Chocolate Lovers - by Lardibutts (SSBBW (multiple), Explicit sex, lactation)

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    Part 8 Risk aversion training 1: relationship to the boss

    It was over a week since they’d decided on Flavia for front of house duties, but since that time Flavia had scarcely been in the shop. Instead Signor Manciate had invented more and more spurious reasons for squashing up to her and groping her thighs as ‘uncle’ drove her hither and thither in the car for beauty treatments and hair appointments.

    Days were spent contriving gloriously naturalistic tumbles of blonde hair to fall around her shoulders framing her features, or exfoliating and feeding her skin until it was flawless then preening her eyes so they were exquisitely lashed and sparkling.

    When he was finally satisfied with this work, he insisted his new Front Of House Manager had to be driven around the island so she could ‘assess what the opposition might offer’.

    It was no more than a blatant excuse for ‘uncle’ feeding his pretty fat girl up till she squeaked. In pressing her to try fulsome samples of rival chocolate products he flatly refused to take no for an answer. He bought her lavish lunches (even getting brave enough to indulge in his fantasy of spooning enormous plates of pasta and dessert into her), then stopped off on the way back to loiter among the beach cafes buying her sundaes.

    Not only did Flavia get delivered back to Menna’s apartment each evening stuffed to the eyeballs, but all her concerns at getting no actual experience with Maria in the shop were simply being shrugged away.

    “I’ll come in and help you with all that silly business of tying parcels and cashing up,” he said. “We just need you to look right, showcasing our little business.”

    Then there was the dress. Flavia was looking forward to testing “tanti’s” claim that her Gold Hologram Sequin fabric dresses were indestructible. But she was subjected to two grueling dress fitting sessions under the obsessive supervision of Signor Manciate before she could begin rigorous battlefield trials in the workplace.

    La Signorina Tanti-Zachary could scarcely remember working under more exacting conditions. It was years since she’d been expected to be so dexterousness, hauling herself up and down, waddling to and fro to check out the lines of the new dress. The subtle nuances of how the fabric flowed around Flavia’s curves while at the same time sustaining the skin tightness the Signor kept insisting upon proved far beyond the current mobility of the super-sized couturiere.

    So Groucho was expected to execute the barked out orders of La Signorina to work the sequined material right into to the rolls and folds of Flavia’s lush belly and love handles. It was so demanding that Signor Manciate was obliged to offer “hands on” assistance trying to maintain the tight positioning of the fabric on Flavia’s abundant torso while Groucho worked away.

    Finally it was declared finished and all (even Maria) agreed it to be a triumph.

    Signor Manciate was insistent that he drive Flavia out to the Villa Manciate for his wife to admire the new dress, she had been so looking forward to seeing it he said.

    “But I need to buy a pair of shoes to go with the dress first.”

    “My dear we’ll have plenty of time for that tomorrow, the shops will be shut in half an hour.”

    The Villa Manciate seemed eerily quiet when they stepped through the doors into the grand entrance hall.

    Signor Manciate called out “Darling I’m home. Guess who I‘ve brought to see you? I’ll bring her up!”


    “She’ll be in her dressing room,” Signor Manciate announced, starting to bundle poor Flavia up the stairs. He continued pushing up deep into her plush gold sequined posterior from below all the way up around the curving flight until they reached the first floor balcony.

    They burst into the master bedroom and, still panting from all the frottage involved in climbing the stairs, stood poised alongside the Manciate’s marital bed. La Signora’s 1950s scent (ma griffe?) pervaded the whole room.

    Of course! Flavia remembered, today was Thursday. That’s why no one is about. It is the staff’s half day off.

    Over the Signor’s shoulder Flavia caught sight of herself in la Signora’s dressing table mirrors towering over the absurdly portly little figure of ‘uncle’ nuzzling into her gold frock, his erection pushing into her somewhere around mid thigh.

    There was no way she was getting screwed by this little runt; certainly not on his wife’s bed.

    “Uncle,” she whispered, “Do you want to know how you could make this poor little fat girl really really happy?”

    “What….What is it my child?” He could hardly get the words out in his excitement.

    “Only if you promise me uncle…”

    “Of course I’ll promise. You know I’ll promise you anything.”

    “You really will?”

    “I’ve already said I PROMISE !”

    “Well,” she said, “this naughty fat girl is feeling… ooh! sooo hungry. Really hungry Just look at her – see how she’s wasting away!”

    She swung him around until he could see them sideways on in the mirror, he saw himself half hidden, engulfed in the golden rolls of her body.

    “She wants someone to feed her up. Right up! Until she bursts right out of her lovely new dress!”

    She looked down at him like she could swallow him whole.

    “And then do you know what? She’ll let them do whatever they like with her after that!”

    It did the trick.

    With his hand through the slot in her dress groping in-between her thighs he drove erratically along the boulevard around the shore to the Casino then left the guy on the door to deal with the car.

    The casino proved to be the perfect distraction for them both.

    Signor Manciate had never walked taller in his whole life than he did that night as he strutted across the crowded foyer, his arm through Flavia’s, escorting his big blonde angel.

    All eyes were upon them. He recognized fellow commercial acquaintances in suits (it was a very small island) obliged to entertain bored looking foreign businessmen - all were staring, lusting after his date.

    He read their thoughts: “Wow! How on earth did old Manciate manage to pull that?” He knew because he’d spent too many tedious nights surreptitiously eyeing the talent while trying to act corporate himself.

    Still ostentatiously barefoot, the 240 lb blonde tanned Amazon towered over Signor Manciate. Swinging her big hips around extravagantly, she allowed the tiny man to propel her gloriously obese hour-glass body through the foyer and out onto the casino’s dining terrace. In her skin-tight gold sequin dress, every shimmering bulge and pocket of soft tissue flashed dazzling lasers over the faces of the gawping onlookers.

    Over dinner Flavia was good as her word. She swung into overdrive, plowing through the courses. She made great play of getting ‘uncle’ to spoon feed the delightful little extras such as the sorbets between courses into her smiling maw. Dish after dish poured into her, his servings as well as hers (she wolfed down both their risottos as well as both their fish courses – monk fish in garlicky prawn cream sauce). In truth he ate very little, he was lost in adoration of her.

    She insisted on dancing too - in between courses. With puppy dog eyes he watched her in her amazing dress shimmying barefoot over the empty dance floor. A ripple of applause went around each time as she swept back to their table, crushing him against her.

    She ate both their main courses, her pork belly and his sirloin steak, then opted to have a great almond and summer fruit coulis dessert made at the table before being spooned into her; she chased it down with his tiramisu.

    By now there was no denying it, she felt full. Her belly was so engorged, she could see she was spilling out of her dress obscenely. Nevertheless it was holding together; she’d been right to trust dear old Tanti’s judgement.

    Every quivering bulge and pocket of her straining anatomy got showcased to the full as she rolled her bloated bulk unhurriedly from the dining area through to the gaming tables.

    Flavia, though at first guided by ‘uncle’, quickly displayed a shrewd head for playing the tables; ‘uncle’ couldn’t believe his luck. Moreover, because she was such a Big Girl, she could knock back the champagne and still keep sober through the night while she steadily upped her stakes. ‘Uncle’ being small, quickly succumbed; totally palatic, he fell about legless and incoherent.

    She felt like she was in a James Bond movie, Casino Royale or some such, as other punters clustered around to watch the ill matched couple. Flavia called it a day at three in the morning; she’d a stack of chips in front of her and had to be helped to cash them in.

    She had ‘uncle’ sent off home in a taxi with a chunk of her winnings stuffed down his trousers; while she returned to Meena’s place well pleased with how she’d deflected ‘uncles’ crude ruse to shag her.

    Before pulling her dress off she swung her hips around one last time in Meena’s mirror, admiring glimpses of her upper thigh through tanti’s slit up the side and noting how she poured out over the top. Peering over her shoulder she enjoyed the way the back gripped around her increasingly protuberant butt.

    She was a real Big Girl now! She’d come a long way in a few short months from the gawky school girl in plaits.

    Meena, awake by now, watched Flavia declaiming this aloud to her mirror image and chuckled. “Why don’t you come to bed now Big Girl and tell Meena all about it?”

    Once she’d heard the ‘uncle’ story in full, Meena congratulated Flavia. She’d proved far more quick-witted than Meena had been when first seduced by Signor Manciate.
    Instead of getting laid, Flavia reckoned she’d won a few thousand Euros and would fix Meena up with a matching Gold Hologram Sequin unburstable dress.

    Meena pulled the lovely naked blonde Amazon down onto her breast but they quickly fell asleep.

    to be continued
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    Part 9 Risk aversion training 2: Customer Relations

    Some time after Maria had shut up and gone off on Sunday afternoon, Meena ushered Flavia through into the darkened shop space and handed her a piece of paper.

    "What's this?"

    "The code for the alarm, you’re going to open up the shop tomorrow."

    Really?... But what about Maria -"

    She says she has to go to the hospital for a check up.
    I just need you to hold the fort. I’ll do the rest."


    "Most of the stuff has been taken care of. Just watch the cash.

    "But I’ve never learned how to use the cash register, I've been in the back making…well, actually eating - all the time."

    “You're good enough to watch me make the stuff you eat: so you'll be good enough to watch the cash - besides continuing to eat things as usual."

    "C'mon I'll show you. See the items and their prices are right here on the computer: My Chocolate Big Kisses are €4.00 each – so a dozen are priced here," Meena pointed.

    "Four whole Euros for just one of your Big Kisses Meena? That can’t be right!"

    "You know they are BEST QUALITY Kiddo. You wouldn’t be the Big Girl you are today if I hadn’t put my all into them!”

    We have offers once in a while. Anyway the price comes up with the VAT tax and..."


    " I'll show you. Get close. Can you see?"

    "No", Flavia leaned in closer, right up against Meena’s bulk, clad in nothing but a tee-shirt.

    Flavia noticed how she was distracting her big boss big time and that Meena was blushing. "You OK?"

    "Yeah Its just you’re getting so beautifully soft Flavia honey – you’re giving me the hots! Now watch." Meena put in the amount for a Chocolate Big Kiss, added the tax and brought it up. "Ya saw?"

    "Yeah, I saw."

    "Good, any problems?"

    "Well...No. But it's my first time doing it. I don't know if I can."

    ”You can do it!” Meena assured her.

    "Right?" Flavia didn’t sound convinced.

    “So now you need to learn customer relations," Meena declared sternly.


    Meena shook her head: "Ya got anything else to say besides "right”? Like asking brightly “Would you like anything else with that?"

    "Remember this: The customer is always right… DO NOT disagree with the customer.
    So the customer is always right….…except when they’re trying to get something for nothing and they start bargaining. Then they're wrong.”

    “But you’re always bargaining Meena!”

    “Yeah, I know I am. And it’s usually a whole lot of fun.….. but that’s in the advanced course.”

    “So for now No Bargaining. Just remember...”

    “Yeah Yeah Yeah!….THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT." Flavia recited parrot-fashion, rolling her eyes with boredom and irritation.

    "Now, what if a customer asks you out? Supposing a guy or some big lass fancies you and wants you to go on a date say."

    "Is the answer no?"

    "Not bad, but why? You tell them you are working. If they insist, say you'll go out after work as friends. But the point is….."

    "Not to get bad relations with customers?"

    "Good Girl. OK, now let's say a woman wants you to go out to eat?"

    "I’d say yes pl…....”

    "Tell her no."

    "Right. But why? Is it because I have to work?"

    "That's OK for now. But sooner or later, customers will be very pressing in wanting to invite you out, and you will have to decide. Sometimes your emotions will come into it."

    "But didn't you just say..."

    "Look, not all the time, at the end of the day it's your choice. You don't understand the etiquette."

    "Etiquette! Why? I'm very polite. Why do you say that?"

    "For really fat people there are certain do's and don'ts. Just like any other type of people. You think you know all of them? Do you?"

    "Sigh. I guess not."

    "Now, maybe I'm taking this too seriously but I would like you to learn what not to say.”

    “You’ve been hanging around me most of the time. I'm pretty easy going, but some people aren't. I tell you: there’s a whole load of bastards out there who are predators, they’re out to get you. You should know; the other night with your ‘uncle’ ferkin Manciate you had a close enough shave! I just want you to be able to look after yourself and fit in."

    "Fit in?"

    "In case you haven't noticed, in a very short time you've grown to be a very different shape to most people. But that doesn't mean you're a pariah or the odd one out. There are others like you, There are others who will really like you. All I’m saying is you're moving in different circles now."

    "But I’ve got friends, sooner or later I’ll bump into them again. Right?"

    "That’s when it really starts."


    "Look sweetie, what's the first thing your friends will say when they clap eyes on you?"


    "NO! It will be like: Madonna! Flavia! What’s happened to you? You've gotten really huge. This can be depressing. I don't know all your friends, maybe they're different, maybe I'm wrong.”

    "Are you saying my friends won't like me any more?"

    "Well people can be very judgmental. Don't let it worry you."

    “I'll try not to."

    “At any rate, you understand how to treat my other big customers."


    "Good, now you need to get something to eat to keep your strength up."

    It was Sunday night, Flavia had finished her training; tomorrow Flavia would be on the counter.

    There was one last thing Meena needed to warn Flavia about: that Flavia’s size would bring out the Feeder urge in customers. Invariably they would want to buy her food or give her something to try, just to fatten her up even more.

    Flavia seemed not to mind about this and was ready to go. Meena felt re-assured about unveiling her new fat girl.


    "Oh, Meena, pleeease. Just a few more minutes.”

    “Time to get up! You’re a working girl today.”

    Turning the sheet back off Flavia lying flat on her back, Meena gasped in astonishment at the size of the naked Flavia’s belly; it stood high above the rest of the young girl’s fat body.

    “What exactly have you been up to? How do you go about getting a belly like that overnight?”

    “Um….I was worried about getting it right, so I tried to go over everything until I got it right. And….well, Yeah, I suppose I did go on a bit of a binge.

    “A bit of a binge? Ha! Just look at the size of you. Customers will say we’re simply swopping one preggy for an even bigger preggy belly.”

    Meena slipped Flavia’s pants on, then dragged them up around her haunches before hauling her out of bed.

    “Now you get all your finery on while I fix breakfast,” Meena said, targeting an affectionate slap at Flavia’s inviting chubby butt cheek. "So can you still remember what I taught you?"

    "Don't worry, I won't let you down." Flavia cuddled Meena across her back rolls. "It's alright, You're a good teacher, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing."

    "Wow, you're positive - after all last night’s panicky binging."

    "I just don't want to jinx it."

    After about half an hour Flavia emerged; Meena admired an amazing Amazon sashay up, her blonde hair coiled up high over her head, her grey eyes sparkling. After last night’s binge her dress looked tight enough to explode clean off her.

    They ate breakfast in silence, each with their own thoughts.

    Meena thought ‘Flavia is getting to be such a sexy minx. How does she do it?'

    Flavia didn't notice Meena's sigh, she was thinking as she ate. Meena hasn't said anything about last night’s binging. She's being nice about it.

    "Flavia, honey, what's up?"

    "Huh, oh, just thinking."

    Meena looking at the clock, said it was time to ride the lift down.

    They started setting up the shop, making sure the counters were polished and giving everything a crisp clean sheen.

    "Flav, one last thing, sometimes.... Well, we won’t put the chairs and tables out today."

    "Why not?" Flavia looked around. There was plenty of room for chairs.

    "Look, for your first day: I want to make it real easy. There’s a stool here behind the counter, though you'll still have to stand a lot of the time. So I don’t want you having to work the tables as well.…and…Well there’s another thing, I don’t want folk coming in and seizing the chance to feed my favourite fatgirl up till she pops!"

    "You mean they really would try that?" Flavia sounded if she thought that could be rather a perk of the job.

    "Like I said: there’s all sorts out there. And remember what I told you, I'm in the back now; you’re Front of House."

    "Oh yeah right.”

    “So you don't come round the back looking for me.”

    "But why not?"

    "You want this job or not?"


    ”So remember. You're in charge out front.”


    Meena watched Flavia unlock, run the shutters up and set the bell up.

    "OK hon, its all yours."

    "Yes!!" Flavia shouted, jumping for joy, the glass showcases shook like there was an earth tremor.

    "Try not to do that hon, I'll be in the back."


    And so the day started. At a little after eight in the morning it was quiet at first. This was the first time Flavia had really got a chance to be out here. It felt like she was the only thing in the shop window. There was no disputing it: she looked GOOD!

    She looked good enough to eat she decided - and turned to get something to eat out of the fridge right behind her.

    As Flavia was looking around the shop, noting the polished surfaces and enjoying another snack, it happened..... Ting! Her first customer.'

    "Bon Giorno! Welcome. How may I help you?"

    to be continued
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    Part 10 First Day

    There were a good many customers that first day, but three stuck in Flavia's mind.

    The first was Melone with her grossly top heavy hourglass figure. Flavia couldn't help but stare at her breasts. When Melone remarked on this, Flavia apologised and said that she’d just been wondering how Melone had come by such a fantastic figure.

    "Why do you think? Its because I’m one of your best customers - in here first thing every Monday.
    I’m called Melone," she said, thrusting her chest out even further, "so obviously I’ve gotta maintain my figure."

    Melone then scoped Flavia's sequined frontispiece. "Though, I've got nothing on you sweetheart."

    She continued to stare at Flavia’s rack. Flavia automatically crossed her arms, but couldn't cover up much of her heaving bosom. She uncrossed them, smiled at Melone and looked down her cleavage, blushing. She was proud of her beautiful new look.

    "Sorry dear, I was just trying to help," Melone laid a beautifully manicured plump hand on Flavia’s and squeezed.

    "So, what would you like?"

    "I'll take two of Meena’s dark sticky chocolate gateaux: the ones with the bitter lemon filling…”

    “Ooh! I love those too.” Flavia rolled her eyes longingly.

    “Allora! So where have all your chairs and tables gone?”

    “Meena’s put them away. Its my first day; she says its too much for me to do.”

    “Pity. I could have shared one of my gateaux with you, I’d have loved that!
    Anyway I also need a dozen Big Chocolate Kisses and another dozen chocolate butterflies, oh and a box of Signor Manciate’s ricotta brandy chocolate shells”

    "Yes ma'am."

    Melone continued talking as Flavia worked at collecting the items together on the counter, "Look, dear…you've just started, right? Well, it's best to look your customers in the eye, not just ogle their boobs....", Melone hefted her breasts for emphasis, "or any other protuberant body part."

    Flavia reddened: "Sorry."

    "No, it's fine. I'm used to it I’m also very proud of my shape. How's Meena?"

    "You know her?"

    "Yeah sure, is she around?"

    "She's busy right now."

    "What's your name? Let me guess, you must be Flavia?”

    Flavia held out her hand.

    "Melone" they shook hands. "But I already told you my name."

    "Well, a pretty name for a pretty woman ought to be said more than once," Flavia blurted, then her hand went to her mouth and once again she blushed.

    "You're charming. I would like…………"


    "Oh, that's your gateaux.", Flavia made her way to a flap on the wall and got the two gateaux: "Here you go."

    "Mmmm, looks good... Just like you dear. Bye." Before she left, Melone came round and kissed Flavia on the mouth as if she really meant it. "Bye. Meena wasn’t exaggerating about you."

    Flavia wiped her forehead: 'Phew we flirted. I definitely flirted with her... I mean, I used to play about a bit, jokingly every once in a while. I must be more in need of sex than I thought. Melone was lovely'


    Then Flavia ogled a man - a very big man - entering the shop.

    ”Madonna! Flavia! What’s happened to you? You've gotten really huge"

    There it was! Just as Meena said: the first thing a friend would say. Once more Flavia, blushing with pride, looked down her cleavage. Simpering at the BHM, she erotically picked the crumbs from an earlier snack off her breast flesh and ate them.

    "It's me honey! Little old Frans, from the bakery. Don’t you recognise me? I sent those layabouts packing for you."

    Delightedly Flavia checked out Frans in return. He was even more handsome than before. Now his tee-shirt had enlarged to accommodate an impressive deep bay window. Below the hem of his shirt, she noted a soft underbelly peeping out drooping over his jeans waistband.

    “Looks like that gut of yours needs constant attention Frans”

    "Sure does honey. I'll have a dozen of those Nutella chocolate brioche and a few chocolate cupcakes for now, and a box of those chocolate chilli bars to keep me on my toes while I’m working ...."

    Flavia began tapping his request into her terminal.

    They talked, each wanting to get to know the other a little more. Flavia found herself flirting despite herself. She noticed Frans was having trouble with an erection so she tried to diffuse things by whispering it was her job to be friendly with the customers and apologized.

    "Phew, Flavia, you’re so good with customers, you’ve got me completely turned on”.

    When she turned her back on him picking things from the shelves, Frans marveled at Flavia’s behind.
    She’d had an irresistible arse before, but she’d grown a lot more now. A glittering sequin dress emphasized a truly amazing protuberant bubble butt adhering around each soft spherical globe. He loved watching those beautiful buttocks bounce flex and ripple as she worked. His erection ached. He yearned to push into that beautiful deep cleft; to feel her softness against him.

    Flavia swung back around to him - though the liquid breast flesh spilling over her neckline continued on past before bouncing back with a shimmy.

    “Flavia from every angle you are truly astonishing.”

    Glancing down she saw how she was tumbling out of her gold sequin bodice. She grinned. “Yeah I’m a quite a big girl now “ she agreed proudly “over 250 lb and still growing…[pause]….Tell me about your girlfriend; you managed to grow her any?”

    “No, she disapproves of my gut. I tell her it goes with the job; she says it GROWS with the job more like. But you like all the money I make I tell her.” He lifted his Tshirt and added ruefully to Flavia. “They say that in our trade we feed through our pores because of all the lard we use.”

    “Do you think that’s true of chocolate making too?” Flavia asked. Cradling last night’s binge belly for emphasis, she offered it up to Frans for judgment.

    “Wow! I’d decided you must be pregnant.…look….Flavia, how can I say this? I know any number of fellas around who would really love to go out with you.

    "Um," once more the training came into play. "I …….. I have a lot to do here, maybe in a month or two.... Now the order. Right?"

    Frans saw how she had once again flushed a deep puce right down into her delicious cleavage.

    Her voice trembling, Flavia asked if he wanted his brioche fresh. Frans said he was in a rush but he was surprised they could be fresh.

    "Oh yeah, Big Meena does it all fresh if you want."

    "Neat." Frans paid and on the way out seemed about to say something. Just then the next customer entered so Frans left saying "Catch you later."


    The last customer to stick in her mind was a girl, 'Flavia was about to ask: "Are your parents with you?", but thought better of it.

    "Uhm, can I help you?"

    "Yeah", the young girl said. "I'd like... some of those white chocolate balls with dark truffle in. A kilo of the chocolate peanut brittle stuff. And.... a box of those big mushy chocolate kisses. And 200 grammes of chocolate strawberries. And you have that bitter chocolate orange peel?"

    Flavia had to hold her tongue, this girl was ordering a mountain of stuff. Flavia didn't know if they had it all. She began punching it in.

    "OK, peanut brittle, the chocolate kisses, and the strawberries."

    "And some...."

    “..some what?”

    "Profiteroles, are they called?”

    “Yup, how many?."

    "Just a dozen... No two."

    "OK. What kind of fill would you like? Nutella, ricotta, lemon mousse or what?"

    "It doesn't matter! Um… Mixed."


    Flavia inputted it all as best she could. She typed in her questions.

    Meena’s response was. "Yeah hon can do! Some things are on the shelves. Ask her if she wants the profiteroles fresh."

    "You want the profiteroles fresh or off the shelves."

    "I don't care, as long as it's.. Just get it done, alright!"

    Flavia nodded. "Yes ma'am,"

    "You.... You just called me ma'am?"

    The girl rushed over, Flavia was unready for the girl’s embrace.

    "Thank you. Oh thank you." Flavia pulled back, until she realized the girl wanted to wring her hand.

    The girl released her hand and blushed. "Excuse me.", the girl looked up, there were tears in her eyes. "You wouldn't understand what it's like."

    "Here, have a tissue." It was actually a napkin, but the thought was there. The girl wiped her eyes.

    "It's just.... Sniff. I... I just want."

    ”What is it?"

    The girl looked at Flavia. "I.... I so want to be like you."

    This young, thin Barbie doll wanted to be fat just like her! Flavia felt very flattered. No – it made her really excited! How did she know she wanted to be big?

    "I... I've always been small. It's... It's... I just want to get bigger, really fat. Fatter even than you."

    The message ‘Do not disagree with the customers.', flashed through Flavia’s mind from her training. She restrained herself, clenching up her big bum behind the counter. "Uh.... What's your name."

    "I'm Lucilla." she dabbed at her nose and face and smiled

    "I'm Flavia." They hugged one another again, longer this time.

    "So, um Lucilla... I have to ask you?"

    "I'm nineteen."

    "Huh?", Flavia took a good look at the girl, “You older than me?”.

    "OK. I am actually... To be totally honest eighteen ….. I'm eighteen years old and, sniff." She wiped her eyes.

    "Then why did you say-"

    " I've tried it so many times. If I tell someone I'm, sigh, eighteen, they ask me what grade I'm in. Next they say I'm lying."

    Flavia agreed, "I can see that can be tough honey."

    "So please Flavia. How did you get so fat? What's the most fattening food here?" The stuff that really makes you gain quick?"

    Shit! Flavia thought I can’t answer that. She’d clenched up her buttocks again, "I'm sorta new at the counter. uh, perhaps I can tell you the next time you come by."

    "OK I'll be back ... Ya know what, I'll also take a few more things."

    The girl ordered, including two pieces of chocolate gateau. She paid, left the gateau on the counter and started to head out.

    "Hey Lucilla sweetie, you forgot your cake."

    Lucilla smiled, "No, silly. that's for you. Thanks for listening to me Flavia. I think you’re so wonderful! Bye."


    The day wore on, now Flavia's feet were sore. At last a text message appeared on her computer.

    "That's it hon, turn the closed sign round we can shut the shutters.
    Meena came in and locked the door. There was a knock.

    "Hi, are you still open?"

    It was a man’s voice. Meena gave Flavia the keys. "Your call. I'll be in the back."

    Flavia looked at the keys, then the door, thought about her aching feet and unlocked the door.

    "Come on in, but could you make it fast please."

    "The man came in. He reminded Flavia of Signor Manciate, but this was a customer. She went behind the counter and waited.

    "Yes... What can I get you?"

    "Uh... Uhm, what is delicious, but not fattening?"

    "Give me a sec would you?" Flavia typed the question in the computer.

    The answer flashed back. "If the guy is looking for diet food, tell him he's in the wrong place."

    In thinking out her response, Flavia’s hand stroked down from her mouth to her neck; noting in passing a prominent new second chin.
    “Is it for a lady?" She asked.

    "Uh, yeah."

    "Uh, I'd take the Arabian chocolate spice Assortment.”

    "Chocolate... Really? Aren’t all chocolates seriously fattening?" The man hadn't really looked at Flavia till now. He stared at her, disapproval written all over his face. His riveted his eyes on her breasts a long while. He looked up to her face, then her big belly then back to her breasts.

    Flavia got annoyed with this guy's attitude. She sailed out from behind the counter and said.

    "Sir, if you are not satisfied with what you see, there are other places. It is closing time and -"

    "I'll.... OK! I’ll take the assortment." He slammed some Euros on the counter.

    Behind the counter, Flavia scrunched up her arse and closed her eyes.

    Bastard! She thought as he departed. At least old man Manciate appreciates a Big Girl.

    Serena told Meena what had happened.

    "Sounds like an FPH."

    "FPH? What's that?"

    "You really want to know? …sigh…a Fat Person Hater."

    “A Fat Person Hater?"

    "Yeah, there’s lots about... I was going to chew you out, but now I understand. You did good for your first day."


    "Yeah. You actually sold more than you ate!”

    to be continued
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    Part 11 Flavia “accelerates”

    We left Flavia at the end of the last part footsore and exhausted after her first day’s exposure to customers.

    Since then Maria retired to go off to have her baby, leaving Flavia to reign supreme as Front of House manager with a chastened Signor Manciate as her adoring sidekick. Flavia had promised Meena a gold dress to match her own and, after being made a fool of at the Casino, the Signor willingly coughed up for this using the money he’d discovered stuffed down his pants after he’d got home.

    Nowadays the best thing in his sad old life was being allowed to “help” behind the counter on busy days when both “his” big girls were working the shop. The brutal and sustained squashing he received would charge his batteries enough to fuel frottage fantasies through many a long night.

    In the late evening after one such bustling day, Flavia lay huddled up happily into Meena’s enormity. It had been a long comfortable silence; they’d long ago finished laughing about giving the sad old fart his life endangering thrills. Now the only sound was the distant hum of traffic on the boulevards far below wafting in through the open balcony doors.

    Meena broke the stillness. "Hon... I gotta ask you again. How serious are you about... getting really fat?"


    "No I mean really really fat? Fat like me?"

    "Meena you keep on asking me this. How many times do I have to keep on saying it? Yes yes and YES!"

    "Why do I keep asking? Because the next step is a really big one for any girl to take, right? You’re just on the borderline now kiddo."

    "Borderline? But just look at all this lot... . "

    "Lemmee finish... You wouldn't be able to get into most BBW magazines. Though - as I know - there's more than just a few mags that would be interested."

    Flavia blushed, so did Meena though Flavia didn't see it.

    If you want to get really fat…" Meena began.

    "Well let me tell you: there’s plenty come by the shop just hoping for an eyeful of..… ” Flavia interrupted.

    Meena waved aside Flavia's petulance. "You see, I can...." Meena looked down... "Well look…. I know how to make you bigger faster.”


    “Well I can put you on a special regime that involves two things: first more exercise plus the exercise gets boosted with a special diet supplement. I’d love to turn you into a really big girl."

    Flavia squirmed in pleasure, she liked the sound of real Big Girl.

    "You won't have every guy in town trying to...."

    "Knock me off?"

    "That’s right!. Big girls can talk however they want."

    'Big girl', as ever it gave Flavia a pleasant warm feeling.

    Flavia reflected on this for a while before asking, “So does this mean we have to bring a trainer in? I love it being just the two of us here. Won’t a trainer spoil things?”

    Meena swept her protégé up into a big reassuring hug. “Don’t go worrying your pretty little butt about stupid things like that! I can do it all on line. I know all the people; I’ve already got some diet supplement to be going on with and we download the exercise regimes.” Meena hauled herself up off the seating and rolled herself laboriously across to the kitchen. “In fact I’m going to mix up a batch of that stuff right now for you to try. I can promise you one thing: you’ll love it. Try some as a nightcap.

    Flavia drifted languidly across to watch Meena assemble the ingredients. Out of the end kitchen cupboard she pulled a glossy looking red box; it was labeled “Ingrassare” (literally “Fatten up”;). Flavia chuckled at the name and the picture on the box of an elegant well-developed lady in a 1950s rich red coloured evening gown surrounded by handsome young men competing to dance with her.
    Instructed by Meena to open it up Flavia found it tightly packed with sachets each about the size of a small bag of sugar.

    Meena tipped one of these into a litre of her special creamy sweet milk then added flaked chocolate, a jar of runny honey, lard, butter, cream, plus various spices: cinnamon, cardamom saffron before whizzing it all up.

    She poured some of the thick shake into a glass for Flavia, the rest she placed in the fridge.

    Flavia lifted the glass sniffing the gooey contents. "Hey! Smells good." Then she started swigging it greedily down.

    "Hey! Not so fast girl, take it slowly!"

    Flavai nodded guiltily and began sipping instead.

    They returned to the seating area and Flavia, snuggled happily back into Meena’s bulk, continued sipping until she’d emptied the glass.

    "Buuuurp.....Oooph, whatever was in that sachet?"

    "Did it taste alright?"

    "Did it just?", Flavia rubbed her tummy in delight.

    "Then don't worry. Lets call it Meena’s Magimix.”

    "That’s fine, but I'm not sure that I can ever stand up again."

    "C'mon girl.", Meena grabbed her arms gently and pulled, “I think its bedtime for you young lady, come on.”

    "Yup, Buuuurp."


    Twice during the night Flavia awoke with a raging thirst and pangs of hunger. She dragged herself to the fridge and each time quaffed a litre of Meena’s cold milk while at the same time wolfing down all the bits of cold pasta and left-overs she could find.

    Meena laughed as Flavia surveyed the empty shelves ruefully in the morning. “Oh No! Those naughty fairies have been in and stolen everything in the night!” She prodded Flavia at the very apex of her swollen belly “But Meena’s Magimix appetite stimulant looks like it’s been doing a good job on someone round here!”

    “Come on, lets make you a real breakfast. You can enjoy it with another glass of Meena’s Magimix”.

    Flavia was very groggy afterwards, she did not feel a bit like going down to work. She could scarcely drag herself around.

    Meena said “Don’t worry about it, hun. Just stay and relax on the sofa, Francesca comes in at ten, she’ll look after you.”

    Francesca, a girl from the country; always slipped her shoes off and slapped the radio loud on as soon as she arrived. When Radio Pannecotterra suddenly blasted out, poor Flavia awoke with a start. She felt thirsty as well as hungry, just as she had in the night. She drank more of Meena’s milk and ate a whole load of the baked items Francesca always brought along from the fast food kiosks clustered around the bus terminal.

    Almost immediately Francesca reappeared. Since she spoke the local quasi Arabic dialect, she had little or no Italian. She’d brought another glass of Meena’s Magimix heavy supplement and held it out,
    “Meena say for you.”

    Flavia groaned.

    Francesca fished her mobile from her cleavage, speed dialed Meena, then clapped it, still warm, to Flavia’s ear.

    “Yeah! Sorry I forgot to remind you,” Meena boomed out, “you need a glass every three hours to begin with.”

    “But Meena….. I can’t cope with another, not now – I feel like I’ve a bellyful of concrete."

    “Come on hun. Just remember ‘Big Girls talk however they want;…..
    I tell you what - I’ll send something nice up for you. Anything at all; right now what’s your favourite?”

    Flavia felt so sorry for herself that a wave of homesickness swept across her: “I’d really love something from home, something daddy has made… Oh! I remember! There’s a box of his brilliant Apfelstrudel in the shop.”


    Within three or four days all Flavia’s miseries at the beginning had been forgotten as her digestive tracts assimilated Meena’s Magimix shakes. So much so that she was soon demanding more shakes from Meena as well as greedily stepping up her consumption of fattening foods.

    She was now feeding continuously both at work and up in Meena’s flat (where she was a permanent feature now as commuting from the Villa Manciate lost her far too much eating time).

    Her long experience with appetite stimulants in the past put Meena on her guard. She was continually urging her protégé to take it easy. She told Flavia, "Look hon, I said fast, but I don't want you getting too big before your body can adjust."

    So Meena intensified Flavia’s exercising and working out.
    "Ya gotta be able to lift that big, beautiful body of yours," Meena constantly reminded her protégé.

    Remembering her own sexuality blossoming as her figure burst out, Meena was enchanted by the way Flavia was constantly pre-occupied with her burgeoning growth. Though Flavia couldn’t yet appreciate it, Meena was determinedly re-shaping Flavia into a heavenly great pear just like Meena herself.

    Hugging herself Flavia took pleasure in how her arms were feeling softer as they were getting fatter. And the rest of her was growing bigger also. She loved the way her thighs, hips and buttocks were swelling rapidly.

    Stroking Flavia’s soft upper arm approvingly Meena would suggest "OK, hon,.I want to work on your arms and your stomach for a while.

    "I guess so but maybe I’m getting a little too thick in the middle, dont'cha think?"

    Flavia’s belly was indeed blowing out dramatically, as a soft mass of sagging blubber. But, although she sometimes let her hand wander downward when she looked in the mirror, she wasn't totally sure she liked her big belly.

    When Flavia first started gaining weight she’d had a slightly top heavy hourglass figure. Now her great belly made her decidedly apple shaped. Because of the great bulge of her new Michelin man belly Flavia couldn't see her feet.

    “Well, goodbye feet,”.. she said looking down one morning. This delighted Meena (and to a degree Flavia also).

    She examined herself in the mirror: her belly was developing another deep crease. Now it made her belly fold into three large rolls when she sat down, but even more striking: her bottom cheeks were beginning to develop a huge bulge at the top, where they met the love handle rolls at her sides. Delightedly she demonstrated to Meena how she’d a shelf of fat forming just like Meena’s own.

    She ran her hands down her body from her shoulders, over her plump breasts; stopping to stroke her nipples to attention. Then she moved on down and around her growing belly. She reached her hands underneath the droop of her soft underbelly, hefting it up high to test its weight and volume. Then she let go. She watched it drop and bounce three times before wobbling to rest.

    Her wide blubbery thighs squashed together all the way to her knees now with full calves below bulging down to thickened ankles. She turned sideways; nowadays her posture emphasized the enormity of her arse and made her belly look heavier. Peering over her shoulder at the mirror, she saw how her panties were hardly visible buried deep in her soft buttock fat.

    But her breasts, while undeniably big, seemed to Flavia to be lost atop her belly and not growing as fast.

    “Meena darling,” she began, “I just have one teeny weeny gripe."

    "What’s that babes?"

    "I want my boobs to be bigger. Ever since I first saw yours, I’ve always wanted boobs as big as yours."

    to be continued
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    Part 12 Flavia’s big boobs project

    Meena agreed enthusiastically, “I’d love to give you really big boobs. We’ll see what we can do."

    Meena kissed Flavia who hugged her back excitedly, "Great."

    "If I can get hold of some extra special roots and start you on really concentrated chest exercises, they should, well..."

    They should well…what? Flavia demanded.

    Well…” Meena turned a dark beetroot colour in embarrassment, “they should start to do what mine do.”

    “Oh wow! So we could suckle each other? That would make me so happy.” Flavia punted a plump buttock back into Meena’s huge rear end in delight. Gleefully Meena returned Flavia’s affectionate hip bunting with interest.

    But then inevitably, one thing led to another. They sank down amongst the cushions of the seating area and in mounting arousal, continued with probing around one another’s fabulous bodywork. By the early hours of next morning they’d rounded off their evening’s entertainment draped across one another in a sweetly sticky lachrymose stupor.


    A couple of evenings later they were up in the loft apartment after closing time when Meena had to answer a call at the street door of the loft apartment. Flavia, flowing out of her t-shirt and panties, continued on tucking into the usual spread of supper left by Francesca.

    But hearing another woman’s deep voice, Flavia tiptoed across on to have a peep.

    There was another big black lady – only slightly less supersized than Meena - talking animatedly with her while delivering a bulky carrier bag. The woman caught a brief glimpse of Flavia and exclaimed with delight. "Ooh! What a darling!”

    Flavia had sprung sharply back out of view. Feeling compromised she called from behind the door "Meena hunny, I need to ask you something."

    "Sorry love, I'm busy with a caller, I’ll be back in a mo-"

    “Eh! Meena, who are you hiding from me?” The woman asked. “She looks so wonderful! I’d love to meet her!"

    "Abena! No! She’s too young. Too innocent still. You know very well I can’t trust you.”

    "Aw Meena."

    ”I said no!” Flavia retreated pretending she’d not overheard this exchange.

    Meena returned saying "OK hon, spill the beans!"

    Flavia’s cut off jean shorts were laid out on a stool – completely blown apart.

    “Well.... My bum’s got too fat…..” Flavia began to explain. “No what I mean is my shorts have got too small."

    Meena looked long and lovingly at Flavia’s folds of new soft blubber. Flavia’s t-shirt was riding well up, so much so that she could see Flavia’s deep belly button. Flavia too looked down at her own abundance of fat and blushed with pride.

    It was indeed true that Flavia’s bottom end was getting really too big for her to manage. She was still able to pull on shorts and pants relatively easily, though that wasn’t likely to be the case for much longer.

    “Well the good news is”, Meena began, “that lady has just brought me the substance to use for blowing up great big bloated boobs. The bad news is its messy. These are roots which we have to leave to soak for a few days before pounding them up with a pestle and mortar.”

    “That’s awful, why can’t we just get it in a pack like the appetite stimulant?”

    “Because the stuff comes from Africa. It’s always been used traditionally in fattening rooms preparing young brides for their wedding. The potion induces moisture and nutrient retention, ideal for building healthy great milk bags. Remember these are all good and natural, not that plastic jelly stuff they go stitching into bimbo celebs.”

    Meena was as good as her word and Flavia could feel her breasts were now receiving the attention she’d been craving. Meena instructed Francesca to add preparing the roots to her other duties. The soaking and pounding resulted in a deep purply-brown coloured mush which yielded a thick liquor when strained. Each night Flavia had to drink a half litre glassful of the thick medicine.

    The first time it took her several minutes to get down. “Ooh it tastes a bit like liquorice” she remarked while quaffing it, before suddenly exclaiming “Oh my god! I need to sit down."

    "Hold on, I'll get you a chair."

    It took a glassy eyed Flavia five minutes to recover. She sat burping while Meena worked away at massaging her stomach.

    I can remember it gets very addictive Meena warned, “plus it makes you want to drink loads of milk - even though very little gets excreted. That’s how it works”

    Meena produced a small parcel made from a dried banana leaf and unpacked a block of yellow grease. She broke a bit off, and warming it between her thighs softened it up further by rolling it in her hands. It had to be smeared around Flavia’s nipples. She squeaked as Meena dabbed it on. “Gosh it tingles” she said, “ooh now they’re beginning to feel all…! They’re getting so hot they must be glowing!”

    Meena began trying to get Flavia to moderate her eating. For Flavia quickly became addicted to the heady root liquor to the point where she was averaging about two litres a day of what she termed her “boob root”. And of course this in turn was causing her to drink Meena’s milk by the gallon container,

    But the impact of this reckless overindulgence on Flavia’s breasts was extraordinary. Within days Flavia had begun experiencing a pressure that started off as a tingly kind of itching sensation which felt like it might be emanating from her nipples. It wasn’t at all unpleasant, it was like when Meena had first greased her nipples.

    And that was how Flavia liked to respond to this tingling: she would apply more of the banana ointment, lovingly working it in on and around each nipple before sensuously easing it up over her breast flesh. A week later she could see how she was nurturing a fine web of tiny blue veins spreading just below the surface of her mammaries. In a further week she was aware she was swelling - at first she could feel it then she could definitely see it. A fortnight later her bosom was measurably larger, Meena judged her to be 44FF.

    It was almost as if each draught of Meena’s milk Flavia quaffed she could feel percolating down into her increasingly succulent milkbags. Where before the centre of her attention had been on her swelling belly, her beautiful bosom steadily inflating with creamy milk fat was now the focus of her conscious being.

    Every day she could literally FEEL herself getting fatter. At last she was acquiring what she had long been dreaming of: an eye-smackingly enormous jutting bust. It was so big, she’d had to get her work dresses (she had several of the same material by now) altered to accommodate the spectacular cantilever her vast boobs created when properly under-supported.

    As her ballooning mams grew fuller so they felt firmer as well as bulkier; now each stood away proudly in its own right from her torso. Sideways on she loved the way that hanging free they fell as great bulbous bags in rich convex curves that at last overhung and mastered that gross blubbery belly she’d had so many reservations about. In the shower rivulets of soapy water would stream over her breasts to cascade off her nipples well forward of that belly and her feet.

    Scrutinizing herself constantly before the mirror, she observed how her left breast was growing ever so slightly larger than the right. It meant her right nipple had taken to riding a fraction lower over her belly with a (dispirited) downward droop. Taking sides, she began championing the underdog nipple, giving its breast more attention when massaging in the banana grease than its rounder perkier twin.

    The web of blue veins on each mammary were becoming more prominent as they continued to swell. Flavia’s breast expansion passed the point where permanent discomfort was displacing pleasurable awareness. Since Meena reckoned Flavia was now a J cup, it was not surprising she was complaining of backache

    Meena now had to make sure Flavia was strengthening her body to cope with her greatly enlarged upper body constituents. Over the ensuing weeks the inclusion of more chest exercises made Flavia’s weight gain program far more strenuous. Sometimes Flavia could barely walk after the work outs when Meena was making sure to focus on legs as well as posture.

    Six weeks into her bigger boobs bonanza it finally happened. One Monday morning Flavia’s chest was hanging out of her dress over the counter while dealing with the abundant Melone’s requirements. Going through the motions of carefully checking through the chocolate items required, she’d practically embedded her nose in Melone’s cleavage while competitively comparing their melons.

    “Flavia darling! You’re leaking all over my chocolate kisses! Can I give you a spare pair of my pads?”

    Then, while Melone was enjoying inserting her absorbent pads with precision into Flavia’s décolletage, Flavia had to point out that Melone too was beginning to drip.

    “Oops! You’re right, your boobs always get me so excited!” Melone tore open another pair of pads and slipped them down inside her top over her nipples.

    She kissed Flavia longingly as she departed, saying, “Promise me you will go and express those poor things with one of Meena’s breast pumps, they’re obviously causing you so much grief.

    So it was that Flavia too began contributing to the special milk bank maintained by Francesca to supply the secret ingredient for the House of Manciate’s unrivalled chocolate. She was just in the nick of time, for stocks had run dangerously low thanks to Flavia’s recent addictive tendencies.

    to be continued
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    It is so nice to read!!! I look forward for next chapters...

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    Thank you: try this next one for size sir...
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    Part 13 Three hundred up!

    Flavia had more than adequately filled out the role of Front Of House Manager in the shop over the months since Signor Manciate had told her “We just need you to look right, showcasing our little business”.

    Showcasing was what she did best. In filling the shop window so luxuriantly while appearing to eat everything in sight, Flavia had well and truly fattened up. As a crowd puller she’d attracted quite a fan base all willing to play their part.

    Sadly though, Frans had never returned since that first day – Flavia assumed his girlfriend had a radically different agenda for him. On the other hand since day one little Lucilla had stuck around, limpet-like as Flavia’s number one devotee. Whenever she wasn’t at college studying Catering & Beauty (which only required about 6 contact hours a week ) Lucilla would be in the shop, snacking and chatting, and generally doting on her idol. In due course Flavia managed to persuade Meena to give Lucilla a part time Saturday job.

    Thanks to Flavia’s sympathetic support, Lucilla too was filling out, She was tiny, even shorter than Maria, no more than 4’ 6” so after just a couple of months of heavy consumption under Flavia’s tutelage she was already uprating herself from skinny waif to little plumper. Lucilla liked to advertise her puffy soft middle by wearing gappy ‘muffin top’ skinny knits.

    Best of all though she adored watching her mentor Flavia wobbling to and fro in the shop. Early in their relationship Lucilla had asked Flavia how heavy she was and Flavia had replied proudly that, although she was still a 'growing girl', she was probably now over 270lbs.

    All day long Lucilla would ogle Flavia's hugely fat, pear shaped rear end. She loved the way Flavia could set those two glorious jelly globes swinging mightily, causing her gold sequined dress to crease and rustle as it stretched radically first one way then the other across that unimaginably wide backside.

    Eventually Lucilla had plucked up courage to fondle Flavia, something she had been dreaming about for ages. Flavia of course was only too pleased to be waited upon and cosseted. They would 'play' happily, feeding one another other between customers. Lucilla loved nothing more than to lose herself in Flavia's deep soft billows; Flavia imagined herself a hippopotamus having a little bird hopping around attending to tiny itches deep within the folds of her great body.

    Recently Flavia had put on a much heavier looking belly roll sagging deeply downward towards the floor. Her greatly expanded buttocks had caused new fat to bulge on her thighs, creating bulbous bags of blubber to push down and droop over the backs of her knees. The texture was now puffy and dimpled with deep cellulite and solid fat.

    She was now much wider as well. Doorways were getting just too narrow for a healthy fast growing fat girl to squeeze through. This was because her udders (as she preferred to call them these days) were vast, far and away her most striking feature. They rode low and slow before her and even from the back were clearly visible bulging out to each side. Every step Flavia made, her fat would all sway and wobble… twice to the left, and then twice to the right.

    After her morning shower, appraising herself as usual, Flavia decided the time was ripe for a weigh in and measuring session.

    Flavia wanted it then and there but Meena insisted they wait till that night. Even so, when the time came after supper, Meena seemed reluctant.

    "Meena honey. What's wrong?"

    "Nothing, nothing at all.... How about you let me measure you?"

    "Uhm, don't we usually weigh you in first."

    "Yeah, but..." Meena looked down.

    "What? Is something the matter?"

    Eventually Flavia prevailed upon a reluctant Meena to go first



    Meena got on the scale.

    "Four hundred and eighty pounds."

    There was a silence….

    "Meena honey,” Flavia ventured gently, “if you really do want to lose weight: that’s no result. That’s only 10 lbs off in the same amount of time as you lost 70lbs before."


    "But…..Look, if you wanna stop?”

    "No. No way. Definitely I…." Meena rubbed her belly and felt her smaller hips, "… definitely wanna keep going….”, Then she looked long and wistfully at her breasts: “but then again maybe….. well….
    OK! Lets drop it for now, right? Now lets do you!"


    "Hey girl, you're huge, you're a triple J, I think."

    "Triple J? Phwoar!

    "Yeah that's it: Sixty-seven inches!"

    "OK, now waist, seventy-two inches."

    "Seventy-two.... My God, how? That's far too big. I don't want a great fat rolling paunch"

    "C'mon hon, it's fine."

    "NO! I look pregnant. I hadn't checked.... I mean...."

    "Lemmee check your hips... Hips: seventy-eight inches."



    Flavia caressed her hips, "Whoo, they’re big.... I'm.... I'm so... BIG!"

    "Yup, glad you sound happy about it. OK now for the scales – on you get honey.”

    “Three hundred and eight pounds."

    "I’m over 300?." Flavia did a jump.

    "Careful girl, if you continue growing at the rate you are.... you’ll have to start checking floors are strong enough."

    Flavia went quiet.

    "You alright hon?"

    “Shit Meena! Its just hit me. I’m past the point of no return.”

    "Yeah! That’s true hon, the big divide is 300. So welcome to the fat women’s club Flavia babe!”

    " I'm big. I'm big. I'm really big.... ", Flavia cupped and hefted her big breasts up at Meena’s face. Then she ran her hands over her belly and finally explored as much as she could of her hips.

    "I'm big. I'm big. I'm really huge!"

    Covertly Meena the Feeder was jubilant. With 150 lbs of new soft young fat loaded onboard, she had just doubled her protégé’s original weight.

    The door of Flavia’s gilded cage had just swung shut.

    I do so love this, Meena squirmed with delight. Then she thought: but am I doing the right thing? Perhaps I’m taking advantage of her willingness in fattening up Flavia? Hang on….she always said ‘I want to be a Big Girl’.

    Almost exactly nine months after her arrival on the island – and while still only 18 - Flavia had just breezed past 300lbs.!

    Actually Flavia’s nineteenth birthday was less than a month away, so “The House of Manciate” was making ready to celebrate.

    Unsaid, but implicit in the partners’ discussions was recognition that their entrapment of Flavia was complete. Flavia, now utterly committed to fatness, was like putty in their hands, prey to whatever feeding fantasies might be lurking in Big Meena’s mind.

    Consequently when Meena, Signor Manciate and Flavia assembled up in Meena’s loft apartment, “The House of Manciate” was in partying mode.

    The caterers from the Cafe Braunzucker had been in to lay out the corporate party. Tied across the sliding glass doors onto the balcony was a banner proclaiming:
    <<Happy Birthday Golden Girl>>.​

    Standing on the floor and as tall as both Flavia and Meena was a three tier chocolate cake with:

    ‘Happy Birthday’,
    ‘Welcome to 300’
    ‘Our Golden Girl Flavia’​
    inscribed around the tiers.

    Arranged about the cake were three separate tables each containing 100 cup cakes. There was an adjacent sideboard with various savouries and a large bin containing bottles of prosecco on ice parked alongside.

    Tapping his glass pompously, Signor Manciate began proceedings with a formal speech.

    In wishing Flavia Happy Birthday he said that Flavia had more than fulfilled everyone’s hopes for her (a tastefully indirect reference to her weight-gain) and now, at nineteen, exciting new opportunities were about to open up for her in the business….

    Signor Manciate and Meena were officially inviting Flavia to join with them as an equal partner in “The House of Manciate”!

    “Ta Dum!” Meena cried, setting her gold dress bouncing as she attempted a jaunty little drum roll to lighten the formality of the Signor’s deadpan delivery.

    Undaunted, Signor Manciate was fumbling with a remote – he was trying to start (once more he needed rescuing by Meena) a digital message from Flavia’s father and mother on the wide screen TV congratulating Flavia on being made a partner. Flavia gasped at the current size of her parents; since she’d left them they looked like they’d ballooned in their bakery – by comparison she was positively willowy!

    Flavia’s father explained that he was also making her a director of the family Tyrolean Bakeries business so Flavia herself now tied the two businesses together. They were all so proud of her.
    They ended by singing Happy Birthday with Meena and the Signor joining in.

    This (plus all the prosecco she had swigged) made Flavia cry.

    So Meena weighed in once more to keep the ball rolling. Sitting the 300 lb Golden Girl down, Meena turned to deal with the triple-decker cake. She placed the bottom tier of the cake before Flavia, then sat down to address the second tier herself.

    Signor Manciate, already a little tipsy, ran around toasting the two of them, announcing “Let the biggest appetite win.” Cackling with glee he distributed bottles of prosecco and aqua minerale around both his big ladies before turning to deal with the top tier himself.

    Flavia pigged hers down first but as she was the first to point out, she’d had a lot of practice.
    Meena, still finishing hers off, objected how a lot of Flavia’s chocolate and cream cake was not in her at all but plastered over her face and arms and down her cleavage.

    Signor Manciate, now totally away with the fairies, declared he would be only too happy to clear it up for her.

    “Yeah! Why not let your nice old ‘uncle’ lick it all off for you?” Meena snorted.

    While Flavia was laughing at the idea, Meena thrust the pissed old man deep into Flavia’s chocolate laden breasts. He looked to be on the verge of drowning in chocolate and cream cake and breast flesh.

    “And be sure to eat it all up ‘uncle’,” Meena called.

    Flavia pushed the old man back up onto his feet. He looked bewildered.

    “Ooh ‘uncle’ who’s been a naughty boy then?” Meena scolded him and pointed. “Who hasn’t finished their tier of the chocolate cake yet!”

    “He can’t possibly manage all that” gasped Flavia.

    “The old bugger was more than happy to have me force stuff into you. Its time dirty old ‘uncle’ got a taste of his own medicine.” Meena yanked him into his seat and pushed his face into the cake - only a small slice had already been cut from it.

    She bellowed in his ear “You are not going home till you’re done! Do you hear me ‘uncle’?” With this she poured prosecco over his head and listened to him gurgle.

    “Well at least we ought to give him some help,” Flavia ventured anxiously.

    “Whoever said we wouldn’t,” Meena guffawed knowingly, “its what he loves best in the world!”

    “Come on, its time to get started on him.” Meena said, yanking his pants off.

    “Ooh look, he’s wearing a golden poser’s pouch!” Flavia exclaimed.

    “Get’em off!” Meena commanded.

    ‘Uncle’ was stripped down to a cotton vest. Totally out of his brain, he took a swig more prosecco; deftly Meena used the moment to stuff his mouth with a large handful of cake. “Got’im!” she crowed, and went on to stuff more down him.

    This continued on for some forty odd minutes with him lying back, sinking deeper and deeper into the blubbery paradise of Flavia’s breasts and belly rings. Meena managed to ram a good third of the big bottom cake tier into him.

    While massaging the Signor’s rock hard paunch, Flavia thought about her own beginnings. “Reminds me of my first little cannon ball belly,” she said, “and the way you first got me going.”

    Meena grunted. “yeah, it does.” There was a short silence as they worked away, both recalling that day. “ Anyway all this effort makes me hungry. Come on girl, lets start into the 300 cup cakes.”

    They let ‘uncle’ sleep while they ate cup cakes. They were different textures and flavours: some were orange ones and lemon ones – now and again several of the lemon ones tasted really sharp and shocking. There were butterfly ones with the little sponge wings set into a fresh tasting ricotta.

    The girls worked through the different fresh flavours excitedly.

    “Do you sometimes get fed up with just eating nothing else but chocolate chocolate chocolate?” Flavia asked.

    “Look at me honey! I’ve got more than ’ fed up’ with chocolate I’ve been blown up eating chocolate!” Meena bellowed heartily. She slapped what she could of her belly. “If you are serious about being a chocolatiere, it gets like you are not eating anymore - just ingesting chocolate constantly.” Then she added, “Of course you still got to make sure you eat plenty of real food as well!”

    Flavia laughed.

    They got silly with the little cakes, tossing them at one another laughing and giggling or, interspersed with hugs and lingering kisses, they consumed them by transferring them to each other’s mouths.

    “Look how we’ve totally wrecked our gold party dresses,” Flavia said at length.

    “Yeah! Yank mine off for me,” Meena commanded.

    Standing naked they saw there was perhaps more cake on them than on their discarded dresses. “We should shower to get all this gunk off us,” Flavia suggested.

    Of course showering led from one thing to another until Meena ended up suckling ‘her beautiful big girl’ Flavia

    An hour or so later they remembered ‘uncle’ and returned to check him out.

    They had difficulty in peering over their ballooning breasts and bellies down at the sad old roué. Asleep, plastered all over in dark chocolate cake, he nursed a ludicrously spherical balloon belly precariously lodged amongst spidery legs and limbs

    Meena laughed and at the sound his eyes flickered open. Seen from below the two outrageously fat women standing naked over him must have been awe-inspiring. Great gobbets of quivering blubber were flopping down over one another dominated by spectacular jellylike drooping Zeppelins of breast fat terminating in oozing nipples directly above him. A couple of heavy splashes landed on his face, a visible shock ran through his system.

    “The poor sod thinks he’s just woke up in heaven” Meena remarked, “which in a sense he has. For years he’s cried on my shoulder fantasising about growing his wife into a SSBW. Tonight ‘uncle’ has two SSBWs ministering to him.”

    Meena laughed. “Now are you going to take the old fart’s top end or bottom end first?”

    Flavia recoiled visibly so Meena said “OK, I don’t mind sucking yer ‘uncle’ off if you promise to keep the other end stuffed solid with cake.”

    Meena began working on him. “Trouble is the silly old bugger has had so many heart attacks he can’t get a hard on due to all the beta blockers he takes. They act the opposite to Viagra - even so - look how he enjoys being the centre of attention!”

    For the next few hours the semi-comatose old man played piggy-in-the-middle in an orgy of fat cellulite. Tossed between the two mountainously fat friends, most of the time he was no more than some kind of lifeless rag doll or floppy pajama case – with the pajama compartment getting more and more chocolate cake rammed down hard into it.

    Sometimes he was simply squashed up, somewhere in their blubber, forgotten, while they became pre-occupied with one another.

    Eventually the big cake’s last tier got dispatched – mostly into ‘uncle’s’ pajama case. His paunch had blown up like a wrecking ball now, dangerously on the verge of exploding.

    “Just those few cup cakes into him now and we’re through,” Meena declared.

    Sweeping the last remaining ones off the table nearby, Flavia reclined across the seating pushing them into the old man’s mouth until his cheeks were blown out like a chipmunk. His head slipping down in between her breasts, ‘Uncle’ lay inert across Flavia.

    “That’s it! We’re done with him big girl!” Meena whispered. “He’s lying just like a bambino in your arms.”

    Flavia smiled, flopping him across her breast fat until his head rested against her teat. Her aurole was the same size as the old man’s head.

    She felt him latching on to her as she slid off to sleep . . .

    to be continued
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    Here is some more of MAGM's original dialogue:

    14 staying on

    Flavia’s year out from her studies in Pannecotterra was drawing to a close. In one week’s time she was due to enrol in a Bachelor in Economics and Management Sciences course at the University of Bolzano close to home up in Alto Adige, close to the Austrian frontier.

    As ever in Italy, even in far-flung tiny “autonomous” islands like Pannecotterra, there were bureaucratic formalities like the Guardia di Finanza financial certificates (ricevute fiscali) to complete before Flavia could leave to return to her home 1200 miles to the north.

    "We need to get an early start tomorrow," Meena had declared, in order to tackle all those chores.

    The next morning around eight, Meena decided to rouse Flavia. She lifted the bedsheet gently back from the sleeping Flavia to be confronted by the full glory of the enormous naked girl.

    Flavia was sleeping on her side towards Meena with long strands of her thick golden hair coiled over the pillows. Meena enjoyed how all Flavia’s buttery belly fat flowed way out in front of her to overhang the edge of the bed, and reflected that it had been a long time since she herself had been comfortable sleeping on her side in that way.

    Meena indulged herself in contemplation of the sleeping angel. Towering high above the rest of Flavia’s flowing golden corpulence, her huge hip, like a smooth broad mountain top, seemed level with Meena’s own hip as she stood beside the bed.

    Flavia’s flowing upper thigh was drawn slightly up and towards Meena. The soft fat of this leg obliterated her lower leg almost entirely, just a portion of calf and a plump foot could be seen protruding, almost touching the bottom of the bed. She was such a wonderfully long angel!

    But it was the enormity of Flavia’s breasts that preoccupied Meena. She could see they were quivering. As Flavia slept they seemed alive with vitality. Meena realised it was because they were both so heavy with milk that they were competing for airspace: the lower one was refusing to be overlain by the upper. Blue veins stood out in relief; they were demanding to be attended to.

    Meena’s own nipples tightened. She wondered just how much of her own breast milk, sucked out of her own vast body, had contributed to this glorious accumulation of warm fat.
    Without doubt Flavia had been Meena’s greatest ever creation.

    Meena caressed the silky soft enormity of Flavia’s golden flank. "God Flavia you really are stunning....”
    Her murmurs of delight caused Flavia to open her eyes. And seeing Meena hanging over her intimately she smiled.

    Flavia rolled onto her back and stretched “Well.... I couldn't sleep in those clothes, so.... I stripped off," she said

    Flavia heaved herself lazily up into a sitting position and they kissed.

    Meena looked at the discarded clothes, "I can see why! Just give me a minute." Meena went off to search while Flavia began dressing. Nowadays it took Flavia some time to get dressed.

    Meena returned to find Flavia on the bed still struggling with her pants.

    "Honey I brought you this loosened stuff."

    "Oh? I nearly had these pants on."

    "Hon, yer beginning to find out just a few of the problems with being big."

    "Huh, I guess so."

    "Let me help you get those off."

    "I can manage."

    Meena and Flavia struggled and actually managed to peel them off Flavia’s big pear shaped bottom end. It took another five minutes for them to recover from their mutual orgasms.

    Meena handed Flavia the new garments.

    "Here, let me help you on with those."

    Meena had to get real close to Flavia to help her. Both of them giggled like schoolgirls as Meena pulled on Flavia's skirt.

    “That was fun. But.... How.... You don't do it that way, do you Meena?”

    "If you slip your clothes over your head. You can get them on."

    "C'mon Meena, this feels so good. I just need new clothes."

    ”Man... You are really so fat... Just how big will this girl go?” cried Meena and she felt a warm feeling in her crotch: “Aw what the hell?”

    In the living room Meena said. "OK fat girl, don't wander off too far – not that you are so nippy on your feet these days, BIG GIRL," she gave Flavia’s jobbly arse a hearty slap.

    While Meena went off to fetch something, Flavia lumbered over to the kitchen area to pour herself a couple of litre jugs of the weight gain shakes. Meena reappeared carrying some clothes.

    "Are those both my Magimix?" Meena asked with some concern as Flavia finished quaffing one down and started on the second.

    "Naturally. What you got?"

    "OK, you've been getting too big for your clothes, right?"


    "And I'm too small for mine."


    " What say we switch clothes."

    "Wow! That's great!" Flavia cried and threw herself at Meena, crushing her in a warm embrace. Fat on Fat!

    Locked together they collapsed onto the seating area and commenced burrowing into one another in complete ecstasy.

    Flavia eventually surfaced and gasping for breath said, “That’s it Meena! I’ve decided. I’m staying! Staying here with you honey - I need you to help me grow into all your stuff.”

    Meena looked up at Flavia questioningly.

    “I am going to get absolutely and totally MASSIVE !!” Flavia suddenly shouted out at the top of her voice.

    Meena had tears in her eyes now. She’d hardly dared hope Flavia might stay with her here in Pannecotterra.

    Tenderly Meena reached out and drew her golden wonder girl down onto her breast for more much needed sustenance.

    In spite of their intended early start, the chocolate shop opened very late that
    morning – and with Lucilla in charge for a change.

    A difficult telephone call now had to be made to Flavia folks back in the Tyrolean bakery.
    In the event a nervous Flavia had no difficulty in convincing her parents she should stay on in Pannecotterra. Her dad said that because she seemed to be having such a great time down there in the sun, they’d often discussed whether she’d still want to go off to university. But he was at pains to emphasize how they wanted it to be entirely her choice.

    Speaking to her mum, Flavia suggested that they might come down for a visit but mum went a bit quiet. Eventually she mumbled “I don’t think either of us could quite manage it darling, I don’t reckon we could fit through the plane door any more!” She giggled in some embarrassment before handing back to dad.

    Dad just laughed, reminding his daughter that growing a belly was an occupational hazard of a Tyrolean bakery. “It goes with the job” he said.

    Flavia quipped back , “It GROWS with the job more like,” then immediately remembered where she had heard that before.

    Dad proposed a web cam link because they’d also been wondering whether their little daughter might also have gone a bit “native” as he put it working in Pannecotterra.


    "Hold it, take all your clothes off."

    Nowadays Flavia didn’t need to be asked twice to flaunt her new fat.

    ”Your boobs are so beautifully big,” Meena said adoringly as she caressed their contours, “and all that glorious ass.”

    "Yeah, but doesn’t it all need to be a bit bigger honey? What you got there?"

    "A sewing kit."


    "That’s right, sew. You’re gonna sew ….sow! "

    "You calling me a sow?”

    “Yeah! We’re both sows… great big sows right ?” (they fell against one another’s fat in helpless laughter) “What I mean is I’m going to teach you to sew sow. You watch me."


    Meena was also holding clothes. "Try these on." She tossed a long tank top and sweat pants at Flavia.

    "OK.", Flavia tried the stuff on. "It's tight in the hips and chest."

    "Yeah girl, most of your blubber seems to be going on there. Why don't you take out the string?"

    Flavia blushed. She admired her bulk in the mirror “So do you think this suits me?”

    Meena said “Flavia you are a serious turn on these days”. She smoothed her arms around Flavia’s soft hips and down between her thighs. Both women got to breathing very heavily


    After they’d recovered their composure, Flavia sat for an hour watching as Meena played around with her clothes. Sometimes she'd complain as Meena took them apart.

    "Hun I'm really tired.”

    “Right, I'm almost done. Learn anything?"

    "Yeah maybe."

    "So what you want."

    “So what do I want? Just one thing. Sewing makes me so hungry,” Flavia complained in her baby doll pouty voice.

    Meena went to the kitchen and fetched Flavia her supper plus another bedtime shake. After Flavia had finished, she found Meena had gone to bed.

    Flavia went back to the kitchen in search of something else to eat and bustled around conjuring up an enormous pan of creamy pasta carbonara.

    She brought it in, sat on the bed and fed alternate spoonfuls to Meena. Meena lay back in bed and ate and ate.

    “That crazy girl.” Meena mused. “Just when you think you have that big girl sussed, she goes and surprises you yet again.”

    "Whoa hon, you’re stuffing it down me too fast…." But Flavia was deaf to her pleas. ”....aaah!” Meena croaked and shuddered as Flavia finally caressed her to climax then sleep.


    "I’ve been meaning to warn you …" Meena said, “No! No! I’ve started wrong.... How big exactly do you wanna get?"

    "Uh Oh! Here we go again! Blah di blah di blah.... just as big as I can possibly get Silly!"

    "Right. So do you still want to be able to move?"

    "What kind of question is that? Why wouldn't I be able to move?"

    "Well I know.... I know people who,” sniff, Meena put her hand on the top of Flavia's enormous belly, she pulled it back quickly, Meena wiped her eyes, "I know people on this island who can't leave their houses... Who.... Who can't even get out of bed."

    "No way, why wouldn't someone be able to get out of bed?"

    "Because they've grown far too ferking fat Flavia. Because they gained weight too quick.. They just got fatter and fatter. Their bones and muscles couldn't keep up. Now they're.... well they're homebound."

    Flavia was dumbfounded. She was simply too stunned to speak.

    "Now look girl, I ain't trying to scare you, but at the same time. I want you to think about where you're going. I don't want you to end up that way."

    "No way do I want to end up like that.... Sorry, but... I mean.... How in the world.... How does that happen?"

    "There's different ways, psychiatrist's work on this a bit. I can give you some of the lowdown. But it ain't pretty."

    "Go ahead."

    ”OK, usually I am all for ‘Live and let Live’ as the saying goes, but....Some things just don't appeal to me.
    I like the idea of people being free to experience life. To be able to go where they want and do what they want, as long as they don't hurt anyone else.”

    “Its called Freedom....” Flavia suggested.

    “Yeah!” Meensa agreed. “Like wanting to be force fed is OK especially if both Feedee and Feeder have a bond. That’s why we enjoy doing it. So I like choice. But if someone chooses immobility? Is that still being free? if someone chooses immobility? Is it being free? Ending up immobile?”

    “Seems to me there’s no choice left being completely immobile!” Flavia answered.

    “Well hon.... Sometimes some people get depressed, then they eat and eat. They don't think about living life anymore"

    "Are you suggesting this could be me...?"

    "Is that how you feel?"

    "God no. This is my choice."

    "Good, now don't interrupt, please. Let me tell you the whole thing."


    "Not a peep. Not a dickey bird .... Understand? You can ask questions after I'm done.... Its because this is a little hard for me."

    Flavia nodded.

    "OK... Uhm.", Meena rubbed her chin. "As I say, some people gain because they are depressed, friends.... or a boyfriend have left them…. Don't interrupt.
    Now, some gain because they want to. Some are on drugs, and gain automatically.


    There's always one thing in common: they don't exercise. People gain weight without being prepared. The metabolism slows down. As they get bigger they sleep more and eat more without doing any or too little exercise.

    Before they know it, they don't want to get out of bed. Plus they feel embarrassed by their size, then their depression increases. Family and friends make them feel worse, so they eat more. And, …let me finish... Their self esteem goes down. They eat more and feel less like going anywhere. Food becomes their non-judgmental friend. Maybe they lose their job, not always because of weight gain, but because of sadness.

    Always the point is no exercise, or not enough." Meena gestured with her hands and a shrug,
    "OK Now ask away."

    "I... Well, let me get this straight. Some... You all said that so fast. I guess... I get the exercise part. But, well, why... OK why do SOME people let themselves become immobile?"

    "OK, usually they don't, it just happens over time."

    "So, the point is as long as I work out and stay in shape, I should be fine, right?"

    "Yeah, but there's one thing I haven't mentioned."


    "Once people get bigger, they get addicted to it, just for the sake of getting bigger."


    "Its called enormexia”

    to be continued
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    Part 15 into the big time

    In truth, ever since he’d got stuffed up at Flavia’s birthday party, Signor Manciate had grown more and more eccentric (not to say unhinged), his appearance increasingly bizarre. His spherical paunch was grotesque; it kept on growing at the expense of the rest of him. He started to look like one of those dried out plants that have shriveled while putting all their energy into producing a giant gourd. He stumbled around bent forward, his hands cradling the giant gourd lovingly lest it roll out of his grasp, fall to the ground and splosh open.

    He’d given up driving. Most days he’d have his driver drop him off at the shop where he acted like he was permanently pissed. He’d press any lady of size into selecting a courtesy small tray of her favourite chocolates then he’d embarrass the blushing recipient by flamboyantly fawning over her, feeding her all the treats by hand.

    Meena was concerned. The old saddo seemed to be mooching around aimlessly all day hoping for another going-over like the last one. Only (Meena reckoned) he was never entirely sure whether his stuffing had been real or just another of his fantasies of being lost in the folds of “his” wondrous fat girls.

    At the same time, the part time girl Lucilla, having already emerged as a little plumper, continued growing fatter and fatter thanks to the perks of her job in the shop. Almost without trying she was happily morphing into a little bouncy barrel.

    Flavia was behind it. She found it amusing how all Lucilla’s new fat got dumped on her ass, Her measurements grew to an outlandish 36D-40- 61 on her 4’ 6” frame with Flavia forever urging her on. There was of course another reason why Flavia was blowing the tiny girl up, she was keen to deflect dirty old ‘uncle’s’ one track mind onto a different tail.

    And it was working! She overheard Lucilla being complimented by the Signor “My dear! I do love how that soft sexy botty of yours is growing so beautifully fat. You’ve grown it far too big for those little skimpy things…. however can you manage to sit in them eh? Why don’t you let uncle buy you some lovely new dresses?"

    So Lucilla too got kitted out in the trade mark “House of Manciate” Gold Hologram Sequin dresses. Barreling around the shop, she had the knack of always making them seem far too skimpy.

    And this was happening at the same time as Flavia out of necessity was having to get more relaxed about what she wore in the shop. She was outgrowing everything so ridiculously fast. One week belly and backside downstairs might burst out beyond upstairs bust and backrolls, next week upstairs would topple out over downstairs. It was all so unpredictable…and didn’t Flavia love it!

    All Meena’s old leisurewear separates were constantly having to be reworked: mixed and matched and gusseted. Francesca had volunteered for this – plus she took sewing work home for her family. Keeping up with Flavia’s growth became quite a cottage industry in her village!

    Every month or so Meena took herself away for a night or so from “living over the shop”. Flavia had been aware from her earliest days of living with Meena that she’d something going with a guy who was one of those showy barmen who shake up fancy cocktails on cruise ships. Meena had never opened up any further about this or any other aspects of her complicated affairs and ‘backstory’ so Flavia presumed the relationship was fairly dormant these days. Perhaps it was just occasions when the ship was calling into Pannecotterra – it could even be some business arrangement like smuggling.

    Meena went off over one week-end and Flavia seized the opportunity to tempt Lucilla upstairs for a girly sleepover.

    Artfully Flavia flaunted herself by rolling about the apartment naked save for the briefest of panties. She knew exactly how her huge soft breasts, hanging down and jutting well out over her great low slung belly, would beckon and tantalise tiny Lucilla.
    As she expected Lucilla quickly succumbed.

    She fingered Flavia’s giant nipples in wonder, and seeing the milk immediately bubble out she licked her finger delightedly then stooped to suckle on the big firm nipple.
    They retired to the daybed seating where Lucilla clearly intended doing nothing more for the rest of the week-end than continue burrowing into Flavia’s fat, and sucking at her breasts all day and all night.

    At intervals Flavia had to pry Lucilla off and instruct the milk befuddled little puff ball to stumble off to fetch things across to eat and replenish Flavia’s Magimix shakes.
    Lucilla was obliged to woozily apply her basic catering skills in making pasta though (just as Lucilla hoped) Flavia quickly decided she’d much prefer phoning out for pizza deliveries.

    And after she’d realised their potency, Lucilla too began drinking down Flavia’s shakes and burbled on happily to Flavia about her weight gain ambitions.

    “I want to keep almost all my new weight below my waist. Just grow a big gut and a huge, giant, quivering, blubbery arse, plus mammoth thighs and legs to go along with it. Isn’t that exactly what you are always wanting me to do honey?"

    Flavia thought she ought to point out that her “Magimix” shakes were generously laced with a special breast enhancing concoction.

    Lucilla looked bemused. “But I’m far too small to get buried under breasts like yours!” she squealed and hoped that quaffing the breast enhancer just for the weekend wouldn’t distort her plans too much.

    Immediately Meena returned she sussed out how Flavia had been frolicking around the apartment with Lucilla in her absence. But she didn’t seem to mind overmuch, indeed she seemed pleased at Flavia being a bit less overdependent on her.

    And it is probable that Flavia’s dalliance with little fun ball Lucilla led indirectly to Meena - ever the entrepreneur - dreaming up a solution to the problem of batty old ‘uncle’ harassing customers in the shop.

    Lucilla would be the ideal person to recruit as the old man’s carer.

    Meena got workmen in to convert the underused storerooms at the back of the shop into a small day care centre. The dirt and paint and plaster of centuries got stripped off the walls and vaulted ceilings to expose the underlying masonry, the floors were tiled and they put pot plants out the small courtyard that opened off the back alley.

    After a few weeks work it became possible for Signor Manciate to continue being dropped off by his driver every day – only now directly into the little courtyard. And Lucilla was able to continue expanding happily just as she planned while (nominally) acting as roly poly nurse maid.

    Indeed it was her ability to go on expanding happily, bursting her way out of tight little white uniforms at least once a week, that attracted several more of Signor Manciate’s retired old former business acquaintances to come and join with him in the fun. They would while away agreeable days sitting there snoozing and reliving previous exploits (such as “I say Manciate! Tell us again. Who was that plump young filly we saw you with at the Casino that time? She was a real stunner!”;)


    They were weighing and measuring again. Flavia was now used to her new way of dressing except that clothes that were once loose, were now way too small.

    "Ready Meena?"


    "Who goes first?"

    "How about you honey. You’re huge."

    Flavia got on the scale.

    "440 lbs."

    Meena came and held Flavia tight in her arms.

    "What'cha doin' hon?" Flavia tried to shake her loose.

    "Didn't want you jumping up and down, that's all."

    Flavia stood in front of the mirror and admired her 440 lb body. Her hands moved across feeling the softness of her fat. She slid her hands under folds and lifted. She hefted her belly just to feel its astounding weight, watching it jiggle.

    She looked in the mirror, searching for the thin girl she had once been. That Flavia was now long gone. Gone for ever, never to return. She was now lost, buried under pound after pound of warm, soft, wonderful fat built on that thin girl by Feeder Meena. She had been stuffed with food, food and more food. She tried to imagine all she had eaten to get this large. So much food and so much sex had blown her up into the lust ridden glutton she had now become.

    Meena pushed her arm under Flavia’s upper arm and kissed the soft draping fat. "Now its my turn FATTY !."

    Flavia got off the scale and let Meena get on.

    "410 pounds."

    " Wow I thought so ! You really are bigger than me at last!. You’ve gained about.... 120 pounds while I’ve lost all that weight."

    "Yeah you did....."

    "Yeah, but you really have gained some, these last weeks. Hon, I just realized...."

    "I.... I am so proud!”

    ”Good, so am I. You want me to measure you babes?"


    "OK, first your bust size: Madonna! - I don't believe this." Meena sounded overawed, but Flavia couldn't see.

    "What? What is it?!"

    "Ner…Ner...Ninety three inches."

    "No... There is no way I have a ninety three inch bust."

    Flavia was denying it, though Meena held up the tape measure to prove it.

    "O... OK, waist: Ninety one inches."

    "That's better."

    "Hips 117 inches."

    "One... One hundred... And seventeen?"


    "Whoar!....." Meena had a frisson.

    "Your turn now," Flavia exclaimed.

    Meena gave Flavia the tape measure.

    "OK, bust: 70 inches."

    "My boobs are shrinking, maybe too fast."

    Flavia ignored that, "Waist: 77 inches."

    "Now that's good news."

    "Hips: 83 inches."

    "Pretty damn good, still pretty big, but goin' down......

    Hey Flavia, do you want to know your cup size?"

    "I gotta know now."

    Flavia let Meena get behind her with the tape measure.

    "Man, you got big melons."

    Flavia smiled with pleasure; she felt that familiar heat in her thighs, "Thanks."

    "OK. you’re about... Hmmm.", Meena's hands roamed Flavia's melons.

    "Uhhh, ohhh, Flavia had gone all mushy now with pleasurable sensations.

    "Sorry, just doin' my job."

    "Uhhhnnn, whooa. don’t stop lover."

    "Uhm, I'd say about a triple K cup."

    "Triple?... I didn't know they went that big.”

    Meena felt Flavia’s nether regions moving provocatively against her."

    “ Whoa.", she shuddered "I’ii.... I’ll try to double check."

    They stood close, Meena's hands fondled Flavia's love handles under her tits, Flavia’s arse went grinding on rhythmically into Meena until Meena broke out into delighted gasps of passion.

    "Uh.", Flavia was still shaking a little. " Meena darling - it's alright."

    "Uh, yeah right.", Meena realized her hands were tight around what she could reach of Flavia’s huge body. "Uh... Wanna get something to eat?" she asked Flavia.

    ".... Yeah hun, not a bad idea."

    "Like, should we get dressed first?"

    Flavia giggled, "Nah !"


    Once more Flavia was going out on the town.

    Now she was a seriously big dame she enjoyed the prospect of flaunting herself so a long time was spent in front of the mirror admiring her new pear shaped assets from every angle.

    Looking critically at herself, Flavia watched her enormous breasts rise and fall as she breathed, little ripples coursing gently over the smooth surface of her mammaries right down to her sensitive nipples. They sat upon her great globular gut, which along with her thighs now shielded her pussy from view.

    Her thighs were extremely soft and fleshy. She slapped one, and sent waves cascading across the folds and rolls of her lower body right down her great fat legs. Now she turned slowly, to reveal her most beautiful asset.

    Her great fat butt cheeks were smoother and more beautiful then any she knew. Her arse quivered whenever she breathed - even slightly, and every move she made set all her fat and cellulite shaking and jiggling delightfully.

    Eventually she chose loosish cream three quarter length linen pants to flow out and over the top of. Then over about a foot of floppy belly fat roll she managed to coax her big swollen boobs into a light halter top. She looked so luscious she looked edible as she left.

    Meena went weak at the knees with lust at the sight of her beautiful protégé.

    Flavia’s arse was so big and free that it seemed to float, swaying and shimmying with a life of its own as she moved. Flavia looked down to check her cleavage and saw with satisfaction how her boobs were bouncing in a syncopated rhythm in time with her hips. Flavia began exaggerating her walk, sashaying extravagantly in and out of the big girl shops ogled by everyone.

    She wickedly played at getting the assistants excited by putting on a little girl voice and asking them to try measuring her before allowing them to try compressing her into wildly unsuitable items of clothing.

    Having made some astute purchases, she found a taxi to take her home. On a sudden impulse she got the driver to divert to Frans’s pizzeria/bakery shop. Frans wasn’t in evidence as she ordered flamboyantly and long. But instead of turning to attend to the order, the assistant picked up the phone and started a conversation in the local dialect.

    All of a sudden Frans walked in through the door. One sight of Flavia the big pear and Frans was gobsmacked. “God! You are seriously big now Flavia” he mumbled.

    “Look, why don’t you come over to my office across the street and get comfortable,” he managed to stutter out. “You’ve probably guessed: the assistant was knocked out by your order. He’s just warned me. He thought you to be deliberately over-ordering prior to doing a runner!”

    “Doing a runner! Me?” Flavia rubbed her bum provocatively up against Frans as she squashed through the door past him. “You’ve not been exactly dieting yourself “Big Man” she giggled, prodding him. “So why hasn’t that girl friend chucked you yet?”

    Frans shrugged.

    “Well… when she finally decides you’re too fat, come and see me. Now perhaps you can help me get through your menu”.

    Frans explored the contours of her vast arse excitedly and whispered that she was the most perfect creature he had ever laid hands on. Things might have escalated seriously had the food not started arriving.

    Flavia eased herself onto Fran’s lap and languidly allowed herself to be fed. An hour later she had undone her pants and Frans had relieved her of her halter top. The whole astonishing ensemble of big soft boobs and ballooning belly top were being caressed or gently massaged by Frans while Flavia continued serenely stuffing more into herself.

    Finally she lay on her back like a beached whale stretched out over the top of his manager’s desk as they started on the desserts. At closing time at two in the morning he helped her into a taxi, a table cloth around the damage he’d wrought on her torso.
    Because of the girlfriend they agreed to say nothing of this escapade.

    to be continued
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    16 bursting out of all her clothes

    Flavia was still gaining rapidly.

    Meena thought ‘Flavia’s getting so big. She's huge, I've been doing all I can to keep her mobile. Sooner or later that huge girl is going to have to slow down. I don't know how she does it.'
    "Hon... Sometimes I wonder about you. ....."

    "You bugging me again about my weight gain?"

    "I'm not, it's just that..... I don't know, maybe you're right, I’ll try not to worry."

    "Listen Meena, you have me working out so much it's real hard to get my limbs working normally again sometimes."

    "Yeah, well, what about me?” Meena countered. “With you on at me to lose weight, I'm starting to feel like.... I’ve got a hole where my stomach used to be"

    "Are you wishing you’d never started on losing weight?"

    "Hon, I just don’t want to get too stringy... Ya know."

    "Yeah……I liked you when …..well, the first time I saw, you blew me right out the water? Remember the first time I hooked on those tits?"

    "Yeah, well, I gave em to you. My girls look really good on you.” Meena stroked the side of one of Flavia’s breasts as she passed.

    “I'm off to bed now, so don't stay up too late, 'kay?"

    "Yup, have a good sleep."

    It was clear to Flavia that paradoxically, for some weird reason, despite her continued scolding, Meena was feeding her even more food. For 75% of the time she was being stuffed. And Flavia's appetite was just about able to cope. Though Meena was constantly ordering Francesca out to bring back more supplies, Flavia was able to keep pace.

    Flavia stayed up for another two hours. She cooked and she ate and ate, she really stuffed herself.
    But this still wasn't enough for Flavia, so she had three more shakes.
    God! Her belly was now really enormous. She tried rubbing her belly as best she could, or at least the top of it.

    "Aw, that hit the spot!"

    Flavia fell into bed and in falling asleep her hands wandered, or tried to. But there was much more of her than there used to be; she was too fat to masturbate. She had to be content with just kneading her huge breasts. She had dreams she wouldn't remember too much about in the morning, but while she slept she enjoyed the waves of pleasure flowing over her.

    The next night it was the same.

    As Meena went to bed, Flavia went to the fridge and got out three shakes and sat down to drink them.

    Clothes were getting more of a problem for Flavia. everything was really tight across the hips. Flavia knew she would have to do something, yet didn't want Meena sounding off again about gaining too fast.

    Perhaps she might try fixing them herself, but these days her arms were really getting too fat and unwieldy to tackle any of the things she once could manage.
    Better let Francesca do it.


    "Meena..”, Flavia called in her pouty little girl voice “my dress just ripped!"

    "Oh, not again. Can’t you manage to just get through the day."

    "No Meena you come and look! My great fat backside is hanging out."

    "So it is hun. Wow! Is it big!"

    Meena went upstairs, came back down and threw something at Flavia, she caught it. It felt soft.

    "What this?", she unfolded it. It was an enormous pair of panties.

    "Same color as your dress, no one will notice.

    Meena helped Flavia off with her dress and pulled on the panties. “God you are really massive Flavia.”
    “I know and don’t we both love it honey!” Flavia did an exaggerated belly dance swivelling her pear shaped bottom end around up against Meena. They explored Flavia’s bounty for a bit then Flavia went back to the shop.

    "Ooh, that girl” Meena muttered watching the mammoth arse-end fighting its way off around the corner.

    Meena had Francesca rebuild the dress again with a stretch waist line.
    As for Flavia’s t-shirts, Francesca converted them all into tank tops, saying she would soon have to make them into tube tops.

    Flavia's big belly was pushing the tank tops up, and her boobs were thrusting hard up against the material. The sight of it had Meena turned on permanently too.

    Flavia was anxious that customers might be put off. Meena chuckled, saying the sort of customers that came to them couldn’t get enough of it, so Flavia put it out of her mind.

    Nowadays Flavia always worked with some kind of treat in her hand, so not surprisingly at work her, by now, notoriously extravagant pear shape was in a state of constant amplification from customers forever calling in to buy for her. Meena too kept an endless flow of samples coming out from the back for her to taste.

    Eating constantly, Flavia’s dress was tight again by Friday but after what Meena had said about the customers it no longer worried her.

    She was welcoming new customers: Brendan and Emily, a pair of supersized American tourists off a cruise ship.
    Emily complimented Flavia gushingly, saying she was such a big beautiful turn on. Then Emily started into her lifestory: she’d first turned to food for comfort when she’d been lonely after a long time boyfriend had chucked her. Nowadays she confessed, she was only happy when she was gaining.

    Brendan said he was stick thin when he’d first met Emily. He had only started to gain weight once they started living together. As Emily’s fedee, he’d become completely hooked.
    Flavia just let them talk. She had fun noting how they completed their sentences for each other.

    Because Flavia could scarcely get a word in edgewise, she had been hard at it eating and drinking shakes. She was now on her fourth. In trying to listen to the couple Flavia had been unaware of how her clothes had been tightening. Her belly in particular was swelling.

    Flavia was on her fifth shake when " SPLUTT!!!" She felt her belly suddenly release, blowing out free.
    But her skirt fell to the ground.

    Everything went quiet. She saw Brendan and Emily ogle, then break into peals of laughter.

    "Wasn't expecting that. Huh! Must have shrunk in the wash." Flavia shrugged and stepped free of the ruptured garment.

    Brendan chortled "Shrunk in the wash eh?... That's a…..":
    "… good one." Emily finished off for him.

    There was another moment of silence, then: "So, how long have you two been together?"
    Flavia had saved the situation. Totally ignoring the billowing cascades of pebbled cellulite on her exposed bottom half, they were off again.

    She got through the rest of the day just in panties and tank top. She was covered by the counter, although Flavia knew Brendan and Emily and maybe a few more customers had thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle.

    For Flavia had become blasé about flaunting her corpulence.

    When Meena heard, she said the word would go round and they could get in trouble with the municipal police.

    Flavia replied that she’d only just become accustomed to her clothes bursting off her “…LIKE SHE WAS TOLD TO !” She shouted, violently blowing out a tsunami of fat for dramatic effect. She’d hoped to split her top off but it merely ripped the side seams.

    They glared at one another for a while, but over an enormous baked pasta dinner Francesca had left for Flavia, Meena couldn't resist a rare chance to be persuaded to abandon her diet.

    Flavia's appetite had increased so much that she was a bottomless pit now though Meena still tried hard not to let Flavia’s weight gain get ahead of her muscle training.
    In the chocolate shop, it seemed, the fatter Flavia got, the more she bulged out of uniform after uniform, business got better and better.

    Meena had put up signs by the chairs and tables saying no one should stay over an hour. She said she’d put them up for Flavia's sake, to shield her from Meena’s Feeder customers. For Flavia had proved to be a good people person. As customers got to know Flavia better, they behaved like flies round shit, they couldn’t stay away.

    Overcome with curiosity, people were travelling from all over the island to buy their chocolate from a young sales assistant who was getting so fat her uniforms barely contained her massive bulging body. At times Flavia had to apologise and ask people to come back later. Flavia would tell her customers this was a temporary situation until she had found herself something more suitable to wear, and would they please understand

    Those customers who knew of Big Meena’s role in fattening her young assistant loved to drop in to play Flavia’s Feeder. Seams would burst open and buttons fly off. She had yet another incident a few days later. At first the day went well, but by mid afternoon Flavia's already tight clothes started to get alarmingly tighter.

    'Am I really gaining this fast.', she thought.

    Flavia had had to undo the front fly and button on her shorts, it still just about stayed on. She couldn't work like that. At last she had an empty shop and put up the: "Back in ten minutes” sign at the door and went off to show Meena.

    "Not again! Really? Your clothes too tight again?!"

    "I... Look I can't help it."

    Meena was totally turned on by the sight of Flavia's huge belly pushed out through her shorts. She could also see where the rest of Flavia’s blubber was straining hard up against the material.

    "Please help me" Flavia said, as she struggled with her uselessly fat arms to get her sausage fingers under her belly towards her shorts. They had become SO tight on her.

    Meena could actually see the white thread showing…… the seam was losing its battle with her buttery belly. Meena tried to help, she couldn't wedge her fingers in either.

    OK hon, I'll be back in a minute."

    Meena went upstairs and left Flavia there. Flavia fancied another shake, but thought better of it.

    Meena came back downstairs holding clothes over one arm and scissors in her other hand.

    "Flavia, get undressed."

    Flavia had already taken off her top to discover her two lovely big full breasts for once subjugated by a dangerously distended gut. Normally pendulous, hanging down near her belly button, they lolled around now on the top of a massively overblown heap of belly rolls. Everything about her was ohhh… so puffed up! She felt like a Mr Whippy about to tumble off its cone.

    "What are you doing? Scissors, why do you need……..?
    Ooooooooh Meena!" Flavia had figured it out.

    Flavia simpered artfully. Nowadays she really cherished her belly, adored the way it had come to utterly dominate her life with Meena. Meena was right all along in insisting that a great belly had to be the foundation of a really Big Girl.

    “Suck in as much as you can hun.”
    Meena, down on the floor about to tackle the job, went: “ is that all you can manage? It’s made no difference.”

    Meena took a deep breath and tugged firmly on the shorts. They’d stuck solid – like they were super glued on.

    "OK hon, stay absolutely still."

    She pulled again. This time she was quick enough to nip the tip of her scissors underneath the sagging bulge of Flavia’s gut and in behind the garment’s seam; Flavia squealed at the cold of the blade on her skin. Stealthily Meena worked the scissors further into position then very carefully began snipping down the side of Flavia’s belly.
    She’d only just got past halfway when the pressure of Flavia’s gigantic gut completed the job. The seam blew apart with an enormous mass of belly rolls blasting out to freedom. Meena took the full force of blubber in the face and was bowled over backwards.

    Helplessly endeavouring to yank her belly rolls up out of the way to look down at Meena, Flavia could only giggle then trill in her baby doll voice "Mi! That's some tummy you’ve rescued."

    "It sure is baby. " said Meena stroking Flavia’s deep underbelly apron that was still settling, quivering in relief, down near where her knees should be. Proudly she kissed the great soft hanging belly apron she’d hung under her big protégé.

    "Oooh thanks Meena. Ooooh I so enjoyed that. A real turn on!"

    "We both got turned on Flav", said Meena "Try these on."

    It was a t-shirt and a jean dress. Flavia put the dress over her head and got it on. She put the shirt on.

    Flavia pulled at her dress, it was so tight.
    "Its a bit tight."

    "Sigh, I was afraid of that. Those were the clothes I bought when I weighed 520."

    "You mean I.... I"

    "I mean you must weigh more than 520 pounds now."

    "Woo hoo.", Flavia jumped up and down; the ground shook.

    "Look hon, you can't do that anymore."


    "Here the floor's reinforced. Somewhere else. Well,... Hhh.

    Well hon, you gonna stop?"

    "Not yet. I'm not ready to stop yet, what's the deal?"

    "I'm worried about you."

    "Look HON! I like you, I like you a lot, but. Hell, I'm not ready to...", Flavia shut her eyes and approached Meena.
    Flavia looked into Meena’s eyes, and kissed her.

    Meena's hands went down and fondled Flavia’s gigantic arse

    "Let's take things slow, I love you Flavia.. A lot. And there’s an awful lot of you to get used to these days."

    "Honey, this is my choice and my body. This is what I want."

    "Maybe, but maybe you're trying to block out the world BY MAKING YOURSELF TOO BIG FOR IT.", Meena had blurted this out before Flavia could interrupt.

    "Hmm.", Flavia felt her chins, as usual there were a lot more chins: "Maybe, but it's still my choice."

    "You sure?"


    "Then I'll try to support you 100%. I may support you too much."

    "How could you support me too much?"

    "OK, Meena, we’d better open up again!"

    "You're right. OK, try to make it through the rest of the day with what you're wearing, I'll make a few calls tonight and see what I can do."


    One afternoon a gargantuan woman walked in.

    "Ca va! Ou est Meena?", The woman was carrying two big cheap expanding suitcases. Her French had an African accent. She switched to an excruciating form of Italian: "These for Meena!

    "Hi, I'm Flavia.", Flavia held out her hand.

    "Je m’appele Dominique.", the woman put the bags down and stretched out her hand. As best they could they tried to shake hands.

    "Meena’s in the back. Sorry, she’s tied up."

    "Listen girly, these for Meena. I give her direct or they go back."

    "Look... Miss, Meena insisted she should not be disturbed I’ll get into trouble."

    They stared each other down. At first neither budged. But then a bead of sweat went down Dominique's face.

    'This girl's tough,' she thought.

    "OK miss, you win.", Deborah put the bags on the counter.

    "Um, do you want to buy anything?"

    "Moi? I watch ma figure." the woman guffawed – she had at least a hundred pounds on Flavia.

    Flavia stared at her “I'm trying to watch my gain too."


    The woman turned, as she left: "You tres gros, t’appele Flavia?” Then she switched into much better Italian “Meena was right, you'll do fine, all my friends are dying to check you out. Its time to send them along.
    Bye sweetie. Don’t forget now! I’m going to call Meena to see that she got that. No peeking: Big girls honor?"

    "Uh, sure."

    "See you around. And all my friends will."



    Flavia went to the door and locked it. She put up the sign, then went into the back. Meena was busy stirring chilli into a great pan of molten dark chocolate, making up a new batch of their supposedly aphrodisiac drinking chocolate.

    "Hon! What are you doing here? You should be in the shop."

    "A woman named Dominique left this for you." Flavia hefted the bags.

    Meena quickly snatched them away. When Flavia asked what was in the bags. Meena looked evasive and mumbled vaguely about ingredients. Flavia pressed her some more, but in the end let it go. She decided it was definitely smuggled exotica.

    Flavia stopped at the back and snacked. She was snacking more than a lot these days.

    "I hope...", 'Damn, I hope.', she thought about how big that woman had been with her beanbag breasts and was jealous.

    “Will I get that big?” Flavia said out aloud, she felt wetness below and thought: 'Get a hold girl. You already got a big enough problem.'

    She didn't notice Meena's sigh, Flavia was thinking as she ate:
    But I barely go out these days.
    I mean, every once in a while, when I wake up in the night, I sometimes jog around the block - in the early hours.
    But, somehow I.... I just don't feel.... big enough anymore. I want to be the biggest and strongest I can be.... 'Damn it!

    Could I.... Could I possibly have enormexia?

    Nah ‘course not! Soon I'll be ready to face the outside world.'

    to be continued
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    17 a hill of fat

    They’d decided it was weigh in time again.

    "Who goes first?"

    "What about you Double L?" Meena groped playfully at Flavia’s gigantic bust, her hands plunging deep into wondrously pneumatic breast flesh .

    "Ouch!” Flavia squeaked, trying to clutch at the sides of her bosom “I... I gotta try to get myself ready."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Try to make sure I don't jump up and down."

    "OK, I’ll go first then.", Meena got on the scale.

    "348 pounds."

    "Holy crap, in two months I’ve lost 62 pounds, that's impossible!!!"

    "No hon, We’re getting good at it. You’ve always known how to make folks fat, now we're learning how to slim you down"

    "But Flavia.", Meena ran to her and kissed her on both cheeks: " I'm... I'm almost thin... I'M GETTING THIN... I can really bend down again …Thank you, thank you......", Meena shook her head: "OK, your turn."

    "First I want to measure you."

    "I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

    " Aw pleeease." Flavia said in her little girl voice, which didn't work too well coming out of such a hill of fat, but Meena gave in.


    "Bust: 77 inches."

    "Phew, I'm really losing it all, it upsets me a bit - especially when your great Zeppelins beckon in the background"

    "Waist: 59 inches."

    "Woo hoo, I'm getting a good figure."

    "It's the work outs."

    "Hips: 79.... Inches."

    "'Bout time',

    OK now you."

    "I'm... I'm a little scared….."

    "Go on, ya big baby.", Meena bunted into Flavia’s great bulk uselessly.


    "C’mon babes."

    "Right." Flavia got on.

    "622 lbs”

    Flavia clenched her fists and got off the scale.

    "What's wrong hon?"

    "Trying, trying not to jump up and down."

    Meena went over and kissed Flavia’s fat face and caressed her giant boobs.

    "Calm down hon, calm down."

    They couldn'’t help it, their faces got closer and their lips mashed together. Flavia felt Meena's tongue explore hers. Huffing and puffing they were obliged to go the whole way to finish things off.

    "Phew! Now let's get this done with."


    "Are... Are you sure you want me to..."

    "Go on, let's... Do it."

    "Right.", Meena got behind Flavia, Flavia helped her hold up the tape measure.

    "OK, bust.....O mi lord...167 inches."

    "I.... I don't... Whoa... How big... I mean, what's my cup size?"

    "Uh.", Meena tried, but they were too big.

    "I'm not sure, I'd say maybe... Could be bigger, an....", Meena felt around some more.

    "C'mon, c'mon."

    "Uh, maybe... A triple, whoa M."

    "Phwoar... Flavia froze... Phwoar is right."

    "OK... Hips.. I mean waist." Meena moved the tape. "OK: 172 inches."


    "Hips: 197 inches."


    Meena produced a calculator "OK, you have about a thirteen foot bust."

    "Thirteen. Thirteen?"

    "Do not jump up and down."

    "Almost fourteen."


    "Deep breaths.", Meena.

    "Right: Deep breaths."

    "Gonna get this done with... Don't freak out."


    "Fourteen foot waist."

    "Well, cool, and……."

    " sixteen foot hips."


    "Remember, that's for real... 36 divide by 12. I'm calculating it...
    So a skinny 36 inch girl would have a three foot bust:

    So you are much, much bigger."

    "Wooh hoo!"

    " Flavia I want you to take a long good look at yourself." Meena wheeled the full length mirror around.

    Flavia looked in the mirror. Staring back at her was an gargantuan woman, huge proportions, a triple chin, giant bean bag breasts, an even bigger stomach, and huge hips."

    "God Meena!... I'm really enormous!" A tear went down her face.

    "Flav darling? Are you OK?."

    "Yes! Its just that I'm.. I'm so happy."

    Flavia continued to scrutinise herself carefully in the mirror. “I reckon I’m the equal of that Dominique! What do you think?”

    Over the next week she kept returning to examine herself from every angle.


    Lucilla came to congratulate Flavia on her 600, but it became clear it was mainly to proudly exhibit that she was now up to over 280 lbs herself - she would soon top 300 she announced, just half the size of her idol Flavia!
    Flavia and Lucilla did look bizarre together.
    Lucilla was so short that with all her fat she looked like a human bowling ball. However when standing by the nearly six foot spherical Flavia she was reduced to the size of a golf ball – especially wearing her habitually over-tight white nurse’s uniform.

    She had her friend Agnella from the college course with her, a pale black clad goth who said nothing the entire time. Evidently she was rather better at practical tasks like cooking for the old men than Lucilla, who’d always regarded her primary role as delivering a saucy cabaret act. Lucilla told Flavia in a stage whisper that she had big plans for her friend and wished to find where to get hold of that special boob root.


    The Hair Cut

    Late one afternoon Flavia blurted "Meena... I.... I.... I think I want to get my hair cut.".

    "You WHAT? Oh, Honey you have beautiful hair. Like a princess. It’s one of the first things that struck me about you."

    "Please don't say that. I just feel like.... I feel like I won't be comfortable with the person I want to be until... Until I can literally cut off this part of my past. Ya know, just to... I don't know."

    "If you feel that way, I can cut your hair."

    "You.... You cut my hair?!"

    "Look hon, you don’t know the half of it. I went through so many jobs before I came here.....", I'll go out and buy the stuff you get ready. When I’m back, we cut your hair.

    "I...I want to be a redhead."

    ”Right - see you in an hour."

    Flavia cleaned up, decided that she should exercise and worked on her legs. She did upper body exercises too. Then she ate.

    She realized Meena had been a bit over an hour when the street door buzzer sounded. Meena arrived and stuffed a mountain of supplies into the fridge, then.

    Flavia went to the fridge, collected three shakes and sat down to drink them.

    "Alright, stay right there, I got the stuff.":


    "OK, what kind of haircut do you want?"

    "Uh, I want it short. I want it red, but not so short so I look like I'm in the army."

    "I'll try. Let me take your top off, it'll get hair all over it."

    Meena uncovered Flavia’s full soft breasts tumbling over her belly rings. She thought Flavia looked vulnerable. She put her arms around her fat shoulders and hugged her saying softly: "Ready?"

    "Yes, for crying out loud!"

    Meena undid Flavia's locks and let her hair fall loose.

    "Seems a shame."

    "Meena: NO!"

    "OK.", she took the fallen hair in a handful and started to cut. Flavia shut her eyes. Flavia couldn't help herself, a tear fell out of one eye. She wiped it away.

    "Just do it!"


    Meena wet Flavia's hair and put it up into spikes. She started to cut. In less than fifteen minutes she was done.

    "OK Flav, you want it dyed?"

    "Yup, like I said, red."

    "Let's go to the bathroom."

    Meena filled the bowl.

    "Uh oh, Meena, I"M GOING TO have a little problem... Bending over. I’m too fat now – just like you were originally. Remember?"

    Meena hugged Flavia once more, kissing her on her hugely low slung belly.

    "Okaaay. Close your eyes real tight. Meena did all the steps necessary with the dye. Then, there was the waiting., at Flavia's request, Meena fetched her a fourth shake.

    "OK, were’re going to have to shower this out."

    Flavia got into the shower.

    Meena turned it on. “Close your eyes damn it."

    As Meena watched the rivulets trickle down Flavia's enormous body, she felt a stirring down below.

    "Is it out?"

    "Uh, a few more washes."


    Meena put more shampoo into Flavia's hair worked it in and rinsed it repeatedly through. It took a while, with Meena getting more and more turned on. Meena washed Flavia hair one more time and was done.

    "OK babes, clean yourself up. You should be fine."

    " Meena", Flavia called from inside the shower. Flavia was trying as best she could. But, despite the removable shower head, she was having trouble rinsing her whole body.
    "Meena I’m too big, could you please help me?"

    "Sure honey!"

    Meena squashed against the vast Flavia in the shower. Flavia asked her to do the hard to reach places.

    "Meena said “Oh God! Flavia you are absolutely marvellous”.

    Flavia simpered, giving Meena big eyes.

    "Meena began sensuously washing her fabulously fat lover. Between Flavia's enormous pendulous breasts, around and between the blubbery cheeks of her vastly fat ass, over her hips down to her super pudgy swollen feet..

    Flavia’s gelatinous belly was so erotic, the fat glistened under the soft lighting. Meena jiggled it, up and down, lifting it, letting it fall lifting it again and once more, letting it fall. The slapping flab was music to their ears. Flavia held Meena's face in her hands and planted a deep juicy kiss on her lips…

    "Oh, that feels good. Meena slowly rinsed off the rest of her body, Flavia was getting more and more turned on. Especially when Meena got to the soft thigh fat between her legs.

    "A... Uh... A little more up."

    Meena did so.

    "and up some more."

    "Oh, I uh, hhh, hh, hhh.", Flavia clenched her hands and climaxed.

    "Oh Wow!." Meena screeched in unison.

    When they’d done, Meena washed the rest of Flavia off and rinsed her with the shower head.

    "OK, done."

    "No, please go on."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Just. Just never stop doing that."

    Meena wrapped Flavia in a big towel and left her to dry the rest of herself off. Flavia went and sat on her bed, she let her mind blank a bit. But she kept returning to:

    'I wanted her to... I never wanted her to stop. Sigh, what's wrong with me. '

    "Flavia C'mon." Meena called "Please hon."

    "Flavia made her way to the kitchen. She smelled something good.

    "Whatcha' makin'?"

    "I decided to bake some pasta. Sit down."

    Flavia pulled out a chair and sat. Meena looked into her eyes and then sat on Flavia’s abundant lap. She faced her.


    Meena eased round against Flavia’s fat bulk and kissed her on the mouth, she put her arms around Flavia.

    "Mmmpph... MMM.", Flavia responded

    "What are? OH!"

    Meena started caressing Flavia's breast through her thin robe. Flavia let it all hang out.

    "Just checkin', that a minute ago you weren’t upset that I wasn't...."

    "Weren't what?!"

    "In the shower, remember."

    Flavia let go of Meena's upper arms. Meena looked point blank into Flavia’s face.

    "You were upset at me first for not going.... all the way. I wanted you to decide what you wanted."

    Meena got a second baked pasta out of the oven.


    Meena fetched a small hand mirror. It's about time you looked at your new haircut."

    "Oh... I’d forgotten."

    Meena slowly showed Flavia her new haircut.

    "It.... It's so short and so red."

    Her hair was short in the back and spiky on top.

    "My... My hair.", Flavia wiped a tear from her eye. Meena served her another great slice of pasta and fetched beers from the box.

    "I... I don't drink, I always get sick from drinking."

    "You won't anymore, trust me..... You're so fat now nothing will make you sick, just eat while drinking."


    "You need it, trust me. So do I ."

    So, they ate and they got drunk.

    They talked and Flavia didn't get sick, although Meena had to slow down on her drinking every once in a while.

    Meena told Flavia that the cocktail barman had been getting mean with her. No, he wasn't being violent. He just had yelled at her a lot more and mocked her, which he had never really done before. Meena thought it was because she was losing weight and he didn't like it.

    Flavia asked her if she wanted to stop. Meena said no.

    Flavia said so fock him just have me instead. Meena whispered that she’d already got rid of the jerk and buried her head in Flavia’s cleavage. They made out on the floor and passed out.

    They eventually ended up in the same bed, naked, holding each other close.

    to be concluded

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    this is a great story. Looking forward to when she gets even bigger.
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    Thank you - but I can't claim all the credit. I've just done a bit of repackaging of MAGM's original, cutting and pasting.

    It is already billed as ~XWG~ above the note preceding Part 1. So what exactly do you have in mind?
    How big do you wish the poor innocent young girl to be blown up to?
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    you don't want to know how big.
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    Ah, but I do!
    My gran used to play a guessing game with us kids in which one stock question was "bigger or smaller than a grand piano?"
    So how many grand pianos do you have in mind?
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    Part 18 XWG or "Bigger or smaller than a Grand Piano?"

    Meena was overjoyed. Her folks were visiting the island. Flavia’s dad had cracked the problem of her mum growing too big to fly by booking a cruise ship sailing down the Adriatic from Venice. They were arriving on “La Vita Ronde“ (“Life in the Round”) the world’s most luxurious ship specializing exclusively for the leisure needs of fat people. It marketed its lavish catering and on board facilities under the slogan “a floating paradise for persons of size”. They were to stay with Signora Carmella at the Villa Manciate for the latter half of October (these days the increasingly gaga Signor required 24/7 care and Agnella, the ever more bulbous goth, was now his live-in nurse at the villa besides escorting him into town several days a week).

    It had been more than two years since Flavia had last seen her parents and the ship was due in the harbour mid morning. Flavia had not ventured out of the Chocolaterie for months, but so she could be at the quayside to greet them Meena hired Groucho the driver skilled in transporting Signorina Tanti-Zachary the XWG dress maker about. He proved to be most discreet in handling Flavia and her excess protuberances, stowing everything into an electric wheelchair and up into his van.

    The family reunion was a profound shock. Flavia’s parents were gobsmacked by the change in their “little” daughter and it wasn’t merely her aggressive (you gotta problem?) spiky red hair do. Equally Flavia barely recognised her folks. Flavia’s cousin Erika had been invited along to assist her aunt; who just like Flavia now had to depend upon a wheelchair. Flavia’s mum’s head had virtually disappeared in billows of neck and shoulder fat, though she managed to whisper during their greetings that she blamed dad’s apfelstrudel for all the damage. Dad laughed but didn’t deny it; he could still manage to haul his giant belly about under his own steam.

    But he could only just about propel his gut the short distance along the quay to Lino’s restaurant where Signora Manciate had reserved a long table set-up under umbrellas on the cobbled quay outside the fish market.

    Meena bustled off into the fish market to select their meal. The shadowy world under the white tiled arcades had stalls heaped with fish and seafood of every description. Meena relished being ambushed by the stallholders all clamouring for her attention; she loved the banter and the bargaining.

    Meanwhile the rest were left outside drinking and eating anti pasta. This gave Flavia a chance to talk to cousin Erika. She was two years younger than Flavia and from the Austrian side of the border. Wearing her fair hair plaited over the top of her head she looked as straight laced as Flavia had when she first arrived. Erika confided to Flavia that her mum, Flavia’s aunt, had been very critical of Flavia’s mum and dad since Flavia’s departure. Left by themselves they’d behaved just like newly weds indulging one another’s fantasises. When Erika’s mum called in unannounced she found them cavorting around naked in their bakery, “eating all the profits” so the scandalised family claimed.

    As the ante pasta trolleys were being picked clean by the waiting party Lino arrived with large platters of black squid pasta, the first of the dishes he’d prepared from Meena’s purchases. The meal proved to be an extravaganza of feasting. The squid ink pasta was followed by clams then an obligatory enormous traditional Pannecottan crispy baked deep pasta before settling into the gorging of huge quantities of Lambereki (a kind of mahi mahi or Dorado fish). This is a prized Pannecottan speciality only available at this time of the year. Dish after dish of Lambereki arrived, baked with Mediterranean vegetables: corgettes, peppers, tomatoes, olives, and garlic, together with side dishes of sliced potatoes in soured cream and insalata; all washed down with a selection of the local white wines.

    A seemingly endless flow of creamy formaggios followed, then late in the afternoon, the desserts were served: semifreddo cakes, piles of cannoli pastries (like brandy snaps stuffed with rich sweet ricotta), cubbaita (a sesame-almond nougat of Arab orgin) and almond paste and honey tarts coated with flaked almonds and of course cassata ice cream, all enlivened by iced “pudding wines”.
    For those still in the hunt in the setting sun, there was expresso coffee with all the liqueurs: lemoncello and sambuca.

    This was the prelude to two weeks of excess for the visitors, dining being the centrepiece of each day whether on an old farmhouse terrace high over sheer cliffs into the Med on the far side of the island, at the historical sites of ancient temples, in shaded citrus groves and tiny fishing inlets, or in the evenings at the restaurants and night spots of the city. Flavia didn’t go on the sight seeing trips, she had the shop as an excuse but cousin Erika was obliged to stick with assisting Flavia’s mum in getting about.
    Erika did confide to Flavia and to Agnella how she’d have much preferred to spend days having fun at the chocolaterie with them.

    Following a heavy farewell lunch on the cruise ship before it sailed there were tearful goodbyes. Flavia was dismayed to discover that Erika was under the impression that her cousin would be returning north in the fullness of time to take up her place at university, a notion, Flavia realised, that could only have stemmed from her parents.

    Though she didn’t say so to Erika, Flavia was finished with moving about: proud of the fact that she was already too fat to be readily mobile. Her only ambition now was to stay in one place and to increase her rate of gain. Indeed the next weigh-in with Meena couldn't come quick enough for Flavia.

    Weighing in

    The following week, standing naked by the scales for the weigh in, it was evident how Meena had been continuing to lose weight rather too enthusiastically. Flavia told her she ought to be taking it slower.

    "Hey, that's my line." Meena complained and they laughed.

    "Meena, you want me to go first this time?" Flavia asked excitedly.

    "No, I have to know," said Meena, springing across to the scale.

    "280 pounds."

    "Wow, I lost over 60 pounds!"

    " Meena that's good, that is really great… But sure you want to go on?"

    “Of course; I need to know my measurements.”

    "OK, ready?" Big fat Flavia did the best she could (which wasn’t much) so Meena had to help.

    "Bust: 63 inches."

    "Waist: Uh, 48 inches."

    "Wow, I'm almost...... Thin."

    Flavia stopped then continued

    "Hips: 64 inches."

    "Whoa, I'm getting an hourglass figure."

    "OK, now it is your turn Flav."

    Flavia lumbered onto the scale

    "737 lbs.”

    "Do not, I repeat, do not jump up and down."

    "Uh," Flavia caressed what she could of herself which wasn’t a lot "Right."

    "I'll measure you," Meena rushed over.

    Flavia nodded. "OK, bust:.. Whoa! Your big boobs are massive! They get bigger and bigger."



    "Omi... I..."


    "Right...Herhhh erhhh."

    “Yeah that’s more or less the right measurement.”

    "Waist: um I can’t properly find it. It’s maybe about 278"


    "Hips: 280, no more like 279"


    "Calm down."

    "Right." Flavia turned around and engulfed Meena, lifting her up in a hug."

    "PUT ME DOWN!"


    "Flavia, please don't do that again."


    "Do you want to know how really immense you are? Meena brandished the calculator once more.

    "OK: Hips: 23 feet around!”

    "Waist: um 23 feet."

    ”Bust: yeah, that’s 23 feet as well. Hang on! That’s odd! OK Yes it does make sense because now I look, all three measurements are around the same widest bit of your mammoth body Big Girl!"

    Big Girl!

    Flavia checked the mirror critically.

    What Meena said was true, she saw how (and yes, helped by her spiky red hair) she looked like an soft overipe squashy tomato. Drawn down by gravity: breasts, belly and bum were all sagging towards the ground, widest at the same mid thigh level.

    Words barely did her body justice. Her feet had expanded to cover almost twice the area they once did, added to which her ankles were under a roll of fat that extended over the top of her feet. Flavia decided this all this flesh spread across the floor was necessary to lower her centre of gravity and help keep her upright.

    Flavia’s gigantic legs required huge effort to squash past one another; they were two haphazardly stacked piles of blubbery fat looking like under-inflated pillows. Her calves were far wider then Meena’s thighs and capped by large sagging roles of fat encircling the area where her knees were once visible. Fascinating soft globs of almost liquid fat draping over her lower legs down to mid-calf had once been the slim girl’s inner thighs.

    Regularly delving under it all, Meena would murmur happily that even Flavia’s pussy lips were pure fat.

    How wide she was! Over six feet across her hips. Good grief! These days she was actually wider than she was high!.

    Her back had bulbous folds running from the middle that were large enough to lose objects like shampoo bottles in. Her hands were just useless fat blobs, with dimples where there had once been knuckles. Her forearms sagged much like her upper arms but nowhere near as big. Her soft upper arm fat, drooping down below her elbows from the earliest days, now flowed out over her hips to either side of her.

    Rolls of fat had long ago swallowed up Flavia’s neck and chin, much as she had swallowed all her food. Looking down, she could see how her lowest chin roll now rested on top of her breasts, way down out in front. And all she had left to prove she ever had a chin was a cute dimple right at the front of her face. Her cheeks had rounded and puffed out, puckering her thickened lips.

    While all these changes were amazing, the most astounding parts of Flavia's new body were:

    Her vast breasts. She was proudest of these; they far surpassed Meena’s even at her prime. She saw how her mammaries were now great bulbous sacks of soft fat plunging down way past her belly button, or at least where her belly button might once have been. Her aureoles had expanded and stretched to be bigger then her hands.

    Sometimes when she wanted to pout or complain, she could haul a tit in to stick one of her thumb sized thick nipples in her mouth and suck on it like a baby, enjoying the sweet secretions for comfort, other times she did it pensively or just because she could and wanted to show off.

    And her belly was simply colossal. It defined her width and hung well past her knees.
    The folds across her belly were big enough for her to tuck her hands deep into and her topmost roll of belly was bigger than the bellies of most SSBWs. She saw how the recess for her belly button now rode down at about mid thigh level - way out of her reach. Her belly had developed a small crease that traced from her belly button down towards her fat swathed feet.

    Turning sideways Flavia checked her profile. Because the forward slopes of her lower belly pushed out so far ahead of her, her belly always reached the door well before she did and would bounce its way into the shop announcing her presence long before her shuffling feet and her face were due to show up.

    Last of all she proudly took stock of her colossal great beautiful butt!

    She saw it all stretching out far behind her, way beyond reach of her own arms.
    She had to rely on Meena fondling it for her. Fortunately her partner totally adored losing herself in Flavia’s stupendously fat arse. Each of her vast buttocks was a quivering great hemisphere of fat more than two and a half feet across, shimmering with lovely dimples. She now had a shelf over her butt large enough for Meena to heap slabs of Meena’s favourite baked pastsa onto just to tantalise her. Her huge hips made her even wider and whenever she set about moving they sloshed around uncontrollably.

    She took it all in then turned to Meena.

    Hey, I’m not that big!!!” she announced. She sounded upset.

    “Whadya mean fatso?” Meena found the calculator again: “Bust, almost three feet.”

    “Yeah, so…Only three feet?“

    “That’s sticking out, sunshine! No wait. Five feet… Let me finish,” Meena said engrossed.

    “Waist… Wait,.. Six feet diameter. And hips, almost seven feet diameter.”

    “That’s better. But yes!. ‘I really do need to get bigger.’ Flavia cried. “You know what? I just want to stay with you for ever and grow bigger and Bigger and BIGGER! Stuff all that university crap!

    They retired to bed. Meena had finally got the monumental Flavia just the way she’d always wanted.


    Big Flavia on the other hand realised she was now well and truly in the driving seat.
    Meena was a mere lightweight; old Manciate a spent force.
    Perhaps she ought to change the name of her chocolate business.

    Flavia got really mad the very next day when Meena calmly handed her a kimono.

    “So why the fock couldn’t I have been given one of these before?” Flavia bellowed.

    But Meena scolded her back on full volume shouting that Flavia still had to learn what it meant to be a Big Girl.

    Flavia yelled “Why? Go on! Tell me WHY?”

    “Because,” Meena bawled back, “you’ve got to learn to control that temper of yours!”

    Flavia, in protesting that she didn't have a temper, tried unsuccessfully to stamp her foot. She was far too fat! So she started to cry. She complained that Meena had been keeping these clothes from her; she really should have let her wear them earlier. Flavia went into a mountainous sulk and shuffled off determined to eat herself silly.

    Next day Meena decided to give in and told Flavia she was sorry. She said she would get Flavia more kimonos, bigger ones, but for now she would wash this one every night and adjust it when necessary. Flavia didn't like it at first, but soon her youthful enthusiasm took over and she contentedly resumed working the shop, giving all her Feeder customers value for their money.

    Conspiracy ?

    When she first started Flavia hadn't really thought about the strangeness of the shop. She had just sort of let it go - like so many other issues. But now it began to dawn on her how this whole place, with the chocolate preparation areas at the back and the heavy duty lift were geared for a big....

    No!…a really gargantuan woman! Just like herself.

    Exactly like herself?

    So had Meena planned it all?

    She continued to work it all out. Of course!

    Everything fitted – the mystery women who arrived with carrier bags had been delivering secret fattening ingredients smuggled in from North Africa. In fact most of Meena’s network of contacts from the first, Flavia now realised, had been in on the chocolate house project to fatten her up.

    It was like the only one NOT in on the secret was her! Poor innocent little dupe Flavia.

    She felt sorry for herself and all of a sudden very lonely. She was the outsider. How they must all talk and laugh about her behind her back.

    Then, like the cavalry over the hill, big Frans lumbered in. He and his girlfriend were through he announced.

    He was here to check up on his chances of dating Flavia.

    Flavia was at the very limits of her new kimono and the total effect of the gigantically transformed Flavia with her spiky red hair was utterly mind blowing for Frans.

    It was a quiet period in the early afternoon and Frans suggested Flavia should join him at one of the tables for a light early afternoon snack.

    Rob had put his arm across her back in helping Flavia move herself across the short distance. It plunged down deep in between the great rolls of fat stacked above the shelf of her enormous arse.

    “Christ!” he thought “She’s blown herself up into a vast blubber mountain.
    “Well the pear shape’s completely gone,” Frans blurted.

    Holding close to Ron to ease her 7 foot width onto the bench she used for sitting with customers, she whispered to Frans that she might now be nearer the 800 lb mark than 700 lb. An already well aroused Frans enjoyed her breasts heave and quiver as she giggled like a little girl about confessing her real weight.

    He drew in even closer to feel delicious cascades of Flavia’s soft belly fat flooding around him, gripping gently but insistently around both his deeply embedded knees.

    Flavia and Frans were truly, madly, deeply in love.

    Flavia opened up to Frans about her belief that this had all been a honey trap set by Big Meena.. She told him how it had just become plain to her that a lot of Meena’s customers had also been in on the project: to lure some innocent slip of a girl like Flavia into the shop, to be fattened up to gargantuan proportions.

    Meena arrived with the latest samples for Flavia to taste to find herself confronted by Flavia and Frans with:

    <<The Big Question>>. ​

    Quickly appreciating there was no glib response that would satisfy them, Meena ran down the blinds and closed the shop, prior to joining them at the table.

    By early evening they had talked through things from every conceivable angle until some common ground had emerged. Meena, reminding Flavia she wasn’t the only young girl who’d had been sucked into the chocolate trap, proceeded to take stock of other “victims”:

    1 Meena had been seduced by the Signor and blown up well before….
    2 Flavia had burst on the scene. Next Flavia herself had lured…
    3 Lucilla to join her, prompting the tiny girl to go global….
    4 Lucilla had introduced Agnella the goth, currently plumpening up like a dark doomed moth around a flame…..
    5? Finally: might it be possible that even prim Cousin Erika could be the latest one to feel tempted.

    They had eaten while they talked. In fact they had eaten their way through the all the items on the shelves to the point where Flavia now lay blown out and comatose on the floor, a colossal mound of blubber.

    Her enormous belly had to be massaged by Meena working in concert with Frans. As they worked to revive Flavia, Frans bared his soul to Meena about his love of fat women in general and Flavia in particular. He confessed how, on the way home from school, he used to call by Big Meena’s as they’d all called the shop out of sheer lust. He’d been hugely attracted by Meena’s physique.

    Meena in response admitted to Frans that, having achieved her slimming goal, she now felt a sense of loss about no longer having a comforting huge bosom to flaunt and an out–of-reach giant bottom.

    Most of all, she declared, she missed all the big eating.

    Rob using all his charm, suggested that she might perhaps consider compensating for her recent weight loss. Furthermore he believed he had just the right sympathetic approach to act as personal trainer to the two women to help them find some kind of stability.

    By the time Flavia had resurfaced and was forcefully demanding sustenance, Frans had talked his way into being virtually an honorary member of the partnership.

    Flavia, elated by her expose of her entrapment and Meena’s confession, really let fling. She was only too happy to set herself the challenge of blasting her way through Meena’s kimonos. Frequently through the busy working week, Flavia's kimono got too tight and her vast charms would begin bursting through. Either Meena or the ever attendant Frans were needed to adjust the Kimono knot bigger.

    The former girlfriend, in dumping Frans, had swopped his paunch for a six pack. She’d run off to Sicily with a hunk with who played calcio (soccer) in the Lega Seconda Divisione C. And because her family owned the bakery Frans managed (the reason why his old mother insisted he should stay engaged from childhood) Frans now found himself out of a job.

    Meena decided to bring him in with both his bakery staff to add a bakery side to the business (in the area originally done over for the old men’s care centre). It worked well, not least as a source of the highest quality traditional fattening baked goods for House of Manciate staff – and the smells were delicious.

    personal trainer

    Rob wasted no time in moving in with the two big women. Then, very tactfully, he concentrated his attention onto Meena for the first few weeks. He managed to get Meena gaining again by regularly first stuffing up Flavia until she was comatose and out of contention, then erotically feeding Meena until the point that she would climax noisily and repeatedly. Meena of course couldn’t get enough of this. In a couple of months she was back up to contemplating a not too distant 400lbs while happily flaunting bulging boobs and buttocks once more.

    On the other hand, Frans’s goal with Flavia was to ease her back down from 800 lbs. Flavia, now a mountain of fat, weighed the equivalent of possibly seven normal twenty year olds.

    A slave to the compulsions of enormexia, Flavia had turned herself into little more than a gargantuan blubber zombie. Like bread yeast, her stomach kept rising, every day growing wider and heavier; her backside, keeping pace, was now more than seven feet across. From around armpit height her arse shelved out behind her back, her buttock blubber billowing out and down to hang down within 6” of the floor. Her arms, so heavy they were totally useless, stuck permanently out sideways over her hips because they’d become trapped behind her breasts. These were now so wide and massively fat, they flopped over to either side down below what had once been knee level. She could still just about be hauled out of bed to shuffle off to eat and exercise, but that was it. Sitting down, with her mass of tit fat pushed up over her belly, she no longer had forward vision. Flavia’s head (like her mother’s) had almost disappeared within the concentric rolls of chins piled on top of chins; most of the time she could only look up.

    One way Frans found to coax Flavia out of the excesses of her enormexia was to annoy her.

    Especially by playing up to Meena’s joy at regaining her nurturing mammaries.
    Meena would, after deliberately scrunching up her nipples, playfully use both hands manipulating one of her soft supple full breasts to squirt warm breast milk in her flatmates’ faces.

    She delighted in giving succour to everyone, including herself and Frans would, after having a lengthy pull himself, offer the other breast up to Meena’s smiling mouth. Meena would suck away at herself, purring with pleasure, until she fell asleep.

    He installed a lot more mirrors for the inherently vain girls to keep their developments constantly in view. He encouraged the gargantuan Flavia to lumber about the flat naked. Thus, little by little, more daylight became visible beneath Flavia’ body mass. The hanging swags of fat from her thighs and the soft underside of her belly and huge blubbery buttocks were, as the months passed, swinging further and further up and away off the floor.

    And thanks to Flavia playing a core inventive role in their frequent and energetic threesome sex orgies, she steadily worked her way down to the mid 600s and back to full participation in everyday life.

    Besides fine-tuning their own figures, the fat girls turned very proprietary in return about Frans’s weight gain.

    At over 6’ 4” he’d arrived in their lives powerfully built with a shock of black wavy hair over a thick neck and sturdy limbs. Bull-like in stature he looked particularly striking in profile as his paunch started high on his chest and ran out high proud and hard to curve back under down at his crotch.

    Rob happily joined in feeding and exercising with the chocolatiere girls and all had enormous fun vying with each other, flaunting and comparing their great heavy bodies.
    With all his obsessive exercising, Frans gradually acquired an extraordinarily muscular weight lifter’s physique.

    At the same time the girls, having taken charge of feeding him, worked steadily at increasing his belly’s vast proportions until it hung around his knees.

    Meena had also, unknown to Frans, used one of her contacts to procure a very special root. She used it to prepare an astringent jelly with which she assiduously massaged Frans’s genitalia (to their mutual enjoyment). Overtime as the rest of him became bigger and stronger, the girls were overjoyed that he could now wield an undercarriage hung like a horse.

    By now weighing around 500 lbs, encumbered with under-belly equipment hanging to his knees, Frans could only manoeuvre ponderously. Meena would take him out marketing, his soft underbelly burgeoning out of his tee-shirt over the top of a low crotched baggy pair of black sweats, Though slow moving and cumbrous he was nevertheless immensely powerful and Big Meena loved devising impossible lifting tasks to show off her big man proudly.

    Back home of course, relaxed and in his element, Frans happily manhandled the two big girls about like they were weightless beanbags, servicing them anywhere and anyhow around the apartment.

    His favourite position was lying stretched out on his back on the low seating area near the balcony of the loft apartment. From where he lay he was able to enjoy a dramatic perspective of his two women, one a vast twenty year old 600 lb ice maiden and the other a striking 500 lb. mature afro-asian beauty. Like as not, they would be giggling and nudging one another, taking stock, deciding who would do what to him next.

    He loved anticipating the advance of Flavia’s heavy corpulence over him. Amidst chaotic waves of surrounding blubber her massive hanging underbelly, bobbing ponderously, would press forward onto him. Bouncing above this were her colossal full breasts overflowing the bulge of her belly and pendant, dripping down onto him.

    Even her careful shuffling movements as she inched herself forward over him would cause the complex of pendulous sacs of soft fat underneath her lower boy to shake and wobble violently. He thought he was like the president in “Independence Day” in the shadowy underside of the extra-terrestrial ship pressing down on him. He’d wince, preparing for the inevitable. Once she gauged she was over his head, she would, like a stately ship, go into a 180 turn. He’d grimace, readying himself for the massive drooping blubber of her buttocks brutally mashing into his face. There would be a brief respite within the dark void between her thighs, buttocks and genitalia, time enough to brace himself and seize a last gulp of air. She’d attempt a gradual descent onto him but her legs and balance were never up to it and down she would topple, swamping him in her cascading blubber. He would feel her ass spread out crushing the air out of his upper body, flowing around his own dome of belly. His ears were filled with deafening gurglings and bubbling from the endless depths of her labyrinthine digestive system above him.

    He knew exactly how to set her off, skilfully homing in with his tongue. The sooner he had her writhing in abandon, the quicker he might snatch a quick breath of air as her thighs and belly cracked apart momentarily while she was lashing about.
    On a good afternoon, if he were lucky, she would erupt into shrieks of unrestrained ecstasy soon enough for him bundle her off and park her to the side to recover, so as to enable him to fully appreciate the dominatrix activities about to be meted out the other end from the dauntingly experienced Meena.

    Inevitably, despite his enormous girth, Frans would get rampant. The giant stud simply could not resist rolling around, and with a lot of heavy breathing, engage further with the alluringly pneumatic ladies. The girls would begin tumbling around groaning and gasping in delight, giving themselves up completely to the pleasures of their soft fat bodies squeezing together flattening and crushing. In a great steamy melange of fat limbs, bellies and other sweaty blubbery sacs; the three would be lost to the world.

    Most afternoons it would require several titanic orgasms apiece before our superheroes might be sated and out for the count. They’d lie snoring in an insensible heap of jumbled obesity well into the early evening.

    Frans’s dream of sharing a bed with two contented fat girls: a 600 pounder and a 500 pounder joyfully working him off at either end had come true. Trouble was the chocolaterie downstairs was suffering.

    Then they got a message from cousin Erika saying she wanted to return to Pannecotterra and help in the chocolate making.

    Meena said she’d be pleased to teach Erika all she knew; Lucilla and Agnella (concealing their glee) assured Flavia they’d be happy to make her welcome and promised to look after her…….

    the end
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    Right, I've found some answers to my gran's question:
    A Steinway concert grand piano weighs 990lbs, an ordinary baby grand piano is 570lbs, Flavia at her heaviest reckoned she was circa 800lbs, Meena was never quite as heavy as a baby grand.
    For my money they were still mighty big XWG lasses; I'd love to try lifting them.....ah the stuff of fantasy!
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    Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Lou Grant


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    Nice work, Lardibutts. Very entertaining re-imagining of an old tale, with a very satisfying ending.
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    Many thanks for your support Mr Grant.

    I've at last got round to finishing a pic of the two big chocolate shop girls brutally squashing their boss; it is posted here.
    I'm ashamed to admit I rather identify with that dirty old sod, though I've never had his luck.

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