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Chronic Venous Insufficiency - I had endovenous thermal ablation

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Oct 3, 2005
, Female
I was able to finally get my legs treated this week.

I have chronic venous insufficiency and was having a lot of bothersome symptoms in my lower legs. Swelling, heaviness in my legs, discoloration around my lower legs above the ankle, toughening of the skin, itching, stinging, tightness, and sore/crampy feelings after walking. It was starting to affect my mobility and I was at risk of developing venous ulcers had it not been addressed.

Compression stockings helped some but only temporarily while I was wearing them. The pain and swelling would return by morning after I slept without them.

So I had the RF ablation procedure where they insert a catheter into the vein, zap it, and "kill" that vein so that a healthy one will take over the "dead" vein's function.

The procedure is fast, minimally invasive, and not very painful at all. There were a few issues to deal with because of my size and body shape, but nothing that caused too much difficulty.

Mainly the problem was my belly apron restricting access to my groin and having to shift position and hold it out of the way while they positioned the catheter port in my upper thigh (it's essentially the same as an IV port, no incisions). And they have extra flesh to get through to access the veins, so positioning the port takes a bit of extra time (but you're good and numbed up, so pain is minimal).

Some doctors have a weight limit for the procedure, but my doctor only requires that your belly doesn't completely obstruct the groin, and that you are mobile enough to follow the aftercare walking requirements (30 minutes minimum spaced throughout the day at multiple intervals).

I started noticing the first signs of improvement in 36 hours of the first procedure (I had 3 separate veins treated. 2 in one leg, 1 in another. Over 3 consecutive days). I'm really hoping to get some major improvements over the next month or so.

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