is a freshman too."

"That's great Dad -- I look forward to meeting her and that will really throw Mom for a loop!"

I got off the phone and gave Bambi the news. She was disappointed she couldn't introduce the kids to one another, but seemed genuinely excited to meet "The Bitch" as she referred to my ex. I, however, was not looking forward to it all. I hadn't seen her in six months, as I had given my daughter a car, and she had been driving back and forth between our homes, eliminating the need for the awkward drop off. But I had probably gained a lot in those six months and just knew she would throw that in my face.

I shared that with Bambi and loved her tough New Jersey girl response. "Well just let the bitch try and I'll bitch slap her into next week!" I said, "wow, that's a side of you I haven't seen in our few hours together!" "Hey, I was born in Brooklyn, so I know how to take of business!" I whistled in admiration of her and gushed "there's nothing sexier than a woman who can kick ass!" "Don't forget it fatty or I'll kick you lard ass too!"

"I'm SO excited right now" and lifted my belly apron with both hands to show her how excited I was. And thus began our third round of the day ...

After that I was totally exhausted and badly needed a nap, so Bambi headed back to her hotel to take a shower and get ready to meet The Bitch and Mr. Perfect. She met me back at my room around 6 and told me she had a cab waiting for us downstairs. When we got down to the front door, I learned it was a pedicab!

"You can't be serious -- that poor guy isn't going to be able to peddle pulling my weight." "You'd be surprised" and I was and fifteen minutes later we were at the restaurant. Fortunately, we were early by 15 minutes and my ex wasn't there yet or I would have received a shit load of grief over coming in on a pedicab.

But they arrived soon enough and thus began our dinner from Hell. As expected, the first words out of her mouth were "God, you're SOOOHHH much fatter than the last time I saw you -- you must be spending all your time eating." Mr. Perfect gave her a disapproving look when she said that and I could see Bambi gritting her teeth like she was getting ready to punch my ex. Instead, she smiled and nuzzled up close to give me kiss while she rested one hand on my protruding belly, then she held out that hand to my ex and introduced herself.

It definitely took my ex back a bit, particularly since my companion was named Bambi and was dressed in a really provocative plunging neck sundress (no bra) that really accentuated her two greatest assets. I even caught Mr. Perfect staring at her cleavage -- that meant I was gaining a little of the upper hand in this match!

Finally, our daughter (perhaps the only adult in the group) suggested that we go in and get seated, while giving her mother a shut the *** up and behave look.

The Bitch was relatively well behaved at first, asking how Bambi and I met. And Bambi laid it on thick as molasses, "I spotted this magnificent specimen of man in the orientation session yesterday and decided then and there that I had to meet him. Then, we were both in the market yesterday, and literally bumped into each other -- it was serendipity and he just swept me off my feet."

It was like something went off inside her and The Bitch exploded "swept you off your feet? You realize this blimp can't even see his feet and look at him -- he must weigh over 400 pounds -- he's a magnificent specimen alright -- of a State Fair blue ribbon prize hog!"

"And you Bambi -- what kind of name is that? You're kinda fat yourself, but you're attractive, so why hang around a mountain of lard like this?"

That's when I learned you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the girl. Bambi stood up and said "let's take this outside bitch!"

"Who are you calling a bitch BITCH? Or should I say FAT bitch?"

"You've done it now, you scrawny ass bitch" and Bambi grabbed her arm and started forcibly pulling my ex to the door.

My daughter looked appalled while Mr. Perfect and I eyed each other and no doubt both of us were thinking "cat fight." I was having trouble moving my bulk out of my chair and Mr. Perfect actually offered his hand to help pull me to my feet. "Thanks." "No prob, now let's go rescue them from one another."

When we reached the sidewalk, the two girls were in a stand-off, facing each other down like at the beginning of a boxing match. Then my ex opened her mouth again and it was on. "Can you even find his dick underneath all that blubber?" "I've found it three times today already and he is an incredible lover, thank you for asking." Mr. Perfect glanced at me with some newfound respect!

But my ex couldn't shut up -- "that's disgusting -- you must weigh 700 pounds between you -- you two tubs of lard deserve each other!" That was like flame to gasoline to Bambi, who indeed bitch slapped The Bitch into next week. Mr. Perfect and I winced as she staggered back several steps and tried to shake it off. Then as Bambi advanced in anticipation of landing another blow, my ex surprised us all, and grabbed a hold of either side of Bambi's plunging neckline and gave the fabric a firm pull, which caused both of her massive boobs to pop out. Mr. Perfect, who should have rushed to his wife's defense, was instead staring at Bambi's assets and looked like he wanted to give me a high five!

While Mr. Perfect was rendered stupified, I went to Bambi's aid, but before I could get there, she cocked her fist and delivered a Brooklyn style punch to my ex's face that put The Bitch out cold.

I shot an apologetic look toward my daughter, who was crying, got Bambi's boobs back inside the sundress, and she and I boogied before someone called the police. We grabbed a cab up the street and once in, started laughing like crazy, then making out like crazy. I absolutely loved this Brooklyn chick!

The Aftermath

In between groping each other's bulging parts and the most intensive french kissing of my life, I told the cabbie to take us to a good Southern cooking restaurant and ten minutes later we pulled up in front of the Hominy Grille. We thanked him and gave him a good tip for putting up with us.

We hadn't said a word since Bambi's KO punch and finally I got a chance to say "YOU were so ***ing impressive back there. I LOVE the Brooklyn chick in you, and I want this to continue after we leave Charleston."

"Oh, it was nothing Fatty, I was just defending my man. I couldn't let that bitch say things like that and I had to put her in her skinny ass place!"

"Believe me, you put her in her place! And then some ... and it was so hot when your boobs came popping out -- I think Mr. Perfect even got a hard on!

"Men ... you're simply incorrigible!"

"We are when we're around your awesomeness."

"You mean my big melons!"

"Of course!"

"Come on Fatso, let's get some dinner -- I'm starved after putting that skinny bitch down!"

Dinner was delicious and everything we ate was fried, which would have set my ex off on a tirade, then we ordered one of every desert and Bambi even polished off three of them for herself. "Watch it sexy or you'll get as fat as me." "I can NEVER be as fat as you, Fatso!"

Incredibly, after eating and screwing all day, neither one of us had discussed our travel plans, and over after dinner coffee, we learned that each of us was supposed to check out the next morning and start our journeys home. So then, the conversation shifted to what was next for the two of us.

Bambi invited me to come to Short Hills two weekends hence, with the 10 day delay being "to give (her) time for some baking" to make me "even fatter." She insisted that I eat as much as I could in the interim, so that she could weigh me on her late husband's 800 pound scale.

"God, I think you'd have me at 500 pounds if you could." She leaned over the table, boobs again dragging the table top, and whispered in my ear "why stop at 500?" I started awkwardly shifting around in my chair and she asked "is your motor running again?" I shook my head yes and she immediately gestured the waitress for our check and asked her to call a cab. Then she stood up and came around to rub my shoulders and whispered in my ear again, "looks like I'm gonna get lucky four times today. And the night is still young my sweet Fatty!"

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