Corporate Worlds: Police State - by Samster (BBW's, Intrigue)

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Mar 11, 2007
BBWS, Intrigue

Corporate Worlds: Police State
by Samster

Chapter 1


Jaylen had to give her client some credit. His assessment that every Corporate Worlds planet was security crazy was true. Everywhere she went there was security; drone’s, police and guards. Not good if your job was to steal billions of Corp Dollars from a major trading syndicate. The sheer volume of law enforcement was overwhelming. Jaylen guessed that was the idea; a massive show of force mixed with draconian prison sentences gave every Corporate Worlds planet a low crime rate.

But Jaylen wasn’t the average criminal. She wasn’t just interested in quantity; she wanted to understand quality.

For the past two months she’d been finding weaknesses. The main one she’d discovered was complacency. She was on the planet Kane Alpha in the Kane Star System; galaxies away from any frontier war or resistance movement. A massive Tiberium mining boom had brought wealth and prosperity to the system. On top of that the overwhelming force and sheer volume of security divisions caused operational confusion. Who really was in charge?

Early hours of the morning and Jaylen stepped onto the platform of Henderson Interchange skyrail station. She smiled; the station had one other passenger waiting for a train and two chunky, beefed up guards in the uniform of the Internal Security Services (ISS).

They seemed to be everywhere. Overweight bimbos in a sexy uniform with heels and guns. A very public law enforcement presence that also served to provide some eye candy for the Corporate World male population. The girls were always lookers, always fattened up and seemed to do very little. But they were armed and had arrest powers.

The two guards watched Jaylen’s approach. They remained in their standard stance; arms crossed across their bloated middles so they could reach for their gun or tasers at short notice. Both wore their comm link visors. At that very moment Jaylen knew their visors would be downloading all kinds of information about her. Of course that information would be false thanks to the worm that Jaylen’s client had installed in the Corporate Worlds security systems on Kane Alpha. It would tell them that Jaylen was a junior level executive employed by the Janescu Syndicate. High enough ranked to earn respect from them but not high enough to be left alone.

“You’re working late today, Miss Jaylen Carter” said the big blonde guard. She used a pleasant enough tone but Jaylen knew there was menace in the comment. It revealed at any point the ISS knew what you were doing.

Jaylen had never worn one of the visors but she guessed it fed into a massive computer system and told the guards what to say. Millions of data points would connect and flash a question up on blonde bimbo’s visor. She would then say exactly what she was supposed to. That, in Jaylen’s opinion, was the flaw in the system. Nobody working within it could think for themselves.

“The lollipops shine brightly.”

Guard Level 2, Kelsa Decala, stood confused. Normally her visor told her what to say instantly. So quick was its response that she normally didn’t even listen to what citizens said. This was one such occasion. Confused Kelsa glanced over her shoulder at her partner; Guard Level 1 Skyler Jackson. Skyler looked equally blank. With her visor still giving her no response Kelsa said:

“Please repeat that Miss Carter.”

“I asked when the train for Central station arrives.”

This time the response was instant.

“Five minutes and its running to schedule.”

“Thank you” said Jaylen.

Kelsa and Skyler stood and watched the last skytrain of the day arrive and depart. No passengers got off. The two guards were part of the ISS unit assigned to patrol Henderson Passenger Interchange. By day it was a busy road, skyrail and air shuttle station that served the sprawling office complex. At night it was quiet as the office towers closed for business.

“Last train departed” said Kelsa into her comm link.

“Only five more hours to go” said Skyler.

“Night shifts soooo boring.”

“You bet.”

The two began strolling along the empty platform; their heels tick tocking on the paving. Their visors were running a security scan for any homeless people might have chosen the skyrail station as a place to spend the night. The scan came back with nothing. Kelsa and Skyler yawned. The two guards returned to their checkpoint and sat down in front of the banks of security monitors and watched the data feed from the drones working their way around Henderson Passenger Interchange.

Nothing else happened until the morning shift arrived.

Guards Decala and Jackson would not have been so relaxed if they’d known where their data feed from their exchange with Jaylen Carter had led to. The giant ISS data stream had kicked into life and the exchange had landed on the computer screen of CEO Jaxon Kolani. Arriving in his expansive office early that morning the CEO responsible for ISS activity on Kane Alpha looked at the video feed. He listened to Carter’s nonsensical comment, the guard’s dumb ass response and then he watched Carter leave on the last skytrain to Central station. There he picked her up on more drone video feeds until she returned to her apartment in downtown Kane City.

Sitting opposite him was Executive Level 5 Dan Gray and Executive Level 4 Camilla Lazzaro. Gray was his IT chief and Lazzaro was responsible for guard units.

“You confirm that this Jaylen Carter has installed a worm in the system?”

“I’m not saying that Carter herself installed the worm” said Gray “but some other group has installed it prior to her arrival on the planet. Making that nonsensical comment was a mistake by Miss Carter as it flagged as an error on our systems. I then traced the worm this morning.”

“Do we know where the worm originated from?” asked Kolani.

Executive Gray’s smug smile vanished for a moment.“No, but we’re working on it…”

“Good. Link with central intelligence and see if there is any record from her on another planet or star system. Also link with the idiots at the KCPD (Kane City Police Department) and see if they have any record of Miss Carter.”

“Yes” nodded Gray “but it would greatly assist me if I had a DNA sample.”

Kolani turned to Executive Lazzaro. “I’m sure you can organise that?”

Lazzaro brushed a strand of blonde hair across her shoulder. Like the guards who fell under her command she was considered eye candy. A big women with too much boobs and botox she scraped through her quarterly competency assessments. Which, in the opinion of her superiors, made her ideal to command the bimbo’s with badges that made up the ISS’ uniform presence on the streets of Kane City.

“My units are static security so it would be difficult and disruptive to organise. I would suggest handing this to Shock Troopers and arresting Carter and interrogating her.”

“No” said Kolani “this Carter woman is up to no good. If we track her we could learn more.”

“Of course CEO Kolani” nodded Lazzaro “I made the suggestion only to learn your thoughts and will of course follow orders to…”

“Executive Gray” cut in Kolani “track this Carter woman. Report any patterns and then I will determine what action to take.”

“Yes CEO Kolani” said Gray.

“Do you wish my units to take any further action?” asked Lazzaro.

“No, requiring your units to think is likely to cause more trouble than its worth.”

“Yes CEO Kolani.”

Wiggle waddling her way out of the CEO’s office Executive Lazzaro was half relieved to have the meeting over and done with but also frustrated. Her units made up by far the majority of ISS personnel in Kane City and were the first point of contact for most trouble. Like this Carter woman. Sure, her guards were far from Phd level thinkers but they did their jobs. Usually.

Back in her office Lazzaro checked her reflection in the full length mirror and settled down behind her desk. She logged into the mass of data feeds and then her diary. She had a quiet day ahead; just what she liked. Maybe there would be time for a salon visit at lunch? Or maybe she could swing by Henderson? She could check the station out and then use one of the salon’s in the office complex?

Jaylen knew that security could view every street, shop, road or skyrail station in the Kane City metro area. But with a population of over ten million she also knew it was impossible to track each individual unless you got yourself on a watch list. Jaylen had no indication she was on such a list but, with the nature of her mission, she always planned her movements carefully. Officially she was an executive level employee at the Janescu Syndicate so nobody would question her taking the skyrail train from Central station to office complex at Henderson. She just blended in with all the other travellers.

The skyrail ride gave her a view of the tall buildings that made up downtown Kane City and the ring of Goliath MST’s (Mobile Sentry Towers) the patrolled sky above the metro area. Each one had a command centre with an array of hi-tech sensory systems and some serious firepower. Under the command of the Corporate Worlds military they were the ultimate law enforcement tool. Jaylen mused on that. Within the local command and control structure where did the MST’s fit within ISS? Did ISS have any authority over the military?

Half an hour later the train slowed as it approached Henderson. About thirty miles out of downtown, Henderson was part of the Kane City suburban sprawl and was a giant office park built to cater for the trading syndicates flooding into the city thanks to the Tiberium boom.

Two huge office towers thrust up into the sky above the station. With the doors opening Jaylen stepped onto the platform. Daytime and it was busy. A squad of six guards was on the platform. It was a lot more than the usual ISS presence for a suburban station but Jaylen figured a good show was necessary for the wealthy trading syndicate workers.

Inside the stations main concourse Jaylen froze. Normally there were two guards at a checkpoint. Today the concourse was teeming with them. Were they looking for her? Had she done or said anything that could have raised suspicion? Jaylen didn’t think so.

“So why are all the porkers out today?” she asked herself.

Jaylen smiled at that comment; she’d learned the citizen of Kane City called the ISS guards “porkers” as an adaptation of the typical “pig”. It was a nickname well earned, mused Jaylen. Those girls were big.

Calming herself down and resting the urge to run like hell Jaylen stopped at a Galaxybucks coffee outlet. Whilst paying for an overpriced latte she scanned the crowds. At the centre of the porkers was an older woman in uniform. She had a red ribbon on her uniform and rank markings that suggested she was a senior officer. A rush of relief ran through her body. The mass of ISS presence was in response to a surprise inspection.

“Do you know who she is?” asked Jaylen to the Galaxybucks barista.

“She’s Executive Lazzaro, she’s in charge of the pork…ummmm…I mean ISS Guards in the metro area.”

“She’s even fatter than the usual porkers we have here” said Jaylen.

The barista smiled. “It’s all the donuts!”

“How do those girls move if there’s a security alert?” asked Jaylen.

“Oh they’re fat but they can be fast. They can kick butt too. Most of them are ex Poweball jockette’s or ex military” said the barista.

“So they were almost good enough at real jobs?”

“Yeah I guess, but don’t let one of them hear you say that.”

“You bet. Thanks.”

Taking her coffee Jaylen walked casually across the concourse. It was time to head to the office tower and do a little more digging into the activities of the Janescu Syndicate. If she was going to steal all their money she had another three weeks to play with.

From the middle of the huddle of ISS guards Executive Lazzaro’s visor told her that Jaylen Carter was walking past. She felt a rush. Something was going to kick off with this Carter woman. Lazzaro knew enough that she’d better make sure her guards didn’t screw up. Taking the Henderson commander, Sub Executive Rakka Cepelak, aside she said:

“I just transferred you data on Jaylen Carter” said Lazzaro “I want you to tell me via private channels every time she steps on this unit’s territory.”

“Yes Executive Lazzaro” said Cepelak “should we take action?”

“No, just report to me.”

“Via private channels?”

“Yes” nodded Lazzaro “I want to know when she’s here and I want you to keep me informed.”

“Should I instruct my guards to watch Carter?”

“No but make sure this unit is operating at maximum level. This Carter woman is a person of interest to CEO Kolani.”

“I look forward to the opportunity to excel”

After the inspection was finished Sub Executive Rakka Cepelak sat in her small office and watched the video feeds of Jaylen Carter. An ex marine with ambitions Rakka saw there was opportunity for advancement here.

Possibly? There was also an opportunity for trouble. If CEO Kolani was watching Jaylen Carter personally he would also be watching her unit up close and in action. She needed to make sure her girls were sharp. Rakka sighed at that thought; the best she’d ever managed to get out of her guards was competent.


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Mar 11, 2007
Chapter 2

5pm and Kelsa Decala gunned the gas of her new Chevy Camero and blasted up onto Skyway 104. Living on the very western edge of the Kane City metro area she had a thirty minute commute to work. At least at that time she was going against the traffic; most folks were heading out of the city and back home.

Like most guards Kelsa worked a twelve hour shift with a pattern of four days on followed by three days off. One week in a month was night shift. She hated working nights; starting at 6pm and finishing at 6am. Shifting her considerable bulk in the driver’s seat the fattened up babe snacked on a Snickers bar and drank coffee.

Her weight had climbed up to 260lbs and the former college jockette was on the upper weight limit of an ISS Guard. Kelsa loved the admiring looks her figure got from the guys but like all the big girls in uniform she struggled with the physical aspects of her job. She still went to the gym every other day and lifted weights but any cardio was a battle.

Not that Guard Kelsa Decala was a pushover. Most of her physical confrontations were up close and personal where her size worked for her. In the cases where a suspect ran she was armed with a plasma pistol and supported by the full strength of Kane City’s law enforcement. In Kane City nobody could escape the long arm of law enforcement. Or so Kelsa assumed.

The skyway was flowing at a steady pace and Kelsa settled into the drive. Finishing off her Snickers bar she turned on sports radio. Back in college she’d gotten through on a sports scholarship; softball one half of the year and powerball the other. After missing out on the pro leagues she’d used her college qualification to land her ISS Guard job.

Three years later and she was still a patrol level Guard but the pay was good, she looked hot in her uniform and she loved the power of her position. Plus she occasionally got to kick butt. Being an ISS guard was way better than some office job or getting signed up to the army.

Sat on ninety miles per hour she listened to commentary on the previous nights MLFP powerball game, a win for the Kane City Cougars over the Issa Falls Pioneers, and kept snacking. Straight after missing the pro drafts Kelsa had avoided any sports on TV or radio but as the years passed the ex jockette was less sore and intently followed her favourite teams.

“Go Cougars!!!” she said to herself as the commentator read out the 42-8 box score.

Approaching Henderson the traffic began to build and slow. Cutting across three lanes of traffic Kelsa steered for the exit whilst reading a message from a guy she was on off dating that had just landed on the Camero’s comm system. Eventually she made it to the Unit 3442 headquarters, parked her muscle car and clocked on.

Two and a half hours later and the evening commute was over and the Interchange was quiet. The two giant office towers that housed and Janescu Syndicate had finished sprewing out their workers and only a final few stragglers made their way to the Interchange, Kelsa and her buddy Skyler wiggle waddled their way across the food court. Both guards loved the way other people cleared out of their way; the black ISS uniform acting like a hot knife through butter.

One of the perks of the job, Kelsa her learned, was that the fast food outlet owners were desperate to keep ISS sweet so always gave the guards free food. All she had to do was flash her pearly whites and they would give her whatever she wanted. With the food court closing at 9pm she wanted to get her final big feed of the day in before closing time.

Kelsa and Skyler stopped at the Mario’s Italian Feast, their bellies hovering slightly over the counter as they checked out the menu.

“I’ll have the meatball marinara meal” said Kelsa.

”Me too” added Skyler.

The guy behind the counter sprung into life; handing over two huge plates full of meatball marinara along with super sized soda’s and two thick slices of chocolate cheesecake. Taking their trays the two sat their fat buns down and began stuffing their faces. If they were smarter both would have noticed they were the only guards eating in the food court. Unusual with closing time just a few minutes away. But both were too focused on their food. Sub Executive Rakka Cepelak approached from behind.

“What are you two doing?”

“Hey you…” said Kelsa before noticing it was the unit commander. In unison she and Skyler gulped down their latest meatball and sprung to attention.

“I see you two couldn’t wait to stuff your fat bellies” said Cepelak.

Both Kelsa and Skyler felt their faces flush red but they said nothing. Experience at the bottom of the ISS hierarchy told them that the best strategy was to say nothing and never answer back. Both could have argued that although it was against regulations for a guard to eat in the food court it was also standard practice. But to make such an argument would have led to trouble.

“You know the regulations?”

“Yes Madam Sub Executive” said Kelsa and Skyler together.

Cepelak debated what to do. With her unit being watched by Lazzaro and higher authority at ISS she was making sure every regulation was followed. The food court was a minor thing but it was very visible. Guards Decala and Jackson were far from the first she’d pulled up on it that day.

“I expect all personnel in this unit to follow regulations. You eat in the guardroom.”

“Yes Madam Sub Executive”

“Then go.”

The two guards forgot about their half eaten plate and wiggle waddled as fast as they could away. There had been no mention of the infringement being on their record and neither wanted to stick around to tempt fate. Safely out of earshot Skyler said:

“What was Cepelak doing busting our asses over that?”

“I dunno. I was talkin’ to Shultsy and she told me Lazzaro did some inspection today. Maybe that’s it or whatever.”

“I guess. We’re gonna be hungry tonight.”

“Shit, yeah” sighed Kelsa with a hand on her belly.

“Should we go back and get our food?”

“No, I don’t wanna disciplinary.”

Reaching their checkpoint the two sat down in front of the monitors next to the other guards. From the pissed off expressions on their colleagues faces Kelsa and Skyler figured they were not the only ones to have their evening feed busted. On the night shift a whole squad of very big bellies would be rumbling.

Jaylen, meanwhile, continued to work on her plan. She’d received final instructions from her client. They were curious; she was to transfer the money in the various Janescu Syndicate accounts to billions of individual accounts across Corporate Worlds space. It would be impossible for Janescu to recover it but, interestingly, Jaylen’s client wouldn’t stand to benefit. As was normal the client was anonymous and communication was coded via a contact of Jaylen’s on a star system far away. Maybe the client was simply settling a personal grudge? Or more likely the client was a rival syndicate who wanted Janescu out of the way?

Regardless, the hired gun had accessed the system and simply needed to press the green button to begin the transfer. The complication was that she needed to be inside the Janescu towers to access their systems. She had worked her way into the building and was now working out how to escape. Her objective was to get out of the immediate area and then disappear into the Kane City metro area. That in turn had led her to the sprawling Interchange. Underneath the transport complex was a mass of power generator space that connected directly to the two office towers.

For that reason Jaylen was hidden deep in the heating system underneath the Interchange plotting the best way out. She had her surveillance equipment activated and had worked her way into the ISS system. Activating the worm she was listening to their comm channel; a quiet night shift and there was minimal chatter. The only event of note being clearing some homeless guy out of the road transport complex and delays on shuttle flights. More interesting was a private sub net channel the ISS guards used to talk off record.

“Oh!” said one guard “the guy waiting for his shuttle on Bay 10 is sooooooooo hot!!!”

There was a pause. Jaylen smiled. Every guard who was in front of a monitor had just switched to the video feed from shuttle bay 10. A tall, dark handsome man in a suit was strolling toward his private shuttle.


“Rich too!”

“I wanna be a trophy wife.”

“I wanna blow that guy!”

“Blow job city.”

“Yeah baby…”

Jaylen nodded. Listening to the guards on their private channel was completely different to the ultra cold, almost mechanical outward exterior. A group of dumb ex army and/ or sports girls the conversation was crude but sometimes funny. Settling into her cramped space between a heating generator and a giant fan Jaylen continued to watch the video feed and listen. Eventually the hot guy got onto his shuttle, the conversation moved to the previous day’s powerbowl game and then onto a topic that made Jaylen listen.

“Hey Sarge, what’s the deal with Cepelak busting our asses?”

“Some stuff with Lazzaro doing an inspection” said the shift commander, Sergeant Piranha Ragan.

“I got my ass kicked outta the food court.”

“Yeah me too.”

“If Lazzaro’s watchin’ then Cepelak’s gonna watch us. Just stick to the rules girls” said Piranha.

“I lost like half my Mario’s meatballs…”

”Mario’s meatballs are to die for!”

“I can eat like four portions…”

“Mega Burger left the door open, loadsa left over burgers.”


“Almost too much to eat.”

“Aged hamburgers suck…”

The conversation moved the merits of the various food court franchises and how much each girl could eat. Judging by the size of the guards Jaylen had no doubt they could all stuff their faces.

Her mind moved onto the Lazzaro question. Why would a senior ISS executive like Lazzaro be taking a particular interest in the unit responsible for Henderson? Sure the Janescu towers were big but in a metroplex of over ten million people it must be unusual for that kind of visit. Was it coincidence or was there some link to ISS tracking her activity?

Jaylen reflected on that. She didn’t like coincidences but nothing about the guards chatter suggested that Lazzaro’s visit was anything more than a routine inspection followed by a clamp down of regulations.

“Never create a problem that doesn’t really exist” said Jaylen to herself.

On the top floor of the Tiberium Club in downtown Kane City a function populated only by the cities elite was in progress. The event was populated by only senior Corporate Worlds CEO’s and heads of major trading syndicates. Truly it was the cities power brokers meeting behind closed doors.

Joshua Janescu, owner of the Janescu Syndicate, was on stage and was concluding his presentation. A vastly wealthy man he was beginning to flex his political muscle in Kane City politics. Rumour had it he was making a run for president of Kane Alpha.

“…in conclusion the Janescu Synidcate isn’t just about tiberium mining and profit. Although I would remind you that we are now the biggest mining syndicate on the planet Kane Alpha with a turnover close to a quarter of this planets GDP. Rather, I have a message of freedom and respect. This planet benefits economically from being part of the Corporate Worlds empire but in the name of safety and security we have become a police state…”

Stood at the back CEO Jaxon Kolani sipped a glass of champagne and smiled coldly. Next to him CEO Gwen Inoue, head of Corporate Worlds communications on Kane Alpha, whispered:

“It will become complicated if he says that kind of rubbish in front of the media.”

“We will arrest him and send him to a labour camp” said Jaxon.

“It would be more complicated. He’s too wealthy for that. It would be a delicate situation.”

“I can arrest anyone I want and sent them to whatever labour camp I want.”

Inoue flinched for a moment; Jaxon Kolani was a powerful CEO with a record of doing just what he said. But then she recovered herself rapidly. Inoue was a smart lady who had studied Kolani; if other CEO’s showed him fear he would eat them alive. Inoue had no desire to be eaten alive.

“With his wealth and connections it would be a delicate situation, from a communications perspective. It would require direct intervention from the Ruling Council on Prime.”

“The Ruling Council will not be interested in communications issues on this planet.”

“Eighty percent of our Tiberium exports go to Prime. The Ruling Council always prioritises Tiberium supply. I repeat, this could be a very delicate situation that will need handling.”

Jaxon turned to look at Inoue. She was a slightly built woman in her early forties. Unlike many of the women on Kane Alpha she had resisted the temptation to get fat and looked like she could run a marathon. She had bright intelligent eyes and unlike most had fought her argument with him. What’s more her argument had been correct.

“Your argument is correct based on one supposition.”

“His wealth?”


Inoue reflected on that. She knew the ISS chief’s reputation; he would have a plan to deal with Janescu and his dangerous ideas about “freedom” and “police states”. She sipped her champagne and smiled coldly.

“We’d eat him alive.”

“I could arrest him for treason based on his comments.”

“What will you do? Should he lose his wealth.”

Jaxon downed the rest of his champagne and said:

“In such circumstances I think he could make a very effective president.”

At that Jaxon turned on his heel and strode out of the room. Listening to Joshua Janescu talk about “freedom” was annoying and completely ignorant of human history. Freedom led to chaos which led to weakness. Jaxon couldn’t contemplate weakness. Out of the function room he put on his visor and logged into a secure channel. It updated him on his hired gun. She had accessed the Janescu Syndicate accounts and was planning her escape route. The noose was tightening around the Janescu Syndiate and Joshua Janescu was about to find out the dangers of weakness.

CEO Jaxon Kolani fully intended to eat him alive.

Guard Level 2 Kelsa Decala and Guard Level 1 Skyler Jackson, meanwhile, were eating aged Mega Burger’s. The owner of the Mega Burger franchise had learned to keep the doors to the kitchen open after closing and leave the uneaten burgers for the fattened up guards to eat on their night shift. It cost him nothing and it kept ISS sweet. The burgers were way past their prime but most of the stack was usually vacuumed up. After Sub Executive Cepelak’s clamp down of regulations the stack of burgers was disappearing particularly quickly that night.

“These burgers suck” said Kelsa as she took a bite.

“I don’t give a crap” said Skyler with her mouthful “I’m way too hungry.”


The two girls gulped down their first and moved onto their second burger. Sure, they were cold and going stale but neither were gourmet eaters. Their bellies bulged out like small planet’s hanging over their utility belts. Half way through their second burgers another group of guards burst in and playfully but firmly pushed Kelsa and Skyler away from the stack.

Before long ten beefed up guards were squeezed in the Mega Burger gulping down aged burgers. In a moment of inspiration Kelsa got the milkshake machine working and the porkers moved onto washing the burgers down with sweet vanilla milk shake.

Four more piled in and it was getting to be a squeeze. With the heavyweights in at 260lbs and the smallest rookie at 180lbs pushing and shoving began for access to the chow. A group of girls trained to enforce the law and the shoving was physical. It was only a matter of time before the 180lbs rookie stumbled, grabbed the door and slammed it shut. The doors locked.

”What the…”

At that moment the voice of Sergeant Piranha Ragan cut across the comm link.

“Where is everyone?”

There was silence. Piranha shouted:

”Shults, Jackson, Duellos, Decala, Franklin, Yin, Peterson, Sorenson, Ranger, Patrick, Kila, Desjani, Dixon and Jordan get your fat asses out of Mega Burger and get to your posts….NOW!!!!!”

“Yes Sarge” said the fourteen guards squeezed into the Mega Burger.

“How’d we get out? It’s locked!”

“We could bash it!”

As one the guards slammed into the door. Titanium locked and sealed it didn’t budge. All fourteen considered what Seargeant Ragan would do to them if she found them locked in. If Sub Executive Cepelak found out she would fire them. Everyone shouted at once. Eventually Corporal Sorenson shouted the loudest.

“Shut the hell up and listen!!!”

There was silence.

”We’re gonna blast the door. Shults, Decala and Kila blast the fucking door.”

Kelsa stepped forward and pulled her plasma pistol from her holster and pointed it at the door. Beside her Shults and Kila did the same. There was a hushed silence. Fourteen brains squeezed into a room but not one smart enough to consider the consequences of firing plasma shots against a titanium door.

“Set plasma to maximum.”


“You girls ready?” said Sorenson.



Three plasma rays shot at the door. Two things happened. The door resisted and then blew open. Powerful resistance force from the titanium slammed back into the room and the guards shot backward as a single unit. The rookie crashed ass first into the burger racks followed moments later by two more porkers impacting into her. Skyler and four other guards blasted through the thin connecting wall into the Pizza King next door. Stunned Kelsa had impacted with the milk sake machine before Shults and Kila landed on top of her. Smoke and debris filled the room and fast food reigned down on the stunned guards.

“What just happened?” screamed Piranha across the comm link.

Then the soda machine blew up.


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Mar 11, 2007
Chapter 3


From her hiding place Jaylen could hardly believe it. She picked up an explosion from the food court on her sensors and then a stunned silence.

On the official Henderson ISS comm channel the Kane City PD called in instantly to ask what had happened followed immediately by the fire department. Seconds later the commander of the nearest MST checked in. The shift sergeant was covering and telling them nothing.

On the unofficial sub net channel the sergeant was screaming and using language Jaylen hardly knew existed. It was such an intense tirade that it took Jaylen some time to work out what had happened. Eventually she worked it out, half the night shift had somehow got locked into the Mega Burger kitchen. Then the dumb asses had fired plasma guns at a titanium sealed lock and carnage had insured.

“Dumber and dumber.”

She cut to a video drone feed from the food court. There was smoke and debris and the guards were stumbling out of the Mega Burger and, inexplicably, others from Pizza King. They looked battered and bruised; uniforms were torn and ripped and they had the look of a shell shocked unit. Complete disarray.

That got Jaylen thinking. Her normal method of operation was to plan each and every move. She knew her exact movement around the Janescu towers but wasn’t totally sure of the layout around the underbelly of the Interchange facility. But she had the map and the security was in disarray. Was it a golden opportunity too good to miss?

Instead of spending another week sneaking around the facility she could race back to the towers, complete the transfer of the money and disappear. The girls on the night shift would be far more worried about covering their own asses than dealing with intruders.

There was only one decision to be made.

Eventually Sergeant Piranha Ragan managed to herd the fourteen Mega Burger idiots into line and had them stand to attention. They were in a bad way but none seriously injured. Piranha debated calling medics but held back. Last thing she needed was an official report on this screw up.

That said Piranha was struggling to think how to bury it. Which was surprising; you didn’t get to make Sergeant without being good at covering up screw ups. But this one was spectacular. The Mega Burger and Pizza King was wrecked and the food court would be out of action. There would have to be a report somewhere and it wouldn’t be pretty.

“…you dumb asses!!!” screamed Piranha at the end of her latest rant.

There was full minute’s silence. Eventually Corporal Soreneson asked: “Will this go on our records?”

“Of course it will!!!” shouted Piranha “you stupes blew up half the food court!!! I’ve got KCPD and the fire department on my ass. You morons are going to be disciplined and dishonourably discharged for this screw out. You might even get arrested.”

Kelsa gulped. Getting arrested didn’t sound good. ISS Guards tended not to do well in jail. Was this the end of her ISS career? Probably. The big, muscled up jockette fought back the urge to cry. She’d always worked hard at her job and had no serious black mark on her record. Until now. She was proud to play her part contributing to safety and security in Kane City. How could she have been so stupid? Would she really get arrested? A single Mega Burger outlet was hardly a big deal, right?

“Oh my ... ” whispered the rookie stood next to her “I’ve only had my badge for like three weeks and…”

“Shut up rookie!!!” screamed Piranha.

More minutes passed and the sergeant debated what to do. Procedure was to call the situation in to headquarters. But she didn’t want to do that. Her superiors might arrest the unit for gross incompetence and throw their asses into jail. As the shift commander they would probably include Piranha in that arrest sweep. Whatever, the whole mess would screw with her chances of promotion and she would definitely get booted back down to Guard Level 1. If she was lucky. Worse case they would all be shipped off to some labour camp.

She looked back over at the wrecked food court. It was too bigger mess to hide. Anybody with a pair of eyes could see it. The drones would be videoing the whole scene. So she needed to control the story.

“Who ordered who to shoot?” asked Piranha.

There was silence.

“If somebody doesn’t answer that question I’m going to have you all arrested. Sorenson, you were the ranking guard, did you order this?”

“Ummm…I….I…I…yes. I’m sorry Sarge I…”

“Shut up!!!”

The stalemate was broken as the intruder alarm rang loud. An unauthorised trespasser had just appeared in the power facility under the Interchange. Sensors picked her up as Jaylen Carter.

That was a red alert. All automated systems had switched to shoot to kill. Breaches around the perimeter were common but not inside the facility. Piranha collected herself. This was a chance to recover from the Mega Burger screw up.

“Okay, everyone down in the power facility and we’re gonna get this bitch. Remember, watch what ya shoot down there because you’ll get a lot more than an exploding frigging soda machine if you hit a fusion reactor. Only fire when sensors confirm a lock.”

“We going down to kick her butt?” asked one of the guards.

“You bet. We’ll use the Mosquito’s.”

“Hell yeah!”

The Mosquito’s were a one person airborne patrol vehicle used for covering large areas like the underground of the Interchange. Armed with two plasma guns the Mosquito’s were also deadly.

Battered, bruised and drenched in soda Kelsa hauled her big ass onto a Mosquito and tried to focus. Back in her powerball playing days her coach had taught her to focus and dig deep. The Mega Burger screw up had been embarrassing and painful but here was a chance at victory. If the unit could capture a red alert criminal nobody would give a crap about Mega Burger.

Down in the facility the guards worked circuits as they hunted down Jaylen Carter.

“Somethings screwing with the sensors” said Kelsa “she’s on one second and then vanishes.”

“Stay focused Decala” said Piranha.

“Do we shoot to kill?”

“Yes, she’s got a red alert on her.”

“Oh yeah baby!” said the rookie.

“Stay focused rookie!!!!” snarled Piranha “nobody fire until sensors have a confirmed lock.”

“Sensors can’t track her for…”

“I got her!!” shouted a guard “sensors lost the bitch…!!!”

Kelsa kept her focus. Twenty four years old and with years of softball and powerball behind her she had excellent reactions. Her scores were excellent on the firing range. Like all guards she’d participated in security sweeps and had fired her gun in anger more than once. But never in a potentially explosive facility with her sensors cutting in and out.

What’s more the Mosquito was far from comfortable for the porked up babe. Her belly rubbed slightly against the control column whilst her utility belt dug in. She wanted to reach down and loosen it a notch but was instead using all her energy to search for the red alert criminal and avoid the piping and machinery that made up the facility.

So far she’d only seen blips on her sensors. Normally the intruder would have been marked clear as day on the system. Something or somebody was seriously screwing with the sensors.

CEO Jaxon Kolani had returned to his sprawling estate in the wealthiest suburb of Kane City and was sat in his private study. As ISS chief that study included a massive monitor bank with access to all ISS systems on Kane Alpha. At that moment his focus was on Henderson. First off there had been a small explosion in the transport interchange food court.

Normally Kolani wouldn’t have noticed such a detail but with Henderson being right where the Janescu Syndicate and his hired gun was he watched every detail. Bemused he’d watched as a group of dumb ass guards destroyed a Mega Burger. He had found the scene mildly amusing. With over 30,000 ISS Guards employed in Kane City alone the girls were not always the smartest; any ISS recruit with real aptitude wouldn’t have been assigned a guard posting.

“Watching those dumb asses I understand Lazzaro more” said Jaxon.

Next thing his private comm channel picked up an alert. Billions of Corp Dollars had just been transferred from the Janescu Syndicate accounts to billions of private checking accounts around Corporate Worlds space. Each recipient would receive a surprise one thousand dollars. Nobody would return it. One thing that united all Corporate Worlds citizens was greed. Janescu was now broke.

Jaxon poured himself a glass of orange juice and continued to watch.

Fifteen minutes later ISS sensors at Henderson Interchange had picked up Jaylen Carter presumably making her escape. Jaxon watched the squad of idiots load their big asses onto Mosquito flyers and set off in pursuit. He listened into their comm channel. He heard the sergeant in charge confirm “shoot to kill” and then listened to the difficulties as sensors kicked in and out. It was the worm he had installed at work; Jaylen Carter had been partially invisible around Kane City.

Sitting back in his chair Jaxon reflected. The hired gun had transferred the money out of Janescu’s account. She was of no further use. Jaxon wasn’t sentimental. It was advantageous to have her eliminated rather than on the run. Moving to another screen he loaded the worm code up and clicked delete.

Jaylen Carter was now fully visible to all ISS systems.

“We got her!!!” shouted Piranha.

Jaylen Carter had popped up clear as day on all sensors. She was on the edge of the reactor heading for the passageways leading to the sewer system. For a brief moment Jaylen froze. Her own sensors had just picked up the sudden movement of the Mosquito’s toward her. Whatever worm her client had installed on the ISS system had just stopped working.

Standing on the western edge of the reactor the porkers would be careful with their shooting but eventually they would get a clear shot. Her only hope was the passageways leading to the sewers. She figured the passageways would be too narrow for the Mosquito’s and those girls weren’t built for a chase on foot.

“Yeah, some of those porkers might be too wide for the passageways…”

Sprinting as fast as she could toward the passageway Jaylen ran like her life depended on it. Which, of course, it did. Behind her she could hear the thumping roar of the approaching Mosquito’s. She could almost feel the sensors locking onto her and smell the plasma guns warming up.

With one jump she was in the passageway; a whole barrage of plasma shots smacking the ground around the entrance. Half a second later and Jaylen would have been blown to a million pieces. Not looking back she kept on sprinting into the darkness.

“Did we get her?”

“Crfap no! The scum ran down that passage…”

“We can’t get Mosquito’s down there” shouted Piranha across the comm channel “everybody off and assemble in front of that passage.”

She watched her girls offload and switched her comm channel to central control. If it was a simple foot chase down a maze of passageways it was hopeless but if they could cut the fugitive off they could get her.

“This’ central control” said an authoritative voice down the comm.. link.

“This’ Sargeant Ragan, Unit 3442 were pursuing a Code Red. Can you cut her off?”

There was a pause.

“Your red alert has run into a dead end.”

“Repeat” said a confused Piranha.

“I’m looking at the map and the passage your all stood at was blocked off ten years ago. It leads to nowhere.”

“Do you want us to go in and get her?” asked Piranha.

“Hold current position Sergeant Ragan and guard the exit. I will need to consult my commander. This criminal is highly dangerous.”

Taking a breath Piranha looked around her unit. They had done good. All the guards were pumped and ready to go into the passageway. Fortunately they weren’t going to have to. Before joining ISS Piranha had served six years in the marines and knew what real combat was like. These girls were tough enough but lacked any real combat experience and the majority had gotten really fat. Running a finger round her belt Piranha reflected on that; she was a good sixty pounds up on her marine sergeant days.

“Listen up!!” shouted Piranha “the dumb criminal scum ran into a dead end…”

The guards cheered.

”Shut the crap up!!! This isn’t a frigging powerball game, this criminal is a dangerous Code Red. We guard this exit until further orders. Assume attention one stance.”

Drawing her plasma pistol from her holster Kelsa assumed the stance and held her gun steady at the entrance. Around her the other guards took an identical stance. She could feel sweat pouring down her cheeks as she stood tense and ready. A whole unit of guards pointing their guns at the entrance and the scum would be dead if she took one step out but Kelsa knew this wasn’t the normal security sweep. They weren’t busting some loser drunks, homeless vagrants or petty criminals; this was a code red.

“Okay” shouted Piranha “just got orders from control. We wait here on attention one and wait for a squad of Shock Troopers. They’ll clear the bitch out.”

“Can’t we go in and blast her?” asked Skyler.

“Hold position and shut the hell up!!!”

Kelsa held her stance. Minutes ticked by. She continued to sweat partly because of tension and partly because the combat stance was hard work for the outta shape ex jockette. Her back was starting to kill her. The aged hamburgers sat in her swollen belly were weighing her down and she was fighting the urge to barf. Discipline held her in place. She looked left and right for a split second; she wasn’t the only one sweating like a pig.

“Hold steady girls” said Piranha.

Inside the passageway and Jaylen had passed the panic stage. Now she was thinking hard. She was cornered and a made charge out of the passageway would lead to her being shot. She had to accept capture. The pause in action was no doubt the ISS Guards waiting for a proper Shock Trooper unit to arrive. That was bad for Jaylen. A group of overweight bimbo’s with a badge she could take on but a unit of fully armoured combat troopers was impossible to contend with.

Carefully she replayed the nights events. She’d made a mistake rushing the heist and not gotten a full map of the facility. That in turn had lead to the mad scramble down a blocked off passageway. But there was no point kicking herself over that. It was as it was.

What confused her was why the worm in the ISS sensors had stopped at that crucial moment. She thought over that. ISS systems were notoriously difficult to crack so her client had to have inside access. Maybe the client was a senior ISS CEO? Maybe he had some score to settle with the Janescu Syndicate? Maybe the client was the ISS?

“Son of a bitch! You watched me all the way through and the second you didn’t need me you deleted the worm and left me. Now I’m stuck like a rat in a trap waiting to be taken out.”

Never one to wallow in pity Jaylen planned. It was time to start playing the angles. Considering the options she was certain the client was a senior ISS CEO on Kane Alpha. It had to be; only somebody with that level of access could have successfully installed the worms in the sensors and deleted them in an instant.

Pulling out her own comm unit she pulled up the ISS hierarchy on Kane Alpha. There were five CEO’s with Jaxon Kolani appearing as the ranking officer. She knew nothing about Kolani specifically but judging by his rank and position he would be intelligent and ruthless.

Taking a gamble Jaylen pressed call and hoped the scrambled in her system would connected her to Kolani. 3am and he might be asleep but, if he was the guy behind the heist, Jaylen was prepared to bet he would be watching. The ISS CEO picked up.

“Who is this?”

“Jaylen Carter.”

There was a pause.

“I don’t know who you are” said Kolani in a level voice.

“Right now I don’t have time for bs so listen” snapped Jaylen “you know exactly who I am, where I am and what is about to happen to me.”

“Suppose I do” said Jaxon.

“You need to know that I know you’re my client. There’s a dead man release on me and the second I die a whole detailed account of this operation will be sent to your superiors on Prime. Maybe they ordered you to do this so you’ll be fine but my guess is your flying below the radar on this one. Corporate Worlds is a greedy, corrupt empire but one thing you seem to respect is private property. So I’m guessing bankrupting a major trading syndicate isn’t in your job description.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Yeah I am.”

Miles away in his mansion Jaxon Kolani killed the comm link and rested back in his chair. He thought for a moment. Then he changed the shock troopers orders to “arrest”. It was better to play this one safe.

11am and Kelsa finally made it home. She powered her Camero down in her condo complex parking lot. Her shift had been twenty hours long and the big girl was tired. Her shifts were normally routine but this one had included the explosion in Mega Burger, the following dressing down by Sergeant Ragan, the pursuit of the Red Alert suspect and then watching a group of Shock Troopers arrest the criminal.

Fortunately nobody seemed to care about the Mega Burger incident after the Red Alert pursuit. In the end Kelsa was proud of her work; she’d help capture a dangerous criminal and was proud to have played her part in the security of Kane City.

Hauling herself up out of her car she wearily walked to her condo. With three days off Kelsa planned on catching up on some sleep. She could also feel her stomach rumbling. Mentally she tried to think through what she had in the house. The beefy girl always kept her fridge well stocked and was confident she could fill her belly.

Stepping into the condo she groaned and peeled herself out of her uniform in the walk to her bedroom. Her pants, belt, jacket and boots flew off in seconds. The bodysuit was a little more difficult. It was designed to protect her from any knives or low calibre firearms and was worn underneath her uniform. It also had the added advantage of squeezing and holding all the pork that had built up around her muscular frame into place. Eventually Kelsa wriggled her way out of the body suit.

“Oh boy I can breathe again” she sighed.

She paused and checked herself out in the full length mirror. She spread her legs into her habitual softball slugger’s stance. Back at Kane City Tech she’d made the team every summer. She bent her legs and rocked her shoulders back; performing a basic batters swing. She watched her belly bounce. After a few more belly bouncing swings she slipped on a giant Kane City Cougars powerball jersey and padded out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

Flinging open the door Kelsa grabbed an extra large pizza box and a selection of other left over’s. Without bothering to sit down she put the boxes on the kitchen counter and dug in. Kelsa focused on the food and gulped down pizza slices like was an extra rep at the gym. Her belly bulged out and she could feel that warm stuffed feeling.

With a last mouthful she lumbered back across the condo to the bed and crashed into a deep sleep.


Two months later and Guard Level 2 Kelsa Decala was stood on the tarmac of Frisco Airport watching a line of ten passengers complete a final DNA scan before boarding the SR-7 Regional Shuttle. Next to her stood an Aurellian girl from the Frisco Police Department.

Kelsa’s visor was updating all kinds of information about the passengers but as they’d already completed two layers of security there was no surprises expected. The planets two suns beat down. Around her there was the small airport terminal, the four landing bays, the small city of Frisco to the south and then miles and miles of emptiness. One of the passengers popped up as a semi-VIP; the daughter of a minor CEO back in Kane City. Her visor told her to say:

“Have a great flight Miss Peterson” said Kelsa.

The girl ignored her and kept drinking her Galaxybucks coffee. As a daughter of a CEO she wasn’t impressed or scared of some basic level ISS guard.

The Aurellian said:

“Do you ever say anything that visor doesn’t tell you to?”

“Yeah” said Kelsa.

”Go on, prove it or are you half robot half fat Corp chick?”

“If you don’t shut up I’ll pull that stupid wig off your bald head and stuff it up your ass.”

The Aurellian gulped. By the looks of her Kelsa Decala was perfectly capable of doing that. The Aurellian shut up.

As the passengers moved on Kelsa thought back to how she’d ended up on a posting out in the middle of nowhere. After the capture of the Code Red prisoner she, along with the rest of the unit, had received a commendation. The Mega Burger incident, unfortunately for Kelsa, there on her record as well. No disciplinary action was taken but it was there like a big, ugly spot.

The Code Red prisoner, it turned out, was so sensitive security wise that Kelsa’s unit had been broken up. She’d sat on the transfer roster for six weeks with every commander in Kane City avoiding one of the Mega Burger idiots. Kelsa had been seriously worried about being Honourably Discharged when the Frisco ISS commander had taken her. So she’d taken the posting and moved out to nowhere Kane Alpha.

With the final passenger boarded Kelsa cleared the flight for departure and wiggle waddled her way back into the terminal. She ignored the Aurellian who followed on. Behind her the shuttle began its vertical take off. The other landing bays were empty. The terminal building itself was quiet; it was over an hour until the next arrival. Pausing at the Mega Burger outlet Kelsa said:

”Ummm…I’ll take a Triple XL Big Feast meal with Coke and…ummmm…extra fries and apple pie.”


The server returned with her bag of food. Kelsa reached for her credit card:

“No, it’s on the house” rushed the guy.

She smiled; that was cool. Clearly the fast food owners in Frisco had the same approach to keeping ISS sweet as they did back in Kane City.

“Just please don’t blow up my restaurant. It costs $300,000 for a Mega Burger franchise…”

Kelsa forced a smile and walked away. Clearly her reputation followed her. Returning to the guard’s room she sat down in front of the bank of security monitors and dug into her food. Sat next to her was the only other Guard on duty; a big girl called Tendra from rural Issa State.

“Crap Decala, you can eat.”

“U-huh” said Kelsa.

“I’ve been in ISS for like a year and I’ve gained thirty pounds.”

“Yeah” mumbled Kelsa as she ate.

Opening her ISS email account Kelsa checked her inbox. Only one email and it looked to be some circular to all ISS inboxes on Kane Alpha. It was sent by CEO Kolani and was about the upcoming presidential election. Kelsa didn’t really follow politics but she’d learned to always read emails from CEO’s. It was about some candidate called Joseph Janescu who was standing on a law and order ticket and had the support of the Internal Security Services and Corporate Worlds. There was a link to click to place her vote.

Only an idiot in ISS would have done anything other than what Kelsa did next – she clicked VOTE, confirmed her personal details and pressed send.

“You watchin’ the Bobcats game tonight?” said Tendra.

“I just moved and the satellite TV guy hasn’t got me sorted yet so I’m kinda bummed out I’m gonna miss it.”

“Local TV round here totally sucks” laughed Tendra “some of us girls and some guys are gonna head down to Brannigans Bar to watch it. You wanna hang out with us?”


“How come you got a commendation and then got no promotion and then got transferred out here?” asked Tendra.

Kelsa debated lying for a moment. If the guy at the Mega Burger franchise knew about the Henderson Interchange explosion then Tendra had to know about it. She knew a security drone video feed of the incident had gone viral on the ISS sub net. Nobody gave a crap about her unit tracking down a Code Red but they all knew about the food court.

Instead of answering Kelsa fixed Tendra with a glare that suggested that if they were going to be buddies then that subject would be dropped. Tendra changed the topic:

“Did you get that freaky Aurellian when you saw off the shuttle…”

Meanwhile many light years away, on a frontier Corporate Worlds galaxy Jaylen Carter stepped out of the spaceport arrivals and disappeared into the crowd…