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Confused teen (follow-up from post many years ago)

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Jul 19, 2007
The term for radio talk show calls “first time caller, long time listener” is not far from the truth for me. I’ve followed this forum from its inception, yet under my handle I’ve posted infrequently. My old work schedule contributed to my lack of time to post for many years. I’ve downshifted my career of late, and in position to contribute a bit more.

To show my longevity on this board, I had contributed in the past several times back when registration was not required, and users posted anonymously. The board had its share of trolls of course at that time in between salient discussions on BBW and FA topics.

One such post many years ago came from a young male teenager. He was discovering he was an FA, but was referring to having feelings for a boy in his school and wondered if he may be gay. I wrote that while that was possible, it is just as likely – and my guess - he was a heterosexual FA reacting to the largest person he knew in real life. My point is he was transferring his desires for a woman of similar size. I suggested he think about some thinner people he found attractive, if any of them were male vs. female, etc. All in all, good advice I thought (as did a few others).

Wondering if that person who posted, now adult two decades later, if still here on the board reading this? I’d like to know if my advice helped, if what I had guessed was in fact the case. If so, but you are reluctant to post on the forum, perhaps a PM instead?

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