Cyberbullying, Prejudices & Other Social Improvment Issues In F.A. social medias-- Your Stories

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John Smith

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Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Do you have ever, while scrolling up quietly for your own home business into Fat Admiring oriented forums and apps, had past through a situation which turned out negligibly toxic? Had been confrontated to actions or moments that had been left unresolved? Or felt that a situation was logically unfair?

Be free to express your accounts and bad moments spent whilst involving on fetish oriented websites. That might perhaps change anything but-- hey, speaking about our experiences and observing other people sharing the same concerns shall relieve more but one's shoulder.


something witty..
May 16, 2019
by chicagoooooo
if you're an "overweight" woman... Not only is plan b not as effective for you cuz they dont have dosing for that.. but the termination pill isnt usually given because of reduced effectiveness and surgical termination is out cuz of anesthesia... im watching all this happen to a friend whos about 350... i feel so damn bad..but then i think well shit! if im ever in that position, what are the options? none?!?!

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