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Designated Fat Holy Man
Sep 29, 2005
An expression that I hadn't heard before...from the online dictionary of urban slang:


Of course, in this sense to be "circus fat" is used in a derogatory and demeaning way...so I suggest we re-claim it and appropriate it to have a new and positive sense, as in..."Like, man, you are getting Circus Fat...awesome!"
This implies positive support, encouragement and affirmation of effort. Groovy!

As we all know, I am absolutely fascinated with the whole social phenomena of Circus Fat Folk and their new compatriots, the TV Talk-Show Fat Folks...so, I have a vested interest in recapturing this phrase for my peoples!
PS...I am still working to popularize "gluttonage'" as verb, noun and maybe even pronoun if I do a bit of linguistic hanky-panky!

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